Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rosangel Taking The World By Storm: One Shot At A Time

Class, it's time to put you up on a new drink. The good people at Gran Centenario have unleashed a new tequila on the world: Rosangel Tequila.

My girl and I consider ourselves to be connoisseurs of fine liquors. Every now and then we try to expand our horizons and find the next big thing. We decided to seek out a new tequila. During our search, we stumbled across Centenario Rosangel Tequila, which is the world's first tequila finished with hibiscus flowers. The bottle suggested a few simple garnishment ideas, but what really got our attention was the fact that they suggested to drink it straight or on the rocks. Anything that can be drank straight, cannot be all bad. Needless to say, we requested our first bottle.

So the bottle arrives, and we perform our "Food & Liquor Ritual." The food portion of this ritual consisted of shrimp po' boys [homemade by the way, not store bought]and kettle cooked potato chips[Lays]. The liquor portion consisted of Rosangel shots, chilled/straight.

1st shot. My girl gets the bright idea of sipping the drink prior to taking the shot. I have been required to inform you that sipping is not a good idea. Rosangel is a SHOT tequila. The taste is reminiscent of Patron Silver, but much smoother. We started trying to pinpoint that small taste difference between the Rosangel and Patron. It has to be the hibiscus flowers, which adds just that know...umph(?)to the flavor. In our humble opinion, Rosangel is a better choice than Patron. That's saying something because my girl is picky as Hell [trust me on that one].

The fact that we finished the bottle in two and a half hours [no chasers/frill/beer/anything], should tell you how special of a spirit that Roasangel is. We highly recommend it!!!

p.s. the bottle is really cute by the way [my girl made me throw that in...and I'm sure the fact that her name is Angel has nothing to do with it.] lol Read more!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You Got Some Brass, Son!


Why oh why?

Kiffin's profiles on the two social media Web sites Tuesday briefly read: "I was so excited to hear that J.C. Copeland committed to play for the Vols today!"

Copeland is a junior at Troup County High School in LaGrange, Ga.

Athletic director Mike Hamilton told The Knoxville News Sentinel an assistant posted the comments on the Web sites without consulting the athletic department's compliance officials. Hamilton was unavailable for comment Wednesday morning.

Gangsta D:

God, I love this guy. The entertainment factor is through the roof. I can't wait for September!!!!


He is like Spurrier when he first joined the SEC in the 90s. Didn't know when to shut the hell up. Of course Ole Ball Coach did get results in the 90s too. You know I'm soo hoping all of Kiffin's shenanigans do not come to bite him back in the ass...

Gangsta D:

Yeah but Spurrier won a conference title at Duke. Kiffin just has a hot wife:)


He won recruiting battles at USC for top talent (Waldini really is digging for stuff LOL)

Gangsta D:

OK. Go ahead and hang your hat on that one... Read more!

Monday, May 18, 2009

I Need A Basketball In My Hands!


Waldini's conf finals predictions below

- CAVS-MAGIC - The Magic actually match up pretty well with Cleveland. No one on Cleveland can guard Superman Returns and no one on Orlando can guard King James. I'm interested to see what happens if Orlando wins a game they shouldn't and how Cleveland responds. The Cavs haven't been tested yet and they finally get a decent squad. The only thing that worries me about Orlando is the coaching. Orlando should have won the Boston series in 5 but choked away 2 games. Put up or shut up time. Cavs in 6

- LAKERS-NUGGETS - Btwn the Lakers should be embarrassed for allowing the Rockets to push them 7 games (without 40% of their salary cap as one person kept telling me) to the Nuggets have been the most consistent team in the playoffs comments, I'm tempted to drink the Foolish-berry Aid. I watched a few of the Nuggets games, they still play less than average defense. I was laughing when Jon Barry said the Rockets are a weaker version of the Nuggets. Are we watching the same team? Nuggets are better yes, but better than Lakers in a 7 game. no. Lakers in 6

That means more Nike commercials featuring Lebron (Keenan THompson) and Kobe (David Alan Grier). WHOOO #23! Playoffs BABY PLAYOFFS!!

I'm not even bothering to respond to the masses about the Rockets' fans b/c why hear the excuses. You know my response realist. Winners win, losers lose :-)

Gangsta D:

Mike Brown isn't a coaching giant, but he runs circles around Van Panic. The Magic have enough talent to beat the Cavs. Bron will get his, but if the Magic get hot from outside, they will score points. It's all semantics, because the Cavs are going to the Finals. Cavs in 6.

The Houston series did more good than harm, I believe. Instead of totally coasting to the Finals, the Lakers had to work hard for an extra couple of games. I think this carries over. The Nuggs are athletic, but George Karl is the coach and they depend on a tatted up, used to be coked up, "Birdman" for defensive intensity. Of course I can't forget the studio gangster, "Mr. Lips" either. The Lakers have too much talent and will work hard for 75% of the series. If it were 100% of the series, it would be over in 5. But I got them in 6.


Funny, I remember last week Tight Tight saying something about both Orlando and Los Angeles having no heart but yet they are in the conf finals. Pretty hard to win in the NBA and get that deep in the playoffs if your team is soft.

Like Van Panic lol

Da Realist:

Who is Tight Tight?

Cavs vs Magic. Lebron is not going to lose that series, though the Magic will make them work for it. The Magic are clear underdogs here and I think it suits them better. They play their best when they don't have any expectations on them. Look at Game 6 and 7 of the ECSF. Everyone expects the Cavs to march to the Finals so the Magic get to play without any pressure. But at some point, reality will set in and the Cavs will win. In 6.

Lakers vs Nuggets. I honestly don't know. I hadn't seen the Nuggets that much this year including the playoffs. George Karl loves playing the underdog role and he's good at it. Man, if he had those Seattle teams he'd kick y'all asses. MAN the Lakers are soft frontrunners. Somebody's going to make them pay. I don't know if it will be the Nuggets or not, but I will be surprised if the Lakers win the title. Has there ever been a team this soft win the title? I don't think so. No prediction on this one cause I've literally never seen the Nuggets play this year. lol

Gangsta D:

I hope a French poodle pisses on your shoe! lol [Note: Realist is currently traipsing around France] Read more!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

All Right Folks, Time For A New Drink

Class, it's time to put you up on a new drink. The good people at Gran Centenario have unleashed a new tequila on the world: Rosangel Tequila.

Rosangel, the world’s first-ever hibiscus-infused tequila continues to blossom with recent accolades from industry leaders and strong consumer sales growth. Since the product’s launch in February, Rosangel has wowed mixologists, bartenders, spirits insiders and the tequila-drinking public with its fresh approach to infused tequila and delicious, versatile flavor profile.

At the 2009 San Francisco World Spirits Competition – the largest spirits competition in the U.S. – Rosangel was honored with a Double Gold medal in the flavored-spirits category. This distinction is only awarded when the entire panel of judges agrees that the expression is worthy of a Gold Medal.

Rosangel also received a Four-Star – Highly Recommended rating from F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal. In his review Pacult heralded Rosangel as, “a sterling addition to the already strong Gran Centenario line.” During a recent bartender training at Clover Club in Brooklyn, NY, Pacult also noted Rosangel was the “gold standard” for the flavored tequila category.

Check out the video below, where Julie Reiner and F.Paul Pacult wax poetic about this new offering.

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for a bottle. I will be reviewing Rosangel in the next few weeks. Definitely check back for that. Until then, happy drinking. Read more!

The Only Lakers-Rockets Prediction You Need To Read

Please Ron Ron.  Keep talking.  I'm begging you.

Read more!

Friday, May 01, 2009

Rogue's Gallery: The Truth, Nervy Bosses, & Classic Material


Good story on the evolution of Paul Pierce. Fitting b/c I've been watching most of the Bulls-Celts and he has disappeared for stretches then out of nowhere drop 3s to either win the game or send it into OT. He proclaims himself as the best player in the game but he takes too many plays off for me. Good player but best in the league....naw

I mentioned that Olowokandi was "Nigerian for Benoit Benjamin." - LMAO

Speaking of which, I'm shocked Realist has not offered ONE single opinion on this series. His new baby bulls are growing up before our eyes, playing in the best series so far of the playoffs, prbly the best one we've had in years, and yet I see him posting Defensive Player of the Year 1993 videos on YouTube. As Ren told Stimpy "WHAT"S WRONG WITH YOU MAN!"

Gangsta D:

Pierce has disappeared for stretches because, although he's our age, he plays like he's 42. He has no lift. If he'd taken better care of himself when he was younger, he'd be dominating this series.

Da Realist:

Sorry bout that. You remember what Shaq said about Stan Van Gundy? About how he gets nervous and it passes down to his team? That's me right now. My manager is Stan Van Gundy. Dude is here at 7:30 every morning and works until 6:30 every day. He works on Sundays. He never EVER takes a lunch break.

And he's constantly micromanaging. Sitting at our desks for long stretches to monitor our progress. He's a nice guy and all, but he adds so much unnecessary stress to our team because he puts too much pressure on himself. He needs to learn how to RELAX. Damn. Go live date ain't till JUNE!

Bulls looking GOOD. Celtics are wheezing, but Ray Allen is putting the team on his back. Rondo too.

I still post on youtube cause it's my way of relaxing lol. Funny story... This lil dude was telling me last night how he loves Kobe Bryant. MJ ain't shit, Kobe's better in all areas, blahblahblah. Anyway, he couldn't come up with any proof or evidence to support anything he said so then he started hating on MJ. Said he hoped Ray Allen broke that f-ing MJ record and that would wipe MJ off the playoff books and prove how inflated his stats were. Talked about how he loved Ray and couldn't imagine anyone not liking him because he was such a good guy. I said, Ray Allen? The same guy that criticized Kobe and said blah, blah, blah???

He said, huh? When did he say that? What was he referring to? I love Ray! I can't imagine him saying those things about Kobe.

I LOL'd. Told him to do his research before starting to debate basketball. LOL Young ass nigga.


LMAO. Yes please tell him Jesus Shuttlesworth is not a saint at all.

As for the series, again I'm just saying. I know no one wants to say greatest series ever b/c it's a first round series but 4 of the 6 games go in OT. 2 of those 4 OTs are either double or triple. Last night had it all. Ray Ray going OFF, Heinrich making Rondo back that ass up (which is crazy cuz Rondo isn't exactly a small dude), The Truth needing stitches in his nose, Noah turning the Truth into the Poster on that breakaway dunk, Miller painfully and slowly wheeling down the middle to tie the game in regulation, Rose's phenomenal block on Rondo to seal the game.

Shit, Chicago was NOT supposed to be here LOL. Loving this series. I'm heated b/c my mother in law is flying into town on Sat. She lands at 7pm. The game is at 6:30pm CST. I'm about an hr from the airport. why Lord why???

Da Realist:

D V R -- man's best friend lol


You know I hate watching taped sporting events b/c some ass is always going to screw it up for me LOL Read more!