Monday, October 31, 2005

Observations & Eulogies

Gangsta D:

I see some Seminole fan called my phone on saturday. I didn't check my messages but I can only suspect he was calling to rub in the fact we were down 16-7. I think said Seminole fan should've been focusing on his own squad as they almost got beat by a 3rd tier team at home. Just a small bit of advice. Take it as you will.

Before the UNC game: We can beat Va Tech.
At halftime: We're gonna get killed by Va Tech.
After the UNC game: I have no idea.

We won't be able to run like that on the Hokies, soKyle is gonna have to make some plays. He's capable but he can't make dumb throws like he did on saturday. The defense played well but the D-line worries me. Not because they can't get after the QB, but because they rush so hard up the field. You have to contain Vick and clog his passing lanes, that means being disciplined. Don't know if we'll be able to do that, but we'll see.

I don't know who, but a bunch of people on UT's staff have got to get fired this year. Sorry Waldini. You CAN'T lose to South Cack. I mean you just can't lose that game. They went from BCS bowl, to mid-level bowl, to no bowl? Just an absolute disaster, plus they got the Irish next week in SouthBend. 3-5? Not the best babe...

The more I look at Vince Young, the more I'm convinced he's gonna be a greatWR in the NFL. Sorry but that release is killing me. I may be wrong, butwe'll see.


Vince Young is the truth. That cat put his team on his back and single handley destroyed OSU. I agree the release is horrible but when you throw for over 200 and run for 200 with ease, you earn my respect. I mean he was doing Playstation stuff out there. I realize that the Cowboys are not a good gauge and I want to see how he handles a good defense.

D, I spoke with Realist on Sat before halftime and I said "If the Canes lose, I know Gangsta is not going to want to hear your mouth.". Fortunately the real Miami showed up and buried UNC with their defense in the 3rd. That being said, your boys can't do that this wknd against Va Tech or it's ova. What's up with the new unis too. Didnt even recognize them :-).

My Vols...what can I say, they suck. You're absolutely right, they had no business losing to a South Cack team that is 3rd tier and playing without their best player. But as a great wise man has said time and time again,WINNERS WIN, LOSERS LOSE. UT is a loser. Print it, write it, whatever, the team has no heart. Btw the dropped passes, fumbles in the red zone, constant QB changing, all signs point to the coaching staff. Some of those guys might as well start clearing out their desks now. And yes they will be 3-5 after they lose to ND this wknd.

On the other hand, did you catch UCLA coming back from 17 down in the 4th to win in OT. That team has some heart. Do I think they will beat USC? Probably not. Do I think they can give them a good game? Most defnitely. Ilike Maurice Drew

Da Realist:

you ain't checked your message in 2 days??? yeah, right. but just in case you hadn't, i actually called to offer some encouragement to the boys. i DID NOT want them to lose last saturday. i paid too much money for these tickets next week for it to be a nothing game.

the noles are done. i don't want to talk aboutthem.

(sigh) i wish texas played somebody that could test them. they are just so much better physically than anyone they play. i suppose ohio state was a good win, but no one else. vince young is not that accurate, but when the WR is open by 5 yards... and no one makes them pay for turnovers. at least a couple per game.

i didn't see ucla because i was watching okie state collapse AGAIN to texas. i guess there's a reason they are winless in the big 12. Read more!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Da Realist:

gangsta, what's the level of panic down there in south georgia about the dawgs? are you going to the game in jacksonville?

Gangsta D:

Maybe if I had an extra $250:)

Well, as you know Gator fans like to talk so they'r ealready yapping, but no one fears Florida anymore. Even with the punter playing QB, I don't think Florida can win. The main thing that'll hurt the Dogs is the injuries on theD-line. If they can get pressure on Leak and use all three RBs effectively, they should win.

Da Realist:

yeah, but are you concerned about the way they let mcfadden run hog wild on saturday?

Gangsta D:

Sure but the Gators haven't really run that effectively all year. Plus, this is Urban Meyer's 4th "big game" of the year and he's 1-2 so far. But this is the biggest one yet. If the offense sputters will he adapt and change his play calling? But then again, when it comes to Georgia-Florida, it really doesn't matter. Georgia should've won thelast 4, easily. Who knows what's gonna happen...

Da Realist:

i just haven't been impressed at all with what's going on at florida this year. i can't believe how much his"system" has made chris leak an average quarterback. AND they're not winning! urban meyer has had 2 weeks to prepare. will he stick with his system or will he find a way to dismiss his ego for the game. because i guarantee you, with or without shockley, georgia is coming for leak's a$$ every single down. florida has a pretty good defense too. i think it's gonna come down to whether or not the gators can force some turnovers out of your new qb.


If Georgia continues to blitz Leak like they have done all other SEC QBs,they could turn this into a defensive score (likeAla-Tenn last wknd). If that's the case, they should prevail and do what they havent' done sincethe 80s....(drum roll please)

Beat Tenn and Florida in the same season. Now that should put Mark Richt inthe Georgia Sports Hall of Fame

Da Realist:

hadn't done that since the 80's?


I know from 92 until now they have not and I will assume that in 90 or 91 they didnt either so yessir the 80s

Gangsta D:

'87 or '88.


you should understand now why Georgia will feel vindicated if they win Sat. That was the running joke btw Florida & Tenn for a long time. Yea they may beat one of us this year but they aint beatin both of us. And in some years, Georgia really should have laid the smackdown on both squads (HelloQuincy Carter)

Gangsta D:

You can't put it all on "Q." I remember that UGA defense that had Champ, Richard Seymour, & Marcus Stroud letting Jamal Lewis run all over them. But Q did do his part:) Read more!

UT Suffering


Gerald Riggs is out for the reason due to injuries to his lower leg and ankle. Man, I added Nate Dogg to this email cuz I know he is feelin the same pain right now too :-)

Da Realist:

well, it ain't like he's missing out on a magical season. i'm sure georgia or alabama fans are feeling a little bit worse because their season had potential. smokey already lost 3's such a waste because your defense is one of the best in the country. i'd love to see usc play against that defense.

Nate Dogg:

I didn't see the game - although I have it on tape - but I hear Foster did well in replacing Riggs after he went down. I hope this is a blessing in disguise for next year. Just think, if you play the woulda, coulda, shoulda game...beat Bama and Florida this year (which is within reason), they are still in the running for the East. I think Florida is going to give UGA their first lost this week, which is unfortunate b/c I was pulling for UGA to win the conference. I think UT needs a fresh start at Offensive Coordinator next year...just athought.


See Realist, what I told you before the season, it's the offensive coordinator. Things have not been right since David Cutcliffe left to go coach Ole Miss. Randy Chavis runs the same predictable offense every game.

1 and 10 - traditional pro form set, halfback read up the middle
2 and 8 - I formation, halfback slam to the left
3 and 9 (after losing a yd or 2) - shotgun formation with 4 receivers, 1back, WR cross down the middle...may audible for a HB draw

And you know what? It never works :-(..... Read more!

Da Realist is Da Purist

Da Realist:

Gangsta D:

Nope not buying it. I still want a playoff. If not having a playoff is so good, then why isn't that the norm in other sports. EVERY single team athletic endeavor has a playoff to crown their champion...except I-A football. Why don't the top two teams in the NFL after the regular season just play in the Super Bowl. It's the same logic. If Indy beats NewEngland and Pittsburg in the regular season, those two teams are eliminated from contention. That would ratchet up intensity, knowing that EVERY single game is important. How come no one is clamoring for that? Don't try to sell me on tradition, cause if you look at the playoff format now and 20 years ago, there's been a few changes. I'm not the kind to be all torn up about it, but there should be a playoff.

Da Realist:

nope. no playoff. there is a reason i'm up all day watching college football, but sleep through most of the day on sunday. i'm not saying it's fair. it's not. but nothing is fair. a playoff is not fair. maybe it's a little more fair than the current system, but it's a LOT more boring. new england patriots at 3-3? don't care. they still can win the superbowl in january. they could lose up to 6-7 games and still have a chance to win it all. please. i'm not willing to give up alot of excitement for a system that may just be a little more fair.

Gangsta D:

Here take this! If Wilbon says it, it must be right...

Da Realist:

wilbon barely watches college football. plus wilbon grew up in chicago (pro town) and works in dc (protown). he wants college ball to be just like proball. he's one of our less-enlightened ones. :-) Read more!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Ventre Is A Punk!

Da Realist:

your boy is back.

Gangsta D:

I read the headline and immediately knew he wrote the column. Is he mad that Jeanne Buss won't give him any? I can't come up with an explanation of why he has such a hard on for the Lakers...


Let the hate begin....everybody's favorite Laker hater is back and he's not pulling any punches :-)

The only teams in the West that I see as a lock for the playoffs are Spurs, Mavs, Rockets, Suns, and Kings. The latter are iffy b/c losing Amare is big and Abdur-Rahim has never been a difference maker.

Contrary to what everyone believes or does not want to remember, Shaq asked to be traded, he was not forced out.

Da Realist:

he asked to be traded, but only after kobe made it clear he "might" not re-up if shaq was there. once shaq saw the lakers were willing to do anything to keep kobe, he decided to bail.


Find the article, audio or media feed when you hear Kobe say "I may not re-sign because Shaq is not here". Not the word certain parties, No he asked to be traded after Kupchak said everyone on the team is tradeable except Kobe.

Da Realist:

no, he never actually said, "i may not resign if shaq is still here". just like jordan never actually said, "i'm not playing on the same olympic dream team as isiah thomas". same result, though. kobe was smart enough NOT to say it because of people like me who would love to dig up that kind of dirt 20 years from now. be we ALL (except for waldini) understood what was meant when kobe said (during the season after yet another blow up with shaq and phil) that he would be exploring all his options that summer. Read more!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Prognostications Aplenty

Da Realist:

Time to separate the pros from the cons
The platinum from the bronze
That butter soft sh*t from that leather on the Fonz
An S-1 diamond from an I-class don
A Cham' Dom' sipper from a Rosay ni@@a<, huh?! --Jay-Z

virginia tech at maryland - maryland got dusted last year in blacksburg and would love nothing more than to beat the number 3 team in their backyard. the place should be rocking. but i don't think maryland has enough firepower against that rock-solid tech d.VIRGINIA TECH

tennessee at alabama - whew! alabama wants this game. they want this game real bad. the only problem is they ALWAYS want this game and it hasn't stopped them from losing 9 of 10. the vols are coming off a bye week and will be as prepared for this game as they can be. but i think bama is due. ALABAMA

michigan at iowa - i know iowa has a 23 game winning streak at home. i know iowa usually loses a couple and then finishes the season strong. but michigan still has a shot at the big 10 title and i think this is the week they put it together and finally win 2 straight. MICHIGAN

auburn at lsu - on paper, lsu is probably the most talented team in the country. speed everywhere. this will be a night game at baton rouge so you know they will be ready. but auburn's qb brandon cox is starting to come into his own. this is close, but...AUBURN

texas tech at texas - oh boy, wouldn't i love a longhorn loss here. but it won't happen. texas tech doesn't run the ball, which means they can't chew up the clock, which means they won't be able to get the longhorn offense off the field. conversely, texas can do just that to the red raiders. TEXAS


Ok, I am here this time so I can elaborate on my picks :-)

VT@Maryland - The Hokies D-fence is a monsta and I expect them to be able to slow down the Terps offense. I'm not on the bandwagon about Marcus being betta than Mike but I will say Marcus has gotten better with each game. The offense is producing pts when they need to.

VOLS@TIDE - You already know my answer to this :-). All jokes aside, K-Dawg called me this morning and asked me about who would I pick in this game to help him with college pick'em. 2 weeks ago, I would have said 'Bama in a slam dunk after the beat down they gave Florida and how pitiful Tenn looked against Ga. But Bama looked ordinary against Ole Miss and if it wasnt for the defense, it would have been over. Losing Prothro was a bigger blow than most think. However, Tenn's offense is prbly the worst in the SEC (or close to it). But the defense is legit. VOLS

MICH@IOWA - Both teams are overrated and were exposed by mediocre teams early in the season. Michigan "escaped" with a W over Penn St and Iowa quietly has been handling its' bidness. Is Michael Hart 100%? Kirk Ferentz is a decent coach and usually can turn his team around after negative situations so I think the Hawkeyes squeak one out. HAWKEYES

AUB@LSU - Did you guys know that Auburn is ranked :-)? I want to know who have they beaten a quality team. LSU isn't living up to their expectations either as even though they are extremely talented, I question their heart. But they get another major hurdle at home so I take LSU. TIGERS

TT@UT - Why are we even discussing this? I know TT has the top ranked offense in the Big 12 but it's the Big 12. Conference overall is garbag eand except for Texas, none of those other teams are ready for prime time. Sad to pick them again but Texas wins. LONGHORNS

Gangsta D:

Get ya weight up not ya hate up
Jigga man is diesel when i lift the 8 up
Ya'll ain't ready to work out with the boy
ya flow is brain on drugs
mines is rap on steroids
I lift every voice when i sing
my ability makes yours look like an exercise in futility

Va Tech will win again, but who cares. If they beat the 'U, they'll gain myrespect. Until then, no haps because I'm on "Hokie Swoon Watch."

Alabama almost lost to Ole Miss last week. It was a road game, yes. But Ole Miss isn't just garbage, they're the gunk at the bottom of the garbage bag. It took Brodie Croyle's moxie to get them in position to kick the FG. Without Prothro they have a decent but not explosive offense. On the otherhand, I don't know that UT even has a decent offense. They do have a good defense though. I don't think the players on either time care about theFulmer saga, so that won't be a factor. At Alabama, I'm gonna go with the Tide in a close one. 12-7

I don't trust Michigan. They basically had the Penn State game in hand and almost threw it away. They aren't a team that can win two big games in a row. Iowa is doing what they usually do which is lose early, sneak in under the radar and end up with 10 wins. They're right on schedule. Drew Tate will have a field day as the 'Eyes win by 2 TDs.

Don't know anything about Auburn this year, but LSU has serious scrub out tendencies. They should've beaten Florida by 20, but they kept coughing theball up. Jemarcus Russell shows flashes but no consistency. That being said, LSU is probably the more talented team and their at home. Tigers by10.

My upset special is Texas Tech over Texas. Insane pick you say? More than likely. The Raiders don't play defense you say? Absolutely right. But doesn't this feel like one of those crazy games where nothing goes the way it's supposed to. Maybe i just won't trust Mack Brown until they go undefeated. Read more!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Predictions...or Who Doesn't Know What They're Talking About This Week

Da Realist:

this is the hardest week to predict so far this year. huge games all day long. i recognize that i could easily go winless this week. usc vs notre dame - i want notre dame to win. i really do. i want this to be a fantastic game where we see an overwhelming favorite lose to a big
underdog. i've been itching all week to find a reason to pick the irish. i just can't. as much as i've
heard and read from several people i usually respect that notre dame can win this game, i have to go by what i've seen. notre dame is vastly improved. they are much better. but you can't coach speed. usc has break-away speed and nd doesn't. usc is used to big games, nd isn't. i think the hype for this matchup is about 2 years early. wait until nd can get the type of players that can compete with usc and then we'll see. until then i'll just be hoping for an upset, not
predicting one... USC

colorado at texas - i would be surprised if texas loses this game at home. there may be some letdown, but texas knows it must win out to get back to the rose bowl. they have their eyes on the prize right now and i don't think they'll let it go. colorado talked big noise going down to coral gables and lost 23-3. this texas team is better. TEXAS

penn state at michigan - penn state has a pretty good defense. the question is will their offense cough up some turnovers that michigan can capitalize on. they haven't won a significant road game all year. doesn't mean they can't, just that they haven't. also, which michigan team will we see? the one that lost to notre dame at home or the one that beat michigan state on the road? they already have 3 losses. what else are they fighting for? penn state sees a chance for an
undefeated season. i don't think penn state will run the table, but i don't think michigan will be the one to stop them. PENN STATE

florida at lsu - this game has lsu all over it. lsu will not lose a second straight game at death valley. florida is in the middle of what could be a long season. lsu has even more speed than tennessee. the tigers will use that speed to knock around chris leak. LSU

wisconsin at minnesota - both of these 5-1 teams are still looking to win the big ten. whoever loses this game, however, can fuggetaboutit. wisconsin just lost to northwestern while allowing 51 points! i know they'll come back stronger than last week, but still... minnesota just came off a huge win at michigan last week and is feeling confident. MINNESOTA

michigan state at ohio state - oh boy, another tough one. michigan state is a good team. and they did beat notre dame on the road. but their defense is S-U-S-P-E-C-T. on the other hand, osu has a stout defense, but their offense is too conservative. strength vs strength. what type of game will this be. can msu go into the ol' horseshoe and beat a determined buckeye team still smarting from last week's loss? or will msu jump out to an early lead that osu can't recover from? this is a true pick'em game for me, but i'll go with the home team. OHIO STATE

florida state at virginia - ahhhh, the first time i am predicting a game the seminoles are playing in. what makes me nervous is that, beside having the youngest team of the top ten, we have only played one road game. and bobby's boys are known for coughing up a middle-of-the-season game against a fired up team on the road the last couple of years. can they go out and beat a team deadset on avoiding 3 straight losses? virginia knows it's done for the year (2 losses
already and they end the season with ga tech, va tech and miami), but a win against fsu will make their season. this makes me nervous, but i like this fsu team. they seem to be maturing every game. this game will be a test, but i think my boys will eventually pass it. FSU

Gangsta D:

USC will beat the Irish. Notre Dame hasn't seen the kind of speed 'SC will drop on them. For whatever reason, people are not only giving them a chance to beat the Trojans, some are even picking them. WTF?!? Top five passing game against bottom ten passing defense. USC defense isn't as good as last year, but Notre Dame's offense is nowhere near 'SC. The Trojans drop
at least 40 and beat "The Fighting Weis's" by 3 TDs.

Trap game! Don't be surprised if this game is close going into the 4th Qtr. Texas just exorcised a stable full of demons and they see nothing but a clear path to Pasadena. However, achieving success and dealing with prosperity require two different mind states. Texas wins, but they
sleepwalk through it.

Not sold on the Nittany Lions. They're still inexperienced and make too many turnovers. But Michigan is underachieving yet again. Nevertheless, I can't beleive that this Penn State team is good enough to beat OSU and Michigan in back to back weeks, even if neither of those teams are stellar. I think the Big House will be too much for the young lions and Michigan eeks out a close one.

Rush your ends up the field and tell them to stick their hands up if they can't get to the QB. That seems to be the way to stiffle Chris Leak. Last time they faced a real good SEC team, they got destroyed. How will Leak respond in Death Valley? Will Meyer continue to try to run the spread
option even though Leak couldn't possibly be more ill-suited? I'm not sold on Florida and I think the Tigers will be hella pissed after letting the Vols come back on them. LSU by 10.

I have no clue. Neither team is really any good. But average teams that have big wins the week before always worry me. The Gophers beat Michigan, now what? Do they scrub out or play well? I have a feeling they scrub out. The Baaadgers by 3.

I'm not picking OSU again. I told you guys they were overrated. And no this has nothing to do with the Nat'l title they didn't win. They don't know how to use their weapons. The Spartans have enough offense to get it done. The 'Shoe will be rocking and the Buckeye defense will play
well, but their offense will let them down.

You think I'm gonna give love to the 'Noles. Cry in your beer after the game. Cavs by one! Read more!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Translators Needed

Da Realist:

if somebody don't strangle lou holtz, I WILL! does the college coaches corner REALLY need 4 guys analyzing games? kick lou off the set.

Gangsta D:

You have a serious hard on for the old guy. Give him some slack. He's bad but he's nowhere near as bad as Tim Hardaway was on ESPN a couple years back.


Good point. Timmy was a great trash talker (remember that Nike commercial) but he SUCKED as an TV analyst. Holtz is pretty bad though. Did you see the exchange btw him and Mark May when discussing why Penn St football was back? Lou made no sense

Da Realist:

first of all, no one can understand him. how in the hell he was as good a coach as he was still boggles me.

secondly, he loves EVERY coach and EVERY team! every coach is the greatest coach he's ever seen and every team is the best team in america.

lastly, he will make his (long-winded) points and then if someone dares to disagree with him, he will yell over the other guy, completely interrupting until he's had the last say. reminds me of my mom.

there can be too much of a good thing. espn needs to learn this. we don't need lou holtz or anyone else on the college coaches show. jim donnan and trevor mattich are good enough. we don't need nick lachay, desmond howard or rocket ishmail on the college gameday show. chris fowler, lee corso and kirk herbstreit are good enough. leave well enough alone. Read more!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Predictions Baby

Da Realist:

ohio state at penn state - ohio state is used to playing big games, penn state is not. ohio state has had 2 weeks to prepare for this. OHIO STATE

georgia at tennessee - this is the hardest game for me to pick. these teams are so similar. but tennessee has had to play 2 high profile games and georgia hasn't. that and the home field advantage just may give the vols the edge. oh, and i still don't trust shockley. TENNESSEE

cal at ucla - cal hasn't played anybody yet while ucla at least beat OU on their field a little while ago. i'll go with...UCLA

minnesota at michigan - minnesota hasn't beaten michigan since 1986. HELLO! that's worse than OU over texas. michigan is in their heads. AND the game is at the big house. also, with mike hart back, their running game should take pressure off of the passing attack. MICHIGAN

texas tech at nebraska - i don't believe in bill callahan. TEXAS TECH

oklahoma vs texas - ahhh, here's the upset special ofthe week. i'm willing to go out on the line here for four reasons...1) you CAN move the ball on this texas defense. 2) texas will cough up the ball at least twice 3) ou always adds a few wrinkles for the texas game that takes texas a while to figure out 4) ALL the pressure is on texas this year, but both teams have something to play for. unbelievably, OU can still win the big 12 (and bcs bid). this game is OU's season. they can let it all hang out. texas is so focused on the rose bowl that they might try too hard to blow OU out. texas may win, but i'll believe it when i see it. OKLAHOMA

Gangsta D:

OSU vs Penn St. - I don't trust the Buckeyes, no matter how good they looked beating Iowa. They're playing at Penn St. Penn St. actually has an explosive offense this year. So I'm picking Penn St. right? Wrong. The Lions' playmakers are freshmen and their QB is turnover prone. OSU's defense will be too strong for them to overcome.

UGA vs UT - The teams are pretty much even. Neither QB has distinguished himself, yet, as being SEC title worthy. Both running games are good and both defenses are good. So that being said, home field advantage usually breaks the tie right? Wrong. It took Mark Richt 3 years to lose on the road and he hasn't lost at UT yet. Remember that David Greene was an unknown quantity until his 35 second comeback 4 years ago. Some how Richt gets it done.

Cal vs UCLA - Have no idea. Haven't seen either team play. I like UCLA so I'm picking them right...psyche! Recent history shows that UCLA looks good one weekend then sucks the next. Until they prove consistency, I think Tedford gets it done. And yes, the coach really does make a difference.

Minn vs Meechigan - Michael Hart is a beast and the "Logans" play well when he runs well. The Gophers were exposed last weekend. At the Big House, I can't see Maroney running over the wolverines.

TT vs UN - Texas Tech will score...a lot...very quickly. The west coast offense hasn't exactly blown the doors off of the 'Huskers opponents. No way Nebraska keeps up with the onslaught that the Red Raiders will bring.

OU vs UT - Three years ago when FSU had the 'U down by 13 in the 4th qtr, I thought we were done for. But two quick scores later we were up by 1. OK, here we go again with the 'Noles driving for a winning FG. They get down to the whatever yard line and I'm thinking to myself, "No way they miss aFOURTH field goal at the end of the game." Of course we know what happened. So now I'm thinking to myself, "No way Texas loses to OU this year. Noway." I'm going with the percentages and picking UT. This game has nothingto do with talent or execution, it's just who wants it more. And I can'tbelieve Texas will lose this game. If they do, Mack Brown will forever be a loser. I don't care how many 9-win seasons he has.


Ohio St vs Penn St - Ohio St because their defense is legit and they wont blow a lead like Northwestern did. Penn State hasnt played anybody yet so I dont think they are ready to challenge the elite. OHIO STATE

Georgia vs Tenn - I told you, I rarely pick against the boys and this is not one of those rarities. You guys have accurately described both teams, solid defenses, question marks at QB. I think this game will come down to field position and desire to win. Tenn should be motivated since they havent beaten Georgia in Neyland stadium since '99. TENN

Cal vs UCLA - I have seen both play. Cal's running game and defense is the truth. UCLA is decent but they struggled against a Washington team (at home no less) that was drilled by ND two weeks ago. The QB situation will determine the outcome for Cal but I think they win this game. CAL

Minnesota vs Michigan - Maroney is a beast and future NFLer. Too bad the rest of his team is suspect. Michigan isn't exactly itself but I think theyare motivated to win after the emotional victory in East Lansing last week. If the Wolverines do lose, look for to spring up on Sunday morning. MICHIGAN

Texas Tech vs Nebraska - How did this game make it into the selection criteria? Not even worth the typing but a flip of the coins says Texas Tech wins (HEADS) TEXAS TECH

Oklahoma vs Texas - Texas wins this game. PERIOD. TEXAS....Side note - if Mack Brown loses this game , he enters the pantheon of coaches who will always be bridesmaids and never the bride (see Marty Schottenheimer, FlipSaunders, Van Gundy Brothers, Rick Adelman, Tony Dungy, etc) Read more!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

FSU vs USC? Are You Smoking PCP!?!

Da Realist:

ok, ok. it finally got to me. i'm getting excited about fsu this year (a little bit). i finally laid some coin to get 2 tickets to see them when they play virginia in charlottesville. i know what you're gonna say. the noles aren't goodenough to win it all. to that i mostly agree. they still aren't very good on offense and they have a green quarterback and i still don't trust JEFFBOWDEN. but, this IS college football...where it's not guaranteed the best team will win. if so, how do you explain ohio state beating miami in the fiesta bowl a couple of years ago? 9 times out of 10, miami wins that game. what about this year? is florida really better than tennesseee? don't think so, but they won anyway.

i'm letting my guard down a little bit. we have some games coming up that we should win. then all we'll have to do is find a way to beat va tech or miami in the championship game and voila! it's a one game playoff in the rose bowl (maybe). anything can happenin any one game...right? RIGHT???

Gangsta D:

I'm just gonna sit back and watch the carnage. You'll hear no further comment from me. I'll just say this, I remember the euphoria after FSU beatVirginia last year. I also remember how long that lasted. But, anything can happen...

Da Realist:

(bubble bursting...) well, at the very least this team is building confidence for the next couple of years when they'll have more experience.


Glad to see you lighten up a bit on your boys man:-). They are winning and you need to celebrate that..... As for that game, you are right anything can happen. Based on what we haveseen so far this year, no game is a given

Michigan State over Notre Dame in South BendMichigan, unranked, over Michigan State, highly ranked in East Lansing TCU, unranked, over Oklahoma, top 5, in OklahomaTennessee, struggling on O, over LSU, top 5, inDeath Valley, on ESPN, at nightime

When do FSU-Va play anyway? I know this weekthe big games areTenn-Ga, Oklahoma-Texas, Ohio St-Penn St, Arizona St-Oregon, Cal-UCLA

Da Realist:

please. pac-10 games are never "big" unless usc is one of the participants. Da Wife and i call them the"pac-10 pansies". but i recognize i'm highly biased toward southern football. all that pass-happy, no defense stuff doesn't interest me.

fsu plays virginia on oct. 15 at 7:45. two big games that day...usc at notre dame at 3:30 and florida at lsu TBA. i will get to see the notre dame game and still be able to catch fsu play. i'll just watch the lsu game the next day.

Gangsta D:

For pure entertainment value, Pac-10 has it. Every now and then I don'tmind a 41-37 score... Read more!

Pound For Pound

Da Realist:

is roy jones jr done or what?

Gangsta D:

Do you even have to ask? Well he's definitely done fighting Antonio Tarver. Maybe he can move up to heavyweight again and fight Mike.


it was pretty sad to see that fight. he looked scared to engage. antonio outpointed him all night but by the 11th round, he was tired. he was so tired he lost his balance and almost fell out of the ring. all roy had to do was come up with a nice flurry and he might have knocked him out. but roy looked like he was scared to take any risks. Read more!

Expert Analysis?


I guess Realist is the big winner this week since he called ND over Purdue. Honestly I didnt think the Boilermakers were that bad but good lawd. Other random thoughts

- Florida got exposed badly. Alabama was scoring off simple plays b/c Florida couldnt either catch or tackle anyone
- USC is a 2nd half team but I think if someone holds that offense to 28 pts for a game, you can beat 'em. THe question though is what team on their schedule can do that. I dont see anyone stiflin them but u never know
- When do Va tech and Miami play again :-?
- Forget Georgia, I'm worried about playin Alabama....they r 4 real
- Florida St quietly continues to put the smackdown on their opponents. Are you smilin yet?

Da Realist:

- how about a cautious smile? florida was exposed saturday. they will have problems now that the blueprint to beating them is in. (put tremendous pressure on chris leak and watch their offense fall apart) this sets up nicely for tenn to win the east, except...tenn still needs to play georgia, alabama and notre dame. they are not going to win all three of those games. one of those teams will realize that clausen doesn't have much of an arm -- they will stack the box and dare him to beat them deep.
- va tech and miami play nov. 5 and I AM GOING!!! should be a great game.
- call me crazy, but i give notre dame at least as much chance to beat usc as arizona state. nd has 2 whole weeks to plan for usc. this game has "upset" writtenall over it. we'll see...

Gangsta D:

USC - Reminds me of the '02 Canes. Not as dominant against the good opponents as they were the year before, but just too much talent to be beaten. But, they can be beaten. I still think only Cal or UCLA can beat them. ND will play them tough, but their defense is still suspect. Matt Leinert didn't throw a TD pass and they still score 38? Bad things man...

Tejas - A big win at OSU is impressive, but this week will be the tell-tale sign. Can they get over the mental hump of beating a down Oklahoma team?

Va Tech - Marcus Vick is more accurate than I thought. The defense andspecial teams are good as always. They haven't played a real good team yet, but that will occur in a month. If they win the ACC, they set themselves up nicely for a Rose Bowl spot. I hate them, but they are playing well

FSU - The defense is pretty special. Weatherford is showing signs. My co-worker thinks they have a chance to play 'SC for the nat'l title. I'll let Mr. Hunt comment on that one.

UGA - Pretty good defense. Shockley so far has played pretty well, if inconsistent. Their 3 headed monster at running back is pretty good. But this week will be the big test. If they can beat UT in Tenn, they are setup for a nice run cause Florida isn't ready.

OSU - Good defense. But they still don't know how to use their speed, andI'm not sold on the QB yet. Nevertheless they're pretty much set up for aBig Ten title, unless somebody creeps up on them.

Alabama - More team speed than I thought. But God punishes the unjust:) Don't know if Prothro breaking his leg in half was punishment for going for a TD in the 4th quarter when you're up by 30, but hey...Like I said achieving success and maintaining prosperity are two different things.

UT - The players love Ricky Clausen. The running game and defense are very good. But UT still has a hellified schedule left in front of them, and I don't know that Ricky is an SEC title kind of QB.

The 'U - The defense is fast. The secondary looks like it did 2 years ago. I'm concerned with the D-line cause we're not getting enough pressure on the QB, but they run to the ball and punish the runner. The offense is another thing. We just aren't in sync. We don't get into a rhythm until the 4th qtr, and that's not good enough. If our offense doesn't get better, we won't beat Va Tech. We have the talent to do it, but we gotta put it together.

Cal - Have no idea. Haven't seen 'em. But they probably have a stud QB and RB. They get 'SC at home this year. They are the last team to beat them and should've beat them last year. Was it Rodgers or the scheme? We'll find out in a couple weeks.


Good job Gangsta, that was a pretty dead on assessment of every team. If I learned anything this wknd, it was college football is ALWAYS unpredictable.

Michigan State losing to a supposedly down Michigan team at home? ND laying an unexpected smackdown on Purdue in Purdue?? Alabama holding Florida without a TD for the first time in over 10 years?? It's why they play the game..... Read more!