Friday, June 29, 2007

Party Like A Rock Star...

Gangsta D:

Yep, Miami is definitely Thug U. No doubt about it. What you gotta say now Smokey?


I respectfully decline all commentary on this matter until the rightful authorities have passed final verdict :-)

Da Realist:

damn! a note to the wise (aside from not selling dope at all)...if you got crack in your car wear your seatbelt, drive the speed limit and use your turn signals. if they catch you with crack, make sure it's because you were selling crack not driving without a seat belt!

Gangsta D:

You know UT players aren't that smart. They had a player named Billy Bob Cooter. C'mon!


Yea I guess it would be better if they wore shiny suits to complement their crack dealing/involvement like some college program in Southern Florida...and I dont mean FAMU

Gangsta D:

Let's see what is potentially more injurious to a program. Shiny suits? Or crack dealing/involvement? Back to you Stu!


"you want to go war Alex, fine we go to war...." :-)

Gangsta D:

"I take your fucking bullet! I take your fucking bullet!"
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Old School Friday - Reaganomics Edition

Usually on Fridays we hit you off with some old school rap/r&b videos. Today is gonna be a little different. Were' going back...way back to the days of my youth. That's right, the 80's. Sit back and reminisce like Mary J and CL Smooth.

80's Commercials

I remember about 90% of these commercials, and they're still brilliant damn it!

GI Joe Intro

If you don't get chills watching this then you have no soul and can't be saved. Also, was Deathstro the biggest animated pimp ever?

The Cosby Show - Nighttime Is The Right Time

Are you kidding me? Do I really need to say anything?

MJ - Man In The Mirror '88 Grammys

In my opinion this blew the Motown 25 performance out of the water. Mike ad libbing, telling the staid Grammy audience to stand up, the choir, he was still black; just a perfect performance. Mike was the shit.

Eddie Murphy Raw - Intro

You got "Bud," Tatyana Ali, and a coked up Sam Jackson. Can you say classic sketch? "I love that doo doo line. That boy's got talent." Sam Jackson is God.

Barney Miller

The illest theme music ever.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Before The Dark Times...

I have no idea if Shaq thought this was funny or not. Probably not. But damn it, this is when all was well in La La Land. OK maybe not exactly well, but all cylinders were pumping. It looks like Horace Grant over there in the corner of the frame at the start of the video, so it must be during the '02 season. For Kobe to be so off the cuff, I posit this probably took place during the Finals before Game 4. Think Kobe knew the Lakers were going to win? I'm just gonna watch this on a constant loop to remind myself of what was and what could've been.

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Nancy's Background

Da Realist:

Now I remember her.

Gangsta D:

This might get me sent to Hell, but she was married to Kevin Sullivan and survived? If this happened 20 years ago, I wouldn't have batted an eyelash. Kevin Sullivan was...dark.

Da Realist:

yeah, somehow his character didn't seem like much of a character.

i'm new to the wwf, but when you make refereces to the old wcw i'll know who you're talking about. i REMEMBER when they took the "ugly" woman from the stands and remade her. i remember DOOM and all that. i remember missy hyatt. and now i know who chris benoit's wife was.


yea you guys dont remember this? they turned that angle into a real story b/c Benoit took Woman from Sullivan in real life. In fact, they said in their matches after this, they actually were hitting each other for real a few times b/c of their real animosity....

Da Realist:

i think you were the only one still watching then... ;-)

i don't remember that angle AT ALL. i didn't even know kevin sullivan was still fighting. i watched from 4th grade through 7th grade. picked it up again in '97 because all my boys kept talking about the NWO. lost interest when the NWO split into 2 factions. was lured over to WWF because everyone kept talking about The Rock. once he left, i left.

by the way, i now see why The Rock is making movies.
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Omega Supreme Was A Pimp

Gangsta D:

This is gonna sound like the hyperbolic rantings of a madman, but for some reason I'm getting "Best Movie Of All Time" vibes from Transformers. I know it's not gonna be in the same class as The Godfather or movies of that ilk. But I'm just looking at it from a popcorn, summer tentpole standpoint. In terms of bang for your buck, I think it has potential to be the best. Just from some of the recent tv spots, the action looks RETARDED!! Prime pulling out his sword on Megatron?!? Are you kidding me! I think I'm gonna turn into an 8 year old kid next week.

Da Realist:

boo. i guess it depends on what you're looking for when you watch the movie.

Gangsta D:

What are you complaining about? You know you're gonna get the senior citizen discount when you go see it:) My Spidey sense is telling me this is gonna be the best thrill ride in years.

Da Realist:

i have a feeling too much emphasis is going to be on the action and not enough on the CHARACTERS. we'll see...

Gangsta D:

IT'S TRANSFORMERS!!!! Who cares about the characters? Lol Just give me a Prime-Megatron smackdown, and PLENTY of explosions. Have you seen the shots of Starscream transforming in mid air while firing missiles?!? Just give me mayhem, baby. Just give me mayhem.


This is the only movie that this summer that I was admanant about seeing in the theaters. I told wifey I don't care what is going on, but we will be in the theaters. Even if it means being that family that pisses off other people in the audience with a crying baby :-).

Gangsta D:

Just put some whiskey in his bottle. That'll knock him out. My sister and I got the liquor treatment, and we turned out fine:)

If you're between 25-35 years old this movie is a must see, or your health insurance should be revoked.

Da Realist:

i'm not sure i'll see it. seriously.
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The Anti-Tiger...So Far

Da Realist:

interesting article

Gangsta D:

Yeah I remember reading about him a couple years ago. I always wondered what happened. He sounds an awful lot like Michelle Wie. I guess there's only one Tiger:)


Pretty sad....hey wasn't there a black kid in Paris that also was supposed to be tearing it up by now too?

Gangsta D:

Yeah I think that is Monfils.

Da Realist:

monfils is actually doing a lot better than donald. he's ranked higher and he just beat roddick in the rome masters.

i read alot about donald a few years ago too. he was taking a lot of heat for playing in tour events that he wasn't ready for. i never could understand why he would rather get pasted 6-0 6-2 instead of maybe winning a lower-tier event. until now. it was about the money.

one of my biggest gripes about tennis is that it is too damn expensive to be really good. i'm not talking about being andre agassi and being sent to some tennis academy. i'm talking about being a technically sound player in our own neighborhoods. tennis lessons are astronomical. it's an elitist sport when it doesn't have to be.


Funny side mom put my sister and I in tennis camp when I was 11. It was a no frills, no thrills set up at the local club in our neighborhood. We were in class for all of 2 days when we were suddenly pulled out. I learned later that it was a money issue and no way she was spending that loot for just 2 weeks. The only thing I got to do was volley over the net :-). And that's my tennis history (drum roll please)......
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Ya Big Baby

Gangsta D:

How come I don't see Big Baby Davis in any mock drafts? Think he wishes he came out with Tyrus last year? But no, stay in school. It can't hurt you, it can only help you. If you call getting drafted in the second round, if at all, as opposed to the lottery "help," then you got mental deficiencies. Yeah I'm talking to you Wilbon!!!


Yea he's living the Bizarro World episode where he actually hurt himself going back to school. crazy thing, he's still not ready but at least last year he would have had a guaranteed contract as opposed to having to prove himself now....

you actually should write Wilbon about that and ask does he recant his mistake on Glen

Gangsta D:

Probably not. He seems to look at the situation from a personal growth standpoint. I think we've seen Big Baby's personal growth, hence the name Big baby. I look at it from financial terms. It's ALWAYS riskier coming back. You may become a better player or you may get exposed. If you're guaranteed lottery, you should probably come back unless you got a legit chance to win a nat'l title.
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Monday, June 25, 2007

RIP Dirt Dog

I just ran across the seldom seen Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Remix) video. The insanity contained within pretty much speaks for itself. Dirty was an original, to say the least.

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Over Macho Grande?

Da Realist:

And this is for D. (see i can only do this for teams that was dominant during a specific period). what is your favorite miami hurricane team of all time and why. and also, what was your most precious victory over the noles. (i'm guessing...2000)

Gangsta D:

You make the questions so easy. The '01 team was the best college football team I've ever seen. Just like I texted you the other day, Gore, Portis, and Magahee were in the backfield. Magahee couldn't even get on the field! How many All-Pros are on that team? Just dominating.
The three best wins over FSU are '91, '00, and '01. '91 was special becuase it was the "Game Of The Century." Everyone was pumping Marvin Jones as the greatest defensive player since God. That was the year they would finally break through. And we went in there and took there hearts. That was the most nerve wracking game I've ever watched. '00 was great because it signaled our return to prominence. Plus you can't beat another FSU kicker choking under the pressure. But my favorite was in '01. There was no way FSU was winning that game. It was one of the best beatdowns I've ever seen. Miami had too much speed, too much talent, too much everything to be contained that day. That was one of the most satisfying sports victories ever.

Da Realist:

fair enough. i could have done without the choking and the "best defensive player since God" references, but i opened it up. i'm mildly surprised you picked 2001 being that the noles were definitely not on top at the time and we played in a monsoon that day. but it was a dominating performance no doubt. i turned away from it in the 3rd quarter.

Gangsta D:

Dude, you know ESPN was touting him as the most dangerous defensive player since LT:) At any rate, '01 was just an all around beating. It's OK, both Syracuse and Washington got it worse later that year:)

Da Realist:

it was so dominating, i didn't really hurt that much. we had no shot at all. i didn't believe we had much of a shot before the game either.

now 2000 and 2002 hurt WAY more than 2001. 2000 felt like i was cut with a knife. it felt like a sharp knife in my side, it cut so bad. at the OB, up by 3 or 4 with 2 minutes left. you march down the field like we didn't play any defense. i cussed out mickey andrews real good for playing that prevent defense and conceding all those yards. don't think he heard me though.

Gangsta D:

I still remember watching that game. Dorsey marches down the field and hits some unkown TE from Aida, OK for the go ahead touchdown:) When they set up for the FG, be honest, did you think he would miss it?

Da Realist:

it crossed my mind

Gangsta D:

I can't sit here and say I knew he would miss it, but I acknowledged it was a DISTINCT possibility:)


as a 3rd party bystander, I can definitely say you guys have amused me in the past 3 weeks with the daily FSU-UM discussions. I refrain from giving any feedback b/c you guys give enough commentary to last a lifetime
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Kupchak! I'm Warning You...

Gangsta D:

If the Lakers draft Josh McRoberts, I may fly out to LA and play AC to Kobe's OJ. I will reign down on LA with great wrath and furious anger!!


Yea btw Dime,, NBAExpress, CNNSI, etc everyone has varying reports on who the Lakers take. When I first saw McRoberts as a possibility, I went "Please tell me you are joking". I have heard Crittenton being mentioned b/c of his size as a PG. The only downside is that he didnt live up to his potential at GT. If he's available and the Lakers take him, hopefully he'll turn out like Mo Williams who also disappointed at 'Bama but has done pretty good in the pros...

Gangsta D:

If they draft Crittendon, then what do you do with Farmar? Is he getting traded to Chicago with Kobe? lol


haha :-)

they think Farmar is best suited to a backup PG role, which I tend to agree with. I dont know...the Lakers have MANY issues to address and PG is just one of them.

Gangsta D:

Yeah, but they spent a 1st round pick on him last year. If they draft a PG and keep Farmar, or draft McRoberts? Kupchak better not walk outside by himself:)
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Top Laker Gut Punches Of All Time?


It's the summer time so I thought I kill time during the slow season and do my own lil top 5 vignette throughout the season. First off....


1. Magic's early retirement - I literally was almost in tears when I first heard this. He was one of my role models I looked up to at that point in my life. Watching him announce the retirement, followed by his infidelity stories was painful. It "woke" me up though about people being human.

2. Van Exel getting traded - He was my FAVORITE Laker post showtime era. From his days at UC to his rookie year to his All star year, I loved Nick the Quick. I tried to emulate his swagger and moves when I played, I even went bonkers when I found his jersey in Seattle on the low, low while I was interning. It was heartbreaking when the Lakers took the advice of Diesel and traded him away in his prime for Tyronne Lue and a meaningless 2nd rd pick.

3. Eddie Jones getting traded - My 2nd favorite Laker post showtime era. Again Shaq-fu suggested prior to the season sending Eddie off, saying he wasnt clutch in the postseason. EJ did not dispell those myths either and then during the '99 season, he was off. I was on the road when I saw he and Big Easy were headed to Charlotte for Glen Rice and his old lady aka Mouth Almighty. S*** I still get hyped when I see those dunks on Shawn Bradley

4. Mitch Kupchak becoming GM - Even when the Lakers were winning, I was scared of this b/c Kupchak really had not down anything magical as a member of the Lakers org. My fears were realized when he couldn't resolve or repair the Shaq/Kobe feud like Jerry could. I feel he's more of a puppet than manager, essentially doing the bidding of the Busses and Kobe. His draft record and free agent signings have left a lot to be desired. For a lifer like myself, it's hard to watch him bumble and stumble year after year after year....

5. '98 squad getting swept by Utah - I will never forget Game 1. It was baccalaureate that day and I rushed home to see how the boys were doing. They were down 20 something at halftime :-(. They never shook off that shocked and proceeded to get swept. To this day, that year pains me the most b/c from 1-10, I didnt think anyone else in the league had better players. Dayum Phil for coming 2 yrs later

Gangsta D:

The '98 squad was the best team of the last 20 years to not make the Finals. I have no stats to back that up. Call me a homer if you want, but that team was LETHAL.

I can't disagree with any of those moments. Although, I may replace Eddie getting hurt with Byron and Magic tearing their hamstrings in '89. There's no dobut the Lakers wouldv'e three peat. They lead games 2-4 in the fourth qtr with Orlando Woolridge and tony Campbell leading the way! Then to watch the Pistons celebrate on the Forum floor? That was brutal.


Yea that was one of my honorable mention picks along with the '86 meltdown against Houston and the '91 passing of the torch to Chicago

Da Realist:

first of all...
there is NO WAY IN HELL, nick van exel is your favorite laker post showtime. and even more preposterous, there is NO DAMN WAY eddie jones is your second. you just made my day. hard to laugh this hard on monday mornings...


just curious... what is your favorite laker team? not necessarily the best team, but your favorite. and why? it doesn't even have to be a team that won the title. my favorite bulls team was 93 (not the best) because they showed so much resiliency by overcoming a 2-0 deficit to beat the knicks and then to beat the very good suns team when they didn't have home-court advantage. game 5 against the knicks is one of my top 3 bulls games.


First of all yes, no lie, no joke, Van Exel was my favorite hands down. When the Lakers got him in '93 in the 2nd rd, I went these people are crazy, this guy can play. And he definitely did that his rookie year, even though the team sucked. Then they got Eddie the next year and they made the playoffs. Yea look at all the Lakers that have passed through since '93. Who would you expect me to pick?

As for favorite Laker team, the '98 squad. Shaq, Horry, Fox, Jones, Van Exel, Bryant, Fisher, J Barry, Campbell, Rooks was there rotation. It was beyond sick. Won 60 games, destroyed their first two opponents in the playoffs, including my personal favorite of Seattle, signaling the downturn of that franchise (and also rubbing it in Edwardo's face). I hated watching them lose b/c I did so much trash talking on their behalf and thanks to Del harris they just pissed it all away in the conf finals

Gangsta D:

Yep, the '98 squad was my favorite as well. It's more based on it looking like the Lakers were returning to prominence. You could almost smell it. I felt that team was destined to play the Bulls in the Finals and get the torch passed back to them. Alas it wasn't to be...
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Friday, June 22, 2007

Old School Friday - Poisonous Edition

BBD pretty much ruled the world for one year. They lorded over 9th grade like Biff Tanner on horse steroids. You couldn't go a day without seeing a video or hearing a song. I really thought they were gonna last. They weren't musical giants, but they could entertain like a mug. But as is often the case, they just couldn't last. At least we have the memories.


"Me and the crew used to do her." The jumpoff. I spent untold hours in front of the tv trying to learn the dance moves. I didn't succeed, in case you were wondering. But the chicks at my school did. Is there anything better than a girl that can dance? As long as she doesn't have a big butt and a you know...

I Thought It Was Me

Overalls! Yes, they were the lick in '90. Don't know why Biv is wearing a belt with his though. At any rate, we always played this song on the band bus on the way to away games. Fun times indeed.

Do Me

"I need a body bag." The chick getting out of the pool in the red bikini would get smacked up and flipped no doubt. Rubbed down?'s negotiotiable.

She's Dope

Ahh, The last hurrah for BBD. I always loved this song. It's just a quintessential BBD song.

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Too Early For College Football Trash Talk? Of Course Not!

Da Realist:

Uh oh...this article...

Now let's talk football, where all signs are pointing toward the Canes having one of its best recruiting classes ever. Yeah, I said it. Ever. And that's truly because Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties may be stacked with its best talent in years and Randy Shannon's hiring has made UM the hot place to be again.
Gangsta D:

I tried to tell people six months ago. Shannon will have the Miami high schools on lock. We should get 5-6 players, if not more, from one of the best high school teams in the COUNTRY. As long as the offense is competent and we finish with 9-10 wins this year, it's a wrap. Get your sweaters cause it's about to be a long, cold winter.

Da Realist:

Get some tissue and wipe your mouth. maybe you haven't heard there's a storm brewing in north florida too.

noles recruiting

Gangsta D:

FSU's recruited great the last 5 years! That's no surprise. How many #1 players have they recruited lately? Leon Washington, Lorenzo Booker, Myron Rolle, Fred Rouse. All that did was get J.R. Bowden fired:) We'll see what you do what yours and what we do with ours, won't we? Punk!!

Da Realist:

2 straight...going on 3.

Gangsta D:

With a head coach that can actually prepare a team, I believe that streak will be stopped in its tracks. You're still a 2/3 away from six in a row though:)

Da Realist:

ehhh... don't act like we didn't get you 5 straight a little while ago.

Gangsta D:

Five is less than six last time I checked. But that's irrelevant at this point. I just wonder if our '07 signing class is going to lose a game against FSU. I'm leaning towards not:)

Da Realist:

You may win a game here, a game there. i think we are both getting back on the right track. but no way you go on another streak like you just had. last i checked, we shipped jeff bowden a$$ out of tallahassee.

2000 was up for grabs and you squeaked out a good victory. hey it was at the OB.
2001 and 2002 you were just better (although i still think we should have won 2002)
2003 and both games in 2004 were DIRECTLY related to the incompetence of our coaching staff. you hear how leon booker's doing down there in miami?

It takes a lot of factors for either one of our teams to run over the other 5 straight times (probation on your end) or 6 straight times (mentioned above), because both teams are just too good year in and year out.

Now that we are both getting back up to speed? in the words of verbal kent, "my guess is, you'll never see 6 straight again."

Gangsta D:

The greatest trick an FSU fan ever played was making the world believe six straight was impossible:)

Da Realist:

Less than 3 months until we begin to see for sure what's up. i still don't know who's our starting qb. i think X may get it, but who knows? a lot of questions to be answered.
And we're taking on nick saban in jacksonville this year. should be interesting.

Gangsta D:

I really don't think Saban's gonna do that great. Look at his record. He's only had three 10-win seasons, and a lot of mediocre seasons dispersed among those. he gets credit because he won a nat'l title, but he's not in the pantheon of great coaches. I see him faltering at Alabama.

Da Realist:

Man, you really don't like that guy.

Gangsta D:

Hey, I just go by the facts.
9-2 at Toledo
35-22-1 at MSU
36-16 at LSU

Those are good numbers, not great.

Da Realist:

So if he had stayed at lsu after the championship, you don't think he would've captured a few more SEC titles and maybe another national one?

Gangsta D:

Maybe, but it'd be sporadic success. He's never proven that he could sustain a high level of success for more than two years in a row.
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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sooners Steady Sippin'

Gangsta D:

Dude's got a decent flow. It's no worse than Franchise Boys:)

Da Realist:

not bad for a freestyle


"Yo Dre stick to producin...."

Naw his flow actually isnt half bad but would you buy his album? Keep your eyes on the NFL young Malcolm

Gangsta D:

Well I wouldn't, but Skee-Lo went platinum so there's an audience out there for him somewhere:)


Really? I wonder if that supplants Shaq as the "How in da hell she/he go platinum?" then again so did Foxy's first album, Mike Jones, Paul Wall, etc

(HT: Jeff Adams @ Fan House) Read more!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Realist is MAAAD Salty

Gangsta D:

Sorry Mr. Hunt:)

Da Realist:

are y'all taking his trade demand seriously? this seems like much ado about nothing. keeps talking about playing for a winner, but wherever he goes he'll be in the same situation he's in now.

i am enjoying the whining, though. :-)

Gagnsta D:

When Shaq said the same things 3 years ago, nobody called it whining. Kobe does it and it's whining. I guess there is no absolute morality:)

I don't see how he won't be traded. I'd rather he didn't, cause we're gonna suck the next few years. But it's gonna be hard to come into camp and and say you're ready to play when you threw a bucket of shit on the team four months earlier:) But, if he stays then I'll still be there throwing up the "W"

Da Realist:

somehow it's all related. shaq left because of kobe. kobe wants to leave...because of kobe. i'm enjoying this little soap opera. i just don't want to see him in a chicago uniform. so if it makes sense, i'd rather he just stay in LA.

Gangsta D:

Part of me wants him to go to Chicago just to stick it to you. I can live with him in Chicago. I actually like Chicago. Chicago might actually be my favorite team in the East. As a matter of fact, if Kobe goes to Chicago I might cheer as hard for them as I do LA. Ok maybe not as hard, but they'd be a close second. Can you live with that....HAMMER?!? lol

Da Realist:

nope. i'll root so hard against them i wouldn't even WEAR the color red until he leaves.

Gangsta D:

So if the Bulls win a title with Kobe, you wouldn't acknowledge it? THAT is serious hate.

I HATED Malone when he was with the Jazz.
I HATED TO when he "desecrated" the Star.
I MILDLY DISLIKED Shaq when he was with Orlando.

But when they joined my team, they all got unconditional love. It's about the TEAM, not the individual. Isn't that THE RIGHT WAY, as Larry Brown might say? lol

Da Realist:

hate hate hate. if it's about team, they wouldn't trade for kobe.
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Friday, June 15, 2007

Why Are We Still Talking About The Spurs?


I was listening to Dan Patrick's show earlier today and heard the interview with Robert Horry. Interesting tidbits:

- He was asked which team was better, the Spurs or the Lakers...After stalling a few mins, he said the 2001 Lakers were in such a groove, he didnt think anyone could stop that squad. He was also asked to name the players on the team, and rattled off Kobe, Shaq, Harper, Ho Grant, Fox and that was it :-).Guess he forgot D Fish caught FIRE that year
- He was asked who's the better big man, Shaq or Tim. Without hesistation, said Tim. Went on to say he's more versatile on both ends of the floor but did acknowledge Shaq was the dominant person in his area

On a side note, isnt it the funny the least celebrated member of the original big 3 in Dallas won a title before his more popular ex-teammates??

Gangsta D:

Actually, the "original" original Big 3 in Dallas was Kidd, Mashburn, and Jackson:)

Da Realist:


It's funny to see all these articles about lack of respect on the Spurs. And I "loved" the comparisons to the recent dynasties. But for them to believe these Spurs would match up well with any of those is ridiculous. Ok, Jemele used the Celtics as a gauge. Who guards Bird? Bowen? Puhlease, the diff btw Bird and Lebron is a jump shot. And the former made lots of them with premier defenders on him. And DJ would be the Celtics' answer to Brucie on D. She mentioned the Bulls. In his prime there was NO one that stopped Jordan.

Ughh I'm getting exhausted typing on two teams I didnt like but definitely respected :-). So no Laker breakdown from moi
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Old School Friday - Junior Year Pricks!

Junior Year. Oh the memories. A great year, but rather strange. I was more broke than usual, but I had fun from August to May. Everything being equal, it was probably the most fun year of college. The crazy thing is, I didn't even start drinking until senior year.

My favorite memory was the night my boy and I shot a short movie. We were out all night, and I didn't get in until about four. The next day I had four mid term exams. I got a 100, 99, 96, and 92. After that, you really couldn't tell me shit:) Anyway, on with the videos.

Li'l Kim - Crush On You

Do you remember when Li'l Kim looked like an actual human being instead of the space monkey she's turned herself into? I must've heard this song 100 times during Freaknik. At this point in time, Freaknik sucked. But at least Kim and Cease kept my head nodding...when it wasn't knee deep in strippers. My mama's not reading this is she?

Biggie - Mo Money Mo Problems

Bad Boy in it's heyday! Shiny suits, explosions, and Hype's damn fisheye lenses. I never EVER bumped this in my room, or in the car, but when this played at the club you had to get on the dance floor. It was the club song's club song. I hope Biggie has Wi-Fi access in Barbados, so he can see this tribute.

Pac - I Ain't Mad Atcha

Kind of prophetic huh? Unfortunately, a great video almost derailed by Bokeem Woodbine's signature scenery devouring. Hopefully Pac is able to get broadband in Bermuda, so he can see this tribute.

TRU - Somebody's Watching Me

"Put the gat to his head and said Interstate 10. Play it off, play it off." People don't realize or remember how much P RULED rap in the mid-90's. "Break 'Em Off Something" is the all-time greatest club song. This video kills me because of Mo-B-Dick's gold teeth, gold chains, and Versace shirt. God I miss them days.

Westside Connection - Bow Down

"The gauge is racked." Straight up. I'm c-walking as I type this. You know how hard it is to do that? Doesn't matter, cause when I hear this song I just gotta get up on the good foot. Seriously, I must've listened to this album every day for three months straight. If my neighbors weren't constantly smoked out, they probably would've complained.

Tracey Lee - The Theme

Howard's finest up in this piece! But on the for real, this was the party jam to end all party jams. This was one of those tracks, where you didn't mind the DJ spinning more than once. But unfortunately, this was as good as it got for Mr. Lee. Shortly thereafter, he was out selling frozen meat with Ickey Woods...or something similar.


Rage Against The Machine - Bulls On Parade

I just wanna break something!!! It's amazing my keyboard is still intact. Seriously, Rage makes me want to hurt people. I'm not particularly proud of that, but I'm not proud of my receding hairline either, and I live with it. So there's that.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Umm Justine? Yeah, Way Too Much Info Sweetheart

Gangsta D:

You guys hear about this?

No, I didn't panic. I knew I was not starting that match well. I can tell you, I had a horrible night. My herpes came out again, and I said to my doctor, "Well, I see everything is fine, it's great."

Da Realist:

is this real?


That's nasty!! When I saw the Q & A I went the WTF??? Could you imagine her sores breaking out during her postgame victory speech? All you would need is Flava Flav to say "Yo Jus ya time's up G, I need your clock"

Gangsta D:

I guess we can count on seeing Justine in a few Valtrex commercials now, huh? Read more!

Yeah Yeah Yeah....

Da Realist:

i guess tonight is the night the spurs will ask dr. buss to hand over the title. no, not THAT title. that's david stern's job. i mean the "best team of the decade" title. it's been in lala land since 2000 and with 2 years to go the spurs are taking it from them (for good?).

an old high school buddy just happens to be a big spurs fan (mostly cause he was a tall, soft big man that played more like david robinson because he didn't like getting banged in the paint. but you don't have to tell him that). anyway, he's been BLOWING up my phone every night trying to get me to watch the games. i guess i'll finally sit down to watch the full game tonight only because the champs at least deserve for me to sit and watch them win it. i've never missed a clinching game before, i won't start now. even if i would rather watch a french movie with english subtitles.

anyway, he made a good point last night and i wanted to see what you guys thought of this.

his point... if the spurs win next year, they are doing in the 00's what the lakers did in the 80's. lakers won 5 titles in 9 years. spurs would have won 5 titles in 10 years with another to go. for all the talk of kobe and shaq, isn't it ironic that the spurs are the team that most embodies those old laker championship squads while kobe/shaq is more like the 80's celtics?

i said, but in the 80's the lakers beat the celtics 2-1. in 00's the spurs are 1-3 against kobe/shaq.

he said still...5 (or 6) titles always trumps 3, even if they were in a row.

Gangsta D:

"for all the talk of kobe and shaq, isn't it ironic that the spurs are the team that most embodies those old laker championship squads while kobe/shaq is more like the 80's celtics?"

All I will say is this. How in the name of God do these Spurs embody the 80's Lakers?!?


your friend's an idiot. Period :-)

yea but ask him he thinks any of the Spurs championships teams would beat the lakers 2001 squad. If he even names one, then I know he's thinking with his heart and not his mind. Read more!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Smells Like....

Gangsta D:

The NBA has a number of exciting teams: Suns, Mavs, Warriors, Wizards, Bulls, etc. But they all lost. They got beat by the Spurs and Cavs, or by the teams the Spurs and Cavs beat. So what do you do? Re-seeding the playoff matchups only means that the Spurs beat the Suns two weeks later. I don't know how you make boring teams exciting, if they're the best each conference has to offer!

Last night's game was BRUTAL. 40-38 at halftime? The Spurs went 5 minutes without scoring a basket in the 4th, and the Cavs couldn't take the lead? Speaking of the Spurs, this team is AS GOOD as the '01 Lakers? Sports Guy needs to be slapped in the face repeatedly, then have his head crushed by an SUV...repeatedly.

Hey LeBron. TAKE OVER THE GAME! How many times did he drive to the foul line then dish to Drew Gooden, who missed an open jumper. As much as I dislike Wade, he took over the series last year. He would not leave it to chance. I don't know what Bron's thinking half the time. And that bail out pass to Varajao? Looks like he got nervous.

Robert Horry will have more rings than Jordan. You OK with that?

Da Realist:

you need to re-read that sport's guy article. he did nothing but praise the "awesome" lakers and stated the spurs weren't as good.

horry has more rings? so does sam jones and every other celtic lucky enough to have played with bill russell. i don't cite the number of rings a player has as a barometer of their greatness. tim's about to win four. does that make him better than larry bird? nope.

speaking of the spurs... even Da Wife said last night, "i'll be glad when the spurs actually have to beat a good team to win a title. it seems like their always the 'default' champs. then win when there are no other good teams". i said, "that is the EXACT same thing i wrote D and Waldini last week."

Shoot Horry will have more rings than a LOT of the greats :-)


I can't even watch these games. I spent last night responding to emails, phone calls, and forwarding you guys the new Common. I saw the score via and just said, that's not even worth it. And when I finally got to the TV to check out the game, it was in the 4th and the score was 67-57 with 6 mins left. I decided to watch the rest of Ghost Dog on FLIX. What does that tell you? That if diehard fans like us are struggling to watch, what do you think casual fans are doing? And that's the real problem right there. Read more!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Heckuva Job Matty

I live in southeast Georgia, which is pretty much a Conservative’s wet dream. Everyday at work, I’m subjected to the aural assaults from the members of a dark fraternity. I work with some seriously hardline Bush cultists. According to them, George Bush has never done anything wrong, never will do anything wrong, and to question him is the equivalent of beating your own mother with a tire iron. Truly, I’ve never seen such devotion. It’s quite fascinating, as I don’t think half these guys are this faithful to their wives.

This unconditional love causes them to say some really strange things. The guy sitting next to me actually said that there’s no need for the US to find Bin Laden. Huh?!? 9/11 changed everything…but let’s not find the mastermind behind it? Riiiight. When they start their yapping, I usually put on my headphones and bump Rage Against The Machine. Sometimes it gets to the point that I want to scream. Why don't I speak up you ask?

Hey, I love arguing and divergent points of view. So theoretically, I really don’t have a problem with Conservatives/Republicans. I'm always up for a good argument with a sane rational person that happens to disagree with me. Bush cultists, however, cannot be labeled as sane rational people.

Now, I'm not ranting against believing in a conservative ideology. I may even agree with one or two ideals myself. And I can also understand sticking up for your boy. But you have to be honest with yourself, and those around you, when the train is off the tracks. A Bush cultist will sit on the front porch of a burning house and deny that the house is on fire. Seriously.

Let's look at it in sports terms. How would you rationally deal with a Lions fan who thinks Matt Millen is the best GM in the NFL? That’s the sports equivalent of a Bush cultist. And I’m not talking about a Lions fan that doesn’t outright hate Millen, is indifferent, or thinks he should be given another year to turn things around. I’m talking about a Lion fan that LOVES Matt Millen, LOVES every draft pick, LOVES every free agent signing, and LOVES where the team is headed under his stewardship. I'm talking about a fan that is ecstatic about Matt Millen running the Lions, and can't be persuaded otherwise. Also, let me just say that if such a fan exists, that is one crazy motherfucker. But that's what I deal with on a daily basis. A bunch of crazy motherfuckers.

Now to be fair, Bush is catching some flack from some of his conservative brethren as of late. Astounding the medical community, it appears that brain cells can in fact be regenerated. But that’s mostly pundits and politicians trying to save their hides. When it comes to the populace at large, that mindset has yet to trickle down. Well it hasn’t trickled down to southeast Georgia, in any case. For instance, one of my best friends has THREE pictures of G-Dub in his cubicle. Three pictures! Bush is his boy come Hell, high water, or a plague of mosquitos. It’s enough to make a grown man cry.

Listen, I understand wanting to support your political party. I can understand loyalty. Really, I get it. But when the ship is obviously sinking? Come on, it’s a wrap. Game over. So if I could say something to all the Bush cultists out there, it would be this: Don’t be THAT guy. Don’t be the Lions fan wearing the “I Heart Matt” t-shirt. Don’t be the Lions fan that calls into talk radio and defends Millen until he has an aneurism. Don’t be the Lions fan that tries to violently break up a “Millen Man March” because he thinks they're unfair. I implore you to NOT be that guy. That guy is off-his-rocker, batshit, plastic knife only crazy. That’s a special kind of crazy. You don’t wanna be that kind of crazy. Do you?

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Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Results Are In


For everybody and dey mama saying they wanted to see Lebron in the Finals, it sure didnt translate into anything.

Da Realist:

The nba has a problem. somebody much smarter than you and i better figure it out before we see these games on tape delay.

Do you think the nba has spread itself too thin? what if they knocked off 2 or 3 teams? the quality level of the nba would go through the roof plus teams would get to play 5 or 6 times a year instead of just 4. each team may not have the stability of their players due to free agency but we still may get a chance to go back to those LOADED teams from the 80's.

no way does stern ok this, but i think it would be a great idea.


Yea adding the Hornets, T-Wolves, Raptors, Grizzlies, Magic, Heat, Bobcats in the past 20 yrs has saturated the market. And that's tough to fathom considering the Heat and Magic have both reached the NBA Finals. But knocking off a few teams would only solve part of the problem. The other problem is lack of fundamentals. There are too many young players focused on their offensive games (and certain parts at that) and not on expanding other areas. These problems can be corrected but it will take a collective group of people to "fix" the problem at all levels, not just the pros

Oh yea, you heard Stern is thinking of expanding internationally right? Read more!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Old School Friday - Ooooh Yeahhhh Edition

The original bad boys. You know them. You love them. You were maybe even freeked by them. Yep I'm talking about Jodeci. The Mad Band. And really, maybe the last great R&B group. Say what you want, but these guys were talented. Two classic albums and a very good one? That's one fine pedigree if you ask me.

Freek 'N You

The 1st day of sophomore year my roommate played this album on a loop for the ENTIRE day. Thanks Samario! I haven't been able to get this song out of my head for the last 12 years. lol DEVANTE SING!!!

Forever My Lady

"So you're having my baby." The jumpoff. They looked so clean clut dressed in all white. I was never a big fan of shorts and combat boots, though.

Love You For Life

Ahh, black love. How can you not love this video? Just take a gander at T-Boz, before she got sullied by Mack 10. But, I still don't know what the fuck was up with Devante's hair. That thing scares the shit out of me to this day.


Diary Of A Mad Band. This album and Doggystyle comprised the soundtrack to 12th grade. Feenin kind of speaks for itself.

Come And Talk To Me

The original or the remix? This argument seperated fans into the Jets and the Sharks. But come on. You gotta go with the remix. Don't ya?

Get On Up

Ain't nothing but a party ya'll. Nice change up from the freeky boys. Seriously a great feel good song and video. Plus it was shot in black & white. Chuuuuch...

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Yeah, We Don't Really Give A Shit About Hockey


Hooray Hooray, the Mighty Ducks have finally done it! They've brought the Stanley Cup to Southern California. Neidermayer, Selanne, etc they broke out the Flying V for the Magic Kingdom Family

Long Live lady Bing

Gangsta D:

I didn't realize you and Snoop were so into Hockey? lol


You didnt see me behind him, Owen Wilson, and Kate Hudson :-)

Gangsta D:

Nope. So did you start crip walking when the final gun sounded?


I was going to but lil man was sleeping in my arms. It was a decision of waking him up suddenly, then having to spend an hr to get him back to sleep or just do a silent "Woof woof" and imagine myself crip walking in the stands with the fans....I chose the latter

I can get you a Teemu signed jersey if you want

Gangsta D:

Nah I'm good. I'm a Paddy Roy fan myself.


What is he 50 now :-)? I think it's time for him and the Dominator to join the retirement club with Super Mario and the Great one

Gangsta D:

I believe he has retired. I think he spends most of his time carving dentures out of soap. Read more!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Outrageous Tennis Quote Of The Day

Da Realist:

From Serena Williams (following her loss to justine henin)

"I just pretty much stood back and let her take advantage of me," Williams said with her parting words. "And I feel violated."

Waldini: mind 4 a response :-) Read more!

Debating Duncan Stix

Da realist:

where do you rate him?

Spurs star isn’t flashy, explosive, but is game’s ultimate winner — like Mike

Gangsta D:

I don't know if Duncan is the ultimate winner, hyperbole alert, but he is one of the greatest ever. He's incredibly boring and I wouldn't pay to see him play, but his greatness is undeniable.

Da Realist:

i honestly don't know how i feel about tim duncan. (sounds like the reverse of our conversation about roger federer yesterday lol...)


Can you name a PF during our era that accomplished more individually as a player AND won as much as a team member? McHale matches him number of titles won, Malone matches him in MVP awards won but neither won the other. He's a ratings killer, his wife is white AND not Carmen Electra fine, he's got the worst case of acne next to Carlos boozer BUT compared to most of the league, he's crazy efficient. SHoot he singlehandley saved the Admiral's career

Gangsta D:

"I don't know what the man has to do to convert you over." lol

Da Realist:

i don't know what i'm looking for. he's a great player. i guess it's skewed me somewhat that he couldn't lead his teams to wins against the lakers from 2000-2002. it ain't just that they lost, they were EMBARASSED. they never really scared the lakers like portland in 2000 or sacto in 2000/2002. i do give them credit for beating you guys in 2003, but they were supposed to that year. then they lose the next year???

it just seems like he wins during the *absence* of a great team. like this year. none of his teams were great, just good enough to beat the average competition he faced.

Gangsta D:

True, that's kind of how I feel but you still have to give him credit. Neither the Suns nor the Jazz could win when Jordan retired the first time, so he does win when he's supposed to. That counts for something. and trust me, it's HARD giving Duncan praise:)



Da Realist:

he deserves credit, but.. for every great championship run there's an inexplicable loss the next year. they've never repeated. they've never even been to the finals 2 year in a row yet.

he's a consistent threat. he produces numbers every game, but the spurs need a few things to win other than tim duncan

1) the absence of a great team

2) they mustn't have won the year before

3) somehow bypass the team that would have challenged them the most (dallas this year)

4) the supporting cast has to be awesome and get a lot of (flopping) calls while the refs look the other way at some (hacking) questionable fouls on the perimeter (bowen)

5) face a scrub east team (the lone exception -- 2005 detroit)

Gangsta D:

That's why I don't think he's the ultimate winner. They've never really beaten a great team. Maybe the '05 Pistons qualify as very good, but not great. Nevertheless, he usually comes through.....unless it's when he's getting smoked by the '01 Lakers....and has been the best player on three, soon to be four, championship teams. Yep, had to throw that fastball at his head. What else can i brag about right now? lol

Da Realist:

i definitely don't want to get THAT started... Read more!

Egregiously Objectifying Tennis Pic Of The Day

Gangsta D:

This makes me wanna watch EVERY women's tennis match televised:)

Da Realist:

pig! :-)

Gangsta D:

You damn skippy. Tennis players (chicks) are dope. They're bodies are well manicured. I've been to the Bausch & Lomb 3 times, and let's just say I've seen a lot of talent out there on the court:)

(HT: MJD @ Fan House) Read more!

20 Questions - Leading Off Big Edition

Listen up boys and girls, we have a special guest today in class. You know ‘em. You love ‘em. It’s The Big Lead, class. Now for some reason, The Big Lead thinks I’m a reputable blogger. First I was allowed to guest blog, for two days no less, while they were on vacation. Then, time was actually taken to participate in an interview…such that it was. Now all you fight fans know what The Big Lead is about. They love Lost, Kate Mara, Whitlock (Just Kidding!), and Jessica Biel’s ass. As my granddaddy used to say, “Ain’t nothing wrong with that.” I had a chance to ask 20 asinine questions. Here are the more intelligent answers.

1. Kate Mara or Jessica Biel?

TBL: To date, Mara; to bed, Biel.

2. Would you watch EVERY televised WNBA game, in one season, if it meant never having to pay taxes of any kind for the rest of your life? No fast forwarding allowed.

TBL: How many games in a season? How many minutes in a game? How many teams in the league? This can't be that bad. Sure.

3. If you could smack one college professor in the face, who would it be? Why?

TBL: Does Bob Knight count? If not, one of the assclowns at Auburn handing out free grades to the football players.

4. Once, a guy trimmed the tree branches in our yard and my mom gave him a couple slices of cake, in lieu of money. He was actually happy to receive the cake. This is a pretty common practice here in the south. Would that fly up anywhere else in the country?

TBL: It depends on the quality of the cake. If it's something of the ice cream variety, hell no. But if we're talking some really good Betty Crocker shit, we may have a deal.

5. The Raiders, by some miracle, are playing an undefeated Patriots team in the AFC Championship Game. The game starts at 3:30. At 3:15, the tv in the living room blows out. Your girl is watching the tv in the bedroom and she’s not budging. The tv in the garage gets piss poor reception. You live 5 miles from Wal-Mart, 25 minutes from the nearest sports bar, and you’re neighbors are assholes. What do you do?

TBL: Leave the gun, take the cannoli. Or, I tell the wife I'll take her to dinner tonight and do the dishes for a week. She'd budge. If she didn't, I'd scarf down some beans, stink up the room, and she'd eventually leave. For the record, I'm never setting foot in Wal-Mart again. It's the worst company on earth. Now if you had said Costco, I'd have run there. The pizza at Costco is incredible.

6. Why do actors star ON a tv show, but star IN a movie?
TBL: That's deep, dude. I'm just a blogger. I got no clue.

7. Sawyer vs Jin in a fight. Who you got?

TBL: Sawyer is a crafty bastard, but Jin was all mobbed up. Gotta go with Jin.

8. When their fastball is on, who’s funnier? Will Ferrell or Ozzie Guillen?

TBL: If Ozzie's barbs are directed at Jay Mariotti, he gets the call. Otherwise, gotta go with Will Ferrell.

9. Why don’t you guys cover dwarf tossing?

TBL: For the same reasons we don't cover beastiality.

10. Would you rather watch a Joey Porter reality show or one based on AJ Piersinsky?

TBL: Joey Porter, assuming he's still permitted within 100 yards of a casino.

11. What would you cherish more? Receiving a nude picture of Minka Kelly every day for a year or free gas for a year?

TBL: Too easy: don't own a car, so Minka Kelly. Even if I did, it's still Minka Kelly.

12. Who would be the most effective bodyguard for you:

Charles Oakley
Tie Domi
Kyle Farnsworth
Elijah Dukes
Mr. Ecko

TBL: Two years ago, it's Oakley. But gotta go with Mr. Ecko. Fact - once, I had a bad dream of some sort, and apparently, I said, 'Mr. Eckoooooooooooooo, nooooooooo!' in my sleep. Like he was dying or something. Sad.

13. If you owned a catering company, would you sell your services to a porn production company? Would the type of porn make a difference?

TBL: I don't know if I could face the family and the wife and ultimately, my kids, if my company was in any way, shape or form affiliated with porn. Then again, there are plenty of photos of Jessica Alba's ass on The Big Lead.

14. One athlete you would (theoretically) give up your kid to meet?

TBL: This may sound crazy, but my athlete adoration ended years ago. For awhile there it was Magic Johnson, but what the fuck am I going to say to the guy? How's the HIV? How many chicks did you bang? These guys, for the most part, aren't very deep. I interviewed LeBron a few times years ago, and he never struck me as a compelling human being. Awesome talent, yes, but to sit there and talk to the guy? Nah. It's entertaining just watching sports. And betting on sports is fun, too. Gun to head, it'd have to be a crazy motherfucker, like Gilbert Arenas, Chad Johnson, or one of the guys who used a dildo on hookers aboard the SS Vikings.

15. When is the last time you think Roger Goodell got some?

TBL: Probably the same day Peter King got laid.

16. Who would you want to do the play by play of your life, for a day? What about color guy?

TBL: Can i steal this and use it in my next interview? Cool. Um, hand me two 10-gallon hats, and throw these names in each: Marv Albert, Keith Jackson, Brent Musberger, Vin Scully, Bob Costas and Bill Walton or Dick Vitale on the color call.

17. Who has more street cred? Vitale or Lee Corso?

TBL: Neither. But at least Lee Corso doesn't spend hours on end worshipping at the altar of Duke.

18. Who’s banged more chicks? Jordan or Tommy Lee?

TBL: As cool as I think athletes are, I don't think they score as often as Rock Stars. There was probably a 5-year period where Tommy Lee averaged 300 different women a year. As a married guy, I don't think Jordan could put up those numbers in his prime.

19. Would you rather be able to throw a 95 mph fastball or do card tricks? Why?

TBL: If you had said dunk a basketball with authority, that would have been my choice. But I'll go with the fastball because maybe I could have inked a big contract out of high school and parlayed that into some good investments and never having to work after the age of 30.

20. In 25 years, your daughter marries Gilbert Arenas’ son. Do you let Gil plan the reception?
TBL: I don't know if I'll live another 25 years if I have a daughter.
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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Rick Greenspan Would Rather Brain Surgery Not Get In The Way Of Marketing

Da Realist:

the epitome of "support"

"We had a really good semester academically. We've got a lot of kids on campus either at summer school, or working or whatever, getting stronger. So, we're certainly by no means on a treadmill, but Terry has been both a face and a leader of this team. And so, in terms of his personal visibility and what that means to us, yeah, we'd love to have him out there."
Gangsta D:

You're Indiana football. You couldn't win with Randle El. You suck. Let the man recuperate from BRAIN SURGERY, for crying out loud. Like Herm Edwards said, "A man's gotta know his talent level."

Da Realist:

it's obvious the AD wants to go in a different direction but can't because of the sensitive nature of the coach's illness. the only way for the AD not to know the status of the coach's health is for the AD not to call and find out. he doesn't want to know, he doesn't care.

Gangsta D:

Like I said, you're Indiana FOOTBALL. If he fired Hoeppner, there'd be a momentary backlash, but no one would care after about 2 minutes. So either fire him, or shut up about it:)

College football adoration is Moby Dick. Every AD wants his program to be mentioned with USC, OSU, Texas, etc, regardless of their particularly inherent disadvantages.

Da Realist:

yeah, you gotta wonder why he's so bent out of shape when they're gonna place dead last in the Big-10 anyway Read more!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Old School Friday - No Brainer

The R. God MC. Rakim Allah. If I gotta spell it out for you, then you're a lost cause.

Microphone Fiend:

Follow The Leader:

Paid In Full:

Don't Sweat The Technique:

Juice (Know The Ledge)

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