Sunday, September 30, 2007

Weekend Bloodletting

Gangsta D:

Jesus, I leave the house for a couple of hours and College Football goes absolute apeshit! I told ya'll Oklahoma was overrated:)


That was one of the greatest days, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, and Notre Dame (all teams I cant stand for one reason or another) LOST! Add in Rutgers, Clemson, West Virginia, Alabama, and Penn St all go down in games they were supposed to win. LSU and USC didnt exactly overwhelm their competition either. So the question is, who really is the best team in the land? NO ONE is miles ahead of anyone....

And I'm pissed neither ABC or Fox Sports showed the Cal-Oregon game in my area :-)

Da Realist:

That was the best saturday i've had in a long, long time. :-D C'etait parfait!

Weis got a fat contract extension cause he "almost" beat USC. what does willingham get for "almost" beating USC two years in a row?

Gangsta D:

A pat on the back and an "atta boy." lol


And the big piece of chicken when he gets home

Did you hear Holtz after they lost? Paraphrasing but said they were playing winning football in the 2nd half. WTF? I thought playing winning football meant you actually won the game.

D, you should start putting on our picks list a special slot for the Irish and just simply say "Weekly Suicide Watch: Do the Irish win or lose this week?"

Da Realist:

Y'all are cold. LOL... Read more!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Solo Tells Boba Fett Where To Stick It

Gangsta D:

Did you guys happen to catch this in regards to the US Women's World Cup loss.

"It was the wrong decision, and I think anybody that knows anything about the game knows that," she said. "There's no doubt in my mind I would have made those saves. And the fact of the matter is it's not 2004 anymore. .. It's 2007, and I think you have to live in the present. And you can't live by big names. You can't live in the past. It doesn't matter what somebody did in an Olympic gold medal game in the Olympics three years ago. Now is what matters, and that's what I think."

This chick is getting all kinds of sympathy on both Around The Horn and PTI. Can you imagine if Kobe was benched for the Olympic semi-finals and made these comments? He would get killed. As would just about every other black male athlete. Cute white chick says it? Not so much. I just laugh.

Da Realist:

It might also be because no one actually cares about watching professional soccer...besides waldini, that is. ;-)


I know Solo is mad b/c Scurry started but she has a point. She had been golden in goal for the US and to decide at the last min to start Briana was a bad move. Solo should have been more tactful in defeat about her comments. Ryan is more worried about the relationship between him and Solo. He needs to be worried about how Solo's teammates will react to her calling out her team member on a national stage

Gangsta you know the routine. If a white athlete does something like this, they are emotional leaders and courageous for saying this. When a non-white athlete says it, it's he/she is spoiled and an embarrassment to the sport.

Gangsta D:

I'm just gonna remember the mostly positive reaction to her statements, and wait to see the reaction to Melo's comments after getting benched in the 4th qtr of the Gold medal game at the Olympics next year:) Read more!

Who You Got?


Yours Truly 16-8
Osceola 16-8
Smokey 13-11


Dang, I continue to be the Baylor/Duke/Vandy/Arizona/Northwestern of the bunch huh :-)

Bama vs FSU

Gangsta D: Technically not a home game for FSU, but who are we kidding? The Garnet and Gold will be substantially represented in the stands. But will it matter? Bama has played two gut wrenching games in a row. Do they have anything left? Can the 'Noles get their offense going? Bama seems to be on the right track, but I don't know if they're ready emotionally. My brain says to go with Bama, but I think the "home" crowd pushes the 'Noles to victory.

Da Realist: No way does Alabama fall asleep at the wheel in this game so I can't say that FSU will have a motivational advantage. We know Bobby wants this game, but there is another subplot that is just as interesting -- teacher vs student. Jimbo has had 2 weeks off to wake up the offense and get the boys ready. I'm sure he's made quite a few changes (maybe, just maybe including the quarterback position), but Nick wants this game just as badly. I just don't think FSU will be able to bring enough.

They "can" do it, but I need to see them pull out a game like this before I have confidence in them. We still got yahoos getting tasered by the cops on the eve of the biggest game of the season! And we still got Ol' Bobby giving them the message that the game is more important than respect. We're a little banged up and frankly, I don't think we have the speed to keep up with their wideouts all game long. And I don't care about the criticism of John Parker Wilson -- he looks better than any FSU qb i've seen in years. ALABAMA

Waldini: 'Bama proved me wrong last week. I thought they had something special going and then they lose to Georgia at home. Rumblings are also happening inside FSU's camp about the lack of offense. Agree with you Gangsta, I don't know why they say neutral site :-). Gimme ALABAMA only b/c I'm not sold on Bobby's offense.

Cal vs Oregon

Gangsta D: Autzen Stadium is gonna be rocking. Dennis Dixon appears to be the truth. Cal is explosive, but so is Oregon's crowd. This is gonna be one of those classic Pac-10, sling the ball around, nobody play defense, trick play bonanzas. Final score should be in the 45-38 range. These teams look to be even, so I'm going with the home team. It's just hard to beat a good Oregon team at home.

Da Realist: Gotta go with the home team. Dixon will dominate. I think they win comfortably. OREGON

Waldini: This just in, the Ducks lose their top receiver for a year. But they still have Dixon and he's a beast. This should be the game of the week as you have two high octane offenses and neither's defense strikes fear in anyone. I hope Oregon doesnt make the same mistake as my Vols and decide to punt to Jackson. That would be highly uncivilized. OREGON

Clemson vs Gtech

Gangsta D: OK, it's safe to say that Tech is vastly overrated. Stomping ND is no longer a good litmus test. Clemson appears to be on one of their tradional early season rolls. But can they maintain it? Tenuta's defense specializes in tormentin QBs, which is great for Clemson cause they can't throw it. James Davis and CJ Spiller will get heavy work and wear down the yellow jackets. I'm crossing my fingers, and hoping that Tommy isn't screwing with us once again. Clemson by double digits.

Da Realist: The Yellowjackets shouldn't even be in this game by the fourth quarter. Clemson should not lose in the regular season. of course they probably will, but not this game. CLEMSON

Waldini: Will Clemson start it's annual midseason meltdown with a loss to G Tech. Me thinks that won't happen at this game. Too much Davis and Spiller will trump Tech's D. Plus they got exposed by BC a few weeks ago and that officially had me hop off their sleeper bandwagon. Dont screw this up Tommy. CLEMSON

W Va vs S FL

Gangsta D: This is gonna be a good one. The mountaineers have a lethal run game. S. Fl is on the comeup. I was tempted to take the Bulls, until this:

"I thought we were already in the (state's) Big Three," Bulls receiver Taurus Johnson said. "I (didn't) know Miami was still there."
Noel Devine comes home to Florida and runs for 135 yds on six carries. And the Bulls get a much needed dose of reality, and hopefully some humility.

Da Realist: The Bulls are not ready to win this game. I would feel better about their chances if it was in Morgantown. The Bulls have won 2 straight games and I'm always leery about picking a team to win 3 straight. The Mountaineers pull this out on the road. WEST VIRGINIA

Waldini: Great offense (WVa) vs a Great defense (USF). Can that defense stop White, Slaton, and now Devine. Maryland did for a quarter and a half, then BAM it was lights out. USF was one of the teams that beat WVa last year so I know Rodriguez has got revenge on his mind. "Mercy is for the weak" WEST VIRGINIA

Miss St vs S Car

Gangsta D: Three wins for Sylvester. Just two more and he's guaranteed a job for next year. The Bulldog defense is actually pretty good, and OBC is trotting out a freshman for his first start. Neither offense can really put up points so it's going to be a defensive struggle. Couple that with the home crowd and the 'cocks pull this one out. However, if the
Bulldogs win I won't be disappointed.

Da Realist: Let's not get carried away here. The Bulldogs are still a work in progress. The Gamecocks were dominated last week, but they DID beat the dawgs between the hedges earlier this year. And besides, they won't lose 2 weeks in a row. SOUTH CAROLINA

Waldini: We see you creeping up in the W column Sylvester. I'm real happy for him b/c the Bulldog alumni have been smoking crack when it comes to their football team and expectations. But I cant see them pulling another miracle like they did in Auburn 2 wks ago. And now that Spurrier pulled another Danny Wuerffel-Terry Dean with his current set of QBs, I think those boys come out and doing their thing. SOUTH CAROLINA and then they go to Bojangles afterwards for bo-berry biscuits and sweet tea.

Auburn vs UF

Gangsta D: Who's got the balls to pick Auburn in an upset? Well if Jason Campbell, Ronny Brown, and the Cadillac were playing, I'd definitely take the Tigers. Unfortunately, they're not walking through that door. Anyway, you know how I feel about Florida. They can be beaten. Maybe Auburn plays with some emotion and pride. Maybe Brandon Cox pulls his head from his hindquarters. Maybe. But I don't think they have the athletes to do it. It will be close, but Florida wins another squeaker. And we have to hear about the greatness of Tebow for another week. I can't wait for them to go to Baton Rouge.

Da Realist: This is the SEC and anyone can win any game on any given saturday, but Auburn has been awful. Give me FLORIDA.

Waldini: Uggh, I hate to keep picking Florida but this game's in the swamp and the Tigers offense is in disarray. FLORIDA wins but if they happen to lose, I wont mind taking an L on this pick. Another week of Tebow's the greatest QB ever. Read more!

Old School Friday - The Randomness

I love to cook. I'm not a great cook, but I can burn pretty decently in the kitchen. Lately, I've been trying out a bunch of new recipes. Some work. Some...meh...not so much. But I concocted one that turned out pretty well. And I'm gonna share it with you. Yeah, I know. I'm a great guy.

Seafood Salad

1 lb of shrimp(whole)
1 lb of crab
1 can of salmon (crumbled)
2 ears of grilled corn (shucked)
1 half of a medium red onion (diced)
2 stalks of celery
1 half a pint of grape tomatoes (chopped)
1 pound macaroni (cooked)

2 cups of mayo
1 tblsp of mustard
1 jalapeno (diced)
1 tblsp each of cracked black pepper, old bay, lemon pepper

Combine the ingredients for the dressing, but make sure not to over season. Put the dressing in the fridge for an hour to let the flavors mingle. Mix all the dry ingredients and set aside for half an hour or so. Then combine all the ingredients, and season to taste. If done right, it's quite good.

Nope, not trying to be the Black Alton Brown. Just a little something to break the monotony (WINK!). On to the videos. Remember to drink and act responsible this weekend.

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Summertime

"Checking out the honey in front of you with the light eyes."
Pretty much the greatest summer song of all time. Sixteen years later, and this song still kicks ass. People sleep on Mr. Smith but dude always had skills. Listen to "He's The DJ/I'm The Rapper" and tell me I'm wrong. The video is dope too. There ain't nothing like a black family reunion.

Groove Theory - Tell Me

Waldini's Spelman sister just happens to be Ariel's cousin. Of course, the punk has never worked that angle so I could meet her. I was the best man at his wedding! And that's how I'm repaid. At any rate, this was the jam. All the dudes were in love with Ariel and all the chicks were in love with Bryce. Symmetry is a beautiful thing.

LL Cool J - Doin It

Sophomore year, my cousin and I used to go to some pretty seedy strip clubs every time I came home. Whenever I hear this song, I think of ghetto ass strippers, gold teeth, leopard print thongs, sticky floors, and almost getting shot. Was college great or what?!?

Wu Tang Clan - Can It Be All So Simple

"Nah nah, 87. That was my favorite shit God." OK, I give Hype a lot of shit, because I think he often over directs. But this is my favorite Hype video by far. Every single shot is perfect. Perfect use of slo mo. Perfect color palette. Perfect performances. The kid on the bike always gets me. If he had infused half this much heart into "Belly," it wouldn't have sucked so hard. Oh yeah, Rae and Ghost kill it.

Tevin Campbell - Can We Talk

Ok, I'm just gonna say that I refuse to inundate you with a shitload of gay jokes. Not me. I'm better than that. No way will I mention that Tevin throws gayer than Lamar Latrell. Not gonna mention how his female love interest is virtually indistinguishable from all the men in the video, with a haircut more butch than a rottweiler. Not going to stoop to that level. I wouldn't dare. Me? I'm way too classy for that. You know how I do.

Michael Jackson - Rock With You

"What happened to Michael? He used to be my complexion. Now he looks like a fucking napkin."
So true Chris. So true. But thank God for youtube, cause we get to go back and admire his bell pepper nose. And what a fine bell pepper at that. But honestly, nobody can fuck with "Off The Wall." Mike killed it deader than fried chicken. I dare you to not snap your fingers while listening to this. Triple dog dare you.

Missy Elliott - All In My Grill

I've never been the biggest Missy fan, but the chick knows how to make a hit. She definitely tears this track and new asshole. Then Antwan Patton comes in to finish off the remains. I used to bump this incessantly back in the day.

Read more!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Is You Is Or Is You Ain't A Racist?


I went to the gym during my lunch break and decided to shootaround on the bball court. I see 5 people, 4 white & 1 asian, on the court. The 4 white guys ask me and the asian to play 3 on 3, with me, the asian, and of the white guys on my team. I dont know why it was but as soon as the ball touched my hands and I looked at this white guy guarding me, I felt overly confident. I couldnt explain, I just felt like I was going to dominate him and his boys, make 'em understand you aint on
My level. Anyway, I was lucky today and my J was falling. We also won pretty convincingly but I couldnt stop thinking "Man there's nothing like beating white boys at basketball to make your confidence feel better". Does that make me a racist?

And for the record, I havent played competitive ball in over a year and I was very lucky my J was on. Usually that doesnt happen as it takes a few games for it to start falling....

Gangsta D:

Racist? I don't know. Prejudiced about this particular aspect? More likely. We all have certain prejudices and biases. They key is to not let those biases manifest themselves into negative action. It's no different than a white guy playing golf against a black dude, and thinking he's gonna take the brotha for all his money. Now as far as me? I've been torched by too many white boys in my day to think I'm automatically gonna dominate on the court:)


Oh dont get it twisted. This was a lucky occurrence. I have definitely have that confidence taken behind the woodshed courtesy of the Billy Hos in the world.

Gangsta D:

I wonder how much white dudes feed off that. When they step on the court, they have to be thinking that most of the guys probably don't respect them. If they're really good, I wonder if THEY start thinking that no black guy can hold them:)


Well I'm pretty sure in defeat they say to themselves "Laugh it up negro, cuz I know my net worth is prolly worth 10 times what yours is...." Read more!

You Gonna Cry?!?


It seems everyone wants to be traded these days. Kobe, AK-47, Da Kid aka KG and the latest, the Matrix. I know it's way too early to be discussing NBA since camp hasnt even started yet but hasnt this been the "Cry me a river" offseason. It started with AI in the regular season and it's carried on to the offseason. Top superstars asking out b/c they dont feel love anymore. Whats ur take?

Gangsta D:

I look at it like this. Irrespective of how much money you make, you still want to be happy at your job. If you're not happy at your job, for whatever reason, you're gonna want to make a change. People say, "Well he's making $50 million. He should just suck it up and cash his check." OK, but is that what you teach your kids? As long as you make a lot of money, nothing else matters? Isn't that making it about the money? Don't we hate it when athletes are all about the money, and nothing else. Fans/media can't have it both ways.

Now, ultimately, it may be a HORRIBLE decision to leave. But, everyone should have that right to leave if they want to.

On another note, everyone is going apesh*t because Marion is supposedly a fool for wanting to leave Nash. Isn't it a possibility that he wants to go to another team in order to win a title. Nash is a great player and he resurrected the Suns, but he's never been to the Finals. Dallas went to the Finals without him. It's not like the Suns are the only team Marion could ever possibly win a title with.

Da Realist:

I think he's a good complimentary player that needs to make sure to choose the right team for him. He can't really create his own shot and he gets a lot of cheap points (cheap being a relative term here) by beating people down the court for dunks or wide open 3's. He's not a half-court offense kind of guy so he should make sure to go to an uptempo team that has someone that can give him the ball in scoring positions AND has a reliable presence down low to grab rebounds and get those tough buckets needed around playoff time.

Gangsta D:

Utah seems like the best fit, but Sloan would have to let Derron run the show a la Nash.

Da Realist:

Yeah, but you don't know what they're gonna do with andrei kirilinko


Would you trade for Matrix? He's 30, being paid max money and is owed 34 million over the next two years. Realist brought up some great points about his abilities. He's good but max money good?

Da Realist:

If I'm Don Nelson, I would go after him. He's the Nelson prototype. Will they win a title? No. But I don't think either Nelson or Marion cares about that as much as they care about having fun on the court. Could Baron Davis get him the ball? I don't know. He's not a pass-first point guard, but neither was Tim Hardaway and Nelson found way to get Chris Mullin the ball while he was coaching Golden State. Read more!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Prosecute With Extreme Prejudice?

Gangsta D:

Bobby knows how to instill discipline doesn't he? I wonder if the punishment would've been harsher if they were playing W. Alabama A&M this weekend? lol

Florida State linebacker Geno Hayes has been demoted to the second-team after being arrested for an altercation with police outside a bar.

Hayes and fullback Joe Surratt, who is sitting out the season with an injury, were suspended Friday after being arrested earlier in the day. The Seminoles were idle Saturday and coach Bobby Bowden reinstated Hayes on Tuesday.
Da Realist:

I really think it's time for bobby to step down. He doesn't actually DO anything. Well, maybe that's too harsh, but he's more of an overseer than a coach. I think it is holding us back because we need some fresh air.

If i said that on Warchant, you'd be reading about me in the the news. They are blindingly loyal over there. Even if you bring in all these fresh coaches, they still need to adhere to bobby's way of doing things. I just think it's time.

The question is... how much of florida state is bobby bowden? when he leaves, will the program move forward? Tallahassee is not exactly a vacation spot. there are other top school's in rural areas, but fsu has to out-recruit two other major players in the state not to mention georgia, georgia tech, alabama, auburn, tennessee and clemson not too far away. How much pull does fsu have without bobby? I don't know, but i think it's time we found out.


Who do you think should replace him?

Gangsta D:

If Bobby leaves, they'll make a hard push for Richt. He'll probably be their #1 choice.

Da Realist:

He left on bad terms. people still hadn't forgotten how he left. (they said he was too distracted and as a result, we couldn't score against oklahoma). Personally, I wouldn't have a problem with Richt.

I think that bobby is already making moves. have you heard about how he's hired terry bowden as a "consultant"? Now why would one need a consultant after hiring all those coaches over the summer??? One of these days, Jimbo is going to find out the same thing mark richt found out. He has no shot at the top job.

Gangsta D:

Seminole fans have to get over themselves. The offense has been a mid-air collision since Richt left. But who said college football fans were rational.

Yeah, I forgot about Terry being hired. I guess that would probably be the only job to remove him from his self-exile.

Da Realist:

There's just been a lot going on with bobby to make me think it's time. I still remember a couple of games against his son at clemson that seemed rather suspect. tommy's fighting for his job and the seminoles go in ranked #3 and lie down. It's been a couple of games like that. he's the only person on earth who thought Jeff was doing a good job. He's now hired terry as a "consultant".

Richt didn't leave on his own. Bobby made it clear to him that he wanted to promote his son from wide receivers coach to offensive coordinator. Richt left a little bitter. Can you see now how our offense didn't seem to have any pop against Oklahoma in the orange bowl that year? The 2003 sugar bowl displayed a lot of tension between the two.

Richt should have never left. Like you said, it's been a train wreck ever since. Read more!

Because Seriously, Who Hasn't Been Caught Having Sex In A Public Bathroom?

Da Realist:

Camp Randall

According to UW Police Officer Gerard Pehler, he was assisting a fan who had fallen due to heat exhaustion when a bystander approached and asked him, "Can you do anything about two having sex in the women's restroom stall?"

"They're going at it pretty good," added the fan.
Gangsta D:

Yeah, I don't get the whole "having sex in the bathroom phenomenon" either. They couldn't wait another couple hours until they got home? Or, why not just go home then? Obviously, they weren't THAT into the game. I love the dude's excuse of "We were only peeing together." I wonder if the cops did a sobriety test, cause you have to be high to think that would work.

Da Realist:

I shouldn't tell you this, but...

I was caught by my dad hunching somebody when i was real young. We were playing "house". :-D in fact, I was too young to even be capable of "doing it" but I wanted to try anyway. Besides we both had all our clothes on. When dad walked in and caught us, I was on top and she was on the floor, I told him we were doing pushups. I never got the chance to explain why she was "facing" me. :-D

Words can't describe the punishment to which i was then subjected.

Gangsta D:

That's hilarious. Quick thinking young man:)

Da Realist:

Not quick enough, obviously. My dad hadn't moved that fast since.


lmao, that's pretty funny....playing house.

Da Realist:

Don't act like y'all ain't never done nothing stupid. house, school, doctor...their all the same. It was a slick way for us boys to "play" with the girls by letting them think we were just playing a game. (reminder... gotta warn Da Kid about those games...)

And yes i know my english is bad. LOL..

Gangsta D:

When I was 5, my mom caught me giving a girl a "massage." I don't think I got punished too harshly. I just couldn't watch tv that night.

I think it's just a natural part of growing up. It didn't turn me into a sex-crazed fiend....well at least not a fiend:)


I remember my boy Jason Brown and me (ages 6) were next door at this lil white girl's house. She wanted to play doctor and had us pull our shorts down. Her mom walked in on us and just saw these two black boys standing up with their t shirts and underroos on and her daughter trying to check our heart rate. We were kindly kicked out that afternoon and that was the last time we every played at Caroline's house.

Gangsta D:

See how ya'll were punished when it was the white chick's fault all along? That's how OJ got caught up:)

Da Realist:

That's funny as hell. at least i was caught by my dad. family... a man that understood a boy's natural curiosity. You got caught by a white woman in the south. And there were TWO of you! I'm surprised you're still here, my brotha. :-D


Maybe that's the reason why I never messed with white girls growing up. Too much drama at an early age.
Read more!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Official Top 5

Gangsta D:

1. USC - Sorry I had a temporary lapse last week. 'SC is the best team.

2. LSU - Matt Flynn still worries me, but the defense is ridiculoso.

3. UF - LSU will beat Florida by 2 Tds. That's not hate, that's just real.

4. OK - Had a tight game with Tulsa then blew them out the water. They're schedule is still suspect though.

5. W. Va - HUGE game with S. FL this weekend. We'll see if they are truly an elite team.

Da Realist:

I agree with this top 5. watch out for clemson. I know, I know... But they have looked good. And i'll buy you a beer if you can look at their schedule and guarantee a loss somewhere. They may be the sleeper undefeated team by the time they get to the ACC championship.

Gangsta D:

I may not be able to guarantee it, but Boston college is gonna be a beast. They both might be undefeated when they play in November. Maybe the Tigers can soften them up, cause we play in Chestnut Hill the next week:)

Da Realist:

The only question is...will they step on their own foot somewhere along the way? They're a good team, but they aren't used to being the top dog.


I agree with top 5 as well. I still want to see what happens when they play Oregon and Cal. As for Clemson, I dont know if they can reach the heights of Danny Ford yet but we'll see. When they beat G Tech last season, they were 7-1, ranked in the top 10, and I thought no one could hang with them. then they lose 4 of their next 5 and barely get into bowl. The question is if they can keep up the momentum the whole season, not just for the first 2 months. Read more!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Weekend Recap


- Do you realize none of our teams are still not ranked right now?? And that my Vols sit at the bottom of the SEC East? What's the world coming to? I liked this observation from Mandel about the SEC:

My take on the SEC at this point in the season: Two truly elite teams (LSU and Florida) and a whole bunch of good-but-not-great squads (Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, Alabama, Arkansas and Tennessee), any of whom could beat the other on any given night but would have a hard time hanging with the Tigers and Gators.
- This is turning into 2005 redux where you are constantly going WTF with some of the games. Georgia wins on the road, Kentucky wins on the road, Nebraksa barely hangs on, Michigan exposes Penn St, Miami crushes Texas A&M, App St loses to Wofford after beating Michigan, ND is 0-4 for the first time in school history, Arizona St is undefeated, the TT-OSU shootout, etc. Too bad my Vols are repeating their same 2005 recipe for disaster

- I gotta admit, the Cowboys are looking legit. They took one of the top NFL defenses and manhandled it (albeit in the 2nd half). Do these guys play NE or IND this year :-)

- Green Bay is 3-0. Now I have to hear about how Favre is the greatest this and that, and that his Packers are legit

- Did firing Schottenheimer really solve the Chargers problems?

- Angels and Indians clinch postseason spots, the Red Sox and Yankees look like they will clinch the other 2 AL spots and the NL still remains wacky. Who you got going? I may watch the postseason all the way through for a change since the race to get there has been so dramatic.

Gangsta D:

I have a feeling there will either be 3-4 undefeated teams at the end of the year, or 5-6 one loss teams. USC may look unbeatable, but ANYTHING is possible. The only thing I'll agree on is that LSU will beat Florida. It's at Baton Rouge, Tebow's passes were shaky when the game tightened up, UF is undisciplined, and they're defense can be moved on.
Well, I'll agree to something else. Even if ND only wins 2 games this year, Weis isn't going anywhere.

The Cowboys are the class of the NFC. Romo is an MVP candidate. Barber is a beast. TO is TO. Witten is about to move past Shockey and Gonzales. If we can get that D fixed, it's gonna get ugly. And oh yeah, October 14th. Pats at Cowboys. Game of the year.

Bret Favre is Bret Favre cause Bret Favre just does Bret Favre type things.

LaDanian looked so hurt during that press conference. He cried on the way home.

The Red Sox are crumbling. They have one starting pitcher, no bullpen, and no Manny. They're pretty much done. A-Rod gets a World Series MVP this year.


Why dont they go ahead and bench Julius Jones? I know it's a contract yr for him but it's obvious to everyone that Barber is the future back of that team.

Gangsta D:

Jones still has breakaway capability. He wouldn't have been caught on that long run. Jones is still capable. I like the two-back setup. Why tire out one RB, when you have two that are capable. Who starts doesn't matter, cause Barber always finishes. It's academic anyway, as we have the Browns draft pick and will be getting Darren McFadden. McFadden and Barber in the same backfield even scares me. Come on Browns, keep on losing:)


that would be very scary :-). A young QB and 2 young RB studs. Still not enough to convert me to be a local fan, lol

Da Realist:

i'm not sold on the yankees winning this year. they don't have dependable pitching. it's gonna be their fatal flaw in the postseason.


And I'm not sold on Alex coming up big in the postseason. He routinely flames out in October.

Gangsta D:

Hey, we're talking about baseball! Yaaaaaay team! Lol Read more!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Who You Got?!?


Yours Truly 13-5
Osceola 12-6
Smokey 10-8

GA vs Bama

Gangsta D: Is the Tide really this good? Are they using smoke and mirrors? Like Realist told me last week, where did this speed come from? They looked great for the first 40 mins and last 5. In between, not so much. GA looked real good against OK St. Against the Cocks, not so much. GA can match Bama's speed. They don't have a McFadden, but Moreno and Thomas Brown are pretty good. If Stafford gets protection, and the WRs catch the ball it will be a long day for the Tide. I'm going with the Dawgs.

Da Realist: Damnit D, this was supposed to be my upset special. The tide definitely has the tools to be a pretty good team, but I don't think they can put it together for a whole game yet. Everyone's talking about saban, but don't forget about Richt. he's a pretty good coach too. And the dawgs are road warriors. No one expects them to win this game. I'm banking on this being the one game the dawgs come out and play above their level. They'll need a score from their defense to help them out, but i'm going with GEORGIA

Waldini: John Parker Wilson is starting to look legit. Yea his team almost blew a 21 pt lead last week but he kept his boys steady. Gangsta's right about the Georgia comments. Alabama gets another ranked team at home and I think they beat out GAWGA this week. CRIMSON TIDE

Penn St vs Mich

Gangsta D: Michigan is back on track! Well, maybe not. Notre Dame sucks a fat one, so we really didn't learn much. Mike Hart is the truth but it's going to depend on the QB. If Ryan Mallet starts, it's probably going to be a long day. Dude's got a gun and I like his moxie but he's still a true freshman. Penn St hasn't really played anybody, and they were in a tussle with Buffalo last week. Morelli has yet to prove he can win a big game on the road. I think the Nittany Lions have the better team. They have playmakers on the outside to give Michigan problems. I'm torn about this one, cause I feel I'm going to give up my lead this week. I'm going with Penn St in a squeaker that goes down to the last second.

Da Realist: I'm torn on this one. on one hand, the lions are just playing better and i think michigan will have problems defending the wideouts. BUT. This is a proud program and they've been beaten up more than any other team this year. I saw a fire in them last week that, if they bring it this week, may just match any other advantage penn state has. Remember, Michigan has beaten penn state 9 straight times, yet Penn State is favored. Why? Because they beat Notre Dame like a drum? Well, so did Michigan. And let's not forget that Michigan is playing at home. Do you really believe they'll lose 3 games at the big house this early? It's a question of motivation. Michigan cannot lose this game. With a loss, they have nothing to play for. The Wolverines ride mike hart and they find a way to beat Penn State. MICHIGAN

Waldini: Did either of you see Holtz's motivation speech for Penn St to beat Michigan? At least it wasnt the Irish. Ok back to the matchups. Morelli vs Mallet, the Penn St LB vs Mike Hart, Joey P vs Lloyd C. I'm going with Penn St only cuz Henne isnt playing and Michigan isnt facing an inept offense like last week. And can someone tell me why Michigan hasnt gone on the road yet in 4 games?!?! PENN ST


Gangsta D: Andre Woodson is America's best kept secret. Darren McFadden is the best player in the country, even though it didn't look that way in the first half. I don't think the 'Cats defense is all that great. They made some stops last week, but Louisville was moving the ball on the pretty well. McFadden knows this team won't win unless he runs for 150+
yards, so he's gonna be motivated. I think Woodson puts up numbers, but the Kentucky defense lets McFadden put up his own. Plus the Hogs have something to prove after letting the Tide come back on them. I gotta go with the 'Backs.

Da Realist: I had my doubts, but Arkansas showed a lot of heart last week in Yuscaloosa. They were down 3 touchdowns before you could make it to the refrigerator for a second helping of banana pudding. But then they rose up and almost came up with a huge victory. I saw bits of kentucky and was impressed but i'm not sure how good Louisville is. Arkansas' secondary will have problems all game long but kentucky will have bigger problems against that hog rush. ARKANSAS

Waldini: Woodson vs McFadden. The latter singlehandley brought his team back into the game against Alabama. And Kentucky's D is worse than Bama's. I think the game will be closer than most believe but I expect the RAZORBACKS to exact revenge for losing last week. ARKANSAS

Cocks vs LSU

Gangsta D: South Carolina appears to have a good defense. LSU has a lethal defense. Blake Mitchell won't complete a pass longer than 15 yards. Not a blowout, but not real close either. LSU 27-10

Da Realist: No doubt LSU is good, but can they consistently do it every single week? Every year under les miles they seem to have a hiccup game that ends up costing them a shot at the title. I think they'll be ready against the big boys (florida, alabama) but it's games like this that would make me nervous if i was a tiger fan. The Gamecocks have a pretty good defense. If the Tigers cough up the ball a couple of times this game could get real interesting. And you know Steve has a few wrinkles he'd love to unveil on the Tigers. Steve said before the season that he felt this team could compete for the sec title. They could go a long way toward backing him up with a victory here. But i don't have the nuts to call this upset. LSU has too much firepower on offense and is even more talented on defense. LSU

Waldini: The Gamecocks dont exactly echo Spurriers ole fun n gun Florida teams but shockingly they are at least winning games I didnt think they could win. But the buck stop here. Matt Flynn, those WRs, the 3 rbs, and that ferocious defense take it back to Rock via WWE style and layeth the smacketh down. LSU


Gangsta D: Oh to be a black coach. UCLA looked to be a sleeper in the PAC-10 this year. Then they ran into the buzzsaw of previously winless Utah. Ouch. UW looked to be the other sleeper in the PAC-10. Then the Buckeyes slapped them around a bit. UCLA's Ben Olson may not play, but Pat Cowan is a capable backup. UCLA's defense is still pretty good. Last week was probably an anomaly. Jake Locker coming to Pasadena, is a big step in his evolution. But, he's probably not ready. UCLA rebounds with a big win. At least Ty will still have more wins than Weis:)

Da Realist: Unfortunately for UW, the Bruins lost last week. Badly. The huskies will have the Bruins full undivided attention this week. The Huskies are too green to go to LA and beat the Bruins in the Rose Bowl. Ben Olsen is inconsistent but if the bruins run the ball as Ohio State did, they'll win the game. UCLA

Waldini: I didnt know the Heritage Bowl had been restarted :-). Will the real UCLA please stand up? I thought Olson was supposed to be the truth but he got served up badly by the lowly Utah Utes last week. Ty didnt do me any favors by losing a game I thought they were gonna win last week too. Comes down to can a freshman QB win a conference game on the road. I dont see it. UCLA in the PAC's 10 version of the Heritage bowl

Maryland vs Wake

Gangsta D: As the coin flips....Maryland. Ray Lewis' brother plays for the 'Terps so I gotta go with them.

Da Realist: I'm going to go with Maryland on this one. I don't know much about the teams but Maryland held things together with West Virginia for a half and they seem to have a pretty good defense. Wake...just hasn't looked at good. That Nebraska game was there for the taking and they decided against it. I'm basically flipping a coin too. MARYLAND

Waldini: So that explains why Ray Lewis was on the sideline last week. I dont know anyone on either team. I'll take WF since I have to catch D b4 he runs away.... Read more!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Old School Friday - Big Posse

So I was all set with a theme for this week's edition, when I happen to swing by Stop Mike Lupica, and SML happens to mention posse cuts. (Sorry Mr. King, but you did look mad goofy pimpin'). And I thought to myself, "Yeah. Yeah. Posse cuts. Great idea." Yeah, not much depth to the conversations I have with myself. But that's another, much longer story. Anyhoo, this week it's all about the posse(snicker). OK, so I'm 12 years old. Who cares? Enjoy the videos. Drink and act responsible this weekend.

Heavy D - Don't Curse

I had totally forgotten about this track. This was the joint back in the day. A couple things though. What the fuck was Hev and Kane wearing, respectively? And why did Pete Rock feel the need to embarrass himself on the mic? Otherwise, classic cut.

Tribe Called Quest - Scenario

"Bust a nut inside you eye to show you where I come from." Phife Diggy, always with the one-liners. Is this the best posse cut of all time? If not, roll call isn't very long. It just seemed to have that certain "I don't know what." You just spent four minutes bobbing your head uncontrollably, and you loved it. Speaking of, commence head bobbing in 5...4...3...2...1...

West Coast All-Stars - All In The Same Gang

"I'm in a rage. Oh yeah, and why is that G?" The west coast answer to "Self-Destruction." I love how almost every rapper is hard, then Hammer comes in and busts a dance move. Way to read the room Stanley:) I kid Hammer. But the track is dope, no doubt.

M.O.P. - Ante Up Remix

"KIDNAP THAT FOOL! GET 'EM! GET 'EM! GET 'EM!" If you don't feel like busting somebody in the head after listening to this song, then you just can't be reached. This used to get fools so hyped in the club, it's ridiculous. You had to walk it off when the song ended, just to make sure you didn't jump in another dude's shit for no apparent reason. "BITCH RUN THAT! BITCH RUN THAT! BITCH RUN THAT!"

The Juice Crew - The Symphony

The original.

Crooklyn Dodgers - Crooklyn Dodgers

"I'm feeling another part of reality..." OK, first off. Mike in that White Sox uniform is HILARIOUS! I supported Mike at the time, but damn that shit was uncalled for. Anyway, can someone throw Buckshot a lifeline? Dre? 50? Jigga? Someone! I know he had a project with 9th Wonder, but I never heard too much from it. Well, I guess we'll always have "Enta Da Stage."

Master P - Make 'Em Say Uhh

"We keep rollin'. Na na na na na." No Limit at it's absolute peak. This was the crowning achievement of Percy Miller. He stepped to the plate hit a grand slam, but tore his patella while rounding third. Unfortunately, he was never the same afterwards. At any rate, I think "Break 'Em Off Something" is the greatest club song of all time, but this track is right behind it. How many times was this played during Senior Week? A shitload.

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A Little Football And A French Lesson

Da Realist:

c'est vrai ce que miami joue texas a&m ce soir?

In other words... isn't there a game on tonight? where are the predicitons? LOL...

This is one of those extra thin weeks in college football. a couple of good matchups (s.c. vs lsu, kentucky vs arkansas, alabama vs georgia), but no blockbuster ones. this is the type of week that usually yields a big upset or two.


I guess I could actually clean up around the house for a change and just listen to the games while they're on. The LSU-SC might be good only cuz SC has a nice defense. But then again, VT supposedly did and look what happened to them.

Gangsta D:

You're really taking this French thing too far. ENGLISH! WE SPEAK ENGLISH IN THIS COUNTRY!!! lol

Their run game scares me. We're only 25th in the nation against the run, after being 4th last year. That being said, we have three DTs coming back from injury, so that should help up the middle. As usual, our LBs are fast so hopefully they help protect the corner.

Their pass defense is a joke and they give up 150 yards on the ground. Last week, the passing game showed strides so that's encouraging. Kyle just has to eliminate the TOs. The running game will be fine. We should run for 200 yards or close to it. We just have to score TDs in the red zone. We win a close one...24-20...hopefully:)

Da Realist:

LOL.. I'm just excited that all this work is starting to pay off. I went to a French meetup last night and held my own for 2 hours last night. :-)

Gangsta D:

All right. Here's a little test. Transcribe this song. No help from Google.

Da Realist:

Can't follow all the words... I hear words but can't put them into sentences. I would do better if i had the french words in front of me.

ne me quitte pas means don't leave me.

Gangsta D:

Ahhhhh! That's weak. You're no French aficianado:)

Da Realist:

Hey! I'm an INTERMEDIATE student, not a fluent speaker. I do everything EXCEPT listen to french music (listen to french radio, read french books, speak at meetups and watch french films).

Seriously, understanding spoken or sung french is harder than reading or speaking. I'm getting more and more used to hearing spoken french, but music has a different rhythm that takes some time to get used to.

There are even variations of spoken french that are harder than others. for instance, I attend a french meetup every friday night with native speakers from niger, benin, france, belgium and haiti. I can understand french from niger, france and belgium a lot easier than i can understand benin and haiti even though they are all speaking the same language.

Gangsta D:

Bi-lingual black people? What is the world coming to? Lol

Da Realist:

Man, you wouldn't believe how many of us over here are bi or multi-lingual. You wouldn't know it either because a lot of them don't have an accent at all.

By the way, did you two know AY spoke Arabic? yep.

I'm going to finally see what the big deal is and read a Harry Potter book. I'll read the french version so i'll kill two birds with one stone because i'll also be improving my vocabulary.

Gangsta D:

You're moving to a French speaking country once Da Kid graduates from college arent you? Lol

Da Realist:

I'm at a point where i wouldn't rule anything out. I'm just going to keep improving myself and see where it leads later on. If a well-paying job came along that required me to move to a french-speaking country for a little while (say, two years ) and i could bring my family along, I would certainly consider it. I love traveling more than i love doing anything else in this world. Learning other languages and other cultures is exciting to me. I was just telling Da Wife how I would love to visit Alaska to see the northern lights one year and visit again when they have light for 24 straight hours. Read more!

Monday, September 17, 2007

The Official Top Five

Da Realist:

I know it's early. Way early. But just for kicks let's post our top 5. And name one dark horse that can bust everything up.

1) USC - They have such a methodical way of dispatching their opponents. No emotion...almost casual. They walked into nebraska "federer-ed" them.

2) LSU - They are talented, but I have to see more. How good is virginia tech? Plus they were at home. I'll leave them at 2 for now.

3) UF - They demolished UT. UT is overrated, but 59 is 59.

4) Oklahoma - They looked good beating Miami at home, but how good is Miami? And they won't really get a chance to prove themselves because yet again the Big 12 sucks.

5) Penn State -- Only because I haven't seen West Virginia play anybody yet (Maryland doesn't count). Then again, I haven't seen PSU play anybody either (Notre Dame REALLY doesn't count). Scratch it -- No. 5 is a pickem.

oh...and my darkhorse is ARKANSAS. Anytime you are as one-dimensional as they are and STILL wear down a very athletic Crimson Tide team running it down their throat, you have to be pretty darn good. on the road at that! And if not for that bogus interference call at the end, they would have won this game. They were down 31-10! unbelievable. Still can't believe it.

Their last game of the season is LSU. Think about that. LSU has to play Arkansas, at Alabama and Florida, in addition to Kentucky and Auburn. If they go undefeated they shouldn't even have to play in a bowl game. Just give them the trophy in December.

Gangsta D:

1. UF - Defending national champs. Destroying everything in their wake. You have no idea how annoyed I am to write this.

2. USC - Defense appears to be the truth and the offense is coming around. Did you see the kickoff where the 'SC returner fumbled the ball, but a LB picked it up and ran 50 yards? Pete Carroll's deal with the Devil has to come due some time soon doesn't it?

3. LSU - Special defense, but I'm waiting for Matt Flynn to put up numbers against a good defense. Va Tech is overrated.

4. OK - Apparently can't be stopped on offense and they have a faster than I expected defense. Texas won't test them. Probably won't find out how good they are until their bowl game.

5. WVU - That running game is sick. Noel Devine is ridiculous. He's gonna run for a 1000 yards on about 150 carries.

Darkhorse Kentucky - What the hay? Andre Woodson can put points on the board. Louisville has no defense, but it was a big game and he didn't get rattled.

Da Realist:

You're sold on Kentucky aren't you? Think they can beat any of the big boys in their conference?
Gangsta D:

Sold may be too strong a word, but they definitely impressed me. They could've given up when Louisville came back. They had a big 15 yard penalty to set them back with :39 seconds to go in the game, and they get a TD to win it. They can't beat UF. But they can beat UGA, Scar, Auburn, UT, and Ala. I don't think they're run defense can stop Ark, but a 9 win season will do just fine in Lexington:)


1. LSU - One week, only the defense shows up and they post 45. The next week both the O and D meet and it's over in the first quarter. Va Tech's defense is legit and they got posterized. Agree with Realist, they go through the SEC undefeated, just hand them the trophy now. They get most of their tough tests in Death Valley

2. USC - The media complains about them not being flashy but who cares, they get the job done. Nebraska didnt realize they were playing USC and not WF until when it was garbage time. But who cares, they are legit. I cannot wait until they play Cal and Ore, assuming those teams continue to do their thing.

3. F***in Gators

4. West Va. - Pick your poision btw White, Slaton, and now Devine. I know they havent faced the stiffest competition AND that defense is very suspect. But would you want to get into a shootout with these guys. They got 3 legit playmakers that can bring you back into a game. And none of them graduate this year!

5. Oklahoma - By default. They havent played anyone, the Big 12 is complete garbage, and they prbly will lose in their BCS game when they face a real opponent.

Darkhorse - Rutgers. They have a solid team. Good RB (Ray Rice), Good coaching (Schiano), and a very legit Defense. It will be interesting when they play West Va.
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S(h)ittin' On Top Of The World


(1) Sat, my Vols got taken to behind the woodshed and got a Cobra Kai No Mercy beatdown. Completely demoralizing considering they just laid down in the 2nd half. Is Tebow really that good? Prbly wont find out until they play LSU. But he looked damn good on Sat.

(2) Sun, my Titans lose a heartbreaker at home. They were hanging in there but made a TON of mistakes at the end. Cant be dropping passes (Bobby Jones) when the game is on the line and you're driving.

(3) The ultimate in sports downer. I got temporarily banned from having TC watch my favorite teams play b/c I was dropping f-bombs left and right on Sat. I couldnt help it, it's hereditary. My mom used to "Shit Sean oops I mean Shoot Sean" it seemed like everytime I really pissed
her off. I couldnt help, Fulmer, Ainge, Cutcliffe, etc made so fucking er I mean friggin mad on Sat. And then on Sun, I had the boy in his Titans onesie. I'm on the phone talking to Ty Bonner, I look over in the chair to check on Tyler and what do I see on the side of his leg. One of
the nastiest stools Mother nature had produced. This lil sucka decided his diaper wasnt big enough for the funk in his trunk. The sad part was I was more made he jacked up my Titans joint more than having to spend an hr cleaning him up, the chair, and his mess :-0

I saw other things but it didnt matter. I'm still down from the wknd....

Gangsta D:

I that's TC's way of saying you can't force him to be a Titans fan. F**k yo team!!

The thing with Tebow is this, no one forces him to read the defense. He just sits in the pocket and throws to an open space. I didn't see the whole game, but it didn't look like UT was changing up their defensive alignment too much. You have to show blitz and back off, blitz out of base personnell, disguise coverages. If you play him straight up, all he has to do is throw the ball up to one of his multiple 4.3 guys. Unfortunately, he's moved into the Heisman conversation. God, I'm gonna be nauseous.

The Canes are pretty average this year. That's OK, because we sucked last year. At least we're making some strides on offense. Kyle threw for over 200 yards, including a 80 yard bomb that almost stopped my heart. Has to be the first deep past he's completed in two years. We play Texas A&M on Thursday, and if we win we should get some Top 25 votes. Yes, I'm begging for Top 25 votes. But brighter days are ahead.

The Cowboys are the class of the NFC. Can we all agree on that? The defense is horrible, but NOBODY is gonna stop the offense. We weren't even on our game yesterday and still put up 37. I can't wait until we play the Pats in October. Hopefully, both teams will be undefeated. That may rival UF-LSU as the game of the year. OK, maybe not. But it will be big.
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Friday, September 14, 2007

Decisons Decisions To Make

Gangsta D:

OSU-UW, ND-Mich, UF-UT, and UM-FIU all play at 3:30. Should I focus on the two competitive games and forsake my Canes and a possible Irish beatdown? Or do I try to catch them all, thereby driving myself insane? What sayeth the congregation?


Usually when my boys play, it's them and no one else....So watch the Canes and flip to other games during commercial break :-)

Da Realist:

hell naw! drive yourself insane. it's the only way. park your self on the sofa, have the woman bring you meat and chips, glue the remote control to your hand and see if you can go the whole day without seeing even one commercial. ;-)

Gangsta D:

"Meat and chips"

Just any kind of meat will do? Lol

I'll probably tape the canes. That way I can watch it without missing anything, while still switching back and forth between the other games. It's gonna be hectic. I think my eyes are gonna shoot out of my head around 4:15.

Da Realist:

You'll quickly get the hang of it and develop a sixth sense as to when you should change the channel. Something in your mind is going to tell you "notre dame, first and goal at the six" and you'll know to turn. Trust me, it will kick in by halftime. Of course, if you're watching with someone, they will go CRAZY. By the time Da Wife has figured out the situation, i've already changed back to the original game. An example conversation...

"Why did you just turn?"

"The huskies just got a first down at their own 40, but nebraska is in field goal range on 3rd down. which would YOU rather see right now?"

"Oh. But how do you catalog and prioritize everything so fast?"


This will be you by halftime.
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Who Ya Got?!?

Gangsta D:

Picks update:

Yours truly 9-3
Smokey 8-4
Osceola 7-5

Da Realist:

I'm only 2 back??? LOL...


Gangsta D: USC has been ordained the best team in football once again, but they were kind of pedestrian against Toledo. Nebraska didn't exactly look like the World's Greatest against Wake Forest either. I wonder if the bye week hurt 'Sc or will help them. It's always tough playing Nebraska. But, the Trojans just have too many athletes. Nebraska would have to play over their heads to pull this one out. I think it's closer than the experts predict, but 'SC pulls it out nevertheless.

Waldini: I'm not impressed by Carroll, Booty and co PLUS it's weird they have 9 tailbacks on their roster. But I agree, Nebraska didn't lay the smack down on the Demon Deacons like they should have. Originally I had Nebraska but I'm switching to the dark side er I mean USC.

Da Realist: I didn't see usc play, but I saw Nebraska stumbling against Wake Forest. USC has more athletes, even if they are raw and not 100%. I can't remember the last big win Bill Callahan has had in college or pro. USC is used to being everyone else's "game of the year". USC

Ohio St vs UW

Gangsta D: I'm officially on the Ty Willingham bandwagon. Ok I've never really been off, but it looks like Ty has his team ready to play. Jake Locker is trying to cement his status as the White Pat White. Ohio St didn't look that impressive to me against Akron at home. They were up 3-2 in the second quarter. Plus the Buckeyes have to travel cross country to play in a stadium that will be rocking. Can the new QB handle the pressure? Ken Dorsey couldn't in 2000, so there is definitely precedence. I think U-Dub wins and it's by double digits.

Waldini: I picked against you last week Ty, I wont make the same mistake again. I thought Wells was supposed to be the 2nd coming of Eddie George at OSU. That offense struggled against a not on the same level as Appalachian St team called Akron. That's all I need to know. HUSKERS

Da Realist: I hope the Huskies can find a way to win this game and officially throw dirt on the corpse of the Big Ten this year. and oh boy would he stick a big "f you" in the faces of all Notre Dame fans. I just don't see it happening. OSU.

ND vs Mich

Gangsta D: The most hyped game between two winless teams in the history of hyped games. Ryan Mallet versus Jimmy Clausen. Let's just say that the running game is gonna be very important on Saturday. Edge goes to Mich and Mike hart, who is the only Wolverine who seems to be playing to potential. Lord Weis loses his FIFTH in a row, hopefully by 20+ points.

Waldini: The hate in me wants me to go w/Mich but losing Henne is huge. I saw Mallet in mop up duty last week. He's got a cannon but he doesnt have that accuracy down yet. Mike Hart can only do so much see App St game. But Clausen didnt exactly drum up memories of Montana or Theisman either. And that offense is atrocious. Gimme Mich in the Donut Bowl

Da Realist: Michigan has some athletes, but they are slow. Notre Dame doesn't have athletes. Michigan has trouble with speed and mobile quarterbacks, neither of which Notre Dame has. UM

BC vs G-Tech

Gangsta D: I'm sold on Matt Ryan. Dude just puts up numbers. We know he's good. But we don't know if Tech is any good. Throttling ND and Samford doesn't really tell me a whole lot. Their running game is good, as Tashard Choice is a proven commodity. But Taylor Bennet didn't impress me at ND. Plus, we don't know if Tech's secondary is any good because the Irish passing game is pretty nonexistent. Normally I would go with the home team, but I'm getting darkhorse Heisman vibes from matt Ryan. Well see if he turns into Carson Palmer or Kyle Orton. BC in a squeaker.

Waldini: You have the ACC Preseason Player of the year (Matt Ryan) vs the 2006 ACC Rushing Leader (Tashard Choice). Choice has a huge chip on his shoulder (he didnt like being on 2nd team last year) and they're playing in Atlanta. I'm going w/G. Tech, I just think they are going to do some things in the ACC this year.

Da Realist: I like that Georgia Tech defense. I'm not sure how good Boston College really is but I know they are historically big but slow. i think Matt Ryan will find his ass on the ground more and more often as the game wears on. GT.

ARK vs Bama

Gangsta D: All I know about Bama is that Gil's cousin plays for them, and he's pretty fast. All I know about Arkansas is that McFadden and Jones are REALLY fast. The Hogs have zero passing game, but with those two, do you really need one? The Tide hasn't faced a running combo like McFadden-Jones so I have no idea if they're up for the challenge. Even though Saban may have something up his sleeve, the Hogs pull it out.

Waldini: Saban's a genius, a revolutionary, an offensive wunderkind, a relentless recruiter, and a quitter :-). You said it Gangsta Fadden and Jones is a lethal 1-2 punch (only WVA's Slaton and Devine, and Clemson's Spiller and Davis come close to matching that power & speed). And it's in Fayetteville. Arkansas goes ape shit on Sat.

Da Realist: As great as Arkansas's running game is, you can't bring a one-dimensional offense on the road and expect to win. The Hogs are relying on Casey Dick to make some big plays on the road in Nick Saban's home opener (because you know the tide will stack the line). i hope i'm wrong, but... ALABAMA

UT vs UF

Gangsta D: It's hard for me to keep the bile from overtaking my mouth. There's a pain in my stomach that's gotta be worst than contractions. I'm actually going to pick the Floriduh Gaytors. Blechh! I'm gonna go wash my mouth out now.

Waldini: Do I even need to explain why Tenn is my pick?

Da Realist: Another prediction of which i hope i'm wrong, but Tennessee doesn't look that good. I fell asleep watching last week. Where is the explosiveness? Where is the athletic offensive line phil is known for? Love em or HATE em, Florida has athletes. Lots of them. I hope UT can somehow knock UF on its butt at the swamp, but i can't pick em. UF

(Photo from Loser With Socks) Read more!

Old School Friday - 12th Grade

The fall of 1993. Gas was like $.92/gallon. Clinton had yet to put his dick in a fat chick's mouth...well, a fat chick named Monica. There was no internet or DVDs, so you had to watch porn on VHS. Super Tecmo Bowl was holy. I had hair. Damn, them was the days huh?

Nas - It Ain't Hard To Tell

Remember when you actually used to give a shit about Rap City? Remember when you could come home, grab a glass of red Kool-Aid, and watch Rap City for two hours straight? In 12th grade I lived about three blocks from high school, so I would walk home. Sometimes I'd stop by the KFC, and grab a three piece-extra crispy on the way. You can't beat Kool-Aid, fried chicken, and Rap City. Those were good times. For some reason, this song makes me think back to that.

Janet Jackson - Any Time, Any Place

Yeah I know. I posted this a couple weeks ago. Who cares? This song is dope. You got a problem, we can take it outside.

A Tribe Called Quest - Electric Relaxation

"Shaheed, Fifer, the Extra P..." Not this Extra P, but Large Professor of course. I don't know if a song and its title have ever meshed so well. This track is just so laid back, its ridiculous. I love the line about Madeleine Woods. Speaking of former BET vixens, who was doper? Madeleine or Sherry Carter? Of course I mean Sherry before she got pregnant.

Ice Cube - U Know How We Do It

"I'm that fool from South Central, you think you stuck yourself with a No. 2 pencil." This beat is so sick, it's infectious. Just classic West Coast. We used to bump this on the way to Dairy Queen. Yeah I know. I was mad geeky. Sue me.

Snoop Dogg - Doggy Dogg World

Quite simply one of the greatest videos of all time. When this came out, we spazzed out like Kanye at the VMAs. The cameos are just sick. Antonio Vargas, Pam Grier, Fred Berry (RIP), The Dramatics, Fred Williamson, Rudy Ray Moore. Just classic. Fuck it. Best rap video of all time. There, I said it.

Outkast - Player's Ball

"Dropping these things like french fries in hot grease."
Ah yeah, what you know about that 'Kast circa '94? It's crazy seeing what these cats were like 13-14 years ago. They haven't changed much have they? lol But the crazy thing is, they're just as dope now as they were back then. I guess genius transcends styles and the passage of time.

Warren G & Nate Dogg - Regulate

"Ooh I like your size. She said my car's broke down and you seem real nice, would you let me ride?"I don't think Michael McDonald ever thought he'd be inextricably linked to the g-funk era, when he wrote "I Keep Forgetting." Life is funny that way. Nate Dogg is featured on this cut, but he's the real star. While Warren's lyrics kind of got in the way, everybody was singing along with Nate D-O-double-G.

Beastie Boys - Sabotage

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" What can you say? It's the Beasties doing Beastie-type things. You gotta love it.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

You Gotta Beat The Man

"You gotta walk that aisle."

But if you need a loan, you don't actually have to. All you gotta do is turn on your computer and go to Ric Flair Finance for all your financing needs. Yes, that Ric Flair. The Nature Boy. Slick Rick. Ric Flair has a finance company. I'm just gonna let that sink in for a second. Apparently this site isn't a joke, as it's been up and working for a year. But, they've only started offering their "Figure 4 Process" this week.

Tired of getting the runaround and turndown from all the big lenders?

Now with Ric Flair Finance will do all the work for you.

Just complete a simple application and in seconds Ric Flair Finance will connect you to a lender who is right for your financial situation.

I realize that sometimes people need to find ways to augment their income as they move farther away from their prime earning years. I'm not insensitive to that. I also realize that Ric Flair is not going to be approving anyone for a loan. Nevertheless, this venture is wronger than two left shoes. Who in their right mind is going to enter their personal information on this site? Why don't you just put all your money in the bath tub and light it on fire? It's more efficient that way. I bet Dusty Rhodes is laughing his ass off.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fear Of A Gator Planet

Da Realist:

No offense, D, but this is the first time in 8 years i've felt the gators were the best team on our schedule. this will be my first time seeing the gators from start to finish. (Waldini), tell your boys
not to disappoint me.

Gangsta D:

Tebow can blow me...not literally of course.

Da Realist:

i'm showing my hand a little bit, but UT hasn't looked good at all. in fact, NONE of our teams have looked good this season. i'll watch, but i don't think the gators will get tested until the lsu game in early oct. look at their schedule. UT is down. UGA is down. FSU is down. Auburn is down. Damn. if we're not careful, we could be looking at UF in the sugar bowl this year. this CANNOT happen.

Gangsta D:

I don't think UGA is necessarily down. I think the 'Cocks have a better defense than we thought. They can beat UF. FSU can beat them. Until Tebow responds to pressure, I refuse to annoint him. When he can sit in the pocket all day and throw 50 yard bombs, he's brilliant. But how will he react with 3-4 dudes in his face? Will he sit in the pocket and make the defense pay, or will he run? He's fast, but he's not Mike vick fast. He's big, but he's not used to getting hit 4-5 times a drive.

Well we find out on Sat who's for real right. I mean hell they debating Gatorade btw both schools. I need something positive after Cal got the redemption opening week. But the odds arent looking too good? Florida averaging like 100pts a game, Tebow (gag) looking like the truth, Tenn's d looking quite suspect, etc....But that's why they play the game. I just want to shut up Ty, AY, Jenna, Toya, Shveta, and the rest of the Gator crew for a change

The SEC looks down as a whole. Sans LSU who else has looked like they got it? Ga - Nope, SC - Nope, Auburn - Hell no, the list grows and grows. Read more!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The NFL Life

Da Realist:

Kevin Everett is just one reason the NFL needs to have guaranteed contracts.

Gangsta D:

It'll never happen. The owners won't give in. The players would have to strike, sit out the year, and kill any and all possible scabs. I just don't see that happening.

Da Realist:

True cause while they're sitting out, they're getting no money. the life of a professional athlete is so small anyway, most of them wouldn't think it was worth it.

Gangsta D:

Therein lies the rub. But think about this. What if Peyton, Brady, LT, Bush, Urlacher, and other top players did some type of protest like not talking to the media or becoming involved in NFL sanctioned activities? They'd still play and collect their checks, but they'd also make be making a statement. Of course, they'be forfeiting a chunk of money in endorsements, but they wouldn't go broke like they would if they striked. Imagine Goodell going nuts, trying to market the NFL with
Alex Smith, Cedric Benson, and Matt Jones leading the way. Of course this will never happen either.


That's a world that will never happen. Almost like asking black athletes to go to only HBCUs for sports.

You know I was thinking about him(Everett), Earl Campbell (peep the latest Costas Now), and other players who have caught the wrong end of the stick after getting banged up for so many years in the NFL. And the pension is atrocious and they dont get their entire contracts guaranteed. Prior 2 my son being born, I was gung ho about him playing football b/c I didnt get to play. But I look at these factors and go it's not worth it.

I'm going to let him try his hand at all sports except floor gymnastics (see Bernie Mac). But I'm gonna push him towards the sports that have a longer lifespan and less chance of him paying for any early injuries later in life. So get ready golf, Cheetah Waldo's coming to a course near you. And he wont be confused about his race. He's 100% born and raised in Harlem, lol

Gangsta D:

Wait, I thought "Waldo" was Irish? Lol


He wont need to know about that :-) Read more!

Baseball, Sports Bars, And Other Things That Suck

Over to the right is Toni Braxton's sister. A couple thoughts: 1. I didn't know she had that much body. That bikini-type contraption is holding on for dear life. 2. I didn't know she was stupid enough to think that wearing that in public was kosher. But, you know, I would like to see more.


Why no love from you guys for soccer, golf, track, ping pong, poker, horse racing, hockey, mma etc :-)? If it's football, tennis or basketball, then it gets no play.

Da Realist:

I can't talk about things i don't know about. I don't watch any of those sports, except gold (majors). We COULD talk a little more baseball, though. ;-)

By the way, i added another notch on my quest to visit all the baseball parks. i went to miller park in milwaukee over the weekend.

See I'm like that with baseball. I only follow it when the playoffs and/or the World Series comes on. Otherwise to watch a regular MLB game on TV is boring to me. My grandfather's a HUGE Dodgers fan and when I was growing up every year my family would meet my grandmother and him in Atlanta (the old Fulton County stadium) to watch his precious Dodgers. One time he took my dad and me to a game when I was young. After the game, he asked me what I thought about baseball now that I have seen it in person and I said "The hot dogs are great!" he wasnt happy about my response :-)

Now I do like watching baseball in person at stadiums and I have gotten to see a few milestones ('02 when Bonds tied McGwire in Houston, I was there). I even like the parks and the atmosphere. but to watch a game on Fox on a Sat, hell naw, I'm seeing what edited movie is playing on TBS, TNT, USA or F/X instead.

But I do know that the Red Sox and Angels are killing in the AL, the Yankees are making a run, and the NL is a joke right now with all the parity.

Da Realist:

Actually going to a game is 10 times better than watching it on tv. not even close. In fact, i didn't even like baseball that much until we had a team outing at turner field in atlanta. way up there in the nosebleeds (best seats in the house at ANY baseball park -- and the least expensive too) i looked around...had a bird's eye view of the field and a wonderful view of downtown atlanta's skyline, i thought to myself, "hey. This is kinda cool".

Atlanta gets a little boring in the summer time so whenever i needed something to do, i would pay $5 for a ticket and $8 to park and have something to do for about 3.5 hours. The more we went to the games, the more we started actually paying attention to what was happening on the field.

Each park is a different experience -- different foods, different views, different fans, etc. we've now been to 7 parks together (braves, reds, cubs, brewers, mets, phillies, orioles). Hoping to add the pirates and nationals (when they get their new ballpark) next year.

So far, the best experience BY FAR is going to a baltimore orioles game. People to grill, cook or barbeque food outside the stadium and the orioles allow people to bring them inside the stadium. GOOD food. bbq sandwiches, ribs, brats, smoked sausages, pork&beans, etc. All cooked in front of you and sold at discounted prices. Not that "stadium food" at most parks. water is a dollar. sprite is a dollar. Bring a bag and take all that with you to the stadium. You wait until you're inside and you're gonna pay 3 times as much. And the park is beautiful, set in downtown Baltimore. Within walking distance of the best that baltimore has to offer -- seafood and italian restaurants, Baltimore aquarium, Maryland science museum, ESPNZone (for you, Waldini), Chesapeake bay. It's real nice. The Nationals are gonna have to pull something out of their asses to top it.


You know I have a love/hate with ESPNZone. I only love going there to watch games b/c they have so many going on at once. But I hate the food and the drinks are way ovverpriced. Fox Sports Grill is like that too. I prefer the local spots but no one seems to know where to check out a barrage of games in one setting whenever I come to their respective town

Da Realist:

The food at most sports bars suck. People who like sports will apparently eat anything. if espn had great food, i would just buy property around 11th & E and just use it as my extended living room. But having great food where we gather to watch sports just makes too much sense.


You know what makes me mad about those places. Is when they decide they want to charge you to come watch stuff and force you also to purchase that same crappy food. I did it twice, ironically for the Lakers (in '00 and in 01). But now I just say, I rather cook up something I like and watch it for free en mi casa.

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