Monday, April 24, 2006

All We Have Is Hope

Da Realist:

looks like some good news for us...

chicago/miami -- the bulls have a shot. the heat played as well as you can expect and we still had a 4 point lead on the road late in the 4th quarter. i'm not picking them, but they DO have a shot. if i had to pick right now i'd still pick the heat, but that team is garbage and they may not even make it to the conference finals.

la lakers/phoenix -- i really don't see how phoenix wins this series. whenever their running game is slowed, they can't score at all. they are loaded with athletes, but few players.

sacramento/san antonio -- the spurs came out looking like world-beaters. have they been playing possum?

memphis/dallas -- i still don't believe in dallas but they certainly put the smackdown on memphis last night.

Indiana/new jersey -- the sooner the nets realizes vince carter is NOT a big game playoff performer day in and day out the better. he'll come up with a big game offensively this series, but he won't decide this series. but they're going against an indiana team that really doesn't have that kind of player either.

milwaukee/detroit -- the pistons did as expected.

washington/cleveland -- lebron looked good on saturday. let's see if he can continue.

la clippers/denver -- i didn't see the clippers/nuggets the other night so i don't have a comment on them right now. could we actually see a battle for LA in the second round?

Gangsta D:

I'm pretty confident. We missed about TEN shot within 3 feet of the rim. The game plan was perfect. Pound the ball inside with Kwame, Lamar, and even Walton!!! I knew Luke would eventually prove himself to be the GREATEST 2ND ROUND PICK EVERRRRRRRR. I think we can win.

I don't know if the Bulls can win, but they can take it to 7 games definitely. If they keep running and Hinrich and Gordon stay hot at the same time they will work the Heat.

Sac was trendy to take the Spurs to 7 games. Umm, don't think so. BUT, I have seen the Spurs put the smack down in the first two home games, and then lose four straight. Depends on whether people will ever realize that if you knock Parker down early, he WON'T drive the rest of the game.

If the Nets don't get Jefferson more involved, this series is over before 6. The thing is will O'Neal play big the rest of the series? He was punishing them in the 4th qtr. Can he take the step to the next level?

The only drama in Detroit/Bucks is how many T's Sheed is gonna get. 1 game/1 tech so far. That's a one every one game average:)

Arenas isn't gonna go 12-33, or whatever it was on saturday, too many more times. Cleveland's D isn't that good. I still think that's going 7.

Stern's pants are practically dripping wet at the thought of a LA battle in the 2nd round. You got Big Brother vs Little Stepbrother, Kobe winning a series, Clipper fans vs Laker stars. You think Stern may have a conversation with the refs before Game 2 on wednesday? Kobe might get to the foul line a few more times:)


Overall, the first weekend of playoff bball was a pretty good one. The majority of the games were pretty good from the highlights I saw over the wknd (was in a wedding this wknd and missed every game but Bulls-Heat, Lakers-Suns)

- Lakers-Suns - Where do I begin? Man, the Lakers do the exact same thing on Wed, they win that game. Sans the first quarter, they held that offense in check

- Bulls-Heat - Realist, I'm actually pulling for the Baby Bulls. They need more out of Hinrich as he's better than how he played on Sat night. I agree, I think the Heat are overrated

- Spurs-Kings - D, I feel you but the Kings aint the 2004 Lakers. They'll bounce back but they aint winning the series

- Nets-Pacers - How do you let Anthony Johnson beat you?? J-Kidd's gotta get at least 10 pts a game for the Nets to win this series (He had 5 on on Sun)

- Pistons-Bucks - This isn't even a fair series. The Bucks have no shot at winning. Like the Jigga reference for 'Sheed :-)

- Cavs-Wiz - Bron put on a show but most of the Wiz stars (Arenas, Jamison) had a down game. Don't think that happens in Game 2

- Mavs-Grizzlies - The Grizz should finally win a playoff GAME but they aint winning this series

- Clips-Nuggets - I am going to watch Game 2 2nite b/c both these teams play entertaining styles of basketball.

Da Realist:

you say this like i'm supposed to be surprised. "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". you're not really pulling for the bulls. i think there's a certain former laker playing center for the heat that you're rooting AGAINST, right?

can't let go of the hate, huh? :-D


I try to give this guy a break and look how he treats me, lol
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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Playoffs Baby!!

Gangsta D:

I know Realist could care less, but the NBA playoffs is upon us. In the immortal words of Kornheiser, "Who ya got!!"

Spurs vs Queens = Spurs
Suns vs Lakeshow = Lakeshow (what a surprise)
Nuggets vs Clips = Clips
Mavs vs Grizz = Mavs
Pistons vs Bucks = Daytrois
Heat vs Bulls = Heat
Nets vs Pacers = Nets
Cavs vs Wiz = Wiz


Spurs-Kings - Spurs
Suns-Lakers - Lakers
Nuggets-Clippers - Nuggets
Mavs-Grizzlies - Mavs
Pistons-Bucks - Pistons
Heat-Bulls - Heat
Nets-Pacers - Nets
Cavs-Wizards - Cavs

Gangsta and I only differ on two series but we agree on the most important one (Lakers over Suns). Realist should care b/c his team is in there too. And from what i saw this season the Bulls gave the Heat problems (even at full strength) in the regular season

Da Realist:

OMG you are so right. maybe, just maybe i'll treat the fam to a playoff game when the cavs are in town. maybe. otherwise, i really don't care. except to see y'all lose. ;-) although, i'm not so sure phoenix can pull it off. not because i think y'all are that good, but i think phoenix (and most of the nba) is overrated. we'll see...

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Gangsta D:

1. Nash
2. Kobe
3. 'Bron 'Bron
4. Wade
5. Chauncey
6. Nowitzky
7. Matrix

In the words of Kornheiser, "Who you got?"


1. Nash - b/c he turned Diaw from bust to most improved player.
2. Kobe - That team is filled with players no one wants and he's about to
put them into the playoffs (in a strong conference at)
3. Dirk Diggler - He's made huge strides as a leader this year. He's even
trying to play some D
4. Matrix - Look at the numbers, do the math
5. Wade - Carried his team despite Big Fella's health issues
6. Billups - Loses spots b/c his starting teammates are that good
7. Bron - I cant elevate him for turning it on in the last month but I
suspect he will be in the top 3 next year

Da Realist:

now y'all know i don't care nothing about the mvp now that my childhood players are all retired :-) did you just put nowitzky on here? the day he wins the mvp is the day i stop watching the game. and matrix? i mean he's a good player and all but he's not even the leader of his team.

ok, i see i'm being all negative again. (sigh) i really have no idea. bron-bron and wade both played good games on saturday, but neither of them play any defense. nash, kobe, chauncey... i don't know... i guess kobe (aaaach spit!).

Gangsta D:

You probably pulled more muscles proclaiming Kobe the MVP than you did running 10 miles...

Da Realist:

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The Standard Has Been Set...Sort Of

Da Realist:

(cue the ROCKY music)

ok fellas, the standard has been set. 10 miles in 1:48:05. as goldberg once said...WHO'S NEXT?

Gangsta D:

Don't look to south georgia. It's hard enough running half a mile...


Um, you got a better chance of Da Wife doing that than me right now (cue
ROCKY music being scratched :-))
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