Thursday, June 25, 2009

Let's Make A Freaking Deal!

[Apparently, Vinsanity is on the move as well. - ed. note]


What's the commission's take on all these NBA trades...probably should wait since I'm sure another "blockbuster" (laughing on these) trade will go down shortly

Cavs-Suns - Worst kept secret so far this season. Does it make the Cavs legit title contenders? Not really. Will it help ratings? Definitely. Mark it down. Christmas game - Magic/Cavs - the Battle for the rights to be called Superman. Wonder if Lebron is now Tom Hagen ;-)

Spurs-Bucks - People keep talking how the Lakers robbed Memphis but hell Pop just snuck into Milwaukee, kidnapped Richard Jefferson, and a bottle of Pabst. People are spending more time on the above trade, need to be talking how the Spurs just got a helluva lot better. They just need a banger at the 4....I would love to see them play LA.

Wolves-Wiz - Another sleeper and Robin Hood type deal, in favor of the Wiz. Gave up nothing, got more offensive firepower with Foye and Miller. Again, like Cavs doesn't make them title contenders but they can put points on the board. I just dont like they have Flip as their coach :-)

Also hearing Suns looking at dealing STAT and Barbosa to Rockets for T-Mac, Landry, and Brooks

Gangsta D:

Shaq and Bron are gonna get along great for the first two months. There'll be highlight dunks and exclamations of a possible 70 win season. Then in February, when Shaq realizes he's not gonna get more than 15 touches a game, he's gonna start complaining. Then it's gonna go to Hell, with the end result of the Cavs getting beaten in the ECF again. Then maybe Shaq will retire.


If he thought Van Panic couldnt coach, wait til he meets Mike Brown.....Or when Lebron starts saying I need more space to drive, Shaq will retort "He's a Hummer, I'm a mac truck, everyone knows what happens when a mack truck hits a hummer" Read more!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kobe's A Phony...And Other Irrelevant Observations


"Why do you dislike Kobe so much?" It's a question, I've been asking friends lately. Even with LA winning, the boobirds have been out, saying wait til next year, etc. I started probing with one person and here is our exchange below. Only the names have been changed

FRIEND: I have no problem with the lakers
FRIEND: Just him
ME: that's usually what I get, it's him, which I still don't understand from people but say to each their own
FRIEND: Yeah, just like I don't understand how people support him
FRIEND: We are like Bush/Obama on this one
FRIEND: Of course, I'm on the Obama side :-)
ME: Kobe's one of the hardest working players in the league, if not the hardest working. On the court, it's like our jobs, aims for perfection, won't settle for less. Too many cats in the league take that privelege of being in the NBA for granted, never fulfill expectations, because they dont want to work hard. Dude puts in work, have to respect the court, another subject but that same can be said for many NBA players about off court activity
ME: Bush was lazy and didn't work at his game :-)
FRIEND: Bush did work. He got a lot of credit for doing nothing. I don't know that Kobe works hard. I know that he has a lot of fanatics and that he really stands for nothing. Like Bush, his external activities get ignored. To me, it boils down to character and I can't believe how much he is glorified versus what he represents. I am sure others are dirty too, but at least they are not on this holy pedestal. There is too much I for Kobe. He pretends to be a team player, but in the end, it is all about him
ME: Kobe did nothing?
ME: What do you think of Magic? Jordan?
FRIEND: 'I really have no feelings towards either
ME kobe does work hard, ask Team USA, most of those cats marveled at it
ME: talked about it
FRIEND: I am just saying he is worshipped and it sickens me
ME: worshipped by who?
FRIEND: He is a selfish person
FRIEND: and the fans
ME: only by Laker fans
ME: he's the most polarizing athlete in the league
FRIEND: I just don't think he deserves it
ME: either u hate or love him
ME: based on what?
ME: how is he selfish?
FRIEND: on his attitude
FRIEND: But let me think more of justifying my dislike
FRIEND: He might be a changed man after Colorado
FRIEND: I am still going back to my Sixers days
FRIEND: So let me take a breath and get back to you
FRIEND: I just know how I feel
FRIEND: Can't quite describe it
ME: that's the one I hear too, I can't describe it but I just do, all good, I mean I can't change anyone's opinion on Kobe, nor will I. I just try to understand the rationale

Funny stuff....

Da Realist:

Cause he's a phony.

Real simple.


What's phony about him? Just curious....

Da Realist:

If after all this time you don't see it, then we will never agree on it. You've seen it and heard about it but you perceive it as something else. So, we'll just have to disagree. For example, some of it was in the last Bill Simmons article. A small fraction of it. He's not phony to you. I understand that. That's why you're a fan. (Or is it the other way around?)

But he is to me.


I didn't say he was phony or not, I just asked the question why. I don't even bother getting riled, upset, annoyed, etc about it anymore, I just ask questions. Similar to what I did with my friend before. I was actually curious to what makes him phony. He's not genuine like past stars such as Magic or Bird or even his current contemporaries like Garnett.

I'm a fan of the Purple and Gold and anyone who wears it. And if you recall, Kobe wasnt in my favorite top 5 Lakers of all time either. Kobe is Kobe. Either you like him or you don't. Haven't seen anyone that generated that much on either side since I've watched basketball (wasn't born during the Wilt era)

Da Realist:

I'm just telling you that's why most people don't like him. It's one of those things you can't put your finger on but when it's there, it's there. People don't like phonies. Even if they are very good basketball players that can light up a scoreboard. There's no other way to explain why after all this time, there are still so many that don't like him.

It's one of those things that you can't prove either. That's why the pro-Kobe and the anti-Kobe people can't understand each other. Anti-Kobe people say, "He's such a phony. Can't you see it?". And the pro-Kobe people say, "What? Kareem did the same thing in 87. Prove he's a phony." Then there's the stalemate. Neither side can convince the other. Can't prove it, but it's still there. At least the perception is. And there is the line in the sand. I think it's more than perception. You don't.

He doesn't bother me as much as he used to. Not because he's changed, but because I just don't care anymore.


I will say the Kobe doing work doesn't help ;-)

Da Realist:

I never actually saw that. Didn't want to. There was no way we were going to see anything except what Kobe wanted us to see. Don't think I could have sat through Kobe showing us what type of leader he is, how he "instilled his dna" into the team, how he toughened up his teammates. Blah...


Nope the real Kobe would have been like during the Finals and the mic caught him telling Andrew Bynum to "get your mutha**** head in the game"

Da Realist:

Nah... he's too busy mean-mugging through the Finals to prove how serious he is. lol


lol Read more!

Monday, June 22, 2009

You Want A Mancave. You Know You Do.

1800 Tequila is giving all of us sports loving couch potatoes a chance to win $10,000 towards our very own mancave.

"1800® Select Silver Tequila is about to make your day. Visit 1800 Tequila and enter for a chance to win $10,000 towards putting together the ultimate ManCave! You can deck out your spot with the sickest new home entertainment system, a game console of your choice, plenty of seating arrangements to keep you comfy and a supply of 1800® Silver Select Tequila within an arm’s reach..."

Just imagine if your mancave is finished by say, the middle of October. College Football will be in full swing, Brett Favre will be starting his annual late season Interception Bonanza, the NBA will be ready to kick off, and Mayweather-Cotto(God willing) will only be a mere few weeks away. Now that I think about it, the middle of October needs to get here PDQ. Read more!

Nostradamus, He Ain't


Funny callout of Chad Ford and his grading on the draft

Even funnier when you read the rest of his grades. He gave the lakers a A- for drafting Brian Cook and Luke Walton...WOW. And I can't work in the NBA

They got two very talented, veteran college players who should step right in and contribute. Cook is a good fit in the Lakers' system. He's got a lottery-pick game and if he can convince Phil Jackson to actually play him, he could replace Robert Horry. Walton is the smartest player in the draft and you know what Jackson thinks of smart players. He could end up playing point forward for the team in year one.

Gangsta D:

Luke is the greatest 2nd round pick ever and Cook was traded for Ariza. I feel that grade is accurate. I'm just saying...


Ok let me put it this way...if this were in 2006, would you have agreed with the picks? And why I'm even debating this...we're talking about the actual picks not what happened 5 yrs down the road :-)

Gangsta D:

Yeah, but we didn't win the title in '06:) The Shaq trade was laughed at, but it eventually netted us LO and Pau. You gotta think long term. We're such a "right now" society. I applaud Chad for having the foresight to know that those picks would work out six years later. He is a very well paid gentleman:)


That isn't the Gangsta D that drank hunch punch with me in '98. He would never say that LOL Read more!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ode to Simmons


The following passage is taken from here

4. Finally, a Word to Mr. Simmons

I like Bill Simmons. I am genuinely excited when he writes a new column on the nba. I will buy his new book the first day it comes out and probably enjoy it. But sometimes you need to call a spade a spade. Bill’s had a rough playoff run. He’s said things like:

• “I have been saying that for 2 months now. What we’re watching this spring is basically the 2006 Lakers, only with Gasol replacing Chris Mihm, Kobe being 15% worse, Bynum being 20% better and Ariza being a slight improvement over Ariza. It’s a limited team that lacks toughness and can be beaten.”
• “The ‘09 Cavs are the ‘91 Bulls reincarnated… everyone keeps underestimating them and nobody realizes that they are about the blow thru these last 2 rounds.”
• “The Magic just needed 7 games to beat a Celtics team that had 2 scorers with dead legs, Scalabrine/Marbury/House as their bench and actually ran a game-ending play for Glen Davis. Don’t start thinking Orlando is good please.”
• “Dwight Howard couldn’t score 40 points in a game if he was going against Yi Jianlian’s chair.”

These ironclad, can’t be otherwise predictions have proven not just wrong, but embarrassingly wrong. That would be okay given that he’s just a fan like the rest of us – we all are wrong and most of us didn’t see Orlando coming. But he has the hubris to persevere in omniscience. Whenever Simmons is wrong, he always follows the same pattern: (1) blame the failed team’s coach, and (2) use hindsight to tell us what the losing team should have done to win. Just admit you blew it, Bill. Admit that you misread Cleveland, Orlando, and LA. Admit that instead of blaming Cleveland’s loss on bad coaching and the failure of Cleveland’s role players you should have considered these facts before making your predictions – that Brown’s offensive lack of creativity and the playoff inexperience of Cleveland’s role players might be a problem after all. Monday morning quarterbacking doesn’t become front page espn writers.

While we know you have to undermine LA’s title as a Boston fan, do you really want to start comparing how our team was built with Boston’s current roster? Do you really want to talk about non-repeatable good fortune? Do you want me to list your quotes damning Doc and Ainge for openly tanking in 2007? Do you really believe that LA’s roster is some cosmic accident wholly unlike every other title team in history? Because if you do, I have some Paul Pierce 2002 FIBA World Championship cards I need to sell.

And, while you were quick to point out that LA didn’t have to play Boston in this years finals (which is assuming a lot), you failed to note that Boston was lucky not face Ariza or the one-legged Bynum. Do you have any idea how painful it was to watch Radmanovic guard Pierce as opposed to Ariza? I would gladly replay the 2008 and 2009 finals, both against Boston, with LA’s current team. Would you?

But, beyond that, Simmons most recent attack on Kobe is agenda-driven nonsense. We get it, Bill. We know you hate Kobe. We know you hate that he now has more titles than Bird. We know it eats away at you that the Celtics are probably a one and done band of mercenaries while the Lakers are built for the long haul. We know that the Lakers have won 9 titles and been to 15 finals in your lifetime compared to 4 and 6 for the Celtics. We know those 60s Celtic rings came in a different NBA — pre-expansion, salary cap, globalization, etc. We know that, as a Celtics fan, you have sworn a blood oath to discredit and undermine LA and Kobe at all costs – even if it infects the tone and quality of your writing. But, please, give us Laker fans the courtesy of relying on actual facts and evidence to support your arguments. Don’t rewatch the finals celebration a dozen times searching for one missed high five or false smile. Don’t read Phil’s mind. Use your army of researchers to give us something meaningful to actually chew on and think about. Because what I see when I study Kobe is the game’s preeminent player, leader, teammate, and winner.

Da Realist:

Got a meeting in a few, but wanted to say a couple of things.

Here is another Kobe guy that just compared him to MJ during the 2nd 3peat. O...k. He knocks off Jordan's performance in 93 because the league shot so much better overall (the pace and fg% argument) but doesn't credit Jordan for the slower pace and fg% of the 2nd 3peat years. So...ok, by that criteria Kobe does look Jordanesque.

96-98 was a different league defensively. Look at fg% of the players across the board then look at Jordan's. Now look at the Lakers fg% across the board and compare to Kobe. Hope you notice the difference.

The "wasn't #1 ranked defense in the league" argument means nothing when comparing teams from different leagues/eras. Phoenix was ranked nine compared to 1993 teams. Orlando is ranked #1 compared to 2009 teams. Orlando was not a great defensive team, historically speaking. Comparing that defense against the ones Jordan faced (even in 2nd 3peat) is misleading.

Gotta go.

Gangsta D:

It's amazing how people get emotionally invested in some things. Dude
said that you couldn't compare Kobe to 91-93 Jordan, because Jordan's
stats were off the charts. Just let it go man. Just let it go:)


I was more about the Simmons comments than the rest of the article :-). Which both of you passed on, lol.

And he did say no point in comparing 91-93 Jordan. And he also said at the bottom, that Kobe is not Jordan. So even with all the stats, he still said Jordan was better. Prbly should have left well alone and not stir the hornets' . Frankly Realist you should have been going more apeshit about the ;09 Cavs being compared to the '91 Bulls lol

Da Realist:

that wasn't apeshit. wow...i could put together something that would blister that kobe/jordan comparison pretty easily but i actually held back and gave a quick synopsis. lol


LOL why am I not shocked by that...

Da Realist:

I'm just as tired of it as you are. Youngins come to my youtube page spouting off about MJ all the time so I've heard just about every argument and have different ways of attacking them.

I'd actually rather see Kobe's performance compared to his peers like Paul Pierce last year (no comparison) or DWade in 2006 (DWade got him). It's easier to make these type comparisons. And more fair to both players.


If you wanted to (and I;m being careful when I say that), you could take Wade's 2006 Finals to compare to Airness. That's it. Pierce and Kobe did about the same, sans The truth's bootleg imitation of Willis Reed ala him being wheeled onto the court. It doesn't help when you watch the Finals postgame and Stuart Scott stupidly asks the panel, is Kobe better than Jordan? Why and where did that come from? Why can't he just ask is Kobe a top 10 player like the TNT crew did?

You should block the comments section on youtube just for that...I tried to argue on the comments page of a sports site a few years ago. I wish I hadn't. It hurts the brain and at the end of the day, the person or persons just went you're an effin A, you don't know shhh, meet me in the parking lot so I can show u my gangsta type foolishness. Is it that deep?

Da Realist: terms of impact, Kobe's trumps PP's last year very easily. DWade's was great, up there with the best in terms of overall impact. He did his thing. Duncan had a couple of all-world Finals and of course Shaq earlier this decade was ridiculous.

That's if we only count the Finals. Sometimes the conference championships provided better opposition so a Finals performance isn't always the most impressive playoff performance.


Can you write that to Simmons :-) ? And explain to him that very reason is why the 2008 Celtics are flawed...struggling to beat not one but two much inferior opponents (Hawks, Cavs) with 3 HOFers but yet get praised for being great for "destroying" LA in 6 games. They didn't beat one opponent in less than 5 games but I'm supposed to say they are great????

Da Realist:

Some dude forced me to massage the numbers a little bit more so I thought I'd email this to make my previous point more clear. Maybe you can email this to the Lakers blog?

Jordan 27.3 pts, 41%
Pippen 15.7 pts, 34%
Kukoc 13 pts, 42%

Jordan 32.3 pts, 46%
Pippen 20.0 pts, 42%
Kukoc 8 pts, 41%

Jordan 33.5 pts, 43%
Pippen 15.7 pts, 41%
Kukoc 15.2 pts, 50%

Bryant 32.4 pts, 43%
Gasol 18.6 pts, 60%
Odom 13.4 pts, 54%

This is why you can't compare Kobe's fg% to Jordan's. It was a different league. Despite Jordan's low fg%, he was still the best and most efficient player for the Bulls offensively. Kobe had two teammates break 50% and one of them gave the team 19 pts on 60%.

More numbers...

In 1996, MJ shot 41%. The rest of the Bulls shot 43%

In 1997, MJ shot 46%. The rest of the Bulls shot 42%

In 1998, MJ shot 43%. The rest of the Bulls shot 42%

In 2009, Kobe shot 43%. The rest of the Lakers shot 47%

You can't measure each person's fg% against the other without taking into account the differences presented to each player. The key is to measure how well they did against their opponent relative to their teammates and compare how they fared in each situation.

Even when Jordan shot poorly, he was still more efficient than the rest of his team combined for 2 of these 3 years. In Kobe's case, his poor shooting actually dragged the teams efficiency down and significantly so if compared to the next two biggest offensive contributors (Gasol and Odom).

Read more!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

"Why They Won't Let The Music Just Be What It Is, Is Anybody's Guess."


Some people are hammering Kobe for his poor shooting, etc. in the Finals. Now, I’m not a huge proponent of the MJ/Kobe comparisons, but look at MJ’s statline from the 1998 finals compared to Kobe’s this year:
MJ ‘98: 33.5 pts/4 reb/2.3 ast/42% shooting
Kobe ‘09: 33.0 pts/5.5 reb/8.0 ast/42% shooting
I'm just saying...

Da Realist:

If I may offer my humble opinion here...

Kobe is probably going to win the Finals MVP for the first time and a Laker fan just compared it to one of MJ's poorest statistical showings when he had to carry the team at an advanced age when his most talented teammate was playing with a bad back.

When a Bulls fan says, damn Kobe's best run looks like Jordan's at 35 years old, the Laker fan will run him under a building. Which is odd, because by making the initial comparison, it is exactly what the Laker fan was saying all along.


That comment was taken from the Forum Blue and Gold's comments section. I put that out there to see what a certain Bulls Fan would say LOL

Gangsta D:

Kobe is not Jordan!!!

The thing that kills me is, whenever Kobe has a bad game or series you get the "see, he's not as good as Jordan." Well, no shit! lol Fuck comparisons and criticisms. I'm just gonna enjoy this championship.

Da Realist:

Hey man...your boy woke ME up. I was napping nicely ;-)


Yea I figured it get a rise out of you. You know me better than that, I don't care for the MJ/Kobe comparison at all, because there is no comparison. Jordan was better. PERIOD. The only thing that drives me crazy is when I hear things like any 2 guard could have won with Shaq or some 2 guard of this playing era is better than Kobe.

Think how we felt when one of the peanut gallery had the audacity (SAT word of the day) to put Kobe and Carmelo Anthony on the same level. Preposterous :-)

Da Realist:

It's very annoying. And I think the media needs to take the reins on this. Every game, Kobe is compared to MJ by every media outlet -- led by ESPN. When Kobe does well, he's compared to MJ and MJ fans rebel. When Kobe fucks up, he's compared to MJ and Kobe fans rebel.

But it drives ratings so it's not going to stop. It's sad, really. Basketball is a team sport but because MJ had such a great career, he changed the way we view every player that's played after him. Now it's not enough to be a champion or even a Finals have to average 34+, 7+, 7+, 2+, 1+ while shooting over 50% and have at least 2 iconic moments (sick game, late-game heroics, etc) during the series for people to give you much credit. Read more!

Monday, June 08, 2009

Tiger Wins. Fed Wins. Lakers Win. Damn Right It Was A Good Day


- TMF kills two birds with one stone (or racket LOL) in winning the French Open yesterday. He ties Sampras' record for Grand Slams and joins Agassi as the only men in the open Era to win the career Slam. You know you got clout when your opponents are rooting for you to win (see Nadal) and the all time greats are saying you are the greatest of all time (see Sampras)

- Tiger wins his tune-up before the US Open with some wicked (I'm channeling my inner white boy with that slang) shots. Did you see the Eagle on 14?? From a sandtrap??? With one hand?? 2 years ago, it was on one leg. This year it's with one hand. Unless my last name was Mickelson, I seriously would consider retiring if I was on the tour with him. Not all

- Lakers go up 2-0 in a gritty, gutty...ok more like ugly display of basketball between two teams. Too many turnovers, bad execution from both sides, and one coach completely losing faith in all 4 PGs on his team (and I'm not talking Phil Jackson).

Indeed Sunday, June 7 was a GOOD DAY...And my wife did cook our dinner with some hog (pork ribs)

Da Realist:

missed tiger, but saw federer and the game last night.

federer's great but i reserve judgement for GOAT. he HAS to find a way to solve the Nadal riddle before i'm comfortable saying it.

ugly game last night, but that happens. orlando is a better team with jameer nelson out there. i don't care how many shots he miss, you never EVER want hedo turkoglu being the defacto point guard. i couldn't believe my eyes!

and reddick? is this what it has come down to? i know he hit a big shot but c'mon. van gundy needs to stop worrying about what people think and coach. his gut told him nelson was the best option in game 1, he should have continued to follow his gut instead of following the advice of journalism majors. and alston just needs to man up. this ain't the time.


YOU WATCHED THE GAME?!?!?! Add that to the List..."Realist watched a FINALS game :-)

Da Realist:

well...i've been in france for the last 3 weeks and umm... (sniff...sniff) i'm back (sniff).


Yea, I know that was a nice trip. And now you are back with us stoopid Americans ;-)

Da Realist:

don't laugh. there is a SIGNIFICANT adjustment period. i've probably lost a couple of pounds since i returned because my tastebuds have changed and i've realized just how fatty my diet used to be. it's like i just realized i was living in the matrix. Read more!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Vote FOr Us!!! Part 5

That's right. Part 5 baby! So again, check out the submissions below. Click the link and vote "I'd Wear It." Cool? Cool!

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"I make this shirt look better than it really is."

"You're cute,"

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"You can be my new favorite food!"

"What the hell Ever"

"1+1=2 as well as infinitely many's"

"Ok.. I'm at peace with that"

"I'm cool AND have whips."

"WTF is your deal?"

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you"


"Sorry for ya"

"Make ME your college major"

"They offer online courses about me"


"Just wait until my rich uncle gets out the poor house!!!"

"Drugs my anti... Oh wait"

Oh the things I would do to you"

"Itty bitty baby committee"

"I see dumb people. They're everywhere"

"I am too tall to be called "shawty"

"Ha!!! Made ya look" Read more!

Vote For Us!!!! Part 4

That's right. Part 4 baby! So again, check out the submissions below. Click the link and vote "I'd Wear It." Cool? Cool!

"Hi!!! Moron."

"Your swag is almost as big as mine"

"Out of work pornstar"

"Now hiring: Out of work pornstars"

"Let's go half on a baby"

"Wait. Where is it supposed to go again?"

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"My eyes are up here. Up. Here."

"Actually, I do think you like the sound of your voice."

"You're wronger than two right shoes."

"My brain farts smell like licorice."

"Yeah. There's an app for this."

"I play with rubber toys."

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"Bra size is overrated when you don't wear one."

"Life is a beach.. and then you wake up to a hurricane"

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"Wanted: Rich/diesel mechanic woman with beer franchise"

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"::Not Patient::"

"No I do NOT use dental floss as underwear"

"Let's go commando"

"Check my MySpace"


"Real women have tattoos"

"There went that idea" Read more!

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Vote For Us!!! Part 3

That's right. Part 3 baby!  So again, check out the submissions below. Click the link and vote "I'd Wear It." Cool? Cool!

"That's just not smart dude"

"Hot sauce makes everything great"

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"WTF is a Goon??"

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Vote For Us!!! Part 2

Here's part two, because yeah we got a lot of 'em.  So again, check out the submissions below. Click the link and vote "I'd Wear It." Cool? Cool!

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Vote For Us!!!!!! Part 1

My girl and I are trying to become t-shirt moguls. There's this website, Threadless, that accepts t-shirt submissions. If your submission is popular enough, you get $500. I know it may seem wrong to beg for support, but if I'm happy then you're happy. And if we're all happy, doesn't that make the world a better place? That's what I thought. So check out the submissions below. Click the link and vote "I'd Wear It." Cool? Cool!

"I only vote on T-shirt slogans!"

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"Ok so what had happened was..."

"I'll stop tomorrow"

"My cigs have seen better days"

"I'm sorry, what??"

"There's HOW many zero's in your bank account?!"

"No the carpet DOESN'T match the drapes.. I have tile :)"

"Sure... for 5$"

"Jager makes this shirt come off"

"Palmetto bugs? Screw you! They fly"



"You know what? I AM unbelievable"

"I WANT that"

"You're such a dork"

"Yeah...That's kind of a problem"

"Like seriously. Go. Away"

"Really? Corduoroy? Seriously?"

"What the frickin hell?!"

"Me?? Noooooo NEVER!!!!... Oh wait... yeah :)"

"Yea... NO"

"I gotz soul flava"

"I'm so down!!"

"Yeah.... Bout that"

"Shots? Yaayaah!!!!" Read more!

The Finals Baby! Get Hype!!!


Lakers have the homecourt advantage. Magic had the best road record in the league this year. Going into the playoffs, the matchups that I feared the most for LA were Portland and Orlando. The boys never played the former and the latter handled their business twice against da 'Show. One reason was Dwight Howard went bananas on Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol. The other was Jameer Nelson was the kryptonite PG that kills LA. Quick, strong, and can make good decisions (check Jameer's stats against LA). He's trying to pull a Daniel Larusso and fig -er I mean play but honestly he will be very rusty. Looking at matchups, this series can go either way. LA's been horrible at defending the 3, which Orlando is exceptional at making. LA doesn't have a real answer for Rashard either. If those things go right the entire series, Orlando can win. BUT...

Orlando hasn't faced an offense like this in the playoffs yet. If LA plays like they did in Game 6 of the WCF, the series will be over in no more than 5 games. I think LA has grown with each series and it feels eerily like what Boston did last year (struggled the first 2 rounds, then just lit those a$$es up in the final 2 rounds). Orlando's a tough matchup for LA but the boys are playing much better right now. Give me LA in 6.

Gangsta D:

I have nothing to add. Except that Kobe is going to 4close on the NBA in about a week and a half. Read more!