Friday, August 31, 2007

Old School Friday - To The Westside

That's right, we're all about the west coast this week. I had to show some love to my brethren on the left coast. BUT, there is no gangsta rap this week. I have nothing against it, but just wanted to give a little different flava. Enjoy and be safe this weekend.

Suga Free - If U Stay Ready

To paraphrase Katt Williams, if you don't know who Suga Free is, I really don't know what the fuck you are doing with your life. Anyone who knows me, knows that I worship at the altar of Free. Forgive the hyperbole, but he might be the most underrated west coast cat of all time. His first two albums are so pure, I will not ever let ANYONE borrow them. EVER. Even when Jesus comes back, he's gonna have to get his copy from somewhere else.

Digital Underground - Doowatchulike

"Now if ya hungry, get yourself something to eat. And if ya dirty, then go take a bath. Messed up the line? Nope, sometimes I don't rhyme." Love this song and video. I always wanted to go to a party like this one. Waldini and my 21st birthday party came close, but there was no pool. I'm still holding out hope though.

Souls Of Mischief - '93 Til Infinity

This one is going out to my boy G-Nice, who's the biggest Heiro fan IN THE World. Seriously. Dude's bathroom towels had the Heiro insignia on them. He's married now, so hopefully the missus put the kibosh on that. Anyway, this song was the shit. Just a laid back groove with fresh lyrics. If I smoked, I would definitely smoke out to this.

Tha Alkaholiks - Make Room

"But chicks love them light-skinned rap niggas called the liks."
Unfortunately, not enough, cause these cats are UNDERRATED! They weren't on that gangsta shit so most people slept on them. Too bad. The could for damn sure spit.

The Luniz - I Got 5 On it

"Everytime I'm with Chris that fool rolling up a fatty, but the Tanquerey straight had me." That dude, I guess he's Chris, ALWAYS trips me out. He looks blowed as Hell. But I think everybody involved with this video was chiefing at one point during the shoot. You know Numb and Yuck were. You gotta be perpetually high to put a Maggie Simpson reference in a song about smoking weed.

MC Hammer - Pump It Up

Kiss my ass. This song is dope. Before Stanley Burrell became "Hammer" he was MC Hammer, and dropped jewels like this. You can hate all you want, but I bet your ass will be dancing at your desk in about 30 seconds.

Montell Jordan - Something For Da Honeyz

Lark Voorhies. Damn I'm gonna need a minute.

All right, I'm back. I always liked this better than "This Is How We Do It." It's just got that laid back groove you can't front. Even though Montell was never the most gifted singer, he definitely passes muster on this effort. Now, you guys watch the video. I'm gonna go back to thinking about Lark.

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hatred Redux

In honor of the return of college football, I though I'd repost a piece I wrote while pinch hitting for The Big Lead in April. It's a testament to my hatred of Notre Dame. For some reason, I got supremely hated on for a post that wasn't meant to be taken seriously. I thought Notre Dame fans would have a sense of humor. I was just a tad wrong. Anyway, here's the post in all it's vitriolic glory.

I hate Notre Dame.

I hate Brady Quinn and his wanna be a pinup body.

I hate his campaigning for the #1 pick, like going 0-3 in bowls and shitting your pants when faced by a real pass rush qualifies you for a guaranteed $25 million.

I hate Charlie Weis because HE’S FUCKING CHARLIE WEIS.

I hate Jimmy “Jehova” Clausen and his ridiculous stick-your-finger-in-a-socket haircut.

I hate that he will bang more chicks this fall semester than I have in the past 3 years.

I hate that Notre Dame had a black mascot. When the fuck have you ever seen a black leprechaun?

I hate that Lou Holtz went apeshit on a kid during the spring football game.

I hate that Lou Holtz gets paid to talk.

I hate the phrase “Wake up the echoes.” How the fuck do you awaken an echo?

I hate that they’ve lost six games the past two years, but everyone considers Tweedledum to be a genius because they didn’t lose eight.

I hate that I hate Notre Dame so much.

I hate that I wrote that last sentence, because it’s not true and I was only trying to come off less asshole-ish.

OK, I feel better. I just have to release some ND hate every now and then. Nothing personal.
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Make Your Damn Picks!

LSU vs Miss St

Gangsta D:

Oh Sylvester. I pull for Sylvester. I want him to do well, but it's just not looking too good. They just can't get it done. Maybe part of the problem is recruiting. They couldn't even sign the 100m state champion. He'll be playing at the Orange Bowl this Saturday. I pray Sly gets 6 wins this year, but it's probably gonna be a wrap. LSU has been tabbed as a possible nat'l champion. Did I miss something or are they breaking in a new QB this year? As far as I'm concerned, they have as many questions at that position as UF. Matt Flynn torched The U two years ago, but he's largely unproven. The Bayou Bengals roll in this one, but I'm not sold on their nat'l title aspirations just yet.


This is prolly the easiest pick on the list. LSU in a laffer. Flynn may be relatively new (been a min since he's started a game) but that defense is loaded. I am hoping for the day Croom finally fields a decent team like Jackie Sherril used to. But for now, he better start fending off those smart alums who think they can do a better job than him.

Da Realist:

"they couldn't even sign the 100m state champion. he'll be playing at the orange bowl this saturday". well, there goes your objective analysis.

no way in hell i'm picking MSU under any circumstances. i like croom. why the hell is he on the hot seat? what do they EXPECT out of the bulldogs? LSU may cough up a game or two, but not against this team. LSU

Wake Forest vs Boston College

Gangsta D:

Don't know much about either of these teams. But one of WF's safeties went to my high school, so I guess I'll go with the Deacons.


Shame on you Gangsta for not pointing out BC's QB is the preseason ACC player of the year (I kid you not). I didnt even know that until I read Mandel's mailbag last night. WF was a BCS team last year and BC kept losing close games. I guess I'll go with BC b/c of the QB status but not sure that means anything. BC in a squeaker

Da Realist:

(flipping the coin) WAKE FOREST

Okie St vs UGA

Gangsta D:

This is gonna be a TOUGH game. The Dawgs have the Kegmaster at QB and a three-headed monster at RB. But the WRs couldn't catch the clap last year, the O-line is young, and the starting TE is suspended. Not to mention that the defense lost a TON off of last year's team. The Cowboys have Adarius Bowman at WR who is apparently the truth, and no one in GA's secondary can cover him. I'm gonna go with the Dawgs because I think Richt will pound the ball and keep things simple with Stafford. Plus Richt is undefeated at home against non-conference opponents. But it ain't gonna be easy.


It's time for Stafford to show the country how smart Richt is. Granted he was a freshman last year but so many freshmen QBs have come into the SEC and had decent to great first years (see Manning, Leak, Greene). I dont know anything about Oklahoma St this except their history is usually they are 2nd tier when it comes to the big boys. Since GA is at home, I'm picking them.

Da Realist:

i'm going with okie state. this is their bowl game. this is their proving ground. they've been thinking about this game all summer long. going between the hedges and beating a top sec team would give them instant credibility in the national picture. i'm not sure georgia's ready for some of the same reasons D mentioned earlier. it's the first game and it may take some time for georgia to gel but okie state will be ready. OKLAHOMA STATE

GT vs Notre Dame

Gangsta D:

Lord Wies has been non-comittal on who his starting QB is gonna be. But it might not matter, cause John Tenuta is gonna blitz the ever living sh*t out of whoever's back there. I think Kyle Wright still has nightmares from the '05 game. Notre Dame has lost a ton of offensive talent, and they didn't exactly light the jackets up last year on offense. Nevertheless, GT is breaking in a new QB themselves. But I expect Tashard Choice to get heavy work. I'm gonna have to go with Tech, just because Notre Dame has WAY too many parts to replace. And I hate Notre Dame.


Drunk driving? QB starter not named? Loss of majority offensive players? But according to some, Weis is a genius and should be able to wield the magic stick, thus turning this pumpkin team into a cinderfella. Bulls***. I'm in early season hate mode after hearing Lou Holtz say the Irish will win 10 games this year. Are you kidding me? Yellow Jackets STING Irishmen..bbbzzzzzzzzzz

Da Realist:

notre dame lost too much experience on the offensive side of the ball to handle the blitzes that gt will throw at them. no way they can handle it all game long. AND they're breaking in a new qb? GEORGIA TECH

UT vs Cal

Gangsta D:

My head says go with Cal. Ainge is a little dinged up. No LaMarcus Coker. No proven WRs. Cross country trip. Everything is pointing toward a Cal victory...except that Cal always screws the pooch when the pressure's on. I guess I'm going with Smokey.


Two words. Vols win. Next.....

Da Realist:

believe this. cal is going to be ready. they sat on last year's blowout loss ALL YEAR. mark it down, fellas. i'm coming out swinging this week because i'm picking AGAINST two sec teams. CALIFORNIA

FSU vs Clemson

Gangsta D:

Hmmm. Don't know about this one. Mr. Davis and Mr. Spiller are deadly, but FSU will be ready on defense. Will Drew and the retooled Seminole offense be ready? Will Jimbo let loose the hounds or play it close to the vest? Unleashing a new system in Death Valley? I don't know. This is gonna be tough. I'm going with the Tigers in a squeaker.


Who decided to do the Bowden bowl this early? And which Clemson team will show up? the one with two dope running backs that crushed G'Tech (shut down Calvin Johnson) last year. Or the one that look pathetic in their last 5 games. Something tells me Jimbo will turn the clock back on the Noles offense and get Weatherford and crew rolling. Break out that Indian signs, Noles win

Da Realist:

fsu will be ready. i have to believe that. no need for analysis here because there is no way i'm picking clemson. i'm riding with the noles. FSU

Marshall vs The U

Gangsta D:

So begins the Kirby Era. We have serious speed on the outside this year. Our return game should be back to prominence. Our run game should be ridiculous. Our defense should be dominant, although I'm a little worried about our DTs and LBs. But none of that matters, because it's all about Mr. Freeman. He CANNOT turn the ball over. He doesn't have to be special, just efficient. He still scares me. I won't be comfortable until October. If we finish September 3-1 or 4-0, then my fear will subside. Obviously I'm going with the Canes.


So what if Miami isnt ranked? they are going to issue an alumni smackdown on Marshall. Canes

Da Realist:

are you serious? let's see what happens when you go to norman next week. MIAMI

ooops. this just in

Tennessee quarterback Erik Ainge has a broken pinkie on his throwing hand, but is expected to play Saturday at No. 12 California.

Yea it was reported on Tues. Not too worried about it, even with it being his throwing hand.
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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Throwin' Up The U

Da Realist:

Freeman over "golden boy" wright? Isn't that an upset at the U? interesting...

Kirby Freeman is set to be the starting quarterback for Miami's season opener Tuesday, beating former first-stringer Kyle Wright in the Hurricanes' most-scrutinized training camp competition.

Wow, I'm wondering if a certain U man we know is chewing hard on his hat, wondering aloud WTF???

Da Realist:

He probably likes it. It says UM is not following the usual protocol. The quarterback position was truly open during camp. Most schools just say that to motivate the current starter. I wonder if fsu did just that.

Gangsta D:

Kirby frightens me. He could throw for 3 TDs or throw 3 INTs returned for TDs. He's basically Chris Rix. You don't know how hard it was for me to write that. I had hoped that Kyle would come in and dominate, but that wasn't the case. Unless Kirby gets hurt or proves inneffective, the Kyle Wright Era is officially a MAJOR bust.

What some don't realize is that Kyle originally comitted to USC. If he did, we probably would've signed John David Booty. While he may not be Carson or Leinert, John acquitted himself very well last year. Larry Coker's biggest recruiting coup ended up fucking us in the end. Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor?


Didnt know that about Booty? Isnt he Josh booty's (of LSU fame) brother?

Gangsta D:

That he is.

Class of 2002 QBs:

Kyle Wright
Chris Leak
JaMarcus Russell
John David Booty

Are you shitting me?!? How did we get the short end of that stick? Why does God hate the 'Canes?


But honestly how would you know Wright would not live up to expectations. Look at Ryan Perriloux for LSU. He was considered a stud coming into LSU but he cant even beat out Matt Flynn. Or Rhett Bomar at OU, Jevan Snead at Texas. Shoot that Sanchez kid at USC may be joining that list if he doesnt start next year

Gangsta D:

It's a crap shoot. You never know. Nobody wanted Ken Dorsey coming out of high school. And he only finished 39-2 with a nat'l title. I just hope Kirby cuts down on the INTs. If he continues to throw pick sixes, I will give new definition to "going ape-shit."


Exactly. Shoot McGahee was 3rd string behind Portis and Gore, lol Read more!

You Wanna Tussle?

I got a friend who knows someone that works for the NSA, and he hipped me to a conversation that was recorded during what I'm sure was a "legal" wiretap. He transcribed it for me and emailed it to me. It's pretty illuminating. I'm from the south and even I hadn't heard of this. We pick things up mid-conversation.

Charlie Fox: What?
Willie D: You heard me.
Charlie Fox: Possums?
Willie D: Possums.
Charlie Fox: And raccoons?
Willie D: No doubt. It’s dope. When you come to town, you gotta check it out.
Charlie Fox: Isn’t that illegal?
Willie D: Where on the books, is there a law against possums and raccoons fighting? Point it out to me and I’ll act accordingly.
Charlie Fox: Well if there isn’t, there ought to be.
Willie D: Dude I’ve been hunting coon since I was 12. And I’ve killed more possums than Amy Winehouse killed brain cells.
Charlie Fox: Really?
Willie D: If a possum strolls into your yard, you can shoot him with impunity.
Charlie Fox: Are you serious?
Willie D: What, the cops are gonna jump in my shit for killing a varmint intruding on my property? Not likely. But now, instead of shooting them, I set traps and capture ‘em. Stick ‘em in a cage without food until they’re meaner than Medusa on her period.
Charlie Fox: What about the raccoons?
Willie D: Same thing. Trap ‘em and keep ‘em. But I feed the shit out of them to get ‘em fat.
Charlie Fox: They get big?
Willie D: Try to imagine a pinto with fur, but bigger.
Charlie Fox: Damn!
Willie D: Damn skippy. But once they get fat, I stop feeding them for a week. You wanna talk about nasty? Dude, it gets ugly. Real ugly.
Charlie Fox: Then they fight?
Willie D: Then they fight. You’d think the raccoon has the advantage with his size, but possums are crafty, dirty little bastards. Possums are basically the Dennis Rodman of the Varmint Fighting League. They bite in impolite places. But then again, sometimes the raccoon overpowers the opossum and squashes his ass. It’s fascinating as hell.
Charlie Fox: And people show up to bet on the matches?
Willie D: Hell yeah. It’s like having Animal Planet in your backyard. How many times have you watched Discovery Channel and been like “Yo I got my money on the hyena. Dude is sick.” Now you really can put your money down.
Charlie Fox: What do you with the animals that lose?
Willie D: Finish them off and-
Charlie Fox: Do you do it humanely?
Willie D: Well I don’t cut its nuts off and stick a live wire up his ass. I just put a bullet in its head. Then I drain it, skin it, and eat it.
Charlie Fox: You eat possum and raccoon?
Willie D: I live in the south. What the fuck don’t we eat down here? Besides, if they’re eaten? No evidence.
Charlie Fox: How do they taste?
Willie D: Well, both are a bit gamey. But, if you load up on the hot sauce, onions, and paprika it’s not that bad. I usually end up giving most of it away, anyway.
Charlie Fox: I can’t believe we’re having this conversation.
Willie D: Well believe it, cause this shit’s about to get big. So far, I’ve supplied all the animals, but I got dudes looking to get into training their own. I’m about to make money kid.
Charlie Fox: Just don’t end up like Vick.
Willie D: PETA don’t care about animals that can’t show emotion. You never see them protest lobster fishermen do you? As long as I keep it intra-state, the Feds can’t get me. And if I keep it local and cut the Sheriff in, I’m golden. No worries mate, for real. So, are you gonna check it out when you come to town?
Charlie Fox: Are you crazy? Hell yeah! I gotta see this shit.
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Weekly Tebow Hate

Weekly Tebow Hate has been on hiatus the past two weeks, as I've been trying to build up the necessary animus towards Jehova. I didn't want to shoot my wad before the season started, so I took a few weeks off to let my hate fester. But that's going to change due to the arrival of football this weekend. Come next week, the Tebow hate will be flowing like the River Styx. This week, I'll just throw an incredibly juvenile insult his way.

Tim Tebow is ugly and his mother dresses him funny.

I was going to say that T Squared was an Ewok, but the Ewoks defeated the Empire. So, you know, they've actually accomplished something. Read more!

Monday, August 27, 2007

The Patriot Act


I'm starting to believe this Team USA may be almost as good as Dream Team II. The majority of the sports writers, with the exception of Eric Neel, said Brazil would be a much tougher opponent than the US' first 3. Well I'm looking at the game now and the US is up 50. Can you imagine next summer when they add Wade off the bench?


Gangsta D:

Did you guys hear Walton at the end of the game? Saunders reiterated how Barbosa finished with only 4 points. Then Walton was like, "You have to remember he's only 24 years old. He came to this country not speaking any english, blah blah blah." What does that have to do with him getting locked down in this game?!? Hilarious as always...


Funny how he was "held" to 4 points...and who was that by? As soon as they lost, all the excuses came out. Nene was out of shape, Varejo and some other Brazillian wasnt there, blah blah blah

Da Realist:

guys.... you're bragging about the team beating BRAZIL. big deal? soccer,, no. their best player is leandro barbosa. he doesn't even start for phoenix.

now i know you two don't need much of an excuse to trumpet all that is kobe, but c'mon.

Gangsta D:

Why do you hate America? Why can't we get a LITTLE support for our country's basketball team? You must be a Dixie Chick fan.

Da Realist:

you know damn well this ain't about "america". this is just an indirect way to blow kobe the rest of the summer.


Actually it is about America. I told you in 04 I hated how the sports media was quick to point out the deficiencies of Team USA and not stand by them. I personally wanted them to destroy in '08 and leave no witnesses. I cant wait until they add Wade to this team. Sick

Gangsta D:

It's OK. I know you hate the great country we live in. Otherwise you'd be exalting the US team like the both of us. It's OK, no one is gonna take away your least not for a few months.

Da Realist:

How old is he anyway? When is he gonna retire? isn't there a snapped achilles or knee problems in his future? seems like i been talking "kobe" with you guys for AGES. that dude was playing when we were in college! How long can the brother play?


He said he's gonna retire when you join his fan club.

Gangsta D:

Not only do you hate America, you wish a torn Achilles injury on the best player on earth. Your hate really knows no bounds does it? How about this? I forsee chronic plantar fasciatis in Drew Weatherford's future. How you like that?

Da Realist:

Actually, i don't. that would be giving him an excuse. i enjoy watching him play from october to the beginning of may. See? i'm a fan.


Notice that dig (beginning of May) :-)
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Friday, August 24, 2007

King Ish Talker

So, I was listening to my group's last album the other day and got a brilliant idea. We have a track on there where we just let Waldini talk shit for like 8-9 minutes over a beat. I thought, "Hey this track is great. If I cut it to three minutes and put images on top of the vocals, that would make it spectacular!" So yeah, I put this little thingamajig together. Damn thing nearly drove me nuts, though. At any rate, check it out. I take some good natured jabs at Mariotti and Whitlock. OK, maybe they're not so good natured.

P.S. I know I have too much time on my hands. Blow me. Read more!

Old School Friday - The Randomness

It's another edition of the randomness. And it is rather random this week, as you will soon see. We got some west coast, some east coast, some south. We're all over the map here on Schizophrenic Friday at The Commission. Enjoy the madness.

The D.O.C. - The Formula

"High energy roll with the wisdom, sense of a rich man, knowledge and the rhythm. This is what I'm using to come up with a style so I'll interact altogether better with the crowd." Should've been one of the greatest of all time.

D-Nice - They Call Me D-Nice

What you know about the TR-808? This beat is so damn gangsta, my head's been bobbing for five minutes straight. We used to play this song on the bus, after school, religiously. Has anybody recycled this beat? Shit, I may have to do it my damn self:)

Brandy - I Wanna Be Down (Remix)

"About yea short. About yea tall. About so big. About so small." Umm OK La, sure you're talking about a dude:) Here's another song I heard everyday in the cafeteria freshman year. The original was so-so. But the remix was dope, I can't even lie. The video is tight, but there are a shitload of smudges from Hype Williams' fingerprints. Also, the Ray J cameo just cracks me up. Dude has been mad corny for 13 years. When your biggest claim to fame is pissing on Kim Kardashian, your life has gone awry at some point.

Three 6 Mafia - Tear The Club Up

"Mafia! Mafi mafia!"
The black version of the mosh pit. When this song came on, drunk blackfolk lost their collective minds. It was your chance to unleash all the frustration that had built up during the week. And frustration was indeed unleashed. Boy was it unleashed. Even listening to it now, I wanna punch somebody. But I'm the only person here, so that's not gonna pop off. But my keyboard is acting like it wants some!

The Roots - What They Do

One of the greatest videos of all time. How much of this still rings true? About 90% of it:) The Beatdown Shot is just classic.

Keith Murray - The Most Beautifullest Thing

"Don't worry, like Keith Murray I'm a strangle."
OK, I realize that beautifullest is not a word. Neither is conversate. Or hella, for that matter. But I give Keith a pass, cause the song is tight. And I don't want him to get in me. That would suck.

Goodie Mob - Cell Theory

"I wonder if the gate was put up to keep crime out, or keep our ass in."
My cousin bought this CD in the spring of '96, and didn't buy another one for a year. He listened to it everyday. Yes he is a little nutty to begin with, but that doesn't take away from the greatness of this album...or the insanity of Khujo. Dude was on that shit, for real.

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Winners Win. Cryers Cry.

Da Realist

The 100 greatest beatdowns in history
95. NBA referees versus Sacramento Kings, Game 6, 2002 Western Conference finals: Kings called for 27 fourth-quarter fouls against the
Lakers as L.A. pulled out a 106-102 victory.
Gangsta D:

How did I know you would parse that ONE item from a hundred? Lol

Will we mention how Shaq fouled out of games 2 and 5, while getting to the line less than 10 times combined? Will we mention that? Nope, no need to mention that.

Da Realist:

THAT'S for the pippen debate you started. i felt like i had to choose between 2 children or pick my favorite grandmother.


Funny how anybody but a Lakers fan will always point to Game 6 as the poor, deserving Kings getting the wrong end of the referees whistle. Let's talk about Game 5 as Gangsta stated. Shaq fouls out, the Lakers were getting the wrong end of the ref's whistles, the Kings "won" that game. Or let's talk about Game 4 where bad refereeing was involved and the Kings blew a 20 pt lead. Shoot Divac should have been the Miller Genuine Draft player of the game for passing the ball to Horry to make the game winning 3. Or Let's talk, Game 7, on your own home floor, again no bad refereeing. both teams went to the FT line the same amount of times. One team just choked it away. I'm sorry if you are hanging Game 6 as the reason you lost a series, you are a jackass. What happened in Games 1-5 and 7. You didnt close out in those games. Bottom line, winners win, losers lose. Dont cry for the Queens. They were built for the regular season.

Shoot you're telling me you rather have a perennial underachiever (Chris Webber), the king of flopping (Vlade Divac), a man who cant control his wife (Doug Christie) and Mr April (Peja Stojakovic) representing the NBA as your champion. Get the f*** outta here.

Gangsta D:



87. 2001 Fiesta Bowl: The once-pathetic Oregon State Beavers, full of pregame boasts, humiliated Notre Dame 41-9 -- and it could have been worse, as the Beavers were flagged for 18 penalties, many for illegal roughness and cheap shots.87. 2001 Fiesta Bowl: The once-pathetic Oregon State Beavers, full of pregame boasts, humiliated Notre Dame 41-9 -- and it could have been worse, as the Beavers were flagged for 18 penalties, many for illegal roughness and cheap shots.
Oh that game was GREAT! The touchdown celebration Chad Johnson and TJ Houzamandeh did in the end zone was classic.

Gangsta D:

Maybe the best TD celebration ever.

Da Realist:


If you care about basketball, Friday night's Game 6 of the Western Conference finals was a rip-off. The Kings and Lakers didn't decide this series would be extended until Sunday; three referees did. Statistical evidence is usually circumstantial, but consider this anyway: the Lakers had shot an average of 22 foul shots through the first five games of this series, but on Friday night here at home they shot 27 . . . in the fourth quarter.
Gangsta D:

Fuck Wilbon! Not really, but I don't wanna hear it:)


I didn't know Wilbon had a drinking problem. Read more!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Better Than Cody? Nah Pimpin'

Awful Announcing has unearthed a gem of a video from 1991. It stars a flag football player named Carly ripping defenses to shreds. Yeah, that's right Carly is a girl. She has some nice moves and decent speed, although it's hard to tell cause everything is in slow motion. Anyway, AA wonders if Carly outshines Cody Paul, AKA The Truth. Let's take a look.

Not too shabby. She's got a nice arm and breaks on the ball like a champ. But she's no Cody Paul. She doesn't have the vision, quickness, explosiveness, or swagger. She also doesn't have a banging soundtrack. Every good hero should have one. At any rate, Carly gets mad respect no doubt. But Cody Paul is still the motherfucking Truth.

Mini Highlight Real

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She's Finally Being Put To Rest

Da Realist:

How do you feel about this?

The Hurricanes will play at Dolphin Stadium starting in 2008, leaving the historic but decaying Orange Bowl in what university president Donna Shalala called "a painful and sad decision." University trustees voted to make the move Tuesday, despite the offer of $206 million by city officials to renovate one of Miami's best-known landmarks.
Gangsta D:

Mixed. You can't beat a night game at the Orange Bowl between the Canes and some other top five team. I can't imagine running through the smoke out of a different stadium will elicit the same emotions. On the other hand, Miami is a private school with a smaller fanbase that isn't making nearly as much money as it should. An extra $1.5-4 million a year would be HUGE. Plus, the Orange Bowl was an obsolute hole, located in not the best of neighborhoods. In the long run, it's a good move. If the Canes are winning, it's not gonna matter where the games are played.

Da Realist:

in spite of the progress, i don't like it at all. i got memories at the orange bowl -- even if a lot of them are bad ones. the orange bowl has character. i've been to dolphin stadium for the orange bowl game twice. the stadium is meant for the nfl. modern, high tech, a lot of anemities...but bland. very bland. i got lost once after the usc/oklahoma game because all sides look exactly the same. it's a bland stadium located in a middle of a huge parking lot that is 30 miles north of miami. bleh!

Gangsta D:

Yeah, I can see both sides but it's a necessary move. At some point you have to stop hemorrhaging money. We're trying to raise money to improve the facilities, so it makes good business sense.

I'm surprised you're not in favor of the move. After three wide rights, a wide left, and a block I figured you couldn't wait to see games played somewhere else:)

Da Realist:

i've learned to respect history, even ones that bring about bad memories. there is nothing at dolphin stadium that can match the smoke entrance you guys have at the orange bowl or how the U-shape of the stadium affects both halves of the game (miami usually forced the opponent to kick off from the enclosed end during the second half to maximize crowd noise). and i'm partial to the 12 o'clock start (midday) because that was usually when the florida state game started. the noon start makes it a game of attrition. fitness becomes an issue by the middle of the third quarter.

anyway, i'm getting off on a tangent. it won't be the same. it won't affect how good your team is and it may help with recruits (although, you've never had a problem with this before), but the environment will not be the same.

Gangsta D:

Miami and FSU will NEVER play at the Orange Bowl again. That just hit me. AND you guys won the final meeting there. That blows on so many levels. Mothereff FSU!!! I'm soooo ready for football.

Da Realist:

he who laughs last... :-D


If Boston Garden, Chicago Stadium, and the LA Forum can go down, then so can the Orange Bowl
Read more!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The G.O.A.T. vs The Banana

Gangsta D:

What sayeth Senor Realist about this ode to Pippen?

I should preface this post by reminding everyone that Jordan is one of, if not the, greatest basketball players of all time, and this is not suppose to diminish his accomplishments or achievements. It's suppose to be a reminder, if anything, that great players may be great in any setting, but to become the type of star that dominates the game like Jordan did, you have to have some help. Pippen was more than just a role player, damn it. He was one of the greatest talents we'll ever see in our lives, too. But he's destined to be underappreciated.
Da Realist:

i agree with most of his points. pippen was a great all-around player and never gets his due. jordan's star shined so brilliantly that even someone of pippen's caliber gets lost in it sometimes.

but where we differ is "Replace Jordan with a comparable SG at the time"... there IS NO comparable sg at that time or at any time. let's not do the opposite -- diminish jordan to enhance pippen. there still are 2 different roles here. it's disrespectful to call pippen a "second banana" but it's idiotic to ignore the fact that jordan did what he did as the primary focus of the entire league every single night.

as much as pippen allowed jordan to be jordan -- check the numbers (this from a guy that hates citing statistics) -- jordan allowed pippen to be pippen. look at the astronomical numbers jordan posted pre-1990 on both ends of the floor and compare them to the relatively "pedestrian" numbers he posted from that point on.

and about the notion of jordan only winning as a second banana if there was no pippen... go back and look at tape. you tell me if you think jordan would have kept being denied year after year as the alpha dog in the nba without pippen. he pushed the world champs to 7 games in 90 with virtually no help from pippen. would he have won 6 without pip? NO, but he would have won at least a couple.

every great superstar needs help to win titles. look at those celtics and lakers teams that larry and magic had the pleasure of playing with. no one denies that magic was the man for the lakers. sure kareem and james worthy were big time players on that team, but they were not MAGIC. same with the celtics. why does everyone talk about bird and not mchale? because no matter how good mchale was, he was not larry bird. even when michael cooper made larry look ordinary, it was still larry's team. joe dumars even won a finals mvp, but is there any doubt whatsoever who was the man for the pistons?

pippen should get more due. he was a great player and one of the greatest all around players the nba has ever seen. but he was not michael jordan. and there is no comparable player.


well said Realist...

Another thing to bring up about lack of credit is people tend to remember the incidents in '94 (when he refused to go back into the game) and '99 (when he ripped Barkley before camp opened). Plus post Bulls era, he didnt help any of the teams he was on, get over the hump, or show the leadership that folks expected. I think either was unfair to Pip as in his prime, he was phenomenal. A great defensive player and basically did everything that was asked of him
Read more!

Bitter Old Codger!

Gangsta D:

Craig Hodges is talking mad ish. Yeah you won a title, but you had a little help pimpin':)

Whether it's 3-point contests or championships, I know how to win. Reggie, on the real, last time I saw you hoopin' on the NBA level, you got your motherf----- shot blocked on a breakaway layup that you (didn't) dunk. Last time you saw Craig Hodges, I won a championship. Reggie can come back and be successful, but will he win? What's going on down the stretch, brother? We can all come back because we can see how watered-down (the league) is. It's so sickening to watch this s---.
Da Realist:

yeah, i read that a few days ago. it's funny how he favorably compared himself to reggie miller when he couldn't beat out john paxson or an emerging bj armstrong in 92. reggie miller was the face of the pacers for a 15 years


Craig Hodges eh? Well it's good he hasnt lost his bravado. dont know if you remember him talking smack back when he won those 3 pt shootouts. I forget which pro it was but someone put him in his place

Gangsta D:

Confidence is one thing, but delusions are another.

BTW, how is Mark Price not on somebody's staff? He was only one of the best shooters in the league for a decade. He works in Atlanta. What, the Hawks are too good to offer him a job?


Dont you mean the Cavs? They definitely need to be taught how to hit jumpers. What better than the face of the franchise from the late 80s to mid 90s

Gangsta D:

You have to have the ability to shoot, in order to be taught how to shoot better. Cleveland is just hopeless. Not even Mark Price can help them:)
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Friday, August 17, 2007

Old School Friday - 10th Grade Edition

Part Deux!

Eric B. & Rakim - Juice (Know The Ledge)

"Black Gambino. Die like a hero." It's been 15 years, so we can be honest. Juice was a HORRIBLE movie. It's up there with Belly and the Shaft remake for worst of all time. Not even Pac could save it, as he goes completely off the rails in the third act. BUT, the soundtrack was pretty tight. And God MC hit us off with this little ditty, which was definitely the crown jewel.

TLC - What About Your Friends

Cross Fucking Colours. Like Kanye said, "Was I on that?" I had red jeans, purple jeans, orange jeans, and green jeans. I'm not especially proud of that particular time of my life, but hey we had fun. Which is what the girls were having in this video. Remember when music was fun?

Boyz II Men - Hard To Say Goodbye

If this song doesn't still get you, then you're a cold hearted bastard that doesn't deserve the oxygen that passes through your lungs.

Gangstarr - Ex-girl To The Next Girl

Guru basically gave me the philosophy that governs my life. You gotta keep it moving. If your main chick starts acting up, you just move on to the next. Thank you Guru.

NWA - Appetite For Destruction

The LAST NWA video ever.

Cypress Hill - Hand On The Pump

"Look at all of those funeral cars." I once thought Cypress Hill was just OK. But when I heard this song, I almost lost my mind. That "Duke. Duke. Duke. Duke of Duke..." is soooo hypnotic. Too bad the Hill could never really repeat this level of quality.

Arrested Development - People Everyday

"Acting like a nigga and get stomped by an African."
I have to admit that it took me some time to warm up to Arrested Development. I didn't fall in love with them at first sight. But, this song definitely grew on me. Plus, you can't deny this groove. I love dude dancing in the clearing, at the end. That just makes me giggle. I have no idea why.

Pac - Brenda's Got A Baby

"Just cause you're in the ghetto doesn't mean you can't grow." Pac went from Digital Underground roadie to bonafied star when this song came out. Chicks were like, "OMG he's so sensitive." Even the hardest dude had to get his sensitive thug on after Pac droppped "Brenda." I believe this came out in early '92. It's hard to believe that Pac died only 4 and a half years later. Seems like he was around much longer, doesn't it?

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

What Dogs Are Really Thinking...

“Whose leg does a guy have to hump around here to get this fucking knife out of my head?”

Damn. Obviously, this dog is in pain because Lucky is a female. And apparently a "Family Guy" fan as well.

“Yes I am a good girl. Now if you could get around to taking this fucking knife out of my head, I’d be an even better girl.”

I love how the dog arrives at the veterinary with a knife in her head, but instead of rushing to get her into surgery, they take the time to get a few snapshots.

“I’ll be glad when these dumb motherfuckers can afford better weed. I spend more time in the air, than Kim Kardashian’s heels.”

This dog is pretty much resigned to the fact that his sole purpose in life is to provide aerial amusement for weed heads. Poor guy.

Hat tip to The HCIC, a knowledgeable and witty woman who'd kick a bitch to sleep, for the right man. OK, maybe I exaggerated. She's not that witty. Read more!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Alright! I Got My Checkbook!

These have to be the most ignorant videos I've seen on youtube in a minute. I can't do them justice by trying to explain. Maybe you'll laugh. Maybe you'll stare at your monitor with your mouth open. But maybe, just maybe you'll get out your fuckin' checkbook!

Fun Town Auto:

Cars 2 - All Out Cars:

I wanna go drinking with Timothy. Dude probably sets it off after a few jack and cokes. Read more!

College Football Is Two Weeks Away!!!

Da Realist:

Things you can count on in college football.

If he hasn't already, Lee Corso will officially jump the shark with his antics this fall. It was fun for awhile, but am I the only person that's gotten really tired of his shtick? Kirk Herbstreit, meanwhile, will continue to be the most rock-solid, informative broadcaster in all of college football.
Gangsta D:

Things I can hope for:

1. Tebow will suck major balls
2. Whoever QB's the Canes doesn't absolutely KILL us in crucial situations
3. Sylvester Croom wins at least 6 games
4. Matthew Stafford throws for 400 yds, 4 TDs, 0 INTs against UF
5. Nick Saban gets into a fist fight with a Tuscaloosa reporter after losing to LSU


Things I hope for:

1. Tenn wins at least 9 games and goes to a NY's day bowl
2. Jimmy Clausen mimics Ron Powlus
3. 2007 season is better than 2006
4. Nick Saban and Les Miles mimic John Calipari-Jon Chaney ala 1995
5. ND loses 4 games
6. A non major conference team crashes the BCS party again

Da Realist:

ughhh...your number 6...i can't get with number 6. would you even watch if montana state plays in the fiesta bowl?


if that offense was as exciting as Boise St's then yes. If it wasnt, then like Stone Cold, oh hell like watching Morehouse football vs anybody Read more!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Stupid Madden!

Gagnsta D:

I don't NEED a PS3. I haven't played my PS2 since June. I hear the new Madden is supposed to be dope, but why buy it for the PS2 when there is something so much better out there? And there's a little game called Grand Theft Auto coming out this fall, as well. I don't NEED to spend $500 on a PS3. I can buy those games for my trusty PS2 and be satisfied. But, I really WANT a PS3:) I don't know what to do. I'm a lost ship at sea.


What you should do first is check out either ebay or Amazon to see if they have any deals running. When PS2 came out, I held out for almost a year b/c the asking price was too much for just the console and 1 controller. Near the end of the year, I found a deal on Amazon that gave me the console, two controllers, a memory stick, and 4 games for the same price as just the console and 1 controller. With ebay, more than likely it's either used or someone is trying to make a quick buck. But for the latter, that plan should have faltered since the PS3's were not selling as fast as everyone expected. Just bargain w/the salesrep

Or last resort is go to a local game store, find that one guy who looks like is he lacking female companionship, tell him in exchange for a PS3 at $250 or below, you will hook him up with one of the girls from your Water to Wine cover. Of course, hook up means just a dinner and a hug but he doesnt hafta know all that :-)

Gangsta D:

This is why we're boys! I'm gonna have to take your advice. I GOTTA have GTA. Have you seen the trailer? It's gonna be sick.
Read more!

I'm Getting Too Old For This....


If this had taken place in 2001 as planned, I might have actually chipped in some money at someone's fight party to watch this (notice I didnt say I would pay 100% for this).

Felix Trinidad doesn't speak English so well, yet made his position very clear.

Only one fighter could lure him from retirement: Roy Jones Jr.
But now, I just wish both would stay retired and enjoy the fights like me. Funny how Roy's talking smack about the recent Mayweather-DeLaHoya and Hopkins-Wright fights but I guarantee this fight wont make as much moolah as those two.

Gangsta D:

Negroes are always too late to the party:) Nobody cares about Tito or Roy anymore. In 2000-2001? Fight of the Decade material. Now? I'll catch the highlights on youtube.


What does that say about boxing when this is going to be promoted as one of the major fights in 2008???

Gangsta D:

It says that boxing is brain dead and somebody needs to pull the plug:)

What I don't understand is why doesn't a promoter take some kid off the street, train him to fight, develop an outlandish personality, make up a crazy backstory, and push him on the public. It's such an immoral, unethical idea I can't believe no one in boxing has done it yet:)
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Friday, August 10, 2007

Old School Friday - 10th Grade Edition

10th grade. 10th EFFIN' grade. From the fall of 1991 to the Summer of 1992, some of the best music of my lifetime was created. Mary J Blige, Kriss Kross, Das Efx, Jodeci, Cypress Hill, Arrested Development, Fu-Schnickens, Pac, Snoop, Black Sheep, and TLC all debuted that school year. Plus you can't forget classic albums from established artists like Low End Theory, Death Certificate, Efil4Zaggin, Daily Operation, and We Can't Be Stopped. Seriously. Are you shitting me? I hate to get all nostalgic, but they just don't do it like that anymore.

There was so much material to choose from, I had to split them into two seperate posts. Part two comes next week.

Luke - I Wanna Rock

If you grew up in the south, Uncle Luke was like a real uncle. He took care of you. Exposed you to the seedy shit, your pops wouldn't dare to. Let you feel a stripper's ass. You know, the kind of things an impressionable kid needs to experience. When Luke hit us off with this joint, it was like getting a Super Nintendo for Christmas. God bless Luke, everyone.

MJ - In The Closet

"She wants to get it. Ahh she wants to get it." This is Mike's most heterosexual video, and he still came off mad gay. Damn it. He just can't win for losing. Oh well, Naomi classes up the joint with her requisite sexy, and Mike gives us much attitude. Not the best MJ video of all time, but I appreciate the effort.

Das Efx - Mic Checka

Riggedy row! Riggedy row! In retrospect Das Efx may have been a little silly with the nonsensical lyrics and pop cultural references, but this track was still bumping. "See I am the boogie banger like Esiason's the Boomer." That really makes no sense, but does it matter? Yeah, didn't think so.

A Tribe Called Quest - Jazz (We Got)

Come on, it's Tribe. Just classic material that I couldn't get enough of. You remember when you could watch a whole two hours of Rap City and not turn the channel? Well that used to be me, waiting for this video to play.

Ice Cube - Steady Mobbin'

"But Ice Cube had more amps. Get in bitch." Oh man, I bumped this album a lot. A LOT. My mom drove me over 30 miles for the express purpose of buying this album. Good God, was it worth it. Cube came out swinging and let EVERYBODY have it. Fun times, man. Fun times.

Geto Boys - Mind's Playing Tricks On Me

Willie D wrote a song called "Ball Headed Hoes." I always thought that was the funniest song title ever, and I gained mucho respect for William. That has nothing to do with this video, but I just thought it needed to be said. At any rate, this song is just beyond classic. If there's a better storyteller than Scarface, please point him out.

Shabba Ranks - Ting A-ling

Shabba or Flav? Who's the ugliest black man to ever (dis)grace your tv? It's like deciding between free rum and free vodka. You really can't go wrong either way. Anyhoo. Even though Shabba was aesthetically brutal, he really was running shit back in the day. I defy you to watch this video and stay in your seat. This song makes you want to get up and grind on SOMETHING:)

Naughty By Nature - Everything's Gonna Be Alright

"Stay The Fuck Out Of The Ghetto."
True dat, Treach. True dat. On another note. I have two machetes that are about as big as Treach's. But I live in the country. You never know what varmints you'll need to dispatch on a given day. But why would you need that in the projects? That's just gully for the sake of being gully.

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

AKA Slick Rick

Hmmm. I have no idea if this is true, but LA Rag Mag is reporting that Derek Jeter gave Jessica Alba herpes. If this is true, Derek Jetah is the biggest douchebag in the history of douchebaggery. How he could sully the formally pure Jessica is beyond me. You wanna give herpes to Mariah, Vanessa Minnilo, or Jessica Biel? Fine, but not Ms. Alba. You are pond scum Mr. Jeter.

Of course, I can no longer refer to him as Derek. This news calls for a "Herpes alias" renaming. Invoking the spirit of Ron Mexico, I now dub you "Ricky Bolivia". Suck on that you dirty dick bastard.

Hat tip (TBL) Read more!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

King Of These Streets!

Gangsta D:

Congratulations gents, we're all Kings. Even though Smokey JUST barely squeezed in:)


Alabama, Florida, Florida State, Miami, Michigan, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Penn State, Tennessee*, Texas and USC.

* Tennessee is the lone school in the group that caused any hesitation. The Vols would have been a no-brainer 10 years ago, but they have fallen off the map a bit lately. In the end, I figured those 100 fans in Montana still know "Rocky Top," the checkered end zones and that Peyton Manning went there.
Da Realist:

yep. the kings bring the fans to the yard, although i'm not sure that UT isn't on the same level as geogia and lsu. i would push them down to baron. i would move clemson, colorado and texas a&m down from baron to knight. and i would think about moving georgia tech up from knight to baron. everybody knows about the rambling wreck, right?

Gangsta D:

I'd be inclined to agree with you about UT. Sorry Smokey. Clemson can probably stay as a baron. Colorado and Texas AM definitely should move down. I think Tech is fine where they are. They just got a 3 year boost due to Calvin Johnson. Other than that, no one really cares. People still forget that they split nat'l titles with Colorado in '90:)

Da Realist:

what has clemson done since 81?

Gangsta D:

Nothing, but it's the whole Bowden Bowl angle. Clemson is associated with FSU, like a little brother is associated with a big brother. Remember, it's national perception as much success on the field.

Da Realist:

You've got to be kidding. clemson has a hell of a local fan base, but most people couldn't tell you where clemson was if you handed them a map of south carolina. :-D

Gangsta D:

I think Bowden Bowl has more cache than you think.

Da Realist:

yeah, it's got cache cause of BOBBY bowden. tommy is just his son, not a well-recognized coach. you could replace tommy with terry and get the same thing. the only reason clemson would have a chance to stay in my book is because sometime right after we were all born, they won a title. and they were supposedly good before tv's had color. but then again, so was arkansas! what about those battles with texas for the championships in the swc?

Gangsta D:

Yeah, he's swinging from the coattails. I won't argue with that. But perception is reality.

Actually, due to the insanity of their offseason maybe Arkansas needs to move up to Baron:) I bet a whole bunch of folks, who normally wouldn't give a squirt of piss, are gonna be paying attention them this year:) Read more!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Watch Ya Step Kid! Watch Ya Step Kid!

This may be the most lethal hit I've ever seen. The hit Sheldon Brown laid on Reggie Bush belongs on Sesame Street. This is just vicious.

Before anyone asks, I have no idea what teams are playing. I have no idea where this game took place. I have no idea when it took place. I don't even know if dude is still alive. All I know is, it is NOT natural for the human head to snap back that violently.

OMG! That was brutal! Jack Tatum once said that his hits bordered on felonious assault. Anyone know if he had a kid?

(Hat tip to Roody2144 @ Canesport) Read more!

Weekly Tebow Hate

From Ryan Ferguson at FanHouse:

Tim Tebow was selected (by me) as FanHouse's #2 SEC QB, which to be fair is giving Tebow a ton of credit without a start to his name. I can honestly say that based on what I've seen, I think Tebow will be a better overall quarterback than Chris Leak. He's already proven he's a better runner. I believe at the end of the day he'll be a better passer, too. And I think he will make 1st or 2nd-team All-SEC honors by the time the next coaches vote rolls around.
Very interesting. Ryan is sure that Tim Tebow, he of the zero starts, will eventually be:

Better than the Chris Leak who almost beat Miami, in Miami, as a true fresman.

Better than the Chris Leak who threw 88 TDs.

Better than the Chris Leak who threw for 11,213 yards.

Better than the Chris Leak who won 75% of his starts.

Better than the Chris Leak who led his team to a National Championship.

Apparently, you can tell a LOT from spring practice. Mr. Ferguson either has one Hell of an eye for talent, or a crystal ball out of this world. I wonder if he can predict which numbers will hit tomorrow? Ryan you need to holla at me, because I'm trying to get the 60-inch DLP. I could use your expert expertise before I go see Geechy Dan tonight.

This message has been paid for by the Tim Tebow Thinks Bear Grylls Is A Pussy Society.
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Friday, August 03, 2007

Old School Friday - The Mad Gully Edition

I was born in Cali and raised in Georgia, so my musical tastes tend to swing that way sometimes. So today we are giving some love to the east coast. So everybody put on ya timbos, hike one pants leg up, put a razor under your tongue, and enjoy the show.

Fat Joe feat Grand Puba & Diamond D - Watch The Sound

Oh shit, what you know about the DITC crew? Joe looks young as Hell. Still fat, but young as Hell. Was Puba the first to rock Hilfiger in a video? I totally forgot about that shirt. Anybody know where I can find the video of "Sally Got A One Track Mind?"

Nas - The World Is Yours (Remix)

"You made it a hot line, I made it a hot song." I was actually looking for the original, but I ran across the remix version. I'd actually never seen this before, so I decided to run with it. But anyway, check out that car phone! That thing is huge. Thank God for technology.

Gangstarr feat Nice & Smooth - Dwyck

One of the all-time classics. And the video had chicks in bikinis! The chick in the gold was gonna be my first baby momma, for real.

Mobb Deep - Quiet Storm (Remix)

"Light as a rock bitch. Hard as a cock bitch." OK, I'm not the biggest fan of The Infamous....but since I'm doing an east coast retrospective, I had to include them. The first time I heard this song was at The Dragon Room in Chicago. People went NUTS! I was non-plussed. Anyway, this one's for you K-Dawg. Tell 'em what this is dun:)

The Roots feat Roy Ayers - Proceed II

I don't know. I'm feeling this more than the original. Yeah, I know it's blasphemous. But Roy Ayers sets it off. Dude is on that other level.

Black Moon - How Many Emcees?

"Bitch get off my dick."
Nuff said:)

Fugees - Vocab

I used to fucking hate The Fugees. That "Hey hey hey. Hey hey hey." was annoying beyond belief. I refused to even acknowledge their existence, thenceforth. It really wasn't until "Ready Or Not" came out that I softened my stance. Needless to say, I was a little late on this joint. Better late than never, though, cause Lauryn absolutely rips it. Pras...doesn't. And shouldn't have been allowed in the booth. Clef adds comedy by looking like "Romy Rome," but without the jheri curl and bad teeth.

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

You A Baller Huh? You A Baller?

All right class, I got some cool news for you today. Think your jumper is money? Think you can jump out of the gym? Think your first step is nasty and your handles are sick? Well you have an opportunity to try out for a professional basketball team. Not the NBA. What, are you crazy? I'm talking about the ABA. But you can't just show up at the league office and talk your way in. You gotta submit a video showing your athletic prowess. And look who's a judge? Why, it's Will Leitch. That just raised the legitimacy of this endeavor at least 2 points.

Anyway, check out the website and submit a video. If you've got the minerals to put your game on display, that is.

Owen - Thug

p.s. White thugs are the shit. Read more!

College Football Fans With Unrealistic Expectations? Surely You Jest!

Da Realist:

For two years you've been dodging my question. When will Georgia coach Mark Richt start to feel the heat for never making the BCS title game, let alone bringing a national title to Athens? It seems like every year the Bulldogs are overhyped and every year they load the NFL, but it never translates to the BCS Championship Game. What gives?
--Jeff, Atlanta
Fom this article

Gangsta D:

Yeah, I used to work with a UGA grad that was always talking about Richt. I'm like, "UGA sucked for 20 years!" They weren't even relevant on the national stage until Richt, Grad of The U, got there. If they could've scored in the second half against UF in '02, they would've made the BCS game. Of course, they would've lost to The U, and we would've been spared getting corn holed by that damn ref!


As much as I cant stand Gawga, I have to agree to Mandel. Wake up bulldogs alumni & fans, you were the stepchild of the SEC East for the entire 90s. At least Richt has guided you to a few BCS games instead of the annual Nashville bowl or some other po duck bowl game like Dooley and friends. Sheesh they are almost as bad as 'Bama fans....

Gangsta D:

I'm a GA fan, but sometimes you gotta know your talent level. If Richt doesn't go to a BCS game in the next ten years, then you can start talking. But he's got a very long grace period, in my books. Ray Goff isn't walking through that door people:)
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