Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Garnett And Green?


I'm hearing Ainge is mortgaging the future (Green, Jefferson, Gomes, Telfair, etc) to get KG in a Celtics uni. So now you got Pierce, Allen, and Garnett all on the same team. I read Simmons' pieceon it and liked the comparison to that '97 Rockets team that had Dream, Glide, and Chuckster. What'chu guys think? Do they win 50 plus? Make the Conf finals? Make the NBA Finals?

If nothing more than a revenue kicker, at least they know the season passses are about to become scarce in Beantown.

Gangsta D:

Just on rep, they would have to be co-favorites along with Chicago. They're all past 30 and never sniffed a title, so I imagine they would keep their egos in control. I think they win 50+ games and make a Conference Finals trip, at the least.

Da Realist:

Isn't doc rivers still coaching the celts? hahaha...yeah right. they may only make it cause the east is so weak. i say they fall apart under the increased expectations.

Gangsta D:

Yeah, Doc is the X-Factor. I can't deny that. But a team with Pierce, Ray, and KG HAS to win 50 games and go deep into the playoffs don't they? Don't they?!?

Da Realist:

A rabid fan base that EXPECTS a run to the title. a coach who gets outclassed every game. 3 stars who've had problems handling expectations. i don't like it. i smell collapse come april/may.

Gangsta D:

I'm not saying they'll win the title, but I just can't see them flaming out. Maybe I should be more cynical. But this can't fail horribly. Even Doc can't completely screw this up.


Doc's track record in the postseason hasnt exactly echoed memories of KC Jones. But I agree, he has 3 legit All-stars on his team, he cant completely screw that up. Only way they should fall under 50 wins is if one of the 3 gets injured. They have depth and PG issues to address but overall, I at least like Ainge for gambling now. Read more!

Weekly Tebow Hate

From (Jehova) Tebow's Wikipedia entry:

In his first season with the Gators, Tebow became an integral part of Urban Meyer's offense as backup to starter Chris Leak as well as a key player in certain situations, providing a hard-to-defend "dual threat" as both a runner and a passer.
Hmm. I'm thinking that should read "a hard-to-defend "dual threat" as both a runner who runs to the left and a runner who runs to the right."

For some reason I don't think there were any DC's that said "Oh shit, he ran! We totally didn't prepare for that. Oh well, what can you do? It's always a 50/50 proposition." I'm sure those 33 pass attempts last season, really kept the defensive minds of the SEC up at night.

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Old School Friday - R&B Madness

I had a thought. Not always a good thing, but I went with it. 98% of the Old School videos I've posted have been rap. Since we're all about diversity here at The Commission, I decided to change it up. This week, we're straight R&B homey.

En Vogue - My Lovin' (Never Gonna Get It)

Fellas doesn't this bring back memories? In the early 90's, En Vogue was pretty much running the game. Cindy was the pretty one. Dawn was the total package. Terry was down to earth. Maxine...could really sing. I kid Max. I kid. Anyway, I always wished those silver dresses were just two inches shorter!

Janet Jackson - Any Time Any Place

OMFG! This song was the shit in high school. Wait, it's still the shit. Watching the video you're like, "Damn I think Janet likes to have sex! Cool!" I'm gonna stop writing now. Just enjoy.

Michael Jackson - Remember The Time

Best MJ video other than Thriller? I don't know, but it was cool to see him acknowledge that he was black:) Now, it's not perfect. "The Kiss" is pretty ridiculous, and Magic's cameo is unnecessary squared. But on the whole, it definitely represents. I couldn't find the short version, so you'll have to fast forward through 3 minutes of bad acting. I'm sorry, damn!

Chuckii Booker - Turned Away

Drew Gooden can suck Chuckii Booker's nuts. Dude was rocking a box AND a duck! You can't get any more pimpin' than that. One thing though. What was it with late 80's video vixens always being light skinned with long curly hair?

Lisa Lisa - I Wonder If I Take You Home

Lisa Velez had the nicest pair of....hands you've ever seen. They were quite impressive, as was this song. From like 85-88, Lisa was one of the hottest chicks in the game. J-Lo who?

New Edition - If It Isn't Love

In honor of my boy G-Nice, who's getting married this weekend, I had to hit you off with an NE classic. This video is great, but it's missing the controlled insanity of Bobby Brown...

Bobby Brown - Every Little Step

Speaking of which. Let's end this week's session with a classic. MY NAME IS BROWWWN!

p.s. I had a "High Right Low Left" haircut in 8th grade. All photographic evidence has been destroyed.

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Name Is NOT Rudy! Jerkoff!

Gangsta D:

These chicks sure are all growns up:)

Da Realist:

i just can't see rudy looking all sexy and take it seriously. crazy, I know.

also...i had the biggest crush on reagon gomez-preston back in the day. I like her look better then than now. here cuteness was more "around the way girl" than "sex goddess".

Gangsta D:

It's not crazy. I'm totally not turned on by Rudy-er Keisha. It's not that she's not attractive, she's just...Rudy. I feel dirty just thinking about seeing her half naked.

I think Reagen is busting out a little TOO much. She's definitely slutting it up.

Freshman year, I opened a door for Maia and she said "Thank you." I was sooooo happy she spoked to me!! Lol

Doesn't Raven look like a black Hayden Panettiere(chick from Heroes)?

Da Realist:

that's funny about rudy. i thought i was the only one. senior year i was "dating" a freshman at spelman that was cool with rudy...i mean keisha. you wouldn't believe how many negroes our age was hanging around the dorm waiting on keisha to step outside. it was really pathetic.

i saw maia around the way freshman year. i knew some dudes that tried to get with her -- and of course they were all shot down. was it a coincidence that i only heard negative comments about her attitude? i think not... lol...

(Hat Tip : YBF) Read more!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Waldini Is Smoking That Ish...For Real

Gangsta D:

I think this is one of the few things we can all agree on:)

Da Realist:

39 days away? i didn't realize we were so close.

Gangsta D:

I think the first game is the last week of August. Fall practice at Miami starts next week. It is about that time gents. Get your buckets of haterade ready. It's almost time to set it off:)


1) Tenn will win the SEC East
2) Tenn will win the SEC championship
3) Tenn will win the NCAA championship
4) Fulmer will be named SEC coach of the year
5) Fulmer will be named National coach of the year
6) Ainge will win the Heisman
7) Ainge will be named All-American
8) Tenn will beat Florida 24-7
9) Ainge will have a street named after him - Ainge Avenue
10) Gangsta and Realist will reply to this email telling Waldini how crazy he is, sparking off a non-ending day of back and forth emails

Gangsta D:

Not really, because no way do you believe in all ten. I'll give you two...maybe. And that's if everything breaks right:)


I have drank the orangasauras koolaid. I stand by everything I said below. In fulmer we trust. good ole rocky top....

Gangsta D:

GA will be better. SC will be better. LSU is gonna be tough. Auburn. Peyton Manning's not coming through that door. Jamal Lewis isn't coming through that door. Peerless Price isn't either. Read more!

No Love For Ookie?

Da Realist:

Do you think goddell has the nuts to suspend vick for the year?

Gangsta D:

He basically has, by telling him to stay away from training camp. The falcons have new coaches who are implementing a new offensive system. Training camp is when those principles are reinforced. If Vick is on the team this year, how effective can he be not going through training camp? It's basically a de facto suspension.


Doesn't help either that his sponsors are backing off too. Nike has nonchalantly prevented people from doing searches for Vick on their site. Second you have blanks who will issue his comment this afternoon. I think both the major sponsors and owner's input will sway Goodell's decision. Vick's probably right now staring at least a month's suspension. If those two hang him out to dry, he's gone for the season. He needs a hug in the worst way right now.

Funny, I thought Marcus was the dumb one.....

Gangsta D:

It's looking more and more like his career is a wrap. However, if he's exonerated I'd sure EVERYONE. I'd sue people who bought a Joey Harrington jersey:)


you think they could get Matt Schaub back? :-)

Gangsta D:

Matt Schaub is fugazi. He's just another Doug Johnson, Rob Johnson, Scott Mitchell clone. The only thing he's proven is that he can start two games and lose both of them. I'll be surprised if Houston sniffs .500 this year.

Da Realist:

you think his CAREER is over? when was the last time a superstar athlete was told to go home in the middle of his prime?


that's a good question. There have been athletes but never any superstar athlete, at least I can think of, that was told to go home, in his prime....

Gangsta D:

I don't know if it is, but he's not playing major minutes this year. The falcons may cut ties with him some point during the season or afterwards. If the charges aren't dropped and he goes to trial, that's going to take place sometime during the offseason. How many teams will be willing to sign him to contract with all that hanging over his head? If he's convicted, even if he doesn't do time, he's done. If he's acquitted, he'll probably sign with another team. But when will that happen? How many seasons will be lost? Read more!

Weekly Tebow Hate

According to EDSBS, College Football is only 39 days away. After a summer of Kobe protestations, Lucifer Vick, and crooked basketball refs, college ball can't get here fast enough. And I can think of no better way to celebrate it's imminent arrival, than to generate some good old-fashioned hate.

The object of my scorn and derision? Tim (Jehova) Tebow, of course. According to some media personnel, Mr. Tebow is the #2 QB in the SEC. Ask a Gator fan and he'll have you believe Timmy threw for 4,000 yds, ran for 2,000 yds, scored 30 TDs, and had 3 picks last year. Ummm...not really. He has shown a proclivity to run right and throw really ugly jump passes, though. So he's got that going for him.

Now for full disclosure, I'm a Miami and Georgia fan, so I'm predisposed to disliking all things Gator. But, I've never claimed to be objective when it comes to college football. Fans predicting "Tebow for Heisman" aren't rational, so why the Hell should I be?

So in honor of the Second Coming, we'll be hitting you off with some weekly Tebow hate. Don't expect long in depth posts until the season starts. Until then, the weekly hate will consist of short statements proclaiming Tebow as the douchebag he is. Hope you enjoy. Unless you're a Gator, which means you'll probably hate. That's OK, I've been hated on by a higher class of people than Gator fans. Read more!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Old School Friday - Sophomore year

1995 was the year. ATL was the place. Broke as a joke was I. Actually, that's a lie. I had money, but spent it all by November because I lost my fucking mind. "Sorry sir, but you're card has been declined." BURN!!!! But I did learn my lesson...sort of. Anyways, sophomore year was cool. Waldini bought a car, so the crew had transportation. I saw Pulp Fiction about a THOUSAND times by Christmas. My roommate and I gave nicknames to all the ugly girls we knew (Mutants Forever!). And I almost got shot at a strip club. Pretty eventful year, if you ask me.

Dove Shack - Summertime In The LBC

"I ride with a...I slide with a..."
Just the absolute perfect groove. This song hit right as we went back to school, and it was THE best song to ride out to Lenox. I'm shocked these guys didn't hit bigger. This song should've launched them into the stratosphere.

Outkast - Benz Or A Beamer

What's up with the Bankhead Bounce shawty!?! A classic video that introduced the masses to the Bankhead Bounce, AND showcased Kast's supreme lyrical skills. It's startling to see Dre look like a regular dude before Badu, ski boots, and argyle. Nevertheless, you have to appreciate the best rap group ever putting it down. Yeah, I said it!

p.s. Check out dude from Yin Yang Twins at the :40 mark. He ain't never had no weight on him:)

Junior M.A.F.I.A - Get Money (Remix)

OK, it's not really the remix but a G.I. Joe mashup that's probably the greatest video ever. Destro was the original pimp. Baroness was a badass with a reptile fetish. Together, they were unstoppable.

And if you want to check out the original, here you be. Notice how Kim looks like an actual person instead of the Alien she turned into.

Tha Dogg Pound - New York New York

"...ever since Snoop came through and crushed the buildings." Talk about a shot across the bow. Tha Pound come through and pretty much wrecked it. I love Snoop's facial expressions throughout the video. He must've been off that purp or something:)

Raekwon - Ice Cream

"You're whole shell, baby, wicked like Nimrod." I always wanted to try that line on a chick, but never had the balls to. Something tells me I made the right choice. This song was an ABSOLUTELY CLASSIC...until Cappadonna's part. What the fuck was he smoking when he wrote his verse? I love you like I love my dick size? Okay? Fortunately, he couldn't completely ruin the experience. Great song and video, except for Whackadonna of course.

The Pharcyde - Drop

Whatever happened to the Pharcyde? Fat Lip was last seen wearing a diaper while riding a bike. Tre was banging that white chick from Real World Hawaii. And yeah, that's about it. Damn shame. At any rate, this song is dope, but the video is doper. Spike Jonz is on that shit, for real.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ookie Love. Ookie Love.

(If you don't get the reference in the title, then you need to brush up on your early 90's booty shake)

So by now everyone knows that Ron Mexico will now forever be known as Ookie. First time hearing it, I thought that was the worst nickname in the history of bad nicknames. How exactly do you go about getting named Ookie? But, I had to check myself and think back to my childhood. Were any of my friends’ nicknames as bad as Ookie? I don’t know, but there are some pretty interesting ones for damn sure. These are the names I can remember off the top of my head. Which one is the worst? I’d have to go with Foofie. Just because, what the Hell is a Foofie?

Snookie – Played at UGA for a year. Tried to stab me with a toy Rambo knife.
Foofie – Short. White teeth.
Kemo – Bald, but I don’t think he had cancer.
Psycho – Running back. Not especially crazy.
P-Lucky – Missed a grip of 8th grade with a bum leg.
Boo – Not scary.
Pop – Broke his leg, hence the name “Pop.”
Tidy – Umm…used to grab girl’s asses on the bus.
Jap – He physically did live on the other side of the tracks.
Charlie Fox – Always into something.
Junior Boone – Would deep fry hamburgers when we were kids.
Flippio – Had really big eyes.
Bear – Not too ferocious, as he was about 5’ 2” 130 lbs.
Blad – Full nickname was Blad Blublain. Don’t ask, I haven't a fucking clue.
Junior Fat – Linebacker. Not too fat, but would hit the shit out of RBs.
Fat Balls – My female cousin. Not sure if her balls were actually fat.
Gush – Bus driver in 8th grade.
Pooh – Another cousin. Not sure of his balls either.
Peanut – Because his head was shaped thusly.
Pumpkin – Because her body was shaped thusly.
Tink – Short for Tinkerbell.
Dome – Tall. Had a jheri curl in 12th grade.
Big Boy – Not big.
Gut – No gut.
Cheeseburger – Was big. Had a gut. Lost weight after he almost died.
Sly – Silky smooth on the basketball court.
Doo Dirty – Always had smudges on his clothes. Kind of smelled.
Cha Cha – Bomb ass Filipino chick. Read more!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Stupid Bowl System

Da Realist:

happy now?

Gangsta D:

Quit your whining. You can't fight progress. It's gonna happen. Just let it take you:)

Da Realist:

progress? this is bad comedy.

Gangsta D:

You'd rather have the system we had before the BCS? Where teams would "lay their claim" to the Nat'l title. The BCS isn't perfect, but at least we play a game to determine the title. Under this proposed new system, the field is opened to two more teams to show their mettle. There will always be debate, because someone will be left out of the top four. So the integrity of the regular season will remain intact.
Whatever that means:)

Da Realist:

i actually don't mind the plus-1 model. i just see this as another step closer to a playoff format. we have already added a meaningless extra bcs bowl game no one wants to see that rotates each year (think boise st vs west virginia). now the plus-1 is in consideration.

before too long, we'll have 64 teams in "december madness" all playing for the title. of course i'm exaggerating, but still. games are on every day of the week, we got conference championship tourneys and seeding. we've pushed the title game into the second week in january instead of january 1, where it belongs. and now we got a mini-playoff.

the good ole bcs boys are bending over for that dollar every which way they can. they're going to end up erasing everything that makes college football special.

Gangsta D:

There will NEVER be a true playoff format in college football. Maybe you're grandkids will be a part of it, but no time in the near future.


Amen to that....As long as the powers that be continue to put their self interests first instead of what the people want, there will never be a format that will satisfy everyone. The BCS was the supposed answer to resolving the undisputed champion issue and we saw 3 years ago, how that played out.

I'm sure one the plus-1 format suffers b/c there will be that one time where we will have at least 5 or 6 teams that have a valid stake to the title, someone will again push for expansion of this. What's next, the plus-2? plus-3?.... Read more!

Daily Wade Hate

Gangsta D:

He said what?

When you have to facilitate and when you have to quote-on-quote, get your own," Wade said. "As a point guard, there's not many plays that's ran for you and you have to go score. When I'm at the 2, there's plays that's ran for me and I can get a couple of easy buckets, get a couple of easy opportunities. But as a point guard, you have to make a lot of things happen. So that's why it takes more out of you than the
Geez, someone sounds mad selfish and unable to grasp good grammar:) I thought Flash was a team player, willing to do anything to help the team. Interesting that he's more interested in having plays run for him. Hmmm....

Da Realist:

sounds like he's just stating the difference between the 1 and the 2. no hidden messages.

kobe got y'all messed up.

Gangsta D:

Right! You're absolutely right.

He doesn't want to play the point, is...the point. He doesn't want to play the point for the reasons listed below. His team SUCKS at the PG position right now. They're thinking of bringing in Brevin Knight or Franchise. Wade could be the "team player" everyone makes him out to be and embrace the opportunity, or he could do what he's doing. If a player the media isn't blowing, doesn't have to be Kobe, said the same thing he'd be castigated.


Stop sippin' on that haterade pimpin. He's just expressing his desire to do what's best for the team. He epitomizes the true essence of an NBA champion. Everyone in the league should take note of his diatribe and let it become the mantra that they follow for the season (You hear me Kobe...)

Gangsta D:

You're right. My hatred has blinded me. I should personally apologize to Flash-in-The-Pan.


On behalf of the Flash Fan Club, I accept your apology. Now go forth young man and let your hate be no more. And make sure you wear the white tee shirt to the next game to show your love.

Gangsta D:

How about I show up with my shoulder in a sling, sitting in a wheelchair?


wrap a bandage around your head and I can set up with a pic with Flash himself after the game to show his human side. I might even throw in his wife wearing the same leopard cat suit she wore on Christmas day if you act right.

Da Realist:

dang... you cut the boy no slack. and you are a fan of the biggest actor in hollywood! Read more!

Monday, July 16, 2007


This is probably 7 of the funniest seconds you'll see all week. Classic.

Read more!

Hate Hate Hate Hate

Da Realist:

Dead on or dead wrong?

6. Miami (Fla.). This is an interesting one. In terms of total school major infractions (all sports), the mighty Hurricanes are tied at five with universities like Baylor, Mississippi State and the University of Texas-Pan American, and behind the University of Memphis and the Minnesota Golden Gophers (such a cute mascot for such blatant rules violators). Thus Miami loses some street cred. You cannot be but so much a bad ass when Texas-Pan American nearly out-cheats you.

But ah, the Hurricanes. They are like the Smokey Robinson of rules breakers. They might not be the all-time best but they make the most out of their opportunities.
Gangsta D:

We haven't been involved in any kind of scandal in 13 years and we still make the top ten. Exactly what kind of crack is this guy smoking?


Freeman's probably doing his evaluation based on the past 20 yrs. Besides Miami, there are other schools on this list that haven't been attached to corruption in at least 5-10 yrs.

But I know one thing, both you guys need to stop aligning yourselves with schools that dabble in dirty business and start rolling with the Smokey Mountain school that keeps it clean. And I aint' talking about Tennessee-Chattanooga.....GOOD OLE ROCKY TOP (WOOOOO)

Gangsta D:

Yeah, they keep their jail cells clean after they've been arrested.


Don't be mad b/c we've mastered how to clean up our messes w/o getting in trouble

Da Realist:

you just can't get out of your own way, can you? lol...

it reminds me of "usual suspects". dean keaton got out of the game and tried to go straight. owned a restaurant and was dating a prominent lawyer. making legit money. yet, the streets kept calling...

is this miami? i can see they are trying to go straight. play the role. say all the right things. but somehow they are still the bad boys of college football. i smell rebellion coming up. i wouldn't be
surprised if we see the fatigues again in the near future. :-)

Gangsta D:

No fatigues. Just a whole lot of fast Negros scoring a whole lot of TOUCHDOWNS!!!!


For real :-)....why do I get the feeling if the 'Canes have a bounceback season, I'm either going to get a personal letter from an unidentified fan or see a link to someone's blog entitled "The Empire Strikes Back"

Gangsta D:

It's gonna be ugly in another year. I predict 9-11 wins this year, and a run to the Nat'l championship in '08. "You got fat while we starved." Well it's time to settle up:) Read more!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ya'll Remember When Wrestling Was Real?

Here's Part 3 of Waldini's Summer Top 5 Series:

This time it's the sports entertainment world better known to you mere mortals as wrestlings. Without further ado (drum roll) please, my top 5 favorite wrestling stables of all time.

1. Four Horsemen (late 80s) - Like you didn't know I was going to say this :-). Where do I begin? They were great on the mic and even better in the ring. I loved that everyone knew their roles. Flair was the top dog, the Andersons did the dirty work, and Tully was 2nd in command. Throw in JJ Dillon as the "manager" and you had a classic stable that I think many current teams mimic today. Shoot the '88 incarnation with Flair, Double AA, Tully, and Barry Windham was probably the greatest compilation of talent ever. Peep that Pro Wrestling Illustrated cover that year :-)

Horsemen Break Dusty's Arm

2. NWO (mid 90s) - Man, this was a close 2nd. From Hogan turning his back on the Hulkamaniacs (he told them to go to Hell Bruudddder) and growing a fake black beard the day after a PPV to Nash and Hall wreaking havoc, pure genius. They were fresh for not only WCW but wrestling in general. They changed the way WCW and WWF started marketing wrestlers. Guys who were supposedly bad guys were now being cheered for being cocky a**holes. Shoot their intro music is the best ever, complete with Hogan stroking that air guitar in the ring. I just hated that it became a parody in the late 90s and eventually started the downfall of Ted Turner's organization

The Birth Of A Movement

3. D-Generation X (mid 90s) - I'm talking about the original version of the Heartbreak Kid, Triple HHH and Chyna where the latter was nothing but a mute bodyguard who scared the piss out of all women and half the dudes in the audience. They stole a good part of their act from the NWO but it was good for WWF, who was at the time, getting crushed in the ratings. The later incarnations are ok but all you need for proof of how funny these cats were was view the time they were in the ring with Sgt Slaughter and had on those police front visors with wipers to prevent Sarge's spit from hitting them. FUNNNY

Suck It!!!

4. Hart Foundation (mid 90s) - Bret Hart turned his back on the fans and the United States, then rekindled ties with his brother, and brothers in law. Throw in the loose cannon Brian Pillman and you got a crazy group of Canadians running about (that;s ABOOT in Canadian). Those guys had a classic feud with D-generation X and at one point during their run held all of the major WWF belts at the time. Similar to Four Horsemen but different b/c their swag wasnt' as phenomenal as the Horsemen.

A Russian Beatdown

Ok, I thought I had a definite but I am torn btw the Nation of Domination when Rock was leading them, The Dangerous Alliance from early WCW days, the Varsity Club and Hot Stuff Inc. I'm taking vouchers :-)

Gangsta D:

I have to go with The Varsity Club. Kevin Sullivan was crazy...for real.

Varsity Club Ambush

Read more!

Cody Paul II - The Sequel

Commenter Casey S put this statement from Cody's coach in the comment section of the previous post. It sheds some light on young Cody, so I figured it was a good idea to give it it's own post.

Cody is NOT 8 years old, he is 13 years old. The film fottage you’re watching is from our season last year (when he was 12years). They are of our first Regional game agaiinst Valencia Park (San Diego, CA); and our 2 Pop Warner Superbowl games vs Holliston Panthers (Red and white) and the San Marin Colts (Green and Yellow). We won all three of those games to go 15-0 and become the 2006 Pop Warner National Champions D-2 PEE WEE level (Warner Bracket).

The coaching he received and the players surrounding him were just as great. The prior 2 years, Cody played for another team, along with #20 that first year, and they amassed only 2 touchdowns in those years. The offensive line in front of him were outsized all year, and yet they were able to open up holes that a Mac-truck could go thru untouched. They were, and are, ALL awesome.

In closing please, know that Cody was a part of a GREAT team that did amazing things (last year was our second trip to Florida (back to Back) to coompete for the national Championship). All the players and their families made the coaching experience beyond phenominal. I am pleased, to know and have worked with them all. I do sincerely hope that this serves to clear up any misconceptions about Cody and the rest of 2006 Los Alamitos PEE WEE GRIFFINS!


Christopher Austin

The funny thing is, I pulled 8 years out of my ass. I had no idea how old the kid was. I was just trying to be funny. I didn't realize questions about his age would turn "controversial." At any rate, I respect what the coach had to say. The entire team does look like a well oiled machine. But honestly, I don't care. I don't even care how old the kid actually is. As far as I'm concerned, Cody Paul is still the motherfucking TRUTH:) Read more!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Old School Friday - The Randomness

There's no over arching theme to this week's batch of goodies. Just a little bit of old school randomness to get your weekend started right. Sit back and enjoy.

De La Soul - Saturday

Just a fun ass song. Pure and simple. I used to love this joint in high school, even though I was never the biggest De La fan. Yeah I know, that's sacrilege. They never totally did it for me, but I do respect quite a few of their joints.

Kirk Franklin - Revolution

I don't even wanna hear it. Ya'll know damn well you were trying to crip walk to this back in the day! The beat was bumping and you kind of lost yourself in the song, and forgot about the "message." This really was Kirk's peak. It was the ultimate "I'm Keith Hernandez" moment, as he gave a middle finger to the gospel establishment. Preach PREACHER!

Hammer - Pumps And A Bump(Clean)

I had to make sure I put up that didn't contain Hammer showing the world his...umm..."hammer." That was one of the all time disturbing videos. But anyhoo (take that HCIC), this version is all sorts of comedy with Hammer trying to be hard. I really can't understand what he's saying, but the chorus always cracks me up and the dancing is on point as usual. Hammer gets points for trying.

Supercat - Dolly My Baby

OH MY GOD Puff was wack! It's hard to muck up a Supercat track, but Puff almost succeeds. Thank god Big was there to pick up the pieces. Trevor Sparks? Um yes, thanks for playing we have some lovely parting gifts for you.

MC Eiht - Streiht Up Menace

JEAH! Absolutely classic song. Even though "We Come Strapped" was a classic, Eiht could never top this song in terms of quality.

Death Row Reestyle

Rare behind the scenes footage of the Death Row days. Yeah, the freestyles aren't the best but I just get the warm and fuzzies watching these dudes in their heyday. Can you believe The Chronic came out 14 and a half years ago? Yeah, me neither. 11th grade was the shit wasn't it? lol

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cody Paul Is The TRUTH

I have seen the future. The future's name is Cody Paul. He might be the best football player you've never heard of. Actually, I'm sure he's the best player you've never heard of. The kid's got break away speed, shifty moves, and toughness you just can't teach. Just picture a white Reggie Bush...who's 8 years old. In all seriousness, the kid's already a silent commit at USC. And you wonder how Pete Carrol stays on top. I'm predicting a Heisman in 2017. (NSFW audio)

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Monday, July 09, 2007

Greatness Defined

Da Realist:

So what do you think of the match yesterday?

Gangsta D:

Didn't catch all of it, but I thought Nadal was gonna take it. He went something like 3 sets without getting broken, and Fed needed two tie breakers. But Raffa spit the bit in the fifth set. When he got broken, I knew it was a wrap. You just can't give Fed an opening when you got him on the ropes.

Da Realist:

Nadal is the only guy that makes federer blink. when they play, it seems like roger plays with a monkey on his back. everything he does is more labored. things he does to other players, rafa does to him. his serve breaks down, his forehand breaks down. he gets wrong-footed. he gets frustrated. it's amazing to see, actually.

Raffa, on the other hand, does feel pressure. he was broken in the first set and 2 games later, broke right back. federer gets broken by rafa and the set is over. whoever thought federer would get broken more times than rafa ON GRASS?

it'll be interesting to see what happens over the next few years. nadal is in roger's head and there's no sense denying it. maybe it's because roger is playing for history, maybe it's because he's been considered one of the all-time greats at such a young age...whatever it is, he plays nadal with a huge monkey on his back.

we know roger will be there, but will rafa be able to make it to the final at the us open? who holds the advantage there on the slick hardcourts of new york? what about slow, high bouncing rubber at the aussie?

if nadal can challenge roger in new york and melbourne, all i gotta say is...
poor andy roddick...poor james blake. because even if roger starts to slow down (he's 25), rafa is only 21 years old. ooops.

Gangsta D:

Yeah it looked like Nadal was just a couple steps ahead of Fed in the first four sets. He really impressed me. I don't think there's any doubt he CAN beat Fed on grass. He's just got to do it the full five sets. I wonder if his injury had anything to do with it. Maybe it got in HIS head. When Fed broke him in the 5th, it just looked like he broke his spirit as well. The US Open just got a lot more interesting. BTW, don't mention Roddick and Blake again until they get to another Grand Slam final:)
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20 Questions - Bringing The Noise Edition

All right boys and girls, it's time to introduce another guest to the class. Today we are graced by the presence of "Signal" from Signal To Noise. I check out the site every day, as he usually writes very reasoned and inciteful posts. He calls himself a recovering musician, though I'm not sure he's recovering from playing too much music or playing too many groupies. I'm gonna give him the benefit of the doubt, and go with too many groupies. Diversity reigns as he writes about music as well as sports. He even suggested I sample a particular Steely Dan song for my next album. When it becomes a hit, I hope he doesn't expect any royalties. I'm not really into sharing. Anyhoo, Signal is a cool cat that works in television news in San Luis Obispo. He digs most SoCal teams, most Denver teams, and Scarlett Johansson. I had the chance to ask him 20 asinine questions. Here are his more intelligent answers.

1. Kim Kardashian’s ass or Jessica Biel’s ass?

S2n: Biel's ass. I don't know whether someone has pissed on it or not, and that's not the case with Kardashian. Also, talented ass beats no-talent ass six ways to Sunday.

2. Would you watch EVERY televised WNBA game, in one season, if it meant never having to pay taxes of any kind for the rest of your life? No fast forwarding allowed.

S2n: Yes. I don't find WNBA ball as horrific to watch as some, and one season in exchange of getting rid of my tax burden would be more than fair.

3. If you could smack one of your college professors in the face, who would it be? Why?

S2n: My Intro to Classical Composition music prof, sophomore year -- his bright idea of having a three-movement composition and the analysis of a completely atonal German opera on consecutive days was not one of his brighter strokes, and justifying the due date by saying, "well, when I was a student here, that was the workload I had" reeked of pure douchebaggery.

4. The last time I was in LA it rained. Think I can sue Tony! Toni! Tone! for false advertising?

S2n: If it stops anyone from writing any more songs about how wonderful California or L.A. is, sure. Even the natives get kind of sick of the myth.

5. The Broncos are playing an undefeated Patriots team in the AFC Championship Game. The game starts at 3:30. At 3:15, the tv in the living room blows out. Your girl is watching the tv in the bedroom and she’s not budging. The tv in the garage gets piss poor reception. You live 5 miles from Wal-Mart, 25 minutes from the nearest sports bar, and you’re neighbors are assholes. What do you do?

S2n: Start times always say 3:30, but they really get underway at 3:40 or so, which gives me just enough time to get to the sports bar. I've never dated someone who didn't like football enough to not watch a playoff game, so while racing to the bar, I grouse a bit about possibly dumping the GF, but figure it's not worth it. Even if I miss a few minutes, it's the first quarter.

6. Why do we fly ON a plane, but ride IN a car?

S2n: Saying you ride ON a plane is a way to avoid admitting you're riding in a sardine tin more often than not. I'm 6'2", and I'm convinced that air travel was designed for people 5'6" and under.

7. Best jheri curl of all time? Doc Gooden, Gary Sheffield, or Eric Dickerson?

S2n: Doc Gooden, just because I was raised a Mets fan.

8. When does Pete Carrol’s deal with the Devil come due?

S2n: Pete Carroll actually got the better end of that deal. He traded massive success for never going back to the NFL. Now, you look at running one of college football's premiere programs in a city where no one is really gung ho about the NFL coming back (wrecks the TV viewing on Sundays and makes the traffic worse) and a school with gorgeous co-eds. I'm starting to think Pete Carroll is the devil.

9. Is dwarf tossing a more legitimate sport than dwarf bowling?

S2n: I'll take anything Olympic-derived as more sport than bowling, so dwarf-tossing gets the nod here.

10. Has Shaun Livingston wrecked his knee worse than Mitch Kupchak and Jim Buss have wrecked the Lakers?

S2n: Shaun Livingston's knee might actually function in a year or two. I don't think I can say that about the Lakers. This might wind up being the second coming of those mediocre teams post-Magic retirement.

11. What would you cherish more? Receiving a nude picture of Scarlett Johansen every day for a year or free gas for a year?

S2n: I pay $3.35 a gallon, and that's at Costco. Sorry, Scarlett. I'm taking the free gas.

12. Who would you’d rather have your back in a fight:

Charles Oakley
Tie Domi
Kyle Farnsworth
Elijah Dukes

S2n: I gotta go with Panthro here, because the odds are pretty good that I'd be a badass cat-beast with powers and a sword, if he had my back.

13. If you owned a catering company, would you sell your services to a porn production company? Would the type of porn make a difference?

S2n: If I'm running a catering company, especially in Southern California, I'm taking any business I can get and hoping that I can avoid guy-on-guy sets.

14. One athlete you would (theoretically) give up your kid to meet?

S2n: Muhammad Ali. No question. You don't see athletes that mean so much more than their sport any more.

15. Bigger pimp. David Stern or Roger Goodell?

S2n: David Stern has kept the hand strong for longer and in a velvet glove. You can make the argument that Rog of Iron Fist has to do what he's done, the Pacman precedent is going to come back to haunt him a little. To steal from the Godfather, Goodell is the Club, Stern is the Rapier.

16. Who would you want to do the play by play of your life, for a day? What about color guy?

S2n: Vin Scully. It's really not even close, and the beauty of it is that he wouldn't need a color guy.

17. Gus Johnson and Stephen A. anchor a NCAA Tournament game. Brilliant idea or biggest clusterfuck since New Coke?

S2n: Clusterfuck. They'd be walking all over one another. The beauty of Gus Johnson is that someone has to be there to play straight man for him.

18. Who’s banged more chicks? Jordan or Tommy Lee?

S2n: Tommy Lee. Hard drugs and booze in the late 80s Sunset Strip scene make for more sex partners than he probably even remembers.

19. Would you rather be able to throw a 95 mph fastball or throw a football 60 yards in the air? Why?

S2n: I'd rather throw 95 mph heat, because being able to throw deep is no guarantee of making an NFL roster. Whereas, if you look at the pudgy dudes who make bullpens and starting staffs, I figure I could give being a lockdown closer a serious shot.

20. In 25 years, your daughter marries Gilbert Arenas’ son. Do you let Gil plan the reception?

S2n: If Agent Zero is paying for that reception, then he can do whatever the hell he wants -- and I would expect no fewer than two ice statues.

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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Can We Get A Little Reverence Here?

I just found this video of Verne Lundquist and Dan Fouts being quite jovial during the playing of the Star Spangled Banner at Texas Stadium. According to the person who posted the video, this was taken from the raw feed and wasn't meant for broadcasting. However, thanks to the interwebs, this video can be shown and made fun of ad nauseum.

Verne and Dan don't do anything too egregious during the playing, but they're far from reverent. At any rate, I love Verne's laughing at the beginning of the clip. It sounds like some chick is giving him the best blow job of his 70 some odd years. "Uh oh! My goodness! Ha! Ha!" Bout as classic as it gets.

The clip is a year old, so if you've already seen it that's too bad. The sounds of Verne Lundquist possibly getting a hummer in the booth before a game should be replayed as often as possible.

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Friday, July 06, 2007

Old School Friday - 9th Grade? Jeah!!

1990 was soooo long ago. My God was it a long time ago. But I remember it like it was just yesterday. I was a fresh faced 13 year old that didn't know shit. I missed the bus first day of school and couldn't find any of my classes. And I wore a black and gold polka dot shirt. Hey Kwame was big so get off my nuts. Oh the memories...

Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby

You can front if you want, but you know damn well you were bumping this. You know damn well you were like, "That white boy can dance." So I don't even want to hear it.

LL - Around The Way Girl

Ah, the last LL album I bought. Although, I can't say I want a chick with a Fendi bag AND a bad attitude. Take the bag. Leave the attitude. The funniest thing about this video is how much clothing the chicks are wearing. Compared to today's standards, they might as well be wearing cossacks.

Suzanne Vega - Tom's Diner

"Instead I pour the milk." Nope, the lyrics don't make sense to me either. But the beat is HYPNOTIC.

Ice Cube - Who's The Mack

Damn, Cube is letting his Soul Glo like a mug ain't he? Glad he came to his senses on Death Certificate. You gotta love the old school Raiders cap. Every dude who wore one thought he was g'd up. Too bad his mom picked him up from school in a Beamer.

Fresh Prince Intro

"Hey holmes smell ya later." Hey who knew?

Michel'le - Something In My Heart

Hey did you hear that Michel'le was in the hospital? Yeah, she had something in her heart! Seriously, I'll be here all week. Try the veal, it's marvelous.

DJ Quik - Tonite

"Giving 'em something they can roll on." Nuff said...

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Oh My Damn!

Gangsta D:

Ray lewis got in Eddie George's head so bad, he's been resuced to this?!? And what's up with your boy Weink Dog? I know Emmit was on Dancing with The Stars, but at least his partner was a dope Asian chick:)


hehe, who knows...btw this and his reality show on BET, I guess he's got bills to pay and needs all the publicity he can get. No comment on Weinke :-)

Question, are there any Asian chicks to you that are NOT dope :-)?

Gangsta D:

Well yes of course. I'm sure there's one Asian chick in the world I don't find dope. I just haven't met her yet:)

(HT : TBL)
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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Brand Jordan For The Greater Good?


I am always at a crossroads with this one. LZ's words actually best describe my thoughts on this...

Da Realist:

please. it's a little heavy-handed to "expect" anybody to do anything. michael jordan played basketball. you can't expect him to be w.e.b. dubois. efforts should be genuine, not given because somebody expects it. if it's not in jordan's character to do some of these things, he shouldn't do it.
and who knows how much he has done? the only thing we know is he's not very public about it. so what? this guy doesn't know him at all, doesn't know what or if jordan has done anything that "might"satisfy him. what might satisfy LZ, may not satisfy Sharon or Robert. For all we know, he bought 10 houses for Katrina victims. If he said anything, the media would say his efforts were meant to lionize his character. If LZ found out about it, he may say that's not enough because KG bought 15 houses.

my point is, it's dangerous to live your life based on other people's expectations. I have personal experience with this within my own family. Nothing is good enough for everybody until you tire of trying and just do your own thang.

we should celebrate and uplift the ones who work to bring about change instead of throwing dirt on the ones that "seemingly" don't. if jordan's lack of public service is a turnoff to anybody, that's their perogative. but don't expect anyone to be anything other than themselves.
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Monday, July 02, 2007

Smoke Dog Returns...Pricks


This is the 2nd installation of my ongoing summer series. I gave you the worst Laker moments so I decided to flip it up and give you the 5 best Volunteer moments

1999 Fiesta Bowl - Does this really need any explanation :-)? As an adult I had yet to experience any of my teams winning the big one and FINALLY it happened. After so many years of Citrus Bowl appearances, Florida beatdowns, fallen expectations, etc, I could finally smile about the Volunteers. It helped that I won a friendly wager against a co-worker who said Tenn would get spanked by FSU (this is the same person who picked Syracuse against Florida in the Orange Bowl that same year)

1998 win over Florida - Emotional on so many levels. As mentioned above, the constant ridicule from Florida fans throughout college and early corporate years, the smart ass comments made by Spurrier on an annual basis (including the infamous Citrus comment), the repeated bridesmaid role. They FiNALLY beat Florida under Phil Fulmer. I was at Tyrone Bonner's apt (a big Florida fan) when this happened and when he said "This is bullshit after the final whistle, I was vindicated. I could finally talk smack to a Gators fan. And of course, that lead them to the bulletpoint above

1991 win over Notre Dame - See here for a quick recap. All I remember is this cat at my school named Joe Mahoney that kept talking shit about ND and how much better than UT they were. Didnt help that ND road out to a big lead at halftime and Mahoney called to taunt me. But we all know how that turned out. Oh man, if Johnny Majors ever did anything right, it was winning that game. And in South Bend no less. And when ND was a bigger player in college football than UT at the time. I remembered I called Mahoney after the game ended and said "How does it fell now Mahomo??" Click....Aww the memories....

2005 win over LSU - Where do I start? The Vols and Tigers were both highly rated but Tenn had looked mighty suspect in it's early season Ws. Plus they were playing in Baton Rouge, at night, and on ESPN, which is usually a guaranteed win for LSU. Down 21-0 in the first half, I'm on the phone with Nate Dogg, cursing the Vols, hating on Ainge, doubting Phil, completely forgetting it's my birthday and I'm supposed to enjoy my day. What happens in the 2nd half, Clausen the 2nd coming gets put in, he pulls a Revenge of the Sith and proceeds to guide my Vols to a W. Sadly, it was the only good thing about that season as the Vols finished the season horribly. I think God heard my birthday wish for that day....

1993 tie with Alabama - Alabama is coming off its national championship season, the Vols are having a decent season and they havent' beaten Alabama in 8 yrs. This tie started the beginning of 8 consecutive wins over the Tide, which of course was huge for this rivalry. At the time I was pissed Tenn choked away the lead and let David Palmer convert the 2 point conversion. BUT I was happy that they stand their ground.

Gangsta D:

The '98 game against Arkansas HAS to be honorable mention. If Clint Stoerner doesn't screw up, you guys are watching the first BCS Bowl at home.

Da Realist:

a classic that espn NEVER shows! i've been telling athena about this game for years, but it's never on. It hurt at the time cause i wanted to see the hogs do well, but now i just want to see that classic game again.


Definitely honorable mention. And considering I missed most of this game and walked in to surprisingly see Arkansas leading in the 4th, that was a classic ending. Read more!