Monday, August 16, 2010

We Don't Believe You. You Need More People.


Could another "Superfriends" be forming? Late last week, Tony Parker's better half let it be known that TP wants to play in NY next year. Then today, ESPN (wrongfully so I might add) is dropping BREAKING NEWS bullets about Carmelo is expected not to sign an extension and try to get o NY next year. A combo of Amare, 'Melo, and TP in the Big Apple? Isn't that really a bizarro Superfriends group.

I'm wondering now what other cities should start looking to the new trend?

Gangsta D:

Does ANYONE think that team will win ANYTHING of significance?

Hello? Hello?


Yep, that's what I pretty much thought. These cats need to stop sniffing that Lohan...


Iz you crazy?? They got 3 all around guys that give it on both end of um....yea can't think of one reason besides becoming playoff contenders but title pretenders. That trio should NOT scare anybody....

Da Realist:

What a joke of a team full of misfit players. Amare's a fraud, Melo's one-dimensional and CP3 won't matter.

The only real teams are LA and Boston. Every other team is just a collection of talent. I want to see how Miami plays together before making a judgement on them, though.
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