Thursday, May 29, 2008

Is Doug Collins The Answer?


Ok G-Nice, Realist, what's your reaction ?

Doug Collins, who has coached the Bulls, Washington Wizards and Detroit Pistons,
will be hired as Chicago's new coach.

First of all, I want the world to give Pax some credit. He's been mauled in the media this year, killing him for missing out on Pau and Garnett (he didn't miss out, by the way. Both deals were crazy complicated and he took shots at both of them). In no way am I saying he's perfect, but I do believe he loves the Bulls and makes good decisions. Getting Collins is another one. The guy is a good coach, and players love playing for him. He's one of those rare coaches that can ride the fence. He coaches offense and defense, and can be tough and liked at the same time. I think this is a steal. Well, not a steal, I'm fairly certain he's going to demand a shit load of money. But you get it.

Da Realist:

Doug Collins is a good coach. I'm happy with that.

Gangsta D:

Are you really? He's an average coach. If I'm a Bulls fan, I don't know that I'd be angry, but I'm definitely not prepping for a parade down Madison any time soon:)


D, you're not a Bulls fan.

Gangsta D:

And thank God for that!

I just think it's a lateral move. I don't know that they'll be much better next year. Of course, a lot depends on the draft and any moves they make. I think Collins is the Marty Schottenhiemer of the NBA. Good coach, but will never come through in the clutch.

Da Realist:

of course he's average compared to the current lakers coach (rolling my eyes...), but doug collins can coach. remember what he did with the pistons? and the bulls overachieved back in the late 80's. they weren't supposed to beat cleveland or new york in 89 and they beat detroit more times in the playoffs than anyone else did that year. having michael jordan was definitely a bonus, but no one else on the team was ready back then.

i hate laker fans more everyday.

Gangsta D:

Normally I'd feel distinguished, but since you hate everything I don't feel so special anymore:)


I hate everything too.

I think Collins will be great.

Gangsta D:

Hey, you guys are the diehards. If you like it, I love it:)


Don't hate us pimpin', we genuinely care about what's happening in the Windy City. How about we order you guys a Giardano's pizza on us? I'm sure we can dig into the championship stash to fund it.

Da Realist:

May Kobe...nah...may Pau Gasol bust his knee, allowing the lakers to fall back into mediocrity and forcing phil jackson to retire only to be replaced by STAN VAN GUNDY. or maybe the lakers would re-hire RANDY PFUND. Then we can compare coaches.

That would be poetic justice.


that's cold mane. It's not like I wished Tim Floyd, Ron Mercer, Eddy Curry, and consecutive years of 20-25 win seasons on you guys after Krause broke up the band for good in '98.

Gangsta D:

Who's trying to compare coaches? Someone is a touch sensitive today:) I just think Collins is an average coach, who's a known commodity. You know what you're gonna get. You also know you're not gonna win a title. No different from Flip Saunders.

Someone is really dreading the inevitable "Lakers Are The Champs" emails, ain't they? lol
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Ginobli Is Officially On Notice

Gangsta D:

Obviously something needs to be done about the incessant flopping. But fines? Is that kosher? How about two shots and the ball? That seems more reasonable. Fining just seems kind of silly, cause it's done after the game. I don't know that that will really curtail flopping, when it's a subjective punishment to be administered at a later date.

The league office has yet to determine exact fine amounts for offending flops and how fines might escalate for repeat offenders, but in-game arena observers and video reviewers will be instructed to report instances of theatrical flopping for potential punishment as part of postgame reports on officiating and other matters.

I think it's better than nothing. It's gotten way out of control. At least the league is acknowledging that it's a problem. In the last Spurs-Lakers game, you could see players on both sides flopping for no reason.

Could you imagine if this had been in place in the 90s? Vlade Divac and most of the Jazz squads would be broke :-)

Gangsta D:

Maybe. It'll be interesting to see what's considered excessive or not. Plus, what kind of fines players will receive. But will refs still call the flops? Just because a guy may get fined after the game, doesn't mean he won't still flop, and if the ref calls an offensive foul that turns the momentum of the game it's money well spent. I still say two shots and the ball is a better punishment, but we shall see how it plays out.


One thing's for sure, those European players (Manu, Sasha, Dirk, etc) are in trouble.

Gangsta D:

Sasha doesn't flop. He just has bad coordination sometimes:)

Da Realist:

No fines. Just tell the refs to let them play ball. It's not that hard. When you see Tim Duncan falling to the ground after barely being touched, assume it was a flop. When you see Derek Fisher flying across the floor, assume it was a flop. Don't make the calls.

Does the NBA not have enough faith in their own refs?

Gangsta D:

Does the NBA not have enough faith in their own refs? Of course not! Have you not been paying attention? lol
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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Favorite Playoff Moments - 1994 Pippen's Dunk on Ewing

Ok I was one of the few jabronis who thought Scottie Pippen was just ok when he first became an All-Star. I thought he was riding Jordan's coattails and he was soft for the infamous migraine game. My dad kept telling me that Pippen was the truth and one of the best all around players in the game at that point. I thought Pops was crazy but then again, I also thought my father couldn't play ball (another story but long story short, took me 3 long years to beat a 40 plus year old man).

The '94 season completely changed my impression of Pip. He was da man during Jordan's "retirement". I actually thought he deserved MVP over Dream b/c no one expected the Bulls to win, let alone 57 games. I was rooting hard for them to beat NY and even though Hue Hollins royally screwed them, I always will have this great memory of Pippen serving Patrick "Sultan of Sweat" Ewing a facial and standing over him after he did it. Oooh it gives me goosebumps

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"I Watched The Death Of A Dynasty"


Let me save you some time. It was NOT a foul :-)

Da Realist:

It was a foul, but the Spurs played soft last night and they deserved to lose.

And Tim Duncan is soft, despite the numbers. he whines to the refs more than any other superstar ever. if anyone ever tells me he's a better player/leader than Olajuwon again i'll take away their baller-card until they catch up on some recent history.


there were plenty of possible fouls that didn't go the Lakers way last night. Plus you and I both know Brent Barry isn't getting that call. Unless it's one of the Big 3 on that team, not happening

Da Realist:

Well...that was a pretty obvious foul, Brent Barry or not. Maybe not as blatant as the Reggie Miller push on MJ, but still pretty blatant.

But still, it's poetic justice that the Spurs whined all night for calls and it turns out a non-call sealed their fate. maybe they'll get the lesson....stop WHINING.

Gangsta D:

How do you know the Spurs played soft? Did you actually watch more than 20 secs of the game? Lol

Da Realist:

I actually did, believe it or not. lol I watched the end of the 3rd quarter and all of the 4th after french class.

All i saw was Tim Duncan begging for fouls instead of going strong to the hoop. The Spurs offense reduced to Tony Parker over-dribbling and forcing shots. I saw the Lakers continuously out-quick the slow-footed spurs for rebounds and loose balls. in fact, the Lakers bullied them.

I hadn't seen anything that would suggest they can come back. Not saying it can't happen, but they would have to change their strategy, mindset and focus to just win another game.

Gangsta D:

The frustrating part of the series is that the Lakers should've won every game by double digits. They're not "elite" yet. But this series is over, and homecourt or a major injury is the only thing that can stop the Lakeshow from winning the title. Happy days are here again:)


Before the playoffs started, I had the Lakers going to at least the conference Finals. I was really concerned about them playing the Hornets or Spurs. I also thought Boston was going to steamroll through the East too until they played Detroit. I have been wrong about both :-).

The Lakers will beat whomever comes out the East.

Da Realist:

You believed in the CELTICS??? I think the Pistons could challenge, but definitely not the Celtics.

By the way...I didn't see Kobe go to the line last night. What's up with that? Didn't the refs get the edict from David Stern? lol...

Gangsta D:

Too bad Realist doesn't care about the NBA anymore. When the Lakers win the title, we won't be able to gloat.....Wait what am I talking about? Of course, we're gonna gloat. Your apathy can't save you! Read more!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Favorite Playoff Moments - 1989 Eastern Conference First Round

This clip has been replayed over and over since the night I witnessed this game live on TV. It's not a favorite because of his Airness (I still hold a grudge since he and his Bulls CRUSHED my Lakers in the '91 Finals). It's one of my favorites because it was my introduction to watching a favored team (the Cavs) get upset in a playoff series with homecourt advantage, become demoralized, and never recover from that loss. It happened to the '91 Blazers, ''93 Knicks, 93 Suns, '94 Sonics, '95 Jazz, '99 Pacers, '02 Kings. The possible exceptions are the current Pistons squad for choking in '06 and '07 but they won a title BEFORE that happened.

Sure some of these teams eventually reached the Finals but they all came up short in their quest to stand on the podium with David Stern and become one of Ahmad Rashad's TRUE main men. If I'm a Hornets fan, I'd be very concerned right now :-)

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Wait! An Interesting Eastern Conference Game?


I did it. I actually watched a full game of the Eastern Conference Finals last night. And the game was not half bad. It looked it was going to be a yawner until the 3rd when buckets started dropping.

The Celts are down 1-1 and they really should be worried. If you can't be scrubs like Atlanta and Cleveland on the road, what do you think is going to happen in Auburn Hills?

Gangsta D:

The second half wasn't bad. The first half was execrable...and I'm being kind. I think this series is a wrap. Boston has shown no inclination that they can beat a quality team on the road. Series over in six.


Funny, media and Boston fans complaining about Ray Ray sucking. He goes off for 25 last night and they still lose. Take that beeyotches.

Gangsta D:

When Chauncey is on, the C's have no answer for him. And where did Rodney Stuckey come from? The Stuck was beasting that vaunted Boston defense. If he's producing like that off the bench and the starters keep doing their thing, Boston can't win. Looks like we may have that 20 year Finals reunion after all:)

Da Realist:

I was in french class and then came home to watch forensic files and property virgins. however i did take the time to flip to ESPNEWS and notice the score.

wait...i did do one nba-related thing last night. my boy (spurs fan) called to vent about game 1. i listened to him rant for about 35 minutes about how he was disappointed the spurs let kobe play them like that when everyone knew what he was doing by the second quarter. then the last 10 minutes he assured me the spurs are still gonna take it.

that counts doesn't it? Read more!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Old School Wednesday - Get Ya Smash On

Here it is folks. People have asked for it, and Realist has delivered for us all. Robert Parrish DESTROYS Bill Laimbeer's grill. The fun starts around the 3:57 mark.

Boston vs Detroit - Game 5 ECF

No foul was called. Let me say that one mo 'gain. NO. FOUL. WAS. CALLED. No personal foul. No technical foul. No flagrant foul. No ejection. It never happened. Can you imagine that shit popping off today? Hell no. The 80's were so rugged. Also, notice how NO ONE wanted any of Parrish. Usually someone will run over and get into a guy's face, but not a single Bad Boy wanted to square up with the Chief. Now that's gangsta. Read more!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New School Wednesdays

A new school post this soon from moi?!?! What in the sam blazes is really going on? Normally, I don't listen to too much R&B since most of it is t-t-t-rash but these cuts I really dig.

Ryan Leslie - "Diamond Girl": A black man singing about how his white girl is his diamond. Hmm this video prbly will become the anthem for pro athletes everywhere based on that equation.

Estelle f Kanye West - "American Boy":
I read somewhere that she is being called the UK Lauryn Hill. Huh? I don't see her on VH1 storytellers strummin' a acoustic guitar and making up songs that don't make sense on the fly. This chick got her own style and this London bloat digs it.

O'Neal McKnight f Greg Nice - "Check your Coat":
Anyone that can incorporate Back to the Future into their video gets major props from me. Bonus point for going back in time with the old school DeLorean and finding Doc Brown.

GUILTY PLEASURE OF THE WEEK - Chris Brown - Yo (Excuse Me Miss):
I'm not a fan of the teenybopper movement but I can't front, this song is catchy as hell. I GOOOOOTTTAAA GOOO FOOOR MIIINNEE.

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Once Again It's On

Gangsta D:

Lakers vs Spurs

Just like old times. It's gonna feel real good beating them AGAIN. Honestly, I'm kind of surprised they pulled it out. After getting mollywhopped three times in NOLA, I thought they were pretty much done. I guess experience does matter in the end. I'm also shocked, SHOCKED, that Peja came up short in a Game 7. Who could've predicted that?


I expected NO to duplicate what they did in their previous 3 home games against the Spurs but oh well. Paul, West, and Chandler (to an extent) did their part. The rest of the team, not so much. That 3Q killed them. The rally was nice but if the game is on the line, I don't want my backup PG (Pargo) jacking up so many shots.

Enough of the past, onto the present. The best rivalry of this decade resumes after a 4 year gap. I officially became crunk for this last Friday after Ed Davis' homeboy said not only were the Spurs going to beat the Hornets but they were going to beat the Lakers in 6. I damn near choked on my Heinenken when he said that. Lakers in 7

Oh yea, you have to be satisfied with the NBA's Final 4. BOS-DET in the East, LAL-SAS in the West. For this round Gangsta, I'll be watching the Eastern Conference games.

Gangsta D:

Lakers-Spurs has never gone 7. Lakers in 6. I really think 5, but I don't want to jinx things. Lakers-Pistons in the Finals, for the 20 year Anniversary? If Detroit steals one of the first two in Boston, that series is over in 5. If the Pistons play like they care for a full 48 minutes in either game, they can do it. But it's hard to put any faith in Flip.


Spurs have never won a series trailing 2-0 or 3-2 either but they did this past round.

Gangsta D:

I'm still sticking to my guns. Remember in '01 I said Lakers in 5 and you were all "I don't know about that." Ok so I was wrong, but in a good way:)

I can't wait to see the Tim Duncan "I can't believe these guys are beating us again" face. The inevitable Bowen cheap shot on Kobe. Kobe flop slapping Ginobli. Mike Finley bricking three after three. Vlad space cadeting up a storm. It's gonna be great.


Touche. I don't man if the Lakers beat them in 6, then I'll obviously be pleasantly surprised. I think the difference in past series is that they could throw Bowen on Kobe and whoever was the 2 guard would guard Fox. This is different. You throw Bowen on Kobe, then who guards LO or Space Cadet. Manu? Finley? Thomas? Don't think so....

Da Realist:

I think the Lakers will probably win and go ahead to win the European Championships against the Pistons.

I do have to say this... I think that Tim Duncan article was on point. I understand that he's great and all that...but I want to see a killer inside him sometimes. I want to see some pride. That look D mentioned...that was so on point.

That keeps Tim from the Hakeem and Shaq level in my all-time list of big men. He takes losses too easily. Even last night...5-17???

If he has pride, he will think about how the Lakers have mostly gotten the better of him. Now they don't have Shaq...Tim needs to win this series or he will be 1-4 against them.

But I think we'll see a few 5-13s and 6-17s mixed into the series.


lmao on the Euro comment.

Do we realize we'll have 3 of the top 10 floppers (Ginobli, Horry, Fisher) of all time in this series? I can't wait for those offensive charges (sarcasm) Read more!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Friday, May 16, 2008

Old School Friday - Larrrrrrry

Straight up? Greatest fucking music video ever.

'86 Boston Celtics - First Time Since 1969

When he gets to Bird's part, I laughed so hard I think I startled people across town. That video and song is just classic beyond belief. Alas, they couldn't pull off the repeat. Why? A buzzsaw named Magic Johnson tore them a collective new asshole. It was the beginning of the end for the C's and they haven't been the same since. Nevertheless, we'll always have this video. Thank God, we'll always have this video. Read more!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Or Sad? Talkin' Bout Da Bulls


Question, are you happy or sad the Bulls did not sign D'Antoni?

I'm reading multiple articles on him and I'm just going to paste them here. It's his blueprint for success.

D'Antoni Wants To Add Favorite Suns

Rolling Dice

Dash For Nash


The title of this should really be "Hating or Hating More"

I don't know how I feel about it. I like D'Antoni and I like the idea of the Bull pushing the rock and watching Ben Gordon jacking the rock about 29 times a game. I was excited by his offensive game and figured he could help Tyrus get his confidence back and play through mistakes. I was equally excited to see Hinrich let loose and really run the point the way I honestly think he's capable of.


Fool doesn't play defense. None at all. And I completely understand why Pax wanted him to hire a defensive assistant. I also don't know if you can run his system with so many young players. As much as I like Tyrus when he's doing two hand dunks from the free throw line, he doesn't strike me as the smartest fella. He makes mistakes. Many, many mistakes. The same ones over and over again. He doesn't seem to learn when he's checked, so I can't imagine he'll learn being unchecked. He reminds me of Chandler that way. I do think it takes bigs longer to mature. Pax is right to want his team to play defense and have accountability, so if D'Antoni's not down for that then I guess he's not the right guy.

I was confused by the Knicks move too. D'Antoni doesn't strike me as the guy about money. But he took the Knicks job. For a lot of money. Unless he really thinks he's such a good coach and he can win with that roster.


I was tripping on the fact that Walsh lied to Mark Jackson about being the favorite to coach NY. I was tripping to see Walsh hire a coach who doesn't preach defense and that's exactly what the Knicks need. And I was tripping when I read these articles that D'Antoni is trying to turn the Knicks into the NY Suns by hijacking some of the players.

Personally, D'Antoni's thinks he's a better coach than what he is. He's a decent not great coach. Great coaches at least coach teams to Finals appearances. I don't know the writer of one of the articles was bringing up his personality issues. It's not like any of the other coaches out there are known for being player and/or management friendly either.
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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What The Damn? Ungrateful Son Edition

Gangsta D:

I don't care how old or rich I get, I will never get out of pocket with my mom like this:)

Da Realist:

Wow. Just wow. I read his lips and I still don't believe he said that. I just don't.


Late in the first half, Pierce tried to wrap up James to prevent a breakaway dunk and the two of them spun into the expensive seats behind the basket, at which point James' mother, Gloria, jumped into the fray to give Pierce a piece of her mind. Even as Pierce's arms were wrapped around him, James was yelling at his mother to back away. "The commissioner doesn't care if it's your mother or your kids: You can't allow fans and players to get involved with each other," said James. "I told her to sit down in some language I shouldn't have used.
Thank god today wasn't Mothers Day."
Doesn't matter if it's Mother's Day or not, you don't curse at the woman who brought you into this world.

Same game, different subject - Celtics road woes

I keep saying this but the more and more I watch the Celtics the more vulnerable they look. They couldn't beat a sub .500 team on the road in the 1st rd, and now they are struggling with a mid-tier conference opp on the road.

We all talked about this last summer and I know one of us wasn't impressed with the Big 3 (dare I say his name, lol). They still should make the conf finals and prbly the NBA Finals but they look nothing like that team in the regular season that just awed people.

Gangsta D:

It can't be stressed enough that the major contributors have never won anything, and the coach is an underachiever. I never thought it would be a cake walk to the Finals. Thank God for home court advantage:)

BTW, this series does nothing to counterract "He who shall not be named's" contention that the current NBA sucks. I didn't watch the game, but just looking at the final score was painful enough:)


I thought this series would be a test for them but the Hawks. Hell naw man they should have destroyed that team.

I watched the last 3 mins and that was painful enough lol

Well it wasn't like the 94, 97 or 98 Finals brought back shades of Showtime either Read more!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Old School Spotlight - Sleep For Dinner

Check out my latest column at Urban Thought Collective. Read more!

New School Mondays

Just a quick intro. I'm a fan of the golden age of hip hop (late 8os-early 90s) and most of the stuff out there today is gar-bage. However, from time to time, I hear something that's not half bad. I thought I share some of that half bad with you. This won't be frequent like the Old School Fridays b/c there ain't enough new stuff out there that blows me away.

And fyi, the CEO of this site said I could post new school music BUT only if it's dope. I don't care what the MAN thinks, it's dope to me :-).

Kidz In the Hall - Driving Down the block:

If you don't know about these boys outta Chi-town now you do. Naledge is the lyricist, Double-O is the deejay. Old school concept with an old school feel. They got other hot joints like Wheels Fall Off and Go Ill.

The Knux - Cappucino:

These boys from Nawlins are holding it down with the old school look. A refreshing change from the Crescent city known for trend music

9th Wonder & Buckshot feat Charlie Murphy - Go All Out:

9th's one of my favorite current producers, Buckshot's been slept on since '92, and Charlie Murphy is well Charlie Murpy aka a funny a%% mofo. The video's funny as hell to me, particularly in the first 1 minute. Peep game

Lupe Fiasco - Dumb it Down:

Lupe's by no means underground and this is the first single off his 2nd album (which has been out for a minute). The more and more I listen to this song, the better it gets to me. Lyrically it's on point, describing the shadiness of what goes on behind closed doors at record labels. Musically, the beat is infectious. I have forgiven him for his mishap at the Hip Hop Honors show a few months back lol

Guilty Pleasure of the Moment - Shawty Lo's Dey Know Remix

Sorry, I don't care what nobody say, this song is off da friggin chain. So Big UPS...TO ALL MY HAAATTERS

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Favorite Playoff Moments - 1995 Western Conference Semifinals

Once again kids, it's time for another Waldini's favorite playoff moment. It's the '95 Western Conf Finals between the Suns and Rockets. The Rockets came back from 3-1 to win the series. This clip shows the infamous Mario Elie kiss off but what I remember most about this series is AC Green, the original 40 year old virgin and resident religious buff, declaring the series over when Phoenix was up 3-1. After they lost, Kenny Smith dropped the classic response to AC, "AC may be religious but he ain't a prophet". CLASSIC

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Friday, May 09, 2008

Old School Friday - When Birds Attack

Realist is in the process of uploading his entire NBA Classics library to Youtube. We have our differences [Kobe MVP!!!!!] but we can both agree that the NBA in the 80's was ridiculously entertaining. Take a gander at the following clip, from the '87 ECF, that he sent us this week. The fun starts at the :45 mark.

You know what? I'm glad Stern stomped out white on white violence in the NBA. That shit had potential to get ugly. At any rate, a few observations:

1. Can you imagine Bron throwing the ball at KG after a foul like that? Yeah, me neither. Bird was a G, like Bugs Bunny.

2. Notice how Rodman acted like he wanted to get into with Bird, but then pulled back and gave him a half hearted headlock. He was probably thinking, "If I hit Bird in the face, Stern is gonna give me 25 years in the electric chair." Pulling back was a good move.

3. Surprise! Surprise! Pistons fans were throwing objects at ejected players, as they leave the court, way back in '87. Some things never change. Thank you deranged, irrational, alcoholic Piston fan. Read more!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Make 'Em Say Uhhh


The 'mighty' Spurs are down 2-0 in a series for the 1st time since the eventual 2001 Champion Lakers had them down 2-0 in the conference finals that year. You wanted the Spurs to face adversity well now you got it.

Gangsta D:

This is more surprising that BOS-ATL. I fully expected the Spurs to take at least one game in NOLA. The series isn't over. Being down 0-2 is not a death sentence, as we all know from past experience. But they better start knocking Paul down or something. Cause a Game 3 loss will signal the end of a "dynasty." You thought I was gonna give them credit? Lol

Da Realist:

Knock him down? Why would the NBA approve of any sort of physicality? It's much more fun seeing Chris Paul and co waltz into the lane without being touched. Breathe on an nba player nowdays, you'll be sending him to the line 23 times in one game.

Can't use that strategy anymore.

Gangsta D:

Yep, that strategy totally didn't work on Tony Parker in '04. After getting hit in the mouth in Game 3, he KEPT going into the lane and the Spurs won that series. Oh wait, the exact opposite happened.

Da Realist:

2004 ain't 2008, bro

Gangsta D:

Maybe not, but how else are they gonna stop him? What they've been doing ain't working. If they keep it up, they're not gonna be doing it for much longer.


They have to try something. Besides letting Paul go off, they are also letting David West and Peja have their way. OMG, do you realize Mr April is actually playing well and it's May??!?!

Gangsta D:

When he comes through in the clutch in Game 7, then I'll be impressed. Read more!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Favorite Playoff Moments

The NBA Playoffs. One of my favorite things to watch during the Springtime, especially if the Lakers are winning. I've been watching basketball since I was a young tyke in the 80s and over the years, I've seen some great postseason matchups. During these playoffs, I'm going to take you down memory lane, share a few of my favorite moments, along with background commentary.

2001 Western Conference Finals: Aww, the Lakers versus Blazers. My young Lakers came into the series with the best record in the regular season and had dispatched their two opponents with ease. And it looked like they were going to steamroll into the Finals with a 3-1 lead. However, the Blazers came back, tied the series up and headed to LA for an improbable Game 7. I remember taking two chicks with me over to my boy's house to watch the game with him and his wife. One of the chicks was a Laker bandwagoner, which usually is a no no in my book. But alas, I was a victim of the big butt with a smile and did not heed Ricky Bell's advice (and she was engaged! but that's a story for another day).

Anyway, we are watching the game, the Lakers look horrible for three quarters trailing by 15, my boy is talking mad s***, the bandwagoner is hopping off the train in the 3rd quarter, and everyone is just loving my team is getting smashed. So what happens? Brian Shaw and Robert "Don't Call me Fresh Prince" Horry go apes*** at the start of the 4th, dropping 3s all over the place. Once the Lakers got within 4, I knew it was over. Everybody remembers the alley oop but the play that changed everything was Brian Shaw hitting that 3 to tie the game. Portland was mentally crushed, Lakers take the lead for good, and the first of the 3peat begins. I remember talking to Gangsta for like forever after that game and we are just salivating at the ability to start talking championship Grade A s***.

It would kick off 5 straight years of classic material by the 3K Clique.
Anyway, click on 2001 Western Conference Finals t0 to check out the video
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Friday, May 02, 2008

Old School Friday - The NWO Revolution!

Da Realist:

[Hogan] does the UNTHINKABLE! lol... The only time i liked him. :-)


One of the greatest things to happen in pro sports.

Da Realist:

I love this shit! I've always liked the bad guy...the arrogance here is approaching four horseman level. :-)

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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Talkin' Bout Da Bulls

Gangsta D:

This question goes to Superfan's #23 & #45. Do you want D'Antoni as your coach?


I want Rick Adleman. I'm not kidding. That's who the bulls should get.

Okay, so when that doesn't happen, I want Tom Izzo, or that Tom Tibbidou kid on teh Celtics. I don't really want Carlise, but I'm afraid that's who it's gonna be. Avery or D'Antoni? I don't know, man, I don't really care. I'm not sure who the solution is really. I just want to get back to winning. Step one -- Trade Hughes. Start Sefalosha.


what about Gordon and Deng? Do you keep them? And at what cost?


I've come to terms with the idea of losing Gordon. He can shoot like very few in the league. But he's 25 points every third game and then shoots 2-12 the next two. He doesn't play D and he's real ugly with the ball in his hands trying to create. I like him, but I'm okay with moving him. I think Hinrich, who I like a lot, plays so much better when he's got a big guard, sefalosha, out there with him. If we could somehow move Hughes, I would have no problem with Gordon coming off the bench. I don't know how you move that contract, though.

I am indifferent with Deng. I like him. I don't love him. He's solid to me, but not the all star people says he is. Maybe he will be, but I haven't seen it yet. If we could get something great, I'd be okay moving him too. I'm in the minority on this, but off the big three for chicago, Hinrich's the one I'd keep. I know he didn't have a great season, but he's nice. He's not a star, and right now, people have him as the face of the franchise -- which he's not. But if you put him next to a star, a real two guard -- something maybe Thabo can grow into -- then Hinrich could play free and not worry about holding the team together. Now, if we could get Derrick Rose, I wish Hinrich the best.

Gangsta D:

I was about to comment on why you'd want Izzo, but then I realized you have Adelman as your first choice. That. Defies. Reason. Nobody wants Adelman as their coach. Unless you want your team to choke in the clutch. The last ten years must've been harder on you than I thought, cause now you're not making any sense:)


It won't happen, so I'll only waste a little of my time defending Adelman. What the Bulls need right now is that will allow the players to use their offensive gifts. Adelman walked into Houston, kept their defensive structure and added to the offense. They are still a good defensive team and a now a much better offensive team. That's all I'm saying.

The Bulls need to keep their defensive identity and then open it up on the offensive end. That's my worry with D'Antoni, he for sure push the ladder and abandon the former.


Do you ever wonder what would have happened if Adelman had not choked against the Lakers in the '91 WCF? If they had won that series, they would have home court against the Bulls that year. I'm not saying the Blazers would have won but that would have been an interesting series.


No, I never wonder would -- fill in the blank -- have beaten the Bulls in -- fill in the blank -- year. Michael doesn't lose. So no, never crossed my mind.
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