Wednesday, October 31, 2007

More Kobe?!? Shit Yeah!!

Today we welcome G-Nice back into the rotation for another Kobe discussion. Yeah, we're talking Kobe again. And yeah, Superfans #98 and #99 are on suicide alert again.


I just read this blog by a writer for the Chicago Tribune talking about a potential Kobe trade to the bulls. Thankfully, he thinks there's nothing there yet. But people of course responded. And the very first response is what I think it is the most accurate, the most honest and the most Chicago:

"No. Please no. A Kobe trade might make the bulls a better team but I can't root for him. He's a selfish calculating phony. He got Shaq traded and he pouted and stopped taking shots in a couple of games. He felt like he could be a jerk without consequences until Nike and other sponsors lost interest in him. Please, Bulls don't trade for the anti-MJ!"
It's like this guy is in my head.

Da Realist:

Many people dislike kobe. Most don't really know why. Many people will cite his philandering (so did magic and mj) or his selfishness (just like many other top pros) or any other characteristic he shares with most athletes. Don't pay attention to the gripes about Colorado -- that's not why people dislike Kobe.

The real reason Kobe is so disliked is because he's a PHONY. In our society, that is one of the worst things you can be. It is better to be a liar or a cheat than to be phony. You have a certain comfort zone with a liar. You know the parameters. A cheat or a control freak, same thing. But there is no comfort zone with a phony.

When he's winning, he threatens to leave because he's not 'the man'. When he's the man, he threatens to leave because he's not winning.

He demands to be traded then plays the victim when Jerry Buss says they'll accomodate him.

He professes to be a leader then wastes no time throwing his teammates under the bus to show his dissatisfaction.

He shoots too much? then he'll take one shot in the second half of game 7 against the phoenix suns then cooly explain that he was just "taking what the suns were giving him". That'll show em.

None of this has anything to do with colorado or any other oft-cited reasons people give as to why they hate Kobe. None of those reasons matter. The real reason is he's a PHONY.

Gangsta D:

Listening to you guys, I'm almost praying that Kobe gets traded to the Bulls. My God, that would be the funniest shit ever. Just to see the blood pour from each of you guy's eyes would be worth it.

So here's my question. Both of you hate Kobe and the Lakers. But if the Lakers show some life and win some games, maybe that makes Kobe less inclined to go through with the trade. So do you cheer for the Lakers to win, or do you still hate?

Da Realist:

There is no way Kobe stays with the Lakers. His feelings have been hurt. No way he forgets being booed.

I'm already preparing myself for Kobe going to Chicago. And that fool is gonna wear 24 (one more than jordan. get it? hardy har-har). Just like he wore #10 for the Olympics (guess who wore #9, nyuck nyuck nyuck). It's so funny i think i'll stab a pencil in my eye. Read more!

Rocket Men

Gangsta D:

What am I missing with all the Houston adulation? People seem to think they can hang with Dallas and the Spurs. Based on what exactly? McGrady has never made it out of the 1st round of the playoffs and Yao can't stay healthy long enough to help in the playoffs. Now they get Rick Adelman and he's supposed to take them to the next level?!? I don't get it. How are they supposed to be so dope?

Da Realist:

Sometimes i wonder how some of the media get designated as basketball sages. most of them know nothing about basketball. there are a few...bill simmons knows basketball (although it's skewed through a celtic lens), scoop jackson (viewed through an individualistic street ball POV), stephen a smith (ass-kisser to the stars but knows a little bit) and retired players-turned-media like charles barkley and kenny smith. most of the rest don't know squat. most of them have agendas that are thinly veiled.

I read articles predicting the celtics to win the title this year (shaking my head), portland would have contended for the title if greg oden was healthy (did he win in the ncaa?) and even how THIS is the year mcgrady and yao ming become the next shaq-and-kobe.

As far as the rockets go, mcgrady doesn't even interest me anymore. he's a waste of talent. that boy has no fire whatsoever. and yao is too stiff to be a force. rick adelman is gonna get them to the promised land? he'll lead them to the 6th seed, that's where.


Both of you hit it on the head. I don't know how the Rockets even enter the equation. What has Rick Adelman done besides squander good talent (see '91 Blazers, '02 Kings) when he has it. If he's so good, why did the Rockets struggle to beat a mediocre Laker team last night. McGrady lost me in Orlando. Skill wise, he had a chance to be on par with Kobe. But he's completely unmotivated to do that.

Side note: Have things gotten so bad for Stevie Franchise that he's not even part of a rotation? Consider him done.

Media wise, I bought the SI Preview and they are in love with the Celts. I stand by my claim that they will make the Eastern Conf Finals at least. I want to pull for them cuz they got two South Cack boys on their team but people are quickly turning me to the dark side on them. Let those cats win a few games and do damage in the playoffs before we anoint them.
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Monday, October 29, 2007


"She's got legs. She knows how to use them." At 6' tall, I do believe Aisha Tyler does know how to use them. Not only is she cute, but she's tall. Most guys don't dig tall chicks, but I'm 6'3" and there's just something about looking a woman in the eyes. With heels, she's probably about an inch or so taller than me. No matter, cause we'd have some tall ass kids that would sign $220 million contracts in the NBA. Now, I just gotta find a way to get rid of her husband, to make this diabolical plan come to fruition. I got a few ideas I'm working on....

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Season On The Brink

Gangsta D:

How long before Bron pulls a Kobe? The Cavs haven't improved over last year. Pavlovic and Varajeo are playing hardball with Danny Ferry. Bron's good enough to get them to the playoffs, but he's gonna need SOME help to advance. He just isn't the kind of player that's willing to take over every single night. Of course, I'm being facetious about him "pulling a Kobe." He's too media savvy to do that in public. But I have to imagine, he will be mighty pissed behind the scenes, if the Cavs start off slowly.

Can you imagine the playoffs without Bron and Wade? I think the Cavs will make the playoffs, but the Heat is another story. Adding Ricky Davis has never been seen as a harbinger of good news. If Shaq thought Kobe was selfish and a ball hog, what is he gonna think of "Mr. Shoot at the wrong basket to get a triple-double?"


I think there's a reason why they both signed 3 yrs deals. In case the direction of the franchise is not headed in a positive direction (which it looks like it's not), then they can break camp. The Heat and Cavs should both make the playoffs in a still weak East. The Celtics, Pistons, and Bulls are a given but who else should they fear? Washington? New York? New Jersey? Orlando? Puhlease those teams are all mediocre, even at full strength.

Side note: If I'm Cavs mgmt, I dont care what Lebron says about his two missing bench players. I wouldn't cripple my franchise for one player that wants 10mil a year to avg 6 pts and 6rbs a game and another player that wants the full mid-level for playing slightly above average defense. They already messed up giving big contracts to Donyell Marshall, Z train, Hughes, and Damon Jones. Don't make it more worse.

Side note 2: I have no idea what the Heat are doing. Ricky Buckets for Antoine Walker is a nil deal. Both bring nothing to the table. They are trying to shop White Chocolate around but he's 32. Shaq's still a top 5 center but he's not gonna drop 25 a night every game anymore. And they're putting a lot of stock in Wade coming back from a bad shoulder injury at 100%. They are a very old old team.....

Gangsta D:

Maybe the Cavs shouldn't sign the "furners" but they need to do SOMETHING. This team is worse off in an improved, if only slightly, conference. If Bron has to put up 35/10/9 every night just to keep the Cavs in the game, he might be adding a Knicks hat to his Yankees hat.

Of course, we have our own problems. I'm pretty much over the "Kobe Situation." Either trade him or don't. Otherwise, everyone STFU about it already. We have holes bigger than Vanessa Del Rio, but I like our bench players. Drew will be better this year. 18/10/2? No, but better than last year. Farmar is improved, Crittendon looks promising, and "Hook 'em" Mihm has shown some decent offensive moves. If we have a healthy Lamar, we can be a good team.

Look out for the Knicks this year. I have a feeling Zeke will have them playing well and in the hunt for a playoff spot.


You know they won't STFU about it but I agree. There's so much politics involved from Kobe unwilling to drop his no trade clause to his distrust of Kupchak and Buss not to send him into purgatory to the kids arguing about keeping Kobe and/or Phil to Phil publicly pleading with Kobe for committment. Yada yada yada. I don't see how this team functions w/o all this drama.
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Weekend Wrap Up


Baseball: After supposedly fighting a curse for a million years, the Red Sox win their 2nd title in 4 yrs. I guess the Rockies were not like the '01 Lakers after all. I can bank on Sports Guy writing a 50 page article on how his precious Sox have fulfilled his life's destiny. I dont know about you but it's starting to feel like the 80s w/Boston when you pretty much hated on every team they brought out. Red Sox won it, Patriots look like they will win it, Celtics are a contender, and Boston College is undefeated.....the world is very upside down

College Football: The wacky week continues as Kentucky loses at home to the now bowl eligible Miss St bulldogs (eat a dick Croom haters). Florida went from contender to pretender, Nebraska choked big time, Kansas continues to shock and awe (I still dont know anyone on their team), Ohio St continues to surprise me, USC just punched their ticket to the Holiday Bowl, and Erickson is working his college magic in Arizona St. Oh yea, usually I support my black coaches but damn Dorrell you are fucking it up for everyone. How in the hell you beat Cal and then lose to wack ass Wash St?!?! Oh and did you see the Div III lateral play? Fantastic

Pro Football: Say goodbye to the 1 pass defense Redskins. A man named Brady just went old school Tecmo Bowl on ya asses. I think Tommie Harris wants to take back his comments on the Lions (you do realize they are a playoff team as of now). Don't look now but New Orleans and San Diego (both preseason SB picks) are starting to make their move. I dont know about you but I'm geeked for next week's Colts-Pats showdown

Pro Basketball: The regular season kicks off Tues and there's drama galore. Will Kobe be traded? Will the Cavs' bench players play this year? Can Gilbert recover from last year's injury? Ditto for Flash Wade? Will 'Zeke keep his job? Is this the year the Suns and Mavs breakthrough? so many more questions but a long long season ahead. Oh yea that NBA on ESPN commercial w/the Celtics' Big 3 and Van Gundy is hilarious

MLS: I know you don't care but so what, I'ma still talk about it. The playoffs have kicked off and both Texas teams (Dynamo and FC Dallas) are representing. All that $$$ for Beckham and the Galaxy still dont make the playoffs. Bring back Cobi Jones!

That's all I got for now

Gangsta D:

Actually Miss St. is one game from being bowl eligible. But all they have to do is beat Ole Miss, which shouldn't be very hard. But I will second that Croom haters should devour phallus.

Lately, I've refused to read anything Simmons writes that has "Boston" in the lede. I'm not a Simmons hater but he's been pretty insufferable when it comes to Bahstin, lately. You know I'm pulling hard for the Colts next week.

It warmed my heart to see the Dawgs take it to the Gators. I loved the coach-approved celebration. Looks like Richt hasn't totally forgotten about his Miami roots. Nevertheless, if Miami HAD have done that there would be a shitstorm bigger than Katrina, Hugo, and Andrew combined. At any rate, any time Tebow is reduced to (near)tears I'm a happy camper.

This NBA season is gonna be entertaining, but probably for all the wrong reasons. The Lakers, as usual, will be the epicenter of much drama. Hooray Beer! lol Read more!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Who Ya Got?!?


Me 29-19
Osceola 24-24
Smokey 22-26

USC vs Oregon

Gangsta D: Autzen Stadium will be a madhouse. The Ducks will be geeked. USC is not "USC" this year. They're just not as explosive on offense. The defense appears to be pretty good, and they will get tested by Dennis Dixon. I'm gonna go with the Ducks, based on the home crowd and QB experience. Sanchez went off against ND, but I could go 15-28/200/3 against ND. Ducks hang a number on the Trojans.

Waldini & Da Realist: Oregon

WVA vs Rutgers

Gangsta D: Well Rutgers is coming off a big win, and they've had two extra days to prepare. WVA has sort of hung around under the radar since laying an egg at S. Florida. I think we might see about 450 combined rushing yards between the two teams, cause Ray Rice is gonna get it about 35 times. Rutgers' defense is pretty stout, but I think the Mountaineers pull this one out.

Waldini & Da Realist: Rutgers


Gangsta D: "He's cut! He's cut! The Russian's cut!" Well Tebow has a bad wing and has been limited in practice this week. But I hear that UF will not change their gameplan. Which means that he's gonna run 15-20 times. I thought Urban loved Timmeh. He's gonna get the boy killed. Teebo gets all the hype, but his receivers make the engine hum. They're just too fast and shifty for the Dawgs. If UGA's RB depth weren't in the shitter, they'd have a shot at wearing the Gator defensive front down. But one RB and a still inconsistent Stafford isn't gonna be enough to do it. I HOPE I'm wrong, but the Gators win another one.

Waldini & Da Realist: UF

SCack vs UT

Gangsta D: No freaking idea. None. The Cocks laid an egg the size of an elephant shit pile last week. The Vols showed up in the 1st Qtr then decided to take the rest of the game off. Explosive offenses hurt UT. The Cocks are not fortunate enough to have anything comarable to an explosive offense; maybe explosive diarrhea. Somehow Phil finds a way to stick to Spurrier. Of course, this will probably be the game that the Cocks score 40. Can't figure these teams out.
Waldini & Da Realist: UT

Cal vs ASU

Gangsta D: ASU took our OC from last year, Rich Olson, and paired him up with Dennis Erickson. The two held the same positions at Miami in the early 90's. At the time I thought that it would probably work out. Didn't think ASU would be undefeated and in the top 5 though. I haven't seen them play but since they're undefeated, they must be good right? Cal, on the other hand, has lost two in a row. I doubt they can go on the road and break that slump. I'm going with the former 'Canes in this one.
Waldini & Da Realsit: Cal Read more!

Old School Friday - 8th Grade

1989. The Golden Age. K-Swiss. In Living Color. Tecmo Bowl. I think that's all that really needs to be said. As always, drink a lot and act responsibly.

p.s. Yeah, I know. Where's De La? Where's P.E? Patience is a virtue:)

3rd Bass - Gas Face

"It's not white boy day, today? Is it?" Actually, yes it is Drexel, cause these white boys could flow. It doesn't hurt when you're getting production from Prince Paul, the Bomb Squad, and Sam Sever either. I love how they weren't afraid to diss Hammer. That was a classic scene. Hammer was still the shit, though. But so were Serch and Pete.

The D.O.C. - Funky Enough

Hypnotic. That's the only way to describe this beat. The first time I saw this video was on my birthday. I had a little get together with some of my boys, and as we ate pizza and played Tecmo Bowl, we couldn't stop going "Da doo dum. Da doo dum. Da doo dum." It's a trip seeing the Ruthless Posse together in one video. Absolute classic. RIP Eazy "Muthafucking" E.

Digital Underground - The Humpty Dance

"Samoans. Do the Humpty Hump." I love how Humpty was so inclusive. He was up on the multicultural tip 18 years ago. Anyways, the dance was pretty stupid. But, it was infectious. You will be doing a tamed version of it in 20 seconds, guaranteed. Besides, it's just one of those great party songs. Remember those?

The Dogs - Yo Mama's On Crack Rock

OK, if you're not from the south you've probably never heard of these guys. But trust me, this album is comic gold. Not only was this song bumping, but "Fuck The Motherfucking President," "10 Li'l Nigga Boys," and "Who Gives A Fuck About...?" were cafeteria classics. I guess you just had to be there. And if you were, you know what I'm talking 'bout.

Janet Jackson - Miss You Much

Oh Janet with her big hair and figure shielding wardrobe. I still lusted after loved her. Also loved the black and white photography. If lit correctly, black and white is beautiful. It should be utilized more often. Know what else should be, as well? Dancing with chairs. That shit rocks harder than John Holmes on a Levitra bender.

Gangstarr - Words I Manifest

If you couldn't tell, we kind of dig Gangstarr here at The Commission.

Slick Rick - Children's Story

"Crumbs." A master storyteller at the very apex of his game, MC Ricky D went solo and crushed everything in his path. Only Rick could turn a gangsta rap into a bedtime story and still make it dope. But, the whole album is pretty much classic. I will bump the hell out of "Lick The Balls" right now, and dare anyone to say something about it.

Special Ed - I Got It Made

"I make fresh rhymes daily. You burn me? Really?" Absolutely timeless beat. You could freestlye to it right now and have a #1 single. And the video? Me loves it. It just feels so right, you know?

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Who Ya Got?!? (Thursday)

Picks Update:

Winner 28-19
Loser #1 23-24
Loser #2 22-25

Waldini: I see someone is feeling himself :-)

BC vs V Tech

Gangsta D: I don't really have a lot of confidence in either of these teams. Tech lost their only test of the year, to LSU in big fashion. BC hasn't really played anyone, and they only beat ND by 13. Tyrod Taylor may or may not play for the Hokies. Sean Glennon is not an upgrade. Tech's defense is pretty stout against the run, but Matt Ryan is gonna put it up 40 times. BC isn't used to big games, and we've seen how teams unaccostumed to the spotlight have done this year. Lane Stadium is a tough place to play. But, I don't think the Hokies have enough offense to get it done. Tech's defense holds the score down, but BC scores just enough to win.

Waldini: Hokies only b/c I have to get back in this game.

Da Realist: I don't believe the "Virginia Tech at Lane Stadium" hype anymore. VT can't score and Brandon Ore has been slowed by several teams. They'll need turnovers and help from their sp. teams and defense to win it. A good QB can find holes in the Hokie D. BC is trying to prove themselves on a national stage. BOSTON COLLEGE Read more!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I Bet You Won't Hit A Mutha...

Hmm. I'm not sure what to make of this video. Apparently two dudes are getting down in the parking lot, not in a homosexual way, of some club. Security swoops in and breaks it up, sending the participants on their merry way. Now, the end is where things get interesting. A young Latin dude rolls up on a car that appears to have Rick Fox in the driver's seat, and he is rather miffed that "the dude in the white lost." The audio is shitty, but it seems like Rick says that he owes the Latin fellow "20." But the Latin dude, cognizant of the camera perhaps, says that they can't gamble. And Rick agrees with him. Then I imagine someone tells the cameraman to stop recording, and Rick pays the man in full.

If you want to scroll through the video, go directly to

I assume gambling on street fights is illegal. Are the fights set up? Is it just a random thing like "Oh shit they gonna fight? I got 20 on dude in the white." Sounds like Rick said that you can't bet on random fights before it cut off. Is this the new dogfighting? Is this kind of thing prevalent? What won't athletes bet on?

(Hat tip: Drunken Stepfather Usually NSFW) Read more!

The Official Top 5

Gangsta D:

Does it even matter anymore? I mean, really? We all know that BC will lose. Michigan is more than capable of beating OSU with a healthy Hart and Henne. Only God knows who's going to BCS Bowls. I won't count anyone out.

1. LSU - Just because no one is sure if Les has balls the size of a sperm whale or brains the size of a tit mouse. There hasn't been a ruling on that yet, has there?

2. Oregon - They look downright nasty on offense. Defense is sieve-like, but Dennis Dixon appears to be the truth

3. OSU - Because they're undefeated and I guess they belong in the top 5.

4. OU - They have a loss, but have more impressive wins than BC.

5. BC - Because they're undefeated and I guess they belong in the top 5.


1. LSU - If they played any of the teams in the top 5 right now, they beat 'em.

2. Ohio St - same reasons as Gangsta's. Even if they make it through the regular season undefeated, they still will lose in the BCS

3. BC - again same reasons as Gangsta's

4. Oregon - Even though they would lose to LSU, I think they're the one team (when at full strength) that would give LSU a run for their money. That loss to Cal is looking worse and worse as the reason rolls on

5. OU - B/c I have no choice. I'm not sold on them at all. the Big 12 is a joke. Now watch OU go out and embarrass one of the big money teams in the bowl game this year :-)

This is the wackiest, zaniest, craziest whatever you want to call it season ever in football. Never have teams risen and fallen so fast in a single bound. Teams win games they shouldn't (App St, Stan, Vandy, Tenn) and lose games they shouldnt (South Cack, Clemson, Texas, Cal). I absolutely love it. I wonder if people would reconsider a playoff system

Da Realist:

1. LSU -- I could ride or die with his go-for-broke attitude. I like that swashbuckling style. Contrary to what everyone has heard, LSU made a smart play going for the td in the last game. They still would have had time to kick a fg.

2. We're so bad we can't even beat a bad miami team at home

3. that gave us 3 or 4 turnovers

4. It's past time

5. for Bobby to go Read more!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up


- Baseball - The Sox rally from a 3-1 deficit w/Games 6 and 7 being blowouts. They even get a positive ROI in Dice K in Game 7. Realist, you watch this sport more than I do. I only know a handful of Boston players and no one on Colorado's squad. Who's winning this thing?

- College Football - Tenn fulfills their losing prophecy (dbl digit blowout), South Carolina and S. Florida become the latest upset victims, & Miami-Florida put on one of the best games in their series in years. How sad is it when your Punter is your Chevy Scholarship Player of the Game (Fighting Irish)? And do you realize that the Ala-Tenn and Miami-FSU game was reduced to regional coverage??? And that Michigan-Illinios was on PRIME TIME Television?!?!?!

- Pro Football - I almost saw shades of Buffalo-Houston '92 in the Houston-Tennessee game yesterday. Thank goodness My Bironas made his record FG count when it mattered. NE continues to roll. They better pray nothing happens to Brady or Moss b/c if either is injured, it's a wrap. The AFC East's a joke, the NFC East and AFC South are legit and don't look now but the Bears are quietly winning games again

Shockingly, I havent kept up with MLS or NBA so I dont know what's poppin there....

Gangsta D:

Once the Sawx won Game 5, I knew it was a wrap. For some reason, it reminded me of an NBA playoff series from last year:) The only way I can talk about baseball is to relate it to NBA terms. The Rockies have won 21-22 and will have a 9 day layoff. Very similar to the Lakers of '01 who won 20 straight and had a long layoff before the Finals. If the Rockies can shake off the rust of game 1, they can win. 21-22 isn't a fluke.

Finally we get a Miami-FSU matchup with some scoring. I still can't believe Kirby actually outplayed someone in crunch time. When Kyle didn't come back for the 2nd half, I thought it was a wrap. But I gotta give him credit, he came through in the clutch. UF beat UK, but at least Tebow got hurt:) Yeah I know that was mean, but that's just how I'm living right now. Notre Dame is horrible. Weis should be fired. His offense is nonexistent and he's had FOUR of his own recruits transfer this year. Something is rotten in Denmark, and it closely resembles Tweedle Dee.

My 'Boys were uninspired vs the Vikings, but at least we held Peterson in check. The defense can shut down anyone except for Tom Brady, apparently. The Dolphins and Rams may combine for 25+ losses. That's crazy. I'm surprised no coach has been fired yet, but I bet there are several before Thanksgiving.

Da Realist:

Bobby must go.

Gangsta D:

Very concise wrap up of the weekend Bitterman:) But you and I know that he isn't going anywhere. My question is how bad does it get? He woke up to a "For Sale" sign in his front yard. How nasty will the unrest get?

Da Realist:

He's going nowhere. FSU is living in the past. We're the new Alabama Crimson Tide. What's scary is...even if he retires, his fingerprints will still be all over the program. He wants to be a deity at FSU. He just doesn't have it anymore.

In fact, his "system" has always been predicated on having superior athletes. It's not that complicated. When he matches up with a team of comparable talent (i.e. miami), he loses the closely fought games. Think about it...FSU usually wins the games where there is no doubt we are the better team. That's why most of our victories over Miami are blowouts. Miami usually wins the games where they are decided favorites and also the games where we are evenly matched. Generally speaking.

Saturday's game hurt, but it didn't hurt. Let's just say I had a feeling we would cough up the game, but to lose to a Miami team that didn't even play that well...that part did sting a little bit. Read more!


Kelly is that you? Once upon I time, I thought Kelly was around a "4" or a "5." I just wasn't feeling her. Compared to Beyonce, she But now? I have to admit, she has stepped up her glam game, for sure. I don't know if it's her makeup, a new haircut, or what, but she's definitely a "7" or "8" now. Plus, she's got major "bump," which is always a plus. Good work, Kelly. We're all proud of you.

Read more!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Clausen Is German For Schadenfruede

Realist put a link to this video in our Picks Post, but it really deserves its own place to shine. This year, Notre Dame doesn't warrant the squirt of piss I just dropped in the toilet, but I just can't help myself. I love it when the Domers get bitch slapped. My hate is irrational and I'm OK with that.

Read more!

Who You Got?!?

Moi 23-18
Osceola 20-21
Smokey 19-22

Da Realist: I'm surprised you didn't choose USC at Notre Date. In honor of that game, here's a funny ass clip right here . lmao...

Miami vs FSU

Gangsta D: Yeah, I don't really know what to make of this team. We can look very good, then we can look very bad. We're mediocre. There always seems to be a brightspot, that is quickly replaced by an eclipse. I have no idea which team will show up. We've been plagued by injuries. Our D-tackle depth is hurting as well as LB. Antone Smith may find some running room. But our DE's are stout, so we may be able to keep Xavier in the pocket. FSU has a tough run defense, so it may be up to Kyle. Ugh. Kyle, as usual, has been a mixed bag this year. I thought he had progressed but then came the 4 INTs at UNC and, that was that. I really have no idea how this game will go. Both teams have MPD, and have yet to play up to their full potential. Obviously I'm going with the Canes, but who knows what will happen.

Da Realist: I may be the only person outside of Florida that's gonna record the game. they both suck, but it's still Miami at Florida State. In the best of times or the worst, these two teams always seem to mirror each other. Unfortunately, this year that means inept offenses, strong defenses, mistakes, penalties and mediocrity. FSU cannot run the ball. Miami is quick enough to keep Xavier (who doesn't like to run anyway) from getting any significant yards with his legs and those jump balls he likes to throw may get intercepted more often this week. I want to pick FSU, but i have a very hard time seeing miami losing 3 games in a row for the season and also 3 games in a row in the series (when the talent level has been so even). The Canes make just enough first downs to wear down that nasty FSU defense and FSU probably coughs it up a couple of times. MIAMI

Waldini: I hope for the sake of college football, the state of Florida, and both of you that these two powerhouses figure out how to restore luster to this game. I think Xavier finds a way not to make mistakes and ultimately get his 'Noles the W. SEMINOLES

Auburn vs LSU

Gangsta D: Apparently Auburn has righted the ship, even though they really didn't look that good last week. LSU is coming off of two hard fought games in a row, but there is no rest for the weary in the SEC. I can't believe people still think the SEC is overrated. I think Auburn has a chance, due to the emotional toll the Tigers have weathered the last two weeks. But, LSU is far too talented to lose to this Auburn team at home. It's a close one though.

Da Realist: Who ARE the auburn tigers? If they are the team that lost to Mississippi State at home, then LSU will destroy them. If they are the team that beat Florida then they have a good shot at beating lsu. The last 3 games have been low-scoring, defensive battles that weren't decided until the final moments. This game will be the same way. Auburn won't be intimidated about walking into tiger stadium. They have the defense to frustrate LSU (they held Ark to 67 rushing yards last week), but they just can't score. Auburn will have to win by field position, field goals and hope LSU falters in the kicking game and coughs up a couple of turnovers. In a defensive slugfest between two physical teams, I like AUBURN

Waldini: It would be easy to say LSU but Auburn is the best Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde team. You never know which squad is going to show up. Their kicker has moxy and it was funny as hell to see him doing the Gator chomp when they won in Gainesville. But LSU is pretty po'ed about losing last week and they got a nice gift from Rutgers last night. You dont think they are motivated to open up a can of whup a$$? TIGERS (LSU)

UT vs Bama

Gangsta D: What to make of the volunteers? Get smoked by Cal and UF, but then look like world beaters against UGA. The bloom appears to be off the rose in Tuscaloosa. The Tide hasn't been knocking people's socks off lately. But, they are at home and I still don't trust the Volunteers. Too helter skelter for me. Bama by a smidge.

Da Realist: Bryant-Denny stadium will be rocking for this one. Tennessee proved something last week (at home), but they don't bring it every single week. The tide haven't played well lately but will want to use this game to springboard the rest of their season. They'll win by 3. ALABAMA

Waldini: Both these teams also doing a good job of not knowing which team you are going to get each week. Check Tenn's W-L record. When they win, it's by double digits. When they lose, it's by double digits. Alabama has been going through identity crisises trying to figure out if they want to be SEC contenders or pretenders. I got TENN on the road

Michigan vs Illinois

Gangsta D: Well, it really depends on how healthy Mike Hart is. If he can go, and I mean really go, then the Wolverines will win big. I think the Illini proved last week that they weren't ready for primetime. If Hart is gimpy, I still think Michigan wins, but it's by a FG or less. Illinois will be sick next year, but they're just not ready to be good this year.

Da Realist: This is screaming trap game. Michigan is feeling good about themselves after dismantling Purdue last week. Illinois lost to a bad Iowa team last week. Looking ahead? The game's in Champaigne, the expectations are with Michigan AND Hart is hurt. ILLINOIS

another hard one to call. Is Hart going to play? Will Juice rebound from a bad loss? Will Henne still quietly get it done? I think the wolverines are marching back up the Big 10 ladder - WOLVERINES

UF vs UK

Gangsta D: Florida loses its 3rd in a row. It will be a shootout. But Woodson, along with the home crowd, get it done. The gators have had two weeks to think about their losing streak. They come out fired up, but Woodson will have a GIGANTIC chip on his shoulder. 45-41 Wildcats.

Da Realist: Waldini, are you paying attention? D just gave us a gift. Only someone leading by 3 would throw us a bone like this. Florida has lost 2 in a row, they have had 2 weeks off, and Kentucky just came off an emotional TRIPLE overtime win over LSU last week. You don't pick against a good coach that has had 2 weeks to prepare and you don't pick against a good team that has had to stew over a losing streak for 2 weeks straight. FLORIDA

Waldini: GATORS for the same reasons Realist mentioned

K State vs OK State

Gangsta D: I'm riding with Mike Gundy until the wheels come off.

Da Realist: I'm rolling with Kansas State. can't get that beatdown of texas out of my head. KANSAS STATE

Read more!

Old School Friday - It's A Group Thing

Cause everything is better when done with a group, right? Right? At any rate, it's good to be back in the saddle again. Nuff respect to SML for holding it down last week. This week we got a little group action going. A nice eclectic mix, if you will. Hope you enjoy. As always, drink a lot and act responsible this weekend.

EPMD - You Gotz To Chill

"Never sweatin' ya girl. Why P? Cause she's a skeezoid." Why don't we talk like that anymore? I love late 80's slang. Get the bozack! Fuck it. I'm gonna start calling women of ill-repute, skeezoids henceforth. Deal with it. E and Parrish have shown us the way.

Run DMC - Run's House

"This is my motherfucking house!"
Why use such language Pastor? Oh, he wasn't Reverend Run then? Gotcha. Anyhoo, this is a classic Run-DMC joint. R.I.P Jam Master Jay.

p.s. What are the odds of "Krush Groove" getting remade? Starring Outkast(Run-DMC), with Alicia keys(Sheila E.), Jamie Foxx(Blair Underwood), 50(Kurtis Blow), and Suge(JB). You wouldn't pay to see that?

Black Moon - Buck 'Em Down

"When the east is in the house (Oh My God) Danger!" Back in college, my boy Omar had an unhealthy obsession with "Enta Da Stage." He loved his 300z and his "Enta Da Stage" cassette more than his mom, God, and apple pie. I'm not quite that devoted, but the album was dope. Buckshot definitely ripped this one.

Geto Boys - Gangsta Put Me Down

I admit it. The first time I ever saw this video was about 15 minutes ago, but I had to put it in. Any time the Geto Boys give you a shout out in a song title, you pay due respect. Anyway, check out the cameo from one of Houston's finest. It's sort of like Biggie making a cameo in a Craig Mack video. Shit changes quickly. My only regret, though, is Bushwick sitting this album out. Sometimes you just need a homicidal/suicidal midget running around, fucking shit up. Keeps things loose.

New Edition - N.E. Heartbreak (Remix)

"Is it me she wants, or is it the fame?" Wish I had that problem. Couple of observations. 1.)Johnny Gill was not brought into the group because of his dancing proficiency. 2.)Present day acts should look at old NE videos to get an idea of true showmanship. Grabbing your dick on stage and dry humping the air does not make you a showman. 3.)"Theo" actually directed videos back in the day. For some reason that cracks me up.

Fugees - Ready Or Not

"Frontin' niggas give me heebie jeebies." So true, L-Boogie. So true. But why is it that you're giving me the heebie jeebies now? Anyway, this is the joint that actually got me to care about the Fugeez. Like I said before, I was emotionally scarred by "Mona Lisa." But this groove is so dope. Lauryn rips it, and Pras doesn't totally suck. I had no choice but to fall in line.

TLC - No Scrubs

I love TLC because they always represented ATL to the fullest. They'd always break out into some booty shake whenever they performed on awards shows. I loved that. Wanna know what else I loved? Chilly. My God was she FINE or what in this video! I have no idea why Dallas Austin and Usher to let her get away. Maybe she was high maintenance. But some shit, you just gotta deal with.

Read more!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Only Your Hatred Can Destroy Me!!!

We have a guest star for this post, the incomparable G-Nice.

Gangsta D:

Once Kobe leaves the Lakers, will you continue to hate on the Lake Show?

If he goes to the Bulls and leads them to a title, will you be celebratory?

Da Realist:

My hate will follow KobeBeanBryant everywhere he goes. I can only pray he lands in dallas or somewhere else instead of chicago. And he won't lead the bulls to the title so I won't have to worry about the last question.

Gangsta D:

Such cynicism is unbecoming. Really, it is....

Da Realist:

Please. Kobe will memorize a few jordan records (most points scored in Milwaukee, highest avg of steals on tuesday night games that start at 8:15pm, most 3-pointers in the third quarter against Charlotte) and maybe even break a few but he won't 'lead' anyone to anything. And despite what he says, he'll be completely happy doing just that.

Gangsta D:

You'd openly root against the Bulls whenever he was on the floor, wouldn't you?

Da Realist:

I would openly root against the bulls just for signing him, whether he's on the floor or not.

high-stakes gamble?

Gangsta D:

My God, you are bitter:)


I assume D added me to this so that I get mad as well.

[Realist], I don't know you, but I too am a Chicago fan. And I would hate Pax forever if he makes this deal. And I don't think we're alone. Most of Chicago would have difficulty with Kobe on the bulls. I'm not stupid, Bulls fans want to win, and Kobe's a great scorer, so people would be down over time. But Kobe is also the anti-Jordan, and I think, like you and I are both saying, people would have trouble with that. In
fact, I told this guy just a few days ago that if Kobe were traded to the Bulls, I might have to stop watching the NBA all together until he retires. I can't do it. I hate that fool so much.

I live in LA, so I hear all the details on the radio all day. No other way to cut it, Kobe's the biggest bitch on the planet. And what's kind of nice is that all the writers the protected him and loved him through the rape trial and the Shaq divorces are tired of his baby antics. I don't want him on the bulls, but I really don't want him anywhere else but the Lakers. He asked for this. He needs to own it.

Da Realist:

I couldn't have said it better myself. D, as common said, one day it'll all make sense.

Gangsta D:

You guys. Your hate is so strong. If Kobe gets traded to the Bulls, it will screw the Lakers six ways to Sunday. But I would take solace in seeing both of you seethe with hate as Kobe, wearing #24, take the court as a Bull. That wouldn't offset the disaster that awaits the Lakers. But at least both of you would be miserable along with me:)


I would not be miserable with you. I would be way ahead of you. I can't even being to picture what that would look like. Kobe in a bulls uniform. That's like the Red Skull in Captain America gear. Puffy on a Slum village record. Alan Keyes in a Spike Lee joint.

Seriously, just talking about the possibilities depresses me. I don't want Kobe on my team. I really don't. He's such a punk. It's exactly the opposite of what that team, and really the city, is all about. I may cry.

Gangsta D:

You guys have no idea the amount of entertainment you're providing me right now:)


[That is]Hands down, the most unattractive picture ever.

Da Realist:

Even I was surprised at the amount of bile that picture conjured up. If KobeBean becomes a Chicago Bull, I would have to seriously question what I have done wrong in this world.


We have to stop talking about this. I'm getting all worked up at the thought. It makes me think I'm Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky where he runs through time square and nobody's there. He's all alone and confused and it's clear that his world no longer makes sense. That would be me. Alone, confused, and longing to be with Penelope. Kobe can't come to Chicago. I don't want to be that guy.

And at this point, D, how can you justify liking him anymore? The guy's the greatest advertisement for He doesn't care about nobody. Even in his interviews, he's so smug. How do you still like him? You should be arrested.

Gangsta D:

For me, the team is bigger than the man. As long as Kobe is on the Lakers, I'm riding with him. I didn't like Shaq in Orlando, but as soon as he signed with the Lakers, he was my favorite. I was a Laker fan before Kobe, and will be one after him. But as long as he's on the team, that's my dude. Read more!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lamenting Past Greatness

Da Realist:

It's 3 days before armageddon and there is no trash talk between da_realist and gangsta_d. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Gangsta D

Is there any reason to trash talk? Lol

Remember when this game meant something? Remember when it was a titanic tilt between two CFB behemoths? Remember when you used to get butterflies on Tuesday?!? I can't even summon up the requisite animosity. I'm even considering not watching it live! It's not that I think we suck, it's just that we will be mediocre this year. Next year we will either have a true freshman or a redshirt freshman starting. It really will be '09 before we can even think about dominating again.

Da Realist:

I watched a little bit of the '91 game last night on's like night and day. Night and day. They were the best 2 teams in the nation playing in the regular season. Remember the rose bowl a couple of years ago? That's like USC and Texas playing every year, home and home. Only this time, they all know each other, were high school teammates, were neighbors, etc. USC vs Texas, but with a little nasty on the side.

Gangsta D:

Night and day, Hell. It's more like May and December:)

There's no reason it can't get back to that level. Both teams have top-10 recruiting classes. The state of Florida will always have top talent. I believe Randy will turn it around. I just hope he's given the time. But as a first time head coach, you really don't know what you're doing until a couple seasons have passed. We'll see. As far as FSU, couldn't tell you. Maybe it is time for Bobby to step down. But no one in the admin has the balls to force him out. It would probably take the Florida Governor to do it:)

Da Realist

I've said all along that i think bobby needs to go. FSU is living in the past. It's time for a change. And we shouldn't give Bobby the ability to choose the next coach. When we said he built the "FSU Dynasty", we didn't mean that literally! jeez...

It's more about bobby now than it is about the team. Dude doesn't even coach anymore. He wants to be the all-time leader so bad he's taking the team down with him. I'm not gonna preach, but it's time for him to go. somebody's got to take the keys from dad because he's too old to drive.

Gangsta D:

Probably not gonna happen. If the boosters didn't take action, Jeff Bowden would still be coaching. If Bowden were to get fired, would that be one of the Top 5 CFB stories of all time? That would be like UNC firing Dean Smith. Of course, the admin would try to spin it as a "mutual agreement" but it would still be a firing. Read more!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Official Top 5

Gangsta D:

I debated whether to even do a Top 5. I have no idea if these teams are worthy. 3 of the 5 will undoubtedly lose this weekend. What's the point? Nobody knows nothing.

1. USF - More impressive victories than Ohio St.

2. LSU - Lost to a very good UK team at home. Probably wouldv'e won if Les Miles hadn't have pulled a Carrol and decided to run right into the teeth of the defense on 4th down.

3. OSU - Haven't beat anyone. Maybe they're good. Probably not though.

4. OU - I guess they're still pretty good. Won two tough games in a row.

5. BC - Haven't beat anyone. Maybe they're good. Probably not though.

Da Realist:

I'm with you. your guess is as good as mine. are we voting for "most deserving" or just flat-out "top 5" because i still think some of the better teams have a loss or two.

Gangsta D:

That's the thing. It's so muddled. Can BC beat Florida? Probably not. Can USF beat OU? Probably not. There will be much bellyaching in the land when the final BCS standings come out.

Da Realist:

1. South Florida -- based on their season so far, they are the most accomplished

2. Boston College

3. Ohio State -- what if instead of Ohio State, there was 'Indiana' on their jerseys. Would they be ranked number 1?

4. LSU

5. OU

I think both South Florida (maybe Rutgers Thursday) AND Boston College (they play at Clemson) will probably lose before the season is out. Ohio State has a weak schedule. They may be this year's version of the 2003 Oklahoma Sooners. LSU and Florida may just play again and I would actually lean toward Florida in the rematch. This year is crazy.


1. South Florida - same reason as Realist

2. Ohio State

3. Boston College - They're suspect but until somebody beats them, there in the top 3

4. LSU - They didnt play just fell victim to a couple of mistakes and luck

5. Oregon - I take this one loss team over OU in a heartbeat

You guys are right, I dont think any of the top 3 undefeated can stay undefeated. They all play in conferences that are weak compared to the SEC and Pac 10 this year. What is making this season so crazy is that all teams have flaws and they are being exposed earlier than usual. Read more!

Sunday, October 14, 2007


"Looking at the honey in front of you with the light eyes."

There's something about a black chick with light eyes. It's almost hypnotic. Keri Hilson is hypnotizing me. Apparently Miss Hilson is the talented sort, as she's a singer AND songwriter. Honestly, I'd never heard of her before 15 minutes ago. But she definitely trips my trigger. Good work, Mr. and Mrs. Hilson. Read more!

Who The Hell Knows?


- Kentucky knocks off a #1 team at home for the first time since our parents were in high school. And I'm officially scared of my boys defending Woodson. Please tell me they get these guys at home

- Oregon St, which was obliterated last week, goes into Cal and beats them at home. Side note: good job freshman for scrambling with 14 secs left and not getting out of bounds. If there ever was a Charlie Brown You blockhead moment, that was it

- Thanks Cincinatti and Conneticut for playing our UNBEATENS game. We have some lovely parting gifts in the back

- The highest ranked SEC team will be South Carolina. The last time they were this high, was 1987 aka the Black Magic Season. Shoot for that matter, Kentucky and Carolina are both ahead of Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee in the SEC East Standings. Maybe I should go on suicide watch, lol

- Congratulations Dennis Franchione. You were a loser at Alabama and left the cupboard bare. You trick Texas A&M into giving you a job and you routinely screw that up. Now the school publicly gets in your koolaid and you lose to mid-tier Texas Tech for the 5th yr in a row. See ya at the unemployment line in Dec

- The Kansas Jayhawks are 6-0. Wait a minute, this isnt basketball we're talking about?!?!?

- Give it up Fighting Irish fans. There is no silver lining. You guys will be bowless AGAIN and you won't have Willingham to point the finger at. You can talk about Weis being an offensive genius all you want but if you want more bang for the buck, I take Richt, Spurrier, Meyer, (yada yada yada) before him

- You do realize South Florida, which has only been playing football since '97, will be ranked #2 when the new polls are released? Not Florida, Not Miami, Not Florida State but Tampa's own South Florida.

I asked for 2007 to be better than 2005 and VAN DAMME, it's been outta control. You have 4 monumental upsets, no clear cut favorite for the title and a whole lot of uncertainty about who's better after 7 weeks of football.

Gangsta D:

I can't call it. For all I know, South Cack is gonna play BC in the BCS bowl. This is the craziest season ever. But is that a good thing? Who knows. I just know that ANYTHING is possible. You could tell me that the Cocks are gonna blow the Gators out by 30, and I wouldn't think twice. Read more!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Who Ya Got?!?

Yours Truly 19-17
Osceola 19-17
Smokey 18-18

G-Tech vs Miami

Gangsta D: long as Kyle doesn't throw 4 picks we should be fine. Tech's defense isn't as intimidating as usual. They've been giving up points lately. I loved out offense in the second half last week. Patrick Nix calling a bomb two plays in a row from the 3 yard line took BALLS. If Kyle takes care of the ball, then our offense will be fine. I'm actually more concerned about the defense. We miss too many tackles, and blow too many assignments in the secondary. Plus our LB depth is hurting. It will be close. I'm sure I'll be cussing up a storm at various times during the game. But I think we EEK this one out.

Da Realist: I think Miami will rebound after that drubbing in chapel hill last week. I've always thought Kyle was a better qb than people think. Maybe a little inconsistent at times, but he has a certain prescence back there. The Canes defense will be motivated and their playing at home. If the Canes has won last week, I would go with the Yellowjackets but I can't see them losing 2 in a row. MIAMI

Waldini: Miami

Auburn vs Arkansas

Gangsta D: What to make of Auburn? They seemed left for dead three weeks ago, now they're on a roll. McFadden is a little dinged up. I don't believe he'll miss the game, but the Hogs need him to go off to win. Alas, I don't think that happens.

Da Realist: I want to pick Arkansas. They are 0-2 and they desperately need a win here to stay alive out west. Auburn's a little banged up defensively and may just be a little full of themselves after knocking off Florida. Oh yeah, they go to LSU next week. Think they're not looking forward to that a little bit? You know what? I think I will pick Arkansas. This is the game McFadden puts the Hogs on his back and carries them to the W. ARKANSAS

Waldini: Arkansas

Mizzou vs OU

Gangsta D: Wow, Missouri appears to be pretty good. They hung 40 on Nebraska. OU still looks to be a talented team, even though they kind of struggled with an overrated Texas team. If this game was in Missouri I'd be tempted to take them. But I don't think they can pull off the upset in Norman.

Da Realist: Oklahoma might just be a little overrated. Their biggest win was against Miami at home and well...maybe that win wasn't as big as we all thought. The Sooners have been giving up tons of yardage in the passing game. Missouri will move the ball and put some points on the board. Will their defense find a way to stop the Sooner offense? I'm picking MISSOURI

Waldini: Sooners


Gangsta D: Hmm...upset special. Kentucky. Just got a gut feeling.
Da Realist: Uh Oh. LSU will finally play against a real like offense. On the road. Kentucky will be ready. The question is...will LSU? They just beat Florida in a very physical and emotional win. Next week they play Auburn. Will they have enough to go to Lexington and beat a fired-up Wildcat team looking for a signature win? I gotta think some more on this one. Maybe I'll read a few articles out of Lexington and Baton Rouge to get the player's mindset. 'The pick' viendra plus tard...

Waldini: Tigers

Da Realist: Many, many minutes later...

Ok.... the LSU/Kentucky pick. (As a sidenote...FSU can't hide anywhere.) The Wildcat fans don't even believe. Normally this wouldn't matter much, but they need as much help as they can get. The Tiger defense will just be too much for Woodson and as long as they don't give up cheap turnovers, I'm picking LSU

Nebraska vs Okie ST

Gangsta D: As the coin flips.......Okie St. Mike Gundy is my second favorite coach.

Da Realist: I'm just not that impressed with Nebraska. The Cowboys are going to run all over that Husker defense and walk out of there with a W. OKLAHOMA STATE

Waldini: Cornhuskers Read more!

Sheriff Bart Is Smiling In Heaven

So, last year my boy and decided to take a camera to the streets of Buckhead and capture the madness therein. We got a lot of nice footage, but the video below is the coup de gracie. I like to call him the "Sidekick Stud."

Apparently, though, I'm the only person amused by it. I sent it to my homegirl and this is her unedited response:

well for me i am primarily pro black and a feminist an that guy just irritated me in all kind of ways. thats why i didnt like it. he came off as a self hating sexist pig who need to keep his ass in atl because he wouldnt get pussy anywhere else whether black or white

Ouch! I can see her point. But, fuck it. This shit is hilarious to me. It is what it is. If you were offended, sorry. This dude fucking cracks me up. Plus, he dropped a Ghetto Mafia reference. Ghetto Mafia! You gotta love it.

p.s. Here is Episode I, if you were curious.

Read more!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Old School Friday - Riding Dirty

Class, we got a special treat for you today. Much like the President, I'm a giver. So I decided to let SML try his hand at programming Old School Friday. SML is a cool cat. He hails from Nueva York and rocks a pair of old school Penny's from time to time, so you know he's keeping it real. At any rate, make him feel at home. As always, drink lots of alcohol and act responsibly this weekend.

What up? SML here, posting a special guest edition. As tempted as I was to just post my favorite old skool joints, and just take you back to the bomber era, the triple fat goose era, the flight jacket (reversible!) era - hitting ya with the I Know You Got Soul, Hey Young World, Ain't No Half Steppin', Call Me D-Nice - but nah, couldn't do it. I wanted to be professional about it, so I picked a theme, like they do here every single Friday. Today's theme is old skool songs about your "Ride".

Yeah (Yeah) SML finally up in this piece... peace to my mans that put me on... Gang-ster D....

Lost Boyz - Jeeps, Lex, Coups, Bimaz & Benz

My first selection is from '95, from South Jamaica. My favorite Lost Boys moment - true story: I was listening to Hot 97 late one night, and a caller is on the phone with whoever the host was, talking about The Lost Boyz.
"Okay, here's my question", the caller said. "You got Mr. Cheeks, right? He's the emcee. So is Pretty Lou... he drops a few verses here and there. And Spin Nice? He's the DJ, right?"
"Yeah, I'm with ya", said the host.
"So what exactly does Freaky Tah do, besides repeated what everyone else just said?!?"

He's only one of the greatest hype men in the biz ever.

Dr. Dre - Let Me Ride

Classic underappreciated video from The Chronic. Highly enjoyable video, actually. Some great moments include Dr. picking up the chick at the bus stop, then realizing he picked up a brat. That look towards the camera was priceless. Ice Cube's cameo also warrants mentioning. And the breakdown (not included in this clip, unfortunately) at the end of the video, with Parliment footage playing, is a nice touch. The video is money.

This is where I would have put Born To Roll by Masta Ace if I could have found the video. It's worth it just for the thongs. In leiu of that, let's move on:

(Not so fast, I got your back pimpin)

War - Low Rider

All my friends know the low rider. Speaking of friends... why can't we be friends? I mean, seriously... I've seen you walking down in Chinatown. I called your name, but you could not look around. Why can't we be friends?

This is where Prince (Little Red Corvette, of course) would go, if again, You Tube didn't ban it. Sorry kids. Having failed miserably at this theme, I'm just going to post a few random songs now:

Gangstarr - Mass Appeal

It makes sense because I can't think of a better song to bump in a car. It has to be a top-5 car song overall, right? Plus isn't this really what the blog game is about? Wouldn't you all sell your soul to have mass appeal? Suckas be playing themselves to have mass appeal...

Gravediggaz - 1-800 Suicide

Um, how about some horrorcore next? With the horror your brain has become stained! Prince Paul + The Rza = one of the greatest collaborations ever, on paper. It didn't quite live up to the high expectations, but I really enjoyed a good chunk of their first album (6 Feet Deep). And the Grym Reaper stole like every song he rhymed on. One last note: I just realized that I don't know the words to the any of the verses in the video... it's not the album version (not even close), probably because the album version is a lot too graphic and had too much cussing. So this version of the song = totally new to me:

LL Cool J - I Shot Ya (Remix)

Finally, a few weeks ago the theme was "posse" cuts. This didn't make the cut. I'm correcting that... this is one of the best posse cuts of all time. Even if LL Cool J, to quote Joey from Straight Bangin' "It seems like every 18 months, LL Cool J reemerges with a reinvented persona that seizes upon the zeitgeist. He puts out some songs (get that head sprung!) and then recedes into relative irrelevance again."

Some notes on each verse:
Keith Murray: "Haaaa". Best intro to a song? It's up there with Eric Sermon's "I make a million BUCKS..." intro to "Da Joint". "I'll leave you holier than the Bible" might be the top line in the entire cut.

Prodigy: "You get backslapped so hard make your nose bleed" became a common threat in school after this came out. By the way, my GF hates that I still use "conversate" instead of "converse". Undeniably true.

Oh, and that "I'm staying incognate" line? Very common habit among QB rappers to drop the last syllable to make a rhyme. See Nas "pushing the Q45 Infinite".

Fat Joe: Two signs that Raekwon was really ghostwriting Fat Joe's lyrics on this track: One, Fat Joe went from the simplistic rhymes of "Flow Joe" (and his debut album was no better) to the highly sophisicated rhymes here. That seems improbable, especially since most rappers spend years preparing to release their first album, and often blow all their best rhymes on it, quickly getting worse as they release albums. Joe got better. Plus, secondly... he mispronounces Keyser Soze's name at the end of his rhyme. How doesn't he know what he's rhyming about?

Foxy Brown: Proof of what I just wrote. She wasted her entire stock of good rhymes on cameos on everyone's remixes, and her first album. She never had a good verse after that.

LL Cool J: People often forget what a good battle emcee he was. Thankfully, he humbly reminds us how he crushed Kool Moe Dee, Hammer, and Ice T's girl, among others. He specifically wrote this for Cannibus, I believe. He's still crushing emcees, 20 years after his debut. What's the secret to his longevity? It's the steroids, dummy.

Read more!

Who You Got? (Thursday Edition)

FSU vs Wake

Gangsta D: Oooh. Revenge game. The 'Noles got smoked, on their home field, by 30 last year. Bowden shut out at home? Maybe it was the all black uniforms they decided to wear in 90 DEGREE HEAT! At any rate, Xavier "The Savior" seems to have the Noles back on track. No one has been arrested this week, so we're all good there. Wake started off shaky but
are back over .500. It's a Thursday game, and if Rix were still playing I'd go with Wake by two TDs. But somehow I think FSU pulls this one out. Of course, I'm not gonna be terribly broken up if I'm wrong:)

Da Realist: I'm going with the Noles. We were banged up last year and that spread attack KILLED us but we'll be ready this time. Notice how everyone seems to work a little harder on offense now that Xavier's back there. My thoughts? The coaches name the starter, the players name the leader. For some reason, the players didn't believe in Drew Weatherford. That makes a difference. It would help greatly if we can find a way to get Antone Smith going. Our offense is still a work in progress, but the D gives us field position and maybe even a couple of scores. FSU

We'll have 10 days to get ready for the Canes at Doak.

Waldini: The numbers tell me I need to go with WF in order to catchup. But my Spider sense tells me that Lee is going to lead these boys to another W. Noles win on the road. Read more!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up


College Football - 'SC loses at home to a backup QB and a team favored to lose by 41pts, Clemson starts it's mid-season meltdown earlier than usual, Miles bucks his normal trend and doesnt choke a big game, ND fans finally cut the noose from the ceiling, and Realist and my teams' return to the top 25. This season has been absolutely crazy.....

Pro Football - My Titans continue to surprise despite a HORRIBLE offensive performance, the Bears bring Old Man Favre back to Earth, the Chargers finally play like a team that is supposed to be a SB contender, the Colts continue to roll with 5 starters out, and the Pats look like they are going to continue to whup people's a$$es.

MLB - 3 of the 4 divisionals are over. As Kenny Smith would say the Cubs, Phillies, and Angels are all going fishin :-). And the Yanks were fortunate enough to win Game 4. You peep George's comments about Torre. Pretty cold blooded....Any way, who would believe two expansion teams (Rockies, Diamondbacks) would be playing for the right to advance to the World Series?

(Update: Yanks are officially yanking pole as well)

NASCAR - Jeff Gordon aka Speed Racer won in Talledega over the wknd, giving him the the Nextel Cup lead. Can he make it 6 victories? Do you cats even care :-)?

Hockey - Again do you care :-)? the season did kick off last Thursday

Gangsta D:

I swear I thought I was watching a repeat of the Miami-UNC game last night. Only thing, Romo threw 5 picks instead of Kyle Wright's 4. My God were those brutal games. Last night, I couldn't sleep for almost two hours after the game ended. The Pats are a far better team, and we better tighten a whole bunch of ish up by Sunday.

Poor Joe Torre. Just couldn't win that FIFTH World Series for King George. Think there aren't about 10 GMs finishing off "You're fired" memos right now?

Neither one of us is Kenya, so no we don't care about NASCAR.

Here about Garnet totally ignoring the T-Wolves during a practice session over the weekend? Damn that's cold. The Basketball Gods may frown on the Big Ticket. Read more!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Yellow Fever

When a white guy sees an attractive white chick, he might say, "That chick is hot!" When a black guy sees an attractive black chick, he might say, "That is a dope ass light-skinned chick." Huh?

The HCIC and I have this running dialogue where she accuses me of not liking brown/dark skinned black people, and I accuse her of not liking light skinned black people. Sound crazy? Well, black people are more preoccupied with color than you think. I have a homegirl who will NOT date light skinned guys. I know guys who only likes brown skinned chicks. Somehow, it has something to do with slavery. Doesn't it always? I kid.

So in my efforts to bring us together, not unlike Dr. King, I will begin highlighting black women of various shades in order to show that we are all beautiful no matter how light or dark our skin may be. Not buying it? OK, I like putting up pics of really attractive women. Sue me.

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Friday, October 05, 2007

Who You Got?!?


Yours truly 17-14
Osceola 17-14
Smokey 15-16

Gangsta D:

Woodson is a punk!

Da Realist:

Not only do i agree with Gangsta's picks, I agree with his reasoning. No need to repeat what's already been said.

Ill vs Wisc

Gangsta D: Illinois is a 2.5 point favorite AT Wisconsin!! What hath Zook wrought? I'm not totally sold on Illinois yet. Aurellious Benn appears to be the truth. Juice Willimas is making plays. But I still haven't seen too much of them. The Badgers have a pretty potent offense, but their defense is HORRRRIBLE. They let the Citadel go off on them. Michigan ST could've won last week. But I don't think Illinois has the minerals to waltz into Camp Randall and pull it off. Of course, I would've said the same about Colorado last week. Nevertheless, I'm going with the home team.

Waldini: Badgers

Da Realist: Wisconsin


Gangsta D: Sorry Smokey, but the dogs have no fear of Neyland Stadium, as they haven't lost their since the last century. UT's defense is mad suspect, and the dogs have a potentially explosive running tandem with Thomas Brown and Knowshon Moreno. As long as the Kegmaster doesn't throw off his back foot into coverage, the dogs should come out on top. The defense may be suspect, but the Vols don't have anyone on offense that scares me.

Waldini: Vols

Da Realist: UGA (Is fulmer routinely being outcoached and outrecruited? It looks like UT may be about to go through the same kind of swoon as FSU is trying to get out of. It may be time to bring in a fresh face)

Va Tech vs Clemson

Gangsta D: Yep, we all picked Clemson to win last week knowing full well that a loss could signal their tradional mid-season swoon. Well, do the Tigers rebound or do they slip further into the morass? Tech doesn't impress me at all. I suppose they're defense is still legit, but Brandon Ore has been disappointing and they're starting a true Freshman at QB. The game is at Death Valley, and I just can't see a true freshman pulling that out. The Tigers win in spit of Tommy.

Waldini: Tigers

Da Realist: At tiger stadium. At night. CLEMSON

OU vs Texas

Gangsta D: Even though both were upset last week, OU is leaps and bounds ahead of Texas. The 'Horns have been overrated all season. Maybe the Sooners have been too, but they're still a much better team than texas. Couple that with Colt McCoy being gimpy, I gotta go with the Sooners.

Waldini: Sooners

Da Realist: OU is simply the better team plus they've lost the last two. OU


Gangsta D: Florida losing last week, worries me a little. I was predicting a double digit beatdown before the Auburn game, but now I'm not so sure it'll be that bad. Urban will have them ready to play. But, Aubrun gave the blueprint on how to contain Florida and LSU's defense is much better than Auburn. Tebow will not add to his heisman resume with this game. A night game at LSU is almost certified death for an opponent.

Waldini: Tigers

Da Realist: At tiger stadium. At night. LSU (closer than the experts think)

Notre Dame Suicide Watch

Gangsta D: The noose gets even tighter this week. UCLA is going to want revenge for last year's last minute collapse. Oh, and yeah, UCLA is also a much better team. Irish go to 0-6.

Waldini: Irish fall to 0-6

Da Realist: Y'all wrong for this. UCLA Read more!

Old School Friday - 11th Grade Edition

1992. Bill Clinton becomes the first black president. The Cowboys wrap the NFL in a cocoon of terror that lasts for four years. As a 16 year old, my cousin takes me to my first strip club. I'll never get the smells of a ghetto strip club out of my nostrils. Fun times, indeed. Thanks cuz. On to the videos. Remember to drink and act responsibly this weekend.

Dre - Nuthin But A G Thang

"I watched the death of a dynasty." True indeed. The death was painful to watch, but the genesis was glorious. The greatness of The Chronic can't be exaggerated. It was like Unicron, just devouring everything in its wake. It spawned an endless number of "deez nuts" jokes, and pretty much changed music. But this track was the jump off. Thanks Dre. Thanks Snoop.

Ice Cube - Today Was A Good Day

"I had the brew she had the chronic. The Lakers beat the Supersonics." Bite me Ace. (Sorry, inside joke) Remember when this video played on Rap City, and they edited out the line about "Yo MTV Raps?" I always thought that was kind of silly. It's not like I'm gonna immediately turn to MTV upon hearing that line. We all know MTV exists. Silly negroes.

Pac - I Get Around

I don't really need to write anything here, do I? Didn't think so.

EPMD - Headbanger

"Wicked with the style you think I had cerebral palsy." Classy Reggie. Very classy:) But you have to love the early 90's attire. Skullies, vests, HBCU hoodies, etc. That is so classic. What exactly were we thinking?

Arrested Development - Revolution

Ahh, it's time to get your consciousness on. I remember the police had a couple of units at the theater when this came out. Were they expecting us to trash the lobby and crack open the popcorn machine? Ignorant. Anyway, I love the chanting in the background. It just has that nice groove, you can't help but repeat as you bob your head. Whither, Speech? Whither?

Boss - Deeper

"It's probably all that chronic that I smoked. I used to be like that when I was out there slanging dope." Oh really Lichelle? So is this the fruit of a Detroit private school education? Apparently so. Well, she may have been fugazi but the song is still dope.

Fu-Schnickens - Can We Rock (What's Up Doc?)

"I'm the hooper. The hyper."
Hmm...Way to start off your verse Shaq. Yes this is the song that spawned the whole athletes who think they can rap craze. I think the world would've been better off without it. But I digress. But do you notice how thin Shaq is? You know this is an old ass video. Speaking of, 15 years later and I still don't understand a damn thing Chip-Fu is saying. Has anyone ever confirmed if he was putting actual words together?

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