Saturday, March 28, 2009

Smile! It's Vodka Time...Three Olives Style

Three Olives did me the kind favor of sending a free bottle of their Cherry flavored vodka. [Thanks guys!!!] In return for the swag, I promised to give a review of my experience...and here it is.

First off, I have to give props to the wrapping that the vodka came in. Very sexy guys. Now to set the stage, my girl came over to my place to take part in a scrumptious seafood feast and drink Three Olives Cherry vodka with me. After we finished eating, we popped in a DVD, got some ice, two shot glasses, and a 2-liter bottle of Sprite. We have an intimate knowledge of the Three Olive brand, and Sprite usually goes best with it. So I pour copious amounts of vodka into the shaker, with only a smidgen of Sprite, and serve up the shots....DAMN GOOD is the response! My girl and I look at each other and say "Smooth. Very smooth." We then decide to take things to the next level, and omit the Sprite.

Cut to: ten minutes later the bottle is gone, we're buzzing, eating leftover potatoes and sausage, wishing Three Olives had sent us a bigger bottle.

My girl and I drink Three Olives all the time [no lie] and we know for a fact that you're not going to be in a world of hurt the next morning. Furthermore, every Three Olives flavor is good enough to drink straight, but you definitely want to keep it chilled. If we can get serious for a moment, taking a Three Olives shot with a lime on the side, may just be the best drink you'll have all night. In conclusion, Three Olives Cherry [or any of their flavors] brand is pretty damn awesome! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm on my way to the liquor store to scoop up another bottle. Read more!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Crooked Officer! Crooked Officer!


This has been the talk of Texas today.

A police officer was placed on administrative leave Thursday over a traffic stop involving an NFL player whom he kept in a hospital parking lot and threatened to arrest while his mother-in-law died inside the building.
Gangsta D:

Isn't Frisco where you live?

But yeah, that cop needs a good old-fashioned country ass kicking. He's the reason some people hate cops.


This happened in Plano :-). The good cops of Frisco would nev - wait what am I saying. These mofos in Frisco gave me a ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLAR speeding ticket for going 52 in 45 mph zone.

Yea all these cops can eat a fat one! Read more!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Be A Father To Your Child....

Waldini: Another reason why I'm sure Gangsta won't have children. Damn Travis

"Henry maintained that he was involved long-term with many of the mothers. Some, he said, told him they were using birth control, and he professed surprise at discovering they had become pregnant by him."I did use protection at first," he said. "Then they'd be saying they'd be on the pill. I was an idiot to trust them. Second or third time with them, I didn't use it. Then, boom!" In four instances, he attested, "I was trapped." If not for his football cachet and accompanying wealth, "I guarantee you that wouldn't have happened." "My counselor asks me, 'How can you do the same thing over and over?"' he said, unable to provide an answer."Knock on wood, or something, I'm blessed not to have AIDS."

Gangsta D: I sure as Hell ain't having nine. At some point, you just either have to stop have sex or or get fixed. After #5, you'd think he would've made an adjustment.

Waldini: It makes it worse when some of the kids are within a few months of each other. I think he's set a record for most baby mama's with 9. That is crazy.

Da Realist: This is unbelievable. I've "slipped" up a time or two but d-a-m-n. Even if i did get caught with my "hand" in the cookie jar, it would have only been one time. Nine??? Read more!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Don't Let Me Do It To Ya Dunny, Cause I Overdo It


I'm trying to figure out what was dumber....Darryl Morey's pre-game comments about the Laker offense not being so good when Battier is guarding Kobe or Artest in-game tactic of telling Kobe he didn't want any of him.

God Bless the Houston Rockets. The organization and fans have been personally providing comic relief for me since '98 :-)

Let me get back to searching for T-Mac's game...been pretty difficult to find for the past couple years

B. Reed:

Yeah the 4th quarter was pretty ugly when # 24 started to get busy. That's my issue with T-mac. When the game is on the line or it comes to the 4th quarter, you can count on #24. You can't say the same for T-mac or really even LeBron. You can't crown the kid king when Basketball's absolute best #24 has yet to abdicate the thrown.

Comissioner Stern:

Saw the last quarter of the game, but tivo'd it so i'll watch it again sometime today...I heard Artest shook the Black Mamba from the tree and paid a big price in the 2nd half!!!! LOL Ron Ron is too much of a vet to be doing sh*t like KB24 stated "he knows better"!! LOL (qoute of the year)! Read more!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Coming Live And Direct


We're live at the Naval Base in Georgia and we're trying to find the Dallas Cowboys biggest fan, Gangsta D to get his thoughts on all the recent offseason activity. Chris Canty leaving, Keith Brooking coming, TO, Pac-Man, and Roy being released, what is current emotional state? There he is at his desk, mr Gangsta, what are your thoughts?

Gangsta D:


But seriously, Chris Canty isn't too big of a deal. Jay Ratliff is a better player, and we still have Tank. Keith Brooking? Meh. Roy was going to get cut, so I'm not sweating it. Jerry should've drafted Ed Reed anyway. TO? After the abomination that was last year, I wouldn't have cared if the whole team got traded. But to just release him and take a $10 million cap hit? After trading draft picks for the other
Roy Williams, how does this help the team? Looks to be another season of disappointment.


Um I wouldn't read this about Tank.

After Owens, Williams likely was the second divisive figure among Cowboys fans — especially after Dallas already got rid of Adam "Pacman" Jones and Tank Johnson.

That offense is still potent. I mean you still got Romo, Witten, the other Roy, Barber. That's a nice quartet to have. Defense, yea there may be some struggles but that O should keep them in the game. Hopefully no more circus with all those cuts

At least you sound more realistic than say K-dawg. I asked him to project the Redskins' record this year, fool says 9-7. I forgot to tell him that neither Haynesworth nor DeAngelo play QB.

Gangsta D:

Oh, well...boy that Jay Ratliff sure is great! lol

The running game is going to carry the squad. Barber, Choice, and a healthy "Cat" Jones. Hopefully Romo squares himself up and becomes more efficient. Although, I wouldn't mind adding Torry Holt. He can still ball. Read more!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Close Encounters


Do ya'll remember Fred Lane, the murdered NFL player? Well his ex-wife is being released . I'm only bringing this up because Deidra is a childhood friend of mine. Her brothers and I used to go to Alex English's bball camp together (side note, one of her brothers also is caught up in some mess). Their Dad is mad cool and it's just weird to see all this stuff happen....Anyway interesting...

The 33-year-old Lane served about six years in prison for voluntary manslaughter in the 2000 death of her estranged husband, Fred Lane. He played with the Carolina Panthers for three years and had been traded to the Indianapolis Colts before his death.

During her trial in 2003, prosecutors described Lane as an abusive woman who killed her husband for insurance money. Defense attorneys described a battered wife who killed in self defense.

Gangsta D:

What?!? Damn, that's deep. I once met one of the dudes that was with Ray Lewis when that cat got stabbed. It's crazy who you meet in life.


Yes man it is. You honestly never what is going to happen in your life and amazing at the people that come in and out of it.
Read more!