Thursday, December 17, 2009

Suited And Booted

I consider myself to be a decent size guy, at 6'3" 220 pounds. Charles Oakley could take each of my limbs and twist them into something resembling a Jackson Pollack still life. And he's 45!!! So when the Oak man decides to give me advice on style, I'm definitely going to listen.

Details Magazine talked to Oakley about the various degrees of sartorial style present in today's NBA.

"Why would I want to look like someone laying on the sidewalk can't get no food, can't get this, can't get that, can't get a suit and wear it on a consistent basis?! It's embarrassing."
Yeah, I'm not trying to have him talk about my sense of style with a scowl on his face. Check out this photo gallery, where Charles waxes poetic on the NBA's style bearers.

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