Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Where's Dr. Detroit?

Da Realist:

did last night prove miami is a threat or just an anomaly? i think detroit's a better team but they seem to think they can just turn it on and turn it off like a faucet. they gave that game away last night. wade was in foul trouble all night, shaq didn't dominate and udonis haslem scored 0 points.

something strange may happen like rasheed wallace tearing a hamstring or chauncey billups spraining his ankle right when they think they can come back from a 3-2 deficit. look at '88 -- i know y'all don't want to revisit this, but if isiah thomas doesn't sprain his ankle in game 6, do the lakers win that series? i'm not hating, i was going for the lakers back then, but
i'm just trying to illustrate that strange things can enable the lesser team to win a playoff series if they get close enough.

who's gonna win the western conference finals?


The Pistons just couldnt hit shots. They had great looks all night but they didnt capitalize at all. Maybe Flip should have ran plays to start having these guys take it to the hole instead of settling for jumpers. I mean you said it below, the Pistons had opportunities and blew it.

Gimme Dallas in 7 over Phx.

Gangsta D:

Can someone explain to me why Sheed doesn't spend more time in the low post? Who on the Heat can guard him? He's athletic, long, and tough with a nice touch. Yet he's always on the perimeter shooting threes. It's the same thing that happened in Portland. Horry couldn't guard Sheed down low, but he always settled for the outside shot. Just don't get it. I have the feeling the Li'l Flip is gonna cost the Pistons the series. Read more!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Skip To My Lou


It must be Apocalypse when I forward a Skip Bayless article...

Gangsta D:

I couldn't beleive that Skip and I actually agree on something. What's the world coming to? Next thing you know, Stephen A will start talking like a rational human being.

Da Realist:

don't hate on skip.

Gangsta D:

If I'd never heard him speak, I may find him more favorable. But it's that petulant, whining, know-it-all, holier-than-thou voice of his that makes me want to peal my fingernails off with a pair of salad tongs. Every time I read his column I hear his voice, and in turn want to do something terrible to a puppy. Of course, maybe the fact that he was highly critical of the Cowboys in the '90's may have something to do with it too:) Read more!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Must See TV


-'Sheed guarantees a victory in Game 4, then goes on to say the Pistons will win this series. Think the Pistons will back it up 2nite? I actually like him calling out the Cavs and his subtle way of saying that team is not on his team's level.

- Suns and Clips are going 6. Sam I am went retro last with a near triple double. I didnt see the game so I dont know if he did that dance I like.

- As Realist has said numerous times in the past, I'm on the 'wagon with him after watching this game. The Nets are soft. This is not a great Heat team but they are about to close this series in a few days. Horrible showing and more disappointing series.

- Remember before the season magazines were saying the Spurs could win 70 games with "all that firepower" And after last season's Finals win, they were saying they were a dynasty in the making with all those young stars. Now what do the media experts say...The Spurs are old and hurting. ridiculous. I dont like the Mavs but I like Avery so I dont know how I
should root in this one

- Oh yea, we all know about the Barkley-Bryant text messages. How about Kobe is gonna be on TNT's pregame show on Wed? Must see TV?

Da Realist:

remind me never to go on vacation again. i'm having a good time, but there is nothing like the comfort of home.

sheed guaranteeing a 'W' means nothing because he's right. the cavs aren't that good. i'm surprised they won one.

suns and clips may just go 7.

don't the heat know all they gotta do is knock vince carter down one time and he turns into dell ellis? they let that dude get all the way to the rim every time. i'm surprised by riley on this one.

the spurs will still win this series.

kobe and the chuckster will be must-see tv. i should be home by then and i will definitely tune in. i don't know if kobe wants to get in a war of words with charles barkley. he might just want to leave it alone, but we'll see.

Gangsta D:

Yep, there's nothing like you're own bed. I just spent the weekend in Miami/Ft Lauderdale and had a blast. But God knows I couldn't wait to get back to my pillow:)

Kobe will probably be playful with Chuck, try to disarm him with humor. Kobe may be a lot of things, but he isn't stupid. he realizes nothing good can come from him trying to go toe to toe with Chuck B.


Kobe could just do what the Jet usually does and just remind Chuck B of the ring count :-)

Naw, should be all fun and games but you never know
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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Reported Temperature in Hell Today...15 Degrees


Did I rub my eyes right??? Did the Clippers win their series last night?? Wow....Do you realize that they have not won a series since the year we were all born.

Da Realist:

yeah, the clippers looked good in finally winning their first playoff series in 30 years. but they won't be taken seriously unless they beat big brother showtime next series. i have a feeling they know that, which should make it interesting. the clippers have looked good and they are playing pretty good defense but it's hard for me to ever bet against phil jackson unless the team he is facing is extraordinarily more talented than his own. if the two teams are relatively even, as these two teams are, then i will go with phil every time.

forget how bad the heat have looked because we all knew they were overrated. WHAT ABOUT THE SPURS? are they getting punked by SACRAMENTO??? they are letting bonzi wells (who, by the way, is only playing like this because he wants a new contract) to look like moses malone in his prime. mike finley is ok, but your boy nick van exel needs to just hang it up. "nick the quick" had his run, but once "nick" lost "the quick" , it was time for him to go.

tonight is the best night so far in the playoffs. lebron vs gilbert tied at 2-2. san antone tied with the kings at 2-2. and we'll see if the young lakers can close out a team on the road. should be somewhat interesting.

Gangsta D:

What is your aversion to the Bulls? No comments. Sean and I have this theory. We don't think you're a Bulls fan, you're just a Jordan fan. Nothing wrong with it, just admit it. The Bulls have a chance to knock off the Heat. I don't think they will, but they've outplayed them 3 out of 4 games. Where's your enthusiasm? Or is it just another case of the NBA being so watered down that the Bulls are within spitting distance of winning this series...


I agree with everything D has said. If that was my team, I'd be excited like crazy. But I think you and the other Bulls' fans (Jon James, McGee, AY[j/k], Todd Merriweather, etc) are Jordan fans not Bulls fan....which makes you as K-Mart called Tim Thomas a few years ago...a FUGAZI :-)

Da Realist:

i'm both, a jordan fan and a bulls fan. the bulls were 41-41. i saw quite a few of their games and there wasn't much to talk about. i'm not about to justify whether i'm a bulls fan or not, mostly because i don't have to. if the lakers star player was luke walton and they were coached by jeff hornacek, went 41-41 in a watered down conference and happened to be tied 2-2 against an overrated, defenseless #2 seed in the first round, i think you two would be doing the same thing i'm doing -- silently rooting them on.

don't worry though, i get calls every other night from fam in chicago that want to talk about the bulls and they feel about the same. we're happy for their success, but we still need some major changes to be considered a real threat for the championship. and to be honest, even though it's been 8 years, it's still hard to go from one of the most impressive championship streaks in history with one of the best teams in history (best player, best coach, 2 hall of famers, and one of the best defenses) to being excited about a .500 team tied 2-2 in the first round. we're happy, just...still a little hungover. we all (at least me and my fam) still got all the tapes and recordings and still watch them regularly so that makes it harder to let go of that glorious period. it's like going from dating jessica alba to courting brandy.

the lakers on the other hand, go from magic/worthy/kareem to nick/eddie/shaq to shaq/kobe to kobe. that's like going from jessica alba to salma hayek to halle berry to beyonce. you guys always have a superstar talent to anchor your team even in the lean years. even though the lakers are average, beyonce had an 81 point game and a 62 point game and numerous other similar scoring outbursts. so what if beyonce only has a 2.0 gpa at spelman, she's beyonce @*#&ing knowles!

Gangsta D:

Let's see, Sean and I went apeshit in '95 when we had Ced Ceballos, Van Excel, Eddie, Elden Campbel, and Jon Barry. Where's the superstar? But it's all good. i see your point. I'm just different. That's fine. We can't all be the same. If we were, strip clubs would suck.

Da Realist:

you just named 1 year. give me 7 more consecutively and we can all it even.

Gangsta D:

OK can't give you 7, but how about 5?

91-93 - Sedale Threat, Terry Teagle, & an old Worthy (3-6 in the playoffs)
93-95 - Eddie, van Excel, Anthony Peeler, Ceballos (no playoffs, 1 series win)
95-96 - Fat Magic (1-3 in the playoffs)

'92 - admittedly didn't go apeshit
'93 - went apeshit
'94 - went apeshit for the wrong reasons
'95 - went apeshit cause we overachieved
'96 - went apeshit when Magic arrived, not so much when I saw the fork sticking out of his back

Like I said, we're just different. I get emotionally involved no matter who's on the squad. That's just me. When Gary Hogeboom was the Cowboys QB, I really thought we had a chance to beat the Bears and was emotionally crushed when we were physically crushed.

Da Realist:

i think we're saying the same thing. you went apesh*t with other laker fans who you could relate to. to my family, i'm the same way. but dacommission is 2 laker fans and me. you probably talked about the lakers quite a bit last year, but i don't remember many blogs between us talking about them because they sucked with rudy t. you were probably having private conversations with sean and other laker fans about the state of your team that didn't include me. same thing here.
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