Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bad Kicks, Worse Raps, Great Rivalry

On Saturday, two former College Football behemoths will collide once again on the gridiron. FSU travels to South Forida to take on my beloved Hurricanes. Nope, these teams aren't as they used to be when they held sway over CFB in the 80's & 90's. Nevertheless, the games are usually tight and often decided by a FG...which is usually missed by a Florida State kicker.

The games weren't always close though. Since I'm a bit of an old school junkie, I dug in the crates and pulled out a gem. The Seminole Rap. Back in '88, the 'Noles were coming off a 1-loss season and were bringing virtually everyone back. Consequently, they were considered the preseason #1 team. The players were so confident in their abilities, that they decided to not only record a braggadocious song but to also shoot a video for it. Have a gander.

Yeah, if you couldn't get through the entire 5 minutes I won't blame you. I've had shits that had more appeal than that monstrosity. Entertaining in an Amy Winehouse sort of way? Yes. Endearing in any respect? Hell no. Now Bobby says that the players came up with the idea when he was in Europe, and there was nothing he could do to stop it upon returning. Riiiight. If you say so, coach.

At any rate, the young Seminoles were feeling themselves a little too much. Steve Walsh and Co. came out of the tunnel and proceeded to beat the fucking breaks off of FSU. It was a curb stomping that would've made Derek Vinyard proud. The ultimate irony, nevertheless, is that FSU kept their mouths shut in '89 and actually beat Miami. Unfortunately they lost to some guy named Frvruh, or something like that, and Miami won the national title anyway.

FSU would ultimately get their revenge in '93. They beat my beloved 'Canes and FINALLY won Bobby a national title. At the time, I even felt a little twinge of joy for the old coot. Because even though I'm a huge Miami homer, I actually respect the Noles. They don't bring forth the piss, bile, and pure hatred that the Gators manage to conjure. No, I can tolerate the Noles just fine. To be honest, I think college football is just a wee bit better when both teams are good. I just want the The U's good to be a little better. Either that, or FSU's kickers to be a little worse.

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Who Ya Got?!?

Me 15-9
Waldini 17-7
Realist 14-10

Bama vs UGA

Waldini: Is Alabama for real? We'll find out Sat. Nick Satan's up there with Urban Liar and Ole Ball Coach on list of coaches I like to root against. GEORGIA

Gangsta D: I still think Bama is overrated. They just haven't showed me that they are a top 10 team. UGA has the total package now. They can run, throw, catch, and stop the run. Plus they're wearing black on saturday. Dawgs.

Realist: UGA

VT vs NU

Waldini: I haven't seen Nebraska play all year, I know nothing about them. VIRGINIA TECH [Update: Alright Gangsta I am going to change one of my picks....VT vs Braska - NEBRASKA :-) What you thought I was going to change to the Vols. Hell naw....]

Gangsta D: The Hokie offense is atrocious. Tyrod Taylor is NOT the answer. I don't know anything about the Cornhuskers but Bo Pellini can coach defense. So I'm looking at a defensive struggle. And I never take Tyrod Taylor on the road in a defensive game. Braska

Realist: Nebraska


Waldini: I learned my lesson last week. COLORADO

Gangsta D: As I tried to tell Realist last week, the FSU defense looks pretty damn strong. CU's offense doesn't scare me...but Ponder and Richardson do. FSU gets a bounce from playing 2 hours from home, but the Buffs are the better team.
Realist: Colorado


Waldini: Juice ain't enough. PENN ST

Gangsta D: The Juice will be let loose on Joe Pa in an unlikely Big 10 shootout.

Realist: Penn St

UNC vs Miami

Waldini: See FSU vs Colorado. MIAMI

Gangsta D: Come on. Really? Is there a question?

Realist: Miami

UT vs AU

Waldini: Why are you even putting Tenn games on here? AUBURN

Gangsta D: I'm sticking up for Smokey. Auburn hasn't shown me anything this year. The Vols will be playing for Phil's job. Somehow they find a way to pull it out.

Realist: AU Read more!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Katz Kradle

Everyone knows I'm always on the lookout for new music. And most know I usually don't follow the commercial stuff 'cuz most of it's garbage to me. I'm not gonna front when I first was reading about this group and saw the associated words, "Irv Gotti" my eyes rolled. Don't get it twisted, I loved Irv's work from the mid-90s (see production on the classic Reasonable Doubt). In this decade though, let's just say I'm not on the Murder Inc. Fan Club mail. But I'm open minded so I gave this group a shot.

Who is this group you say? T!Katz, that's who. It says here "With an energetic combination of rock, hip-hop, R&B and pop, the Atlanta-based *T!Katz* are primed to set the music scene ablaze. "

It's a positive sign when you are repping the A. I listened to the track "3am" and it's refreshing. The above statement is very accurate. They do a phenomenal job of blending all these sounds and it makes for a catchy record. I imagined myself in a hip lounge, sipping on the playa's drink aka a white russian, and spittin' game to a shawty while this track was being blasted over the club speakers. Definitely a great start and I'm eager to hear more from these cats.

Watch for the group’s debut, 19hundred80something, which is set to drop in the fourth quarter of this year.

Irv says of the group, “I don’t know of any band that looks like them (musically), they rap, they sing, they play instruments, they’re a real live band. There’s no comparing them.”

You got me Irv, there is no comparison and I'm definitely watching for them.

You can check out these guys on Facebook and MySpace. And remember you heard about these guys here FIRST. Read more!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Mojo Is Heavier Than Yours

A couple years ago, my boy introduced me to some crazy cats that played a little rock and roll. Well, they also rapped and sang. You could say they busted genres like Miami used to bust speakers. I know what you're saying. "Rap-rock is so '99." Nah, these cats are the real deal. These cats go by the name of Heavy Mojo.

Heavy Mojo is primed to hit the big time. Why is that?

"Heavy Mojo has been compared to Gym Class Heroes and was discovered by Steve Rifkind, the mastermind behind such groundbreaking artists as Akon, Wu-Tang Clan and Big Pun. Following their win at the Global Battle of the Bands in 2006, they signed with SRC.

Their upcoming LP release, Blow Out The Sound, produced by Billy Hume ("Party Like A Rock Star") is set to be released in late 2008, but you can grab their Choice Cuts EP now from iTunes which contains 3 songs for .99$."

Heavy Mojo definitely has the goods. I shot a concert film for them in '05 and they did some major damage. At the end of the night, I could definitely say that the sound was blown out. Check out their upcoming concert dates. They're currently on tour with Rehab.

Oct 9 – Asheville, NC @ The Orange Peel (18+) – 8:00 p.m.
Oct 10 – Cookeville, TN @ Depot (18+) – 8:00 p.m.
Oct 11 – Lawsonville, NC @ Hollywood Hollow – 7:30 p.m.
Oct 15 – Charleston, SC @ Music Farm (16+) – 8:00 p.m.
Oct 16 – Augusta, GA @ The Country Club (21+) – 8:00 p.m.
Oct 17 – Atlanta, GA @ The Tabernacle (all ages) – 8:00 p.m.
Oct 21 – New Orleans, LA @ The Parish – House of Blues (18+) – 8:00 p.m.
Oct 22 – Baton Rouge, LA @ The Varsity Theatre (18+) w/ Saving Abel – 8:00 p.m.
Oct 24 – Prattville, AL @ The Blue Iguana Bar (21+) – 8:00 p.m.
Oct 25 – Birmingham, AL @ Zydeco (18+) – 8:00 p.m.
Oct 29 – Louisville, KY @ City Block (all ages) w/ Villebillies – 8:00 p.m.
Oct 30 – Knoxville, TN @ Valarium (16+) – 8:00 p.m.

If you have a chance to check them out, you need to do that.

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Smokey's Lament

Waldini is a Die-hard Tennessee Volunteer fan. And after this Saturday's debacle against UF, I think we need to put "die-hard" in bold caps. I sincerely hope that the coaching situation is rectified before Waldini flies to Knoxville, and does some rectifying on his own. Below is his open letter to Mr. Fulmer.


I've been one of your biggest supporters for years. However, I've come to the realization that change is needed. The boys simply didn't just quit on Saturday, they looked completely unprepared. I thought the UCLA game was an aberration. I even gave you the benefit of the doubt when UCLA would suffer their worst loss in school history the following week. But after listening to Florida call us quitters and then see the bad body language on the boys, my opinions changed. People can talk about Cutcliffe no longer being the Off. Coordinator but that's a poor excuse. At the end of the day, this falls on you Coach. You've had top 15 recruiting classes so lack of talent should not be the reason. I don't know what else to say anymore, considering you face Auburn and Georgia on the road, my confidence is very low. Hell Vanderbilt has a better record. I guess I'm saying all this to say either you change up the play calling or maybe it's time you step down...

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Who Ya Got?!?


Me 9-9
Waldini 14-4
Realist 10-8

UF vs UT

Waldini: After watching the Miami-Florida game, I said to myself, you know Florida can be beat. Percy Harvin is banged up and Tebow is still running too much. That said, my Vols look bad. You can't intercept a QB 4 times and lose. And then the same team you lost to, took its' worst loss in school history a week later. This is the first in a brutal stretch (Fl, @AU, @GA). I'm picking TENN but only cuz they at home.

Gangsta D: Florida isn't unbeatable. Wow what a shock. Kind of surprising since the team lost four games last year, no? lol But, I don't know that the Vols can beat them. Playing them at home is a plus, and their safeties are crucial. But I hear Crompton's ankle isn't 100%, and the Vols offense wasn't exactly clicking when it was. I hope I'm wrong, but I'm going with the Gaytors.

Da Realist: I hope UT wins, but I pick the Gators


Waldini: Georgia's offense looked woeful last week against the Gaycocks. I don't know if it was as much as South Cack's D as it was Gawga missing half it's starting offensive line. On the flip side, Arizona St lost to UNLV at home. Plus Georgia's D is sic. GEORGIA

Gangsta D: This is the first time Georgia has been west since the 60's. I don't think you can totally discount long travel. But the Dawgs are too good. South Cack has a damn good defense, which is why UGA struggled last week. ASU doesn't match up, and the Dawgs pull away late.

Da Realist: UGA better win. They can't let some Pac-10 pantsy beat them can they? UGA


Waldini: This is another tough one. LSU hasn't really played anyone and I don't even know who are their supposed stars. Auburn played in one of the worst games I've witnessed in quite some time last week. LSU

Gangsta D: Auburn's offense is putrid. The "Spread Eagle" needs to hunted down and killed into extinction. Likewise, I couldn't tell you who is on LSU's squad, but I bet they score more than 2 points. Tigers in a rout.

Da Realist: Don't know what's happened to Auburn since but they look awful. LSU

Bama vs AR

Waldini: Did you know Arkansas was undefeated? Me neither. ALABAMA
Gangsta D: Supposedly the Razorbacks can pass this year. Unfortunately, they've almost been beaten by two 1-AA teams. After crucifying Clemson, Bama
has looked ordinary against substandard competition. Nevertheless, I'm going with Bama because Bobby Petrino might be an even bigger dick than Saban.

Da Realist: Bama

FSU vs Wake

Waldini: Florida St's ranked again, hooray! And who do they get this week? Prbly the best QB in the ACC in Mr Skinner. I don't think the Demon Deacons are as great as everyone makes them out to be. However, the ACC isn't exactly drumming out dope teams as a whole. Toss up game, pick FLORIDA ST

Gangsta D: Let me get this right. FSU blows out two 1-AA teams and they get ranked in the top 25 AND are favored against Wake? Really? Christian Ponder
is the next Weinke? Not buying it. Wake is too good. FSU crumbles upon facing real competition.

Da Realist: I see a glimmer of hope here. Well, I'm hoping for the best. WF can't beat FSU 3 straight times, right? FSU


Waldini: See above comments on ACC. UNC is shocking folks, VT is barely beating folks. UNC

Gangsta D: Everybody is riding Tar Heel jock right about now, after they mollywhopped Rutgers. Newsflash! Rutgers sucks this year, so I don't know what that told us. Nevertheless, VT isn't really all that good either. I'm going with VT. Beamer finds a way to block three punts and return all three for TDs.
Da Realist: Butch Davis is doing some things down in Chapel Hill. They aren't the joke of the ACC anymore. UNC Read more!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"It Was All A Dream..."


It's crazy that just 3 years ago, Matt Leinart was a Heisman winner and Vince Young was a BCS stud. Now these two can't supplant two QBs over 35 as the starting QBs on their teams. What happened?

"We're going to get Vince back, get his knee back, work with him, get him back involved in the offense," Fisher said. "But Kerry's going to go ahead and play for us until either he struggles or whatever else happens. Yeah, you saw by the way he played. In light of everything, it just makes sense to go with him."

Gangsta D:

I think we overstated their NFL potential. Matt Leinert is Ken Dorsey. All he had to do was get the ball to his plethora of weapons. Vince was just the best athlete on the field, and dominated by sheer will. I don't think they're lost causes, just look at Jim Plunkett. But, they better get in the film room and get their shit together or they'll be out in a quick minute.


You just nailed it on the head with the film room comment. And don't let your mom publicly complain to your boss about how you are being treated would help too.

Leinart, I don't get cuz he has Boldin and Fitzgerald. Just make a read. For Vince, he's needs to stop relying on his legs and athleticism and think more. Read more!

Monday, September 15, 2008

New School Music - The Commercial edition

Has it really been 2 months since I last posted new music?!?! I told you I wouldn't post anything unless I was feeling it. After weeks and weeks of hearing a track here or there, FINALLY Waldini has posted...new...school...music

TI f Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Jay Z - Swagga Like Us

When I first heard this, my immediate reaction was good beat, average lyrics. After listening to it for like the 5th or 6th time, all of a sudden I loved it. Don't get me wrong, these are NOT the best 16 bars spit by any of these dope emcees. The hook though is infectious. And today I saw a video by accident and learned where they sampled the hook. Side note, this is Jay Z's official lead single off his BluePrint 3 album

Young Jeezy f Jay Z and Kanye West - Put On (remix)

Ahh Young Jeezy. Is he a great rapper? In my opinion, he's barely a good rapper. He has great punchlines but a whole book of rhymes, naw that's not him. His hooks are my downfall as I can't get that "every time I do it I do it for yo hood" line outta my head. On this cut, Jiggaman kills it. For those questioning his lyrical abilities, take a listen :-)

Mos Def - The Glow

We've missed you Mos. You followed up Black on Both Sides with the New Danger (which was too weird) and Mos Definite (which nobody heard). Maybe it was the movies, maybe it was the Def Jam Poetry hosting duties, maybe it was the child support case, maybe it's the issues with your 2nd ex-wifey coming out with a tell all book, but in any event, this record is long overdue. Vintage Mos Def right here. Now only if he and Talib can release that long awaited Black Star 2nd album

Lil Wayne - Mrs Officer

Don't ask why, this is not Weezy's best outing but again, like Jeezy, this hook is infectious. Weeoweeoweeoweeowee

NERD f CRS and Pusha

For the record, I like both the Everybody Nose original and the actual NERD album it appears on. I am eagerly anticipating the CRS album, whenever Phar-real, Lupe, and the Louis Vitton Don decide to release it. Nice lyrics and two thumbs up on the video concept


Jasmine Sullivan - Bad

My boy Samario told me about this girl months ago, sent me some sample songs, and I listened to them. Basically in one ear and out the other. Then I heard this song (prbly again) and was like this s*** is dope right here. I'm sorry Pilot, I owe you a couple of 3 piece dinners, 2 bo-berry biscuits, and a gallon of Jangles' tea to wash it down.

Little Jackie - The World Revolves Around Me

I know very little about Little Jackie. No one told me about her, I didn't hear her music on a music site, I just happened to see a video on tv one day. And I like it!

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The Lee Van Cleef Cronicles - Week 3


So many games, another round of ranked teams getting upset, and a better indication of how some of the so-called top teams are. Enjoy the latest version of the good, the bad, and the ugly

The Good: Waldini goes 6-0 in the weekly picks, SEC having 5 teams in the top 5, Georgia's Defense, UNLV shocking Arizona St in Arizona, OU's offense, Mizzou's offense

The Bad: Purdue choking, Georgia's offense, Cal's performance against Maryland, Pac 10's record against the Moutain West last weekend.

The Ugly: Auburn-Miss St game, Ohio St's offense, Weis' tearing his ACL, UCLA's entire team (offense, defense, special teams)

Gangsta D:

Nobody cares about your picks punk!

The Auburn-Miss St game was maybe the worse football I've ever seen outside of a middle school game. Every coach involved should have to forfeit their game check.


Jealousy is an ugly emotion tric :-)

Sat night for college football was disappointing. Aub-Miss was boring, Oklahoma was blowing out Ace's team, and USC was toying with THE OSU. I ended up watching No Country for Old Men, then going out to a party. Read more!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Who Ya Got?!?

G Tech vs Va Tech

Waldini: Wow talk about a role reversal game. G Tech's on a high after shocking BC, VT has been down in the dumps after being upset by the mighty East Carolina squad. I think Beamer has his boys up for this game, even though I lack faith in Glennon.....HOKIES

Gangsta D: The Flexbone baby! Paul Johnson is an unadulterated genius! OK, enough with the hyperbole. Neither one of these teams is an offensive juggernaut. Even with Tyrod Taylor jumping into the huddle, don't expect many fireworks from the Hokies. I expect this to be a 17-13 game...to be won by the...Hokies.

Realist: VT

KU vs S Fl

Waldini: Mangini's like the Rick Majerus of College Football (hearty size appetite). Are the Jayhawks for real? Are they a flash in the pan team? Same questions apply to S Florida. They struggled against UCF, even though the year before, they smashed that team by 50. Gimme S FLORIDA since the game's at home.

Gangsta D: Mangini is unlike any other. Dude has his own orbit. Anyway, KU lost their DC from last year, as a Cane fan I just want to THANK YOU!! So, I don't know that the D will be as stout as it was last year. Going up against Grothe, their going to need a good defensive effort. I got the Bulls, cause they're at home.

Realist: KU


Waldini: I'm still steaming Smokey choked to UCLA. Their QB was horrible. Their offense was garbage. Let me stop. As a wise man said, winners win, losers lose. UCLA won. PERIOD. I don't know enough about BYU besides they won in UW with a bogus call. See above statement on Winners. who wins this? COUGARS

Gangsta D: UW is kind of a horrible team, save for Jake Locker, and they hung with the Cougars up until the refs did them dirty. Long story short, I'm not sold on BYU. Can the Bruins maintain that Neuheisel Magic, that seems to only last 2-3 years before deteriorating into a pit of something so foul not even Mike Rowe would stick his head into? Yes! I'm riding with the Golden Child.

Realist: UCLA

UGA vs S Cack

Waldini: Spurrier's going back in time with using two QBs this wknd. Prblm is these two aren't his Gator QBs. As much as the Gamecock's d is hyped up, they gave up almost 30 to Vanderbilt. Now they face Stafford and Moreno. BULLDAWGS
Gangsta D: Terry Dean's not walking through that door. Dawgs by A LOT!

Realist: UGA

UM vs Notre Dame

Waldini: Pitiful Bowl Part II. This time it's UM with all the question marks...FIGHTING IRISH. It's sad I rather watch KU vs S FL than watch this debacle.

Gangsta D: Even though RichRod doesn't have his type of athletes in Ann Arbor, I gotta think they're still good enough to beat the Domers. That performance against San Diego St was pathetic. If it weren't for another gaffe by the officials, they would've lost. It'll be a slugfest, heavy emphasis on slug, but the Maize and Blue pull it out.

Realist: UM


Waldini: I like how you added the 't' to emphasize THE Ohio State, yea yea we get it. Beanie Wells is hurt. He didn't play last week against the "mighty" bobcats and the buckeyes struggled. Men of Troy DESTROYED UVA and McKnight looked like vintage Reggie Bush. The game's in LA. You do the Math. MEN OF TROY

Gangsta D: Little known fact. My dad went to tOSU in the late 60's. That curries no favor with me. 'SC big. Like Jason Whitlock and Jamie Dukes big. It's gonna be a wrap.

Realist: tOSU Read more!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

"The Whole Industry Can Hate Me, I Thugged My Way Through"

The Florida Gators are a better team than the Miami Hurricanes. That's just the way it is at this moment, not for much longer, but presently that is the case. However, when it comes to the fanbase? The Gators don't want none. Check out the video of a crew of 'Canes shutting down University Avenue, before the game last week.

Right now the haters are saying, "Pfft. Typical classless Miami behavior. Bunch of thugs looking to start a fight." You know what I have to say to that? You damn skippy! We might lose the game, but we ain't gonna shut up. We're gonna tell you about it...in the loudest voice possible. That's the Miami way! That's how you get Capone![Sorry, got carried away.]

So yeah, the 'Canes lost the game. Yeah, us fans are loud, boorish, arrogant, and ready to start shit. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Blah, blah, blah. You can say whatever you want, but the fans are gonna talk shit and swallow spit no matter what. Read more!

The '06 Rose Bowl Was A LONG Time Ago


I know you hate him Gangsta but his article is interesting. As a Titans fan, you know I'm not thrilled. Btwn the reports of him quitting on Sun, to the police going to his house on Mon, to his mama issuing a statement on Wed, it's not good.

I don't agree with everything in Whitlock's paper b/c he generalizing on a few subjects. But overall, makes ya think

Gangsta D:

I don't hate Young Vince. That's just your insecurity as a Titans fan talking. I'll decline to read the article, for obvious reasons. But I'll say this. Maybe the dude just has some stuff going on his head that trumps his job. I think he's a sympathetic figure. Maybe he's incapable of dealing with the pressures of being an NFL QB, and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. Just because you're 6-5, with a strong arm, and can run doesn't mean you're automatically going to be able to handle what he has to handle. It doesn't make him anything other than human.

But as a QB, he does suck:)


Thanks for the pep talk Coach Cardigan.

Gangsta D:

It's not my fault, my team is LOADED:) Read more!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

What's That Ish You Smoking? - Bitter NBA Owner Edition


I don't why I send out so many Detroit Free Press articles. Maybe cuz they give the funniest articles. Some hilarious nuggets from Bill Davidson.

Q: Which of your teams, in your view, underachieved the most? Which was most frustrating?

A: Well, the worst loss was out in L.A. (in 1988) when I was in the room with David Stern getting ready to accept the trophy, and they call a foul on Bill Laimbeer against Kareem. Bill pulled down a clean rebound, and Hugh Evans calls a foul. You know that he was set up, and you know ... I don't say he had a bet on the game, but that was ... that was unconscionable! And that cost us a championship, which we should have had. Which we had.

Q: What others?

A: The other bad one was the steal in Boston, when we had that game (and Larry Bird stole the ball). So the Bad Boys had two championships, which -- one was legitimately taken away and the other was illegitimately taken away -- and they still won two. So they basically should have had four.

Q: How about Larry Brown's second year, when you lost in the Finals to San Antonio? Many thought you were the better team.

A: We were the better team, but Larry Brown was not the right coach. Now that you can say.
Da Realist:

Nice article, but he needs to get over 1987.

first of all, Larry DID steal the ball. yes they were close, but they made a mistake they couldn't get over. every championship team needs to go through heartbreak to solidify.

Secondly, that steal happened in game 5. the pistons had another chance in game 7 and lost.

Lastly, I don't think they would have beaten the 87 Lakers team.


He's making a lot of assumptions. Agree with you on '87, I think that Pistons team would have lost in 5 :-). As for the other years, he's forgetting the '89 squad beat a injury riddled Lakers squad. Or the '86 laker team that lost on a lucky Sampson roll. But hey it's why we love sports, the great debate on what if...

I just liked it b/c he was clowning on Larry Brown. It's funny that in June 2004 he was lauded as the greatest teacher of basketball. But in August 2004 he was known as the whiner and so his downfall started. It's crazy that if it wasn't for winning the title, Davidson was gonna fire him.

What he does to recognize is that this current Pistons team got LUCKY in 2004. Billups got hot at the right time, Prince defended Kobe like no other, and the Lakers didn't adjust at all. Read more!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Who Ya Got?!?

Yeah the games this week kind of suck. When you're grab bagging NU vs Duke, you know the quality is lacking.

Me 3-3
Waldini 4-2
Realist 4-2

The U vs The Crocs

Waldini: Tebow needs to graduate and the Canes need a few more good recruiting seasons before I say they beat Florida. Florida

Gangsta D: Here's a little nuggett for the massess. Miami has just as much speed as Florida. I know it seems hard to believe, but it's true. Shannon and Myer recruit the exact same high schools. It's not like Miami's skill players are from Idaho and Florida's have Jamaican genes. Miami has talent, it's just unproven. But there's something about college football, where the unexpected can happen in a flash. Miami will pound the rock harder than Jay-Z and they will punish every Florida ball carrier. Of course, you weren't expecting me to pick Tebow over my 'Canes were you? Saturday night, we get back on the good foot.

Realist: UF at home? AND they stole Miami's swag??? I hope it's competitive and I hope Miami wins, but it won't happen this year. UF

BC vs GTech

Waldini: Both teams are middle of the pack ACC. Boston College

Gangsta D: I don't know. For some reason, I want Paul Johnson's offense to work at Tech. It's been the source of much derision since he was hired. I think Tech gets it done.

Realist: GTech is a tease every year. BC


Waldini: WVU aint Va Tech (I hope) West Virginia

Gangsta D: Pat White is throwing the ball? What in tarnation? ECU shut down Va Tech's offense last week, but the 'Eers are a bit more dynamic. We know Pat can run, but if he keeps slinging the ball around WVU is gonna be ruthless this year. 'Eers in a romp.

Realist: WVU


Waldini: I know nothing about either team besides the game being in Happy Valley. Penn St

Gangsta D: Penn State just suspended like half their team, or something like that. Nevertheless, the Beavers aren't going to fly across country and beat the Nittany Lions at State College. USC, they are not.

Realist: Penn St


Waldini: Coin flip, USF wins

Gangsta D: Ummm....yeah...I got nothing. USF

Realist: USF

NU vs Duke

Waldini: Do I really have to pick this Gangsta? Ok, after a shot of sake, it's Mike Wilbon's alma mater in a stinkfest. Northwestern

Gangsta D: Oh it's gonna be awesome BABY!! Can you believe what Cutcliffe is doing at Duke? He is a star! An absolute flat out coaching star. They're gonna be rocking and rolling BABY! Watch out America, the Duke Blue Devils are PTP'ers BABY!! Dipsy doo dunkaroo!Dingle Dangle Dunkelrpwoyrpqwuryepwruyweprvcxvckvbfdrtretgvjdfnrfd! I'm so excited I can't even understand myself!!!

Realist: Northwestern Read more!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Lee Van Cleef Chronicles - Week 1


The GOOD - Utah beating Michigan in Ann Arbor. USC's offense. Mizzou's offense. Gamecock's Defense. Julio Jones. Western Illinois almost pulling off a shocker in Arkansas. Pat White.

The BAD - Clemson losing badly on national stage and in a neutral site. Tenn choking in the Rose Bowl. OSU's Wells and Mizzou's Macklin (2 VIP for their teams) getting hurt. Big East's non-conference record. Miss St's loss at Louisiana Tech.

The UGLY - The Hokies choking at East Carolina. Texas A&M losing at home to Div 1-AA Arkansas St. Pitt losing to Bowling Green at home.

Vol commentary - The defense looked good, the offense looked bad, and special teams was a joke. You get 4 INTs in the first half and only turn that into 7 pts. Foster's fumble in the first half on a probable scoring drive hurt. But nothing hurt worst than watching Lincoln butcher kick after kick including a chip shot in OT. Crompton doesn't look comfortable at all. If this team wins 9 or more games, it will be a successful season. But that's a reach. They play Florida, Auburn, and Georgia back to back to back. Where's my Advil :-)

Gangsta D:

You sure Clemson doesn't belong in the "Ugly" category? That was pathetic. That was beyond pathetic. Jamie Harper starts the game at running back when you have Spiller & Davis? Are you serious? Bowden should've been fired after Harper fumbled:)


I was close to putting them there but I left them off b/c 'Bama was at least ranked. But I agree, don't know WTF was up w/Bowden starting Harper ahead of two NFL draft picks. He made Saban look like a genius....

Gangsta D:

Now everyone is gonna be overestimating Alabama. "Could Bama challenge for the Nat'l title this year?!?!?" Slow down like Brand Nubian. Let's take this week by week. Read more!