Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Essential Tequila

Hey class, who out there likes Tequila? OK yeah, dumb question. Hey, who would like a chance to win $10,000? Another dumb question, you say? How about this one? Have you ever wondered if there were some way to combine Tequila and the chance to win $10,000? Well thanks to our good friends at 1800 Tequila, that reality is about to come true.

Earlier this year 1800® Tequila launched an inspired campaign featuring nine cutting-edge artists it considers to be Essential. These artists and their artwork were featured as part of a national advertising campaign including print, billboards, internet, and radio, and now each piece of artwork is featured on 1800® limited edition tequila bottles, available nationwide in stores now or online.

Now 1800® is on the search for the next essential artists, via an innovative interactive project taking place on . Any aspiring artist or fan can upload their art on a custom 1800® bottle and join the competition to win $10,000 and be featured in a national advertising campaign.

The site allows fans to log in and in 3 simple steps join the competition and also spread the word through a custom artwork widget to embed on their site. Connoisseurs can also view the gallery and vote on the thousands of submissions. Fans can upload up to 5 pieces of art until the contest ends in mid-December.

You can check out the previous winners' artwork at 1800 Tequila. I don't know about you guys, but I think I may break out the Photoshop and upload a couple designs myself. Read more!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Who Ya Got ?!? (Thursday)

tOSU - Penn St

Waldini: Penn St

Gangsta D: tOSU - God, somehow they win these kinds of games. Makes me ill.

Realist: Penn State

KU - Texas Tech

Waldini: Texas Tech

Gangsta D: Tech - They are on a roll.

Realist: Texas Tech


Waldini: LSU

Gangsta D: UGA - Night game in Death Valley and I'm not picking the Tigers? I promise I haven't been drinking.

Realist: LSU

UT - OK St

Waldini: Texas

Gangsta D: OK St - Three straight huge games in a row. I think the Horns run out of gas. If not, see ya'll in Miami.

Realist: Texas

USC - Zona

Waldini: USC

Gangsta D: USC - La Raza(Sanchez) puts in work.

Realist: USC

FSU - VTech

Waldini: VTech

Gangsta D: FSU - Tech can't score and the Noles' D is pretty good.

Realist: Florida State Read more!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Who Ya Got?!?


Waldini: Reesing's decent but he's not McCoy. Bradford and friends bounce back. SOONERS

Gangsta D: Hmm...I don't know about this one. Kansas is pretty good. OU HAS to have a hangover from last week. I doubt they come out with guns blazing. If they start slow, the Jayhawks may pounce. Hmm...that being said, I'll go with the Sooners.

Realist: OU

Mizzou - UT

Waldini: Do the Longhorns have a letdown after slaying the beast last week? Macklin and Daniels are a lethal combo but unless one of them's playing both ways,that horrible defense will continue to get exposed. LONGHORNS

Gangsta D: Chase gets back in the Heisman race by dismantling the Longhorns. Book it.

Realist: Texas

UGA - Vandy

Waldini: Vandy continues to shock me by making it on Gangsta's weekly pick 'em list. But this is another loss that will soon keep them off. BULLDAWGS

Gangsta D: Vandy is actually good this year, so yeah they get in the picks. Two years ago they shocked the Dawgs at home and probably should've beaten them last year. UGA has too much talent, but this one goes to the wire again.

Realist: Georgia

Baylor - OK St

Waldini: Pimp I know Baylor is doing its' best Vandy impersonation, winning under the radar and what not. But have you seen that Cowboys offense???? COWBOYS

Gangsta D: Baylor's QB is the truth. Dude is just nasty. Nevertheless Mike Gundy is a man. Cowboys by double digits.

Realist: OK State

Clemson - G Tech

Waldini: Bowden's fired, Harper and his daddy call Tommy out, and the rest of the team showed mixed emotions. Yep Hollywood drama in tiny Clemson SC. Oh yea CJ Spiller is out for the game. YELLOW JACKETS

Gangsta D: The Ramblin Wreck has just been waiting in the weeds. They haven't got much pub, but they seem to be pretty good. Clemson should be in the Top 5, which is why Tommy has gone fishing. I got Tech.

Realist: Georgia Tech

Mich St - tOSU

Waldini: This is the breakout game Javon Ringer needs to be considered as a legit Heisman candidate. Terrelle Smith er I mean Troy Pryor eh ah hell you know the Buckeyes QB continues to amaze but they still struggle to beat lower teams. I picked against them against Wisconsin, I'm picking against them again here. SPARTANS

Gangsta D: Javon Ringer is a problem. Spartans end their annual mid-season collapse streak.

Realist: Ohio State Read more!

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Wacky World Of College Football


- The upset tour continues w/Oklahoma, Missouri, LSU, Vanderbilt, and Michigan being the latest victims.

- SEC - In yrs past, a day of UGA-UT, LSU-UF, ARK-AUB would be must see football. But those games were average and not even the best. That went to S Cack-UK and Vandy-MSU. Bizarre indeed...

- Phil Fulmer should be VERY worried, Tommy Tuberville's play still didn't inspire his boys to win, and Rich Rodriguez needs HELP

- Why did the commentators pump up Texas' defense? They kept saying the defense is committed this year, they were great in the OU game etc. Let's clear up some misconception, any defense that gives up 35 points is not great. They made stops when they needed them but great and defense don't add up to Texas.

- Speaking of Big 12, I am officially converted for this season to watch their games. Btwn the OU-UT game and the OSU-Mizzou game, they had game changers. It's a sad day when a SEC homer like me prefers to watch another conference's games

- Can Javon Ringer get some love? Cat is killing folks in the not so mighty Big Ten

- Again, I tell you that Penn St RB is the truth

- Another thing that's annoying me is how the bandwagon is back for USC and pumping up their team for demolishing an overrated Arizona St. Again, if their so great, they don't lose to Oregon St. But what do I know

On a diff note, I went to Fox Sports Grill to watch the OU-UT game, didn't really understand how diehard both fans are. I arrived at game time, the place was already standing room only, depending upon the side the fans were crunk for the entire time. I mean they went apeshit on a 1st and 10 play if their team moved the ball just 5 yrds. Between the Texas fans shouting Boomer bitches and the OU fans chanting Horns Suck, pretty crazy. Oh yea, good ole JR from the WWE was in the bldg. I felt blessed. LOL

Gangsta D:

Aren't you the guy that HATED Big 12 football? I mean, HATED it? lol


Still hate it but I respect it lol. Such a juxtaposition.... Read more!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Who Ya Got?!?

Realist: Ahhh...the kind of Saturday I've been looking for this whole season.


Waldini: Gameday will be at the Dallas Fairgrounds for the game..who cares? Bradford and McCoy are two of the top passers in the country..who cares? Both teams are ranked in the top 5...who cares? And neither has played anyone of importance to date...aha now I care. OU

Gangsta D: It's not November yet, and Texas isn't a suck ass Big 12 team so I gotta go with the Sooners. Sam Bradford is That Dude.

Realist: I'm going against the grain. TEXAS


Waldini: Forget his name but one cat is talking about taking Tebow out of the game. I'm no fan of Timmy's either but it's not like LSU has a QB to brag about either. After watching Auburn struggle, I'm no longer thinking maybe LSU has that magic. UF

Gangsta D: I heard a dude today say that the Gators need to "turn Tebow loose, and let him improvise like he did last year." What? Anyway, the Gator offense looks like it's in suspended animation at times. LSU will always have a great defense. The fact that it's in Gainesville makes me nervous. But Ricky Jean-Francois is looking to send Timmy to the junkyard. Tigers.

Realist: Florida's looked ordinary this season but will put their best foot forward in this game. Florida

Mizzou - OSU

Waldini: I know the Cowboys are quietly putting up points on people. But damn that Mizzou O is sic. What's the WR's name on that team? I dunno but he's fast as hell. Mizzou

Gangsta D: This should be about halftime. Both teams can light it up, but Chase Daniel is "That Dude Squared." Gotta go with old Mizzou.

Realist: Missouri

Penn St. - 'Sconsin

Waldini: Penn St. Their RB is fo real. PENN ST
Gangsta D: I have no idea. Joe Pa has his boys playing on Beastmode. I guess I'll go with the old geezer.

Realist: Wisconsin


Waldini: A game I don't give a rat's ass about (who came up with that line anyway, lol). UNC

Gangsta D: The fact that the Irish is 4-1 and Clausen has gone off the past two weeks, makes me sicker than I was after downing 5 Liquid Cocaines on my birthday. Fuck the Irish. The team, not the race. Tar Heels big.

Realist: North Carolina

S. Cack - UK

Waldini: Kentucky's D is legit. If you don't think so, see the Alabama game. They did what Georgia couldn't do which is contain Bama's offense. UK

Gangsta D: Once again. No idea. Coin flip. Kentucky.

Realist: Kentucky Read more!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Who Ya Got?!?

Ole Miss vs S. Cack

Waldini: If this were early Sept, I'd say slam dunk Spurrier, Smelley, Garcia, etc win this. But Nutt and one-time UT wunderkind Jevan Snead are making this happen in the SEC West. OLE MISS

Gangsta D: Here's the thing about Houston Nutt teams. They can pull off a big upset one week, then look like absolute dogshit the next. Of course, the Cocks have looked like dogshit every week, so there's that. I guess I have to go with the Rebs, but I wouldn't be surprised if Spurrier pulled this one out.

Realist: Ole Miss

Oregon vs USC

Waldini: They're at home and they should be fighting mad. MEN OF TROY

Gangsta D: Trojans. They will have had 10 days to steam over that loss. Oregon has a trumpet player at QB, so many of them have gone down. I think it gets ugly quick.

Realist: USC

tOSU vs 'Sconsin

Waldini: Wells is still banged up and as much hype Pryor got, they still aren't destroying lesser opponents. Bounce back game for Wisconsin. WISCONSIN

Gangsta D: Neither of these teams impress me. Badgers in a close one.

Realist: Tough loss at Michigan last week. They won't let this one get away at home. Wisconsin

AU vs Vandy

Waldini: this is a trap game. I want to pick Vandy b/c they are undefeated. I want to pick Vandy cuz College gameday is broadcasting live from there for the first time ever. But it's Vandy, the perennial academic juggernaut but also constant cellar dweller. I won't be mad if they prove me wrong. AUBURN

Gangsta D: It's the year of the eggheads. If Vandy AND Duke go to bowl games this year, I'm setting all kinds of shit on fire. Car, computer, couch, shoes, er'ething. Still, I got to believe Auburn's pure talent will get them the win.

Realist: Auburn. Mostly because Vandy hasn't beaten Auburn since the 50's.

Duke vs G-Tech

Waldini: This ain't Virginia. If David Cutcliffe continues this success, it wouldn't shock me if he replaced Fulmer next year LOL. GA. TECH

Gangsta D: Duke is two years away from being mediocre. Tech is already there, so I gotta give them the nod. But this game will be uncomfortably close.

Realist: Georgia Tech

FSU vs Miami

Waldini: Was it that long ago, this was THE game of the college football season. Times are tough. MIAMI

Gangsta D: Even though we are 2-2, I have such a good feeling about this team. I just feel like they are sooo close to doing some damage. Next year, I expect full on beast mode. But we got some growing pains to get through. Miami wins in a squeaker...again. I expect sloppy, explosive, and bewilderment(Bowden).

Realist: I just don't believe in the Nole offense. The defense is solid but we're playing hot potato at the QB position. This ain't the Orange Bowl (RIP) but I still can't pick them this year on the road. Miami Read more!