Friday, August 29, 2008

Who You Got?!?

College Football is HERE!!! And with that, it's time to kickstart our annual Pick 'Em. Last year I won going away, and I expect the trend to continue this year.

Gangsta D 0-0
Waldini 0-0
Realist 0-0

Clemson vs Alabama

Waldini: Is this the year the Tigers FINALLY live up to expectations? Is this the year Saban's so called top recruiting classes come through? On one hand you got the ACC's top returning QB and one of the nation's top backfields. On the other hand, the game's in Tuscaloosa. [Ed. Note Bama-Clemson is in the Georgia dome] Hmmm, tough call but I'm sticking with Thunder and Lightning. TIGERS

Realist: Clemson

Gangsta D: THIS is the year. Tommy Bowden gets it DONE this year. Nah, I'm not feeling it either. Tried to talk myself into it. Clemson will be Clemson, which means a hot start. I think they get it started right against bama. Saban just doesn't have the athletes yet, although Julio Jones appears to be a beast. Clemson whups up on the Tide, and get everyone in South Cack primed for disappointment.


Waldini: I was getting ready to question you on putting this game in the pick 'em Gangsta. But with Sanchez having a bad wheel, it's not a slam dunk anymore. Still Al Groh has been a perennial loser at the pro and college level (Side trivia two former AFC East coaches battle it out). TROJANS

Realist: USC

Gangsta D: Yeah, it seems like a mismatch but Week 1 is slim pickens for quality matchups. The Wahoos are woefully undermanned against the Trojans. But 'SC does have to fly cross country and that's always tough. But not tough enough. 'SC by 25 at least.

Appalachian St vs LSU

Waldini: Again another one that prbly would have been a slam dunk if Perriloux (sp?) hadn't screwed himself (and LSU). This is a trap game as App St returns their star players. Is this game at night and on ESPN? You know LSU always rises to the occassion in that scenario. I'm picking LSU but I love it if App St pulled off two shockers this decade. TIGERS

Realist: LSU

Gangsta D: App St BITCH!!! Yeah I said it. I'm willing to fall a game behind, just to be bold. This pick is gangsta...just like me.

Mizzou vs Illinois

Waldini: Illinois is the South Carolina of the Midwest. That means every 6-8 years they have that magic season where they do damage. For the time in between they are mediocre. Yea I know Juice is back but Mendenhall is gone. And Zook is still there. Juice's got the name, Chase has got the game. TIGERS

Realist: Mizzou

Gangsta D: Chase Daniel appears to be the truth. That would make Juice Williams the false, or something like that. No Mendenhall, and Regus Benn can't be effective if Juice doesn't get him the ball. Plus Zook is coaching, so there's that. Tigers by a bunch.

Utah vs Meechigan

Waldini: Man, everyone is picking against Rodriguez. Count me in that bandwagon. UTES

Realist: Utah

Gangsta D: Apparently Utah is really good this year. Michigan is implementing a whole new offensive system, and they don't have a QB who can run it. Rich Rod will eventually get his kind of athletes, but that's not gonna help him this weekend. Utes.


Waldini: Tenn isn't as bad as Illinois but they have had a bad trend of falling off after posting surprise seasons in this decade. Olson is out, I don't know who the backup is, and the coach is new. Crompton's not exactly experienced either. I think Tenn gets lucky that UCLA has QB issues. TENN

Realist: UT

Gangsta D: The Bruins don't have a QB. The Vols may not have a QB. The Vols have to travel across the country, which didn't really turn out all that well last year. But, the Vols are a better team so I'm riding with Smokey. Read more!

Leaders Of The New School - Black Kids

Today is the final part of our Leaders Of The New School feature, where we profile one of Paste Magazine's 25 Next Best Artists. Who is in the cross hairs today? Black Kids, of course.

Black Kids

"They make super-fun dance rock with an endearingly nostalgic edge...and as far as we know, they're not doing it all for the nookie."

Coming straight out of Jacksonville aka Da 'Ville aka Da Bang 'Em aka DUUUUVAAAAAL, is the Black Kids. I really like these cats, and that's not because they're from right down the road from me. These kids really have the goods. There's a bounce in their music. It's hard to describe, but their tracks make me bob my head and tap the beat out with my fingers. When a band has me doing that, I get very happy. Bravo Black Kids!

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Leaders Of The New School - Janelle Monae

Today is Part IV of our Leaders Of The New School feature, where we profile one of Paste Magazine's 25 Next Best Artists. Who goes under the lights today? Janelle Monae, of course.

Janelle Monae

Her influences include James Brown, Elvis, Judy Garland, Fiona Apple, Bjork and Rodgers and Hammerstein, and her music flows naturally from that stew. "I wouldn't know rock was rock, or R&B was R&B, until someone said that's what it is..."

Janelle Monae is The Matrix. I don't mean that she's some type of sentient computer program. I'm speaking of the actual movie, which didn't give a drop of piss in a bucket about conforming to genres. I don't know that Ms. Monae would describe her situation so colorfully, but she isn't conforming to any genres either. Good music is good music, no matter what label you slap on it. In this instance, you can't slap any label on it.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

RIP Mr. Duckworth


RIP Kevin Duckworth. Man this is crazy, only 44?????

Da Realist:

I've been posting the 1990 NBA Finals on my youtube page for the last couple of days. Ironic...


He was like the West Coast Bill Cartwright to me. He had a funny looking shot (weird jump hook) but it was money.

Da Realist:

What!?? Bill Cartwright was the G.O.A.T center of funny looking shots. There is no comparison. ;-)


hahaha, why did I know you would say that LOL Read more!

Leaders Of The New School - White Rabbits

Today is Part III of our Leaders Of The New School feature, where we profile one of Paste Magazine's 25 Next Best Artists. Who goes under the lights today? White Rabbits, of course.

White Rabbits

"Two drummers give this six piece of erstwhile Missourians more frenetic bounce than their namesake, and though they play with the studied synchronicity you'd expect from a band with concert garb that incolces sweaters and button downs, Greg Roberts and Stephen Patterson's double team choruses routinely unfold into impassioned, full-band shout-alongs."

Two drummers and three guitarists? Are you serious? Umm...yeah. And you know what? It works. It happens to work really well. A few seconds into each song I listened to, I realized that I couldn't stop my head from bobbing. In my book, that gets you the seal of approval. Unfortunately I don't have an actual seal, because that would've been kind of cool.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rachel Rears Her Ugly Head


Either of you watch the James Blake-Donald Young match last night? I was surprised Young took it to him like that especially when he look overmatched in getting beat 6-1 in the first set. Young stunna stepped though pushed Blake to 5 sets. Young's potential is definitely there, just wondering what he will do with it...

On a somewhat related note, what's up with forcing the bruhs to play this early in a Grand Slam. Racial man RACIAL....

Gangsta D:

You black people are always playing the race card!

We keep seeing that Young has potential, but he's got to start realizing it at some point. Otherwise, he's gonna go to waste. But maybe this will be a springboard of sorts. The American men need someone, ANYONE, to step up.


Cablasian man cablasian :-)

Wifey was telling me that Young has gone through 4 coaches already. Apparently his family is very hands on and Donald is pretty sensitive. So when any of the coaches tried to give him critiques neither Young or his parents appreciated it. Which meant the coaches were shown the door

Gangsta D:

If that's true, he'll never realize his potential. Gotta tighten up those panties if he wants to be great. Hell, he's not even good right now. Too bad.
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Leaders Of The New School - Wale

Today is Part II of our Leaders Of The New School feature, where we profile one of Paste Magazine's 25 Next Best Artists. Who's up for the scrutiny today? Wale, of course.


"This young MC has rapped over justice (on W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E.), created a mixtape inspired by Seinfeld (called The Mixtape About Nothing, natch) sold out shows in multiple cities and signed a production deal with Mark Ronson's Allido Records."

Wale (pronounced wah-lay) Folarin, born in Nigeria but currently hailing from DC, is definitely a cat I'm going to keep an eye on henceforth. He's been compared to Kanye, but then again any rapper that's not on a thug tip appears to be compared to 'Ye. I'd rather not go that route, because it takes the focus off of Wale and this cat deserves his shine. Clever lyrics, unique flow, nice beats, and "Larry Merchant" references will put you in my good book every time. Plus, you have to love a rapper who gathers inspiration from Seinfeld. That's pretty gangsta.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Leaders Of The New School - Bon Iver

What's up class? As most of you know I am an old school junkie. I honestly haven't listened to the radio for longer than five minutes in about two years. Consequently, I think I'm slipping into "Out of touch-30 year old-bitter" guy. I really don't want to be that guy. That guy sucks. Therefore, I've decided to expand my horizons. With the help of Paste Magazine, I'm going to take a look at a few of the cats they picked as emerging artists in music. Here we go.

Bon Iver

"There wasn’t any distraction. There wasn’t anybody for me to run to and say, ‘Hey look what I’m doing!’ As soon as you say something, as soon as you get excited about it and go tell someone, your ego is involved. Even the smallest fraction of that and you can kill some of the magic."

First things first. This cat's name isn't Bon Iver. Bon iver is a French phrase that means "good winter." Justin Vernon experienced a good winter when creating his album, "For Emma Forever Ago." He's from Eau Claire Wisconsin, so what else is he going to do besides spend 14-15 hours a day recording an album. At any rate, I have to admit that I'm liking this dude. I don't usually get into the "acoustic genre," if you will. But Bon has some serious soul, and he can definitely carry a tune. Check out "Lump Sum" below.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

What's That Ish You Smoking? Kobe Hate

Da Realist:

Kobe gets criticized even when he is playing on the olympic team! Maybe he should just move to china. Lol

While Bryant has not played poorly, he has continued to play as if he were on
his N.B.A. team instead of adapting and adjusting to his Olympic teammates.
James has stood out precisely because he has blended in so well.

Shoot while you playing, might see him in Italy next year :-)

I don't make too much of this. Bron has been the best player for the US period in this Olympics. Well at least they are dissecting this now as opposed to the many sites that have tried to compare this team to the '92 Olympics. WHY?

Da Realist:

It's the OLYMPICS! who cares? are these guys even giving 100% anyway? MJ wasn't considered the best player on the Dream Team, Barkley was. I didn't care one bit. Nor did anyone else, really.

But there's something about Kobe I guess... ;-)


Only in the US it seems. Outside the USA, he's LOVED. But here at home (sniff), he's the lightning rod for everything that's wrong....

Gangsta D:

There's always something about KB24. It is what it is. Read more!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Get Up. Get Out.


The more I read his articles, the more I really like LZ Granderson.

Stop building basketball courts in the 'hood -- little kids already know about basketball -- and do something that could open the eyes of a young person who is not even aware their eyes are closed.

"That's like calling Olive Garden fine Italian dining." - I need to send that quote to the masses who clown me when I say I prefer NOT to eat at Olive Garden. The only thing I like there is the house salad and breadsticks. but I digress.....

Gangsta D:

One of the best things a kid can do is to travel internationally. It opens your eyes up to so much. It's crazy, I got chicks in my office that have never been on a plane before. The concept of going to a foreign country is...well, foreign.


Shoot I would move to Paris in a heartbeat if the right opp came up. Love that city....

Da Realist:

Just read the article. Sigh. This one is hitting very close to home. I'm currently trying to find a way to study in France for as long as my money, wife and passport will allow. 2 weeks just isn't enough for me. I would love 3 months. Haven't figured out how to do it just yet so it's bothering me a little.

Gangsta D:

I'd love to go back to New Zealand to "study." But for some reason I think my definition of study is completely different from yours:)


Yea you would be "studying a broad or two"....
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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Old School Wednesday - '89 Finals Of Suck

Da Realist:

I'm posting the 1989 Finals on my Youtube Page.

Gangsta D:

Oh joy. Can't wait to check out that debacle. Thanks for running the guys ragged Riles.


For a Laker fan, has a series ever been this painful yet ended so quickly? Showtime cruised through the Western playoffs, only to have key stars get hurt at the wrong time.

Da Realist:

Well, i just went through the 88 and 89 Bulls-Pistons series. Can't say that was easy, but it's cool to think about what i was doing and what i was thinking 19-20 years ago. And to see just how much i forgot about these games.

Gangsta D:

I was thinking, "Holy fucking shit. I can't believe we're gonna get swept by the Pistons!" Read more!

Monday, August 11, 2008

They Said It


"My teams are going to go undefeated against your teams, book it. Christmas Day, your Lakers are losing at home to my Celtics...." - The Delusional Rev Joel Thompson

Who: He's my boy from junior high and high school

Why: He had a message on Facebook saying that he was excited about the Univ of South Cack's football season and recruiting. I pinged him and said don't get too excited, Smokey's laying the smacketh down. That prompted the above response plus promising the Skins would beat the Titans in preseason (I almost choked on my spaghetti from laughter, preseason indeed).

Huh: I said the Lakers beat the celtics twice already this year :-). He said well who won the series. Touche but still technically your statement is wrong.

Anyway, just a lil humor btwn me and mister Thompson. He's been sensitive ever since I beat him at the PC version of Lakers vs Celtics (in his own house no less). So whenever his teams show some life, he's ready to talk.

Gangsta D:

I do love delusional fans. South Cack will always be South Cack. Steve Tanneyhill isn't walking through that door. As far as the C's go. We shall see. I prefer to win the game on June 15th as opposed to Dec 25th:)


Steve Taneyhill, wow you took it back. They should have named a street after him since he was the first QB to lead the Gamecocks to a bowl victory :-)

Gangsta D:

My boy played on that squad. I saw him a few years after he graduated and he was wearing the Bowl ring. I was like, I know you're proud but are you really wearing that in public? lol Read more!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Five Reasons To Ignore Your Family On Christmas Day

The 2008-09 NBA schedule is out. Yippee! Highlights and observations follow.

Oct. 28: Opening Night
An earlier-than-usual launch to the season starts with a tasty TNT doubleheader, leading off with the new champs from Boston hosting LeBron James' Cleveland Cavaliers on ring night and capped by Greg Oden's long-awaited NBA debut in Blazers at Lakers.

Bynum vs Oden? Will this be like Godzilla vs King Kong? Will the earth shake when they collide in the lane?

Nov. 5: Charlotte at New York
Larry Brown returns to Madison Square Garden with his (latest) new team. We'll spare you the dates on Larry's returns to Denver, New Jersey, San Antonio, Los Angeles, Indiana, Philly and Detroit.

He's only coached seven teams? Seems like more than that.

Dec. 25: Merry, Merry, Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas!
This has to be some sort of record: Christmas Day delivers five NBA games on national TV.


New Orleans at Orlando gets us started at noon on ESPN.

ABC follows with a pretty handy doubleheader: Spurs at Suns, then your inevitable Celtics-at-Lakers Finals rematch.

TNT takes us home with Washington at Cleveland -- LeBron and DeShawn Stevenson together on a holiday? -- followed by Dallas at Portland.

You can't ask Santa for more.

Damn, I will totally be ignoring my family. Bump Christmas cheer.

Jan. 2: Miami at Orlando
There are no New Year's Day games in the NBA this season. So this is the first game of 2009: Stan Van Gundy coaching against coaching rookie Erik Spoelstra, his longtime Heat colleague.

Stan will probably give Spoelstra a bullet-proof vest with extra kevlar in the back, as a gift. Read more!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Monday WTF?

Monday WTF returns with some comedy and a little horror...sort of like watching Flavor Flav having sex, but without the residual emotional scarring.

Wife Swap - Upset Tummy

"I don't wanna do it at their death."
On this episode of Wife Swap, a family used to a raw food diet, partake of some good old fashioned grease and dead animal flesh. The cooked food goes down easy enough, but the next morning is a little rough. The kids are sick and the father turns into the biggest pussy this side of Vanessa Del Rio's crotch.

Big Fucking Snake

Yeah, it's a big fucking snake. I live in the country and encounter any number of vermin on a daily basis. Therefore, I have two big machetes at the ready at all times. Nevertheless, I don't know that either machete would do me any good upon meeting this bad boy. It's kind of hard to kill a snake when you're running top speed away from it, while screaming for your mama.

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