Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rogue's Gallery: MJ, Sarcasm, & Movie Quotes

Da Realist:

MJ answers "the question."

Gangsta D:

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Jordan dissed Kobe! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! He basically called Kobe a bitch. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!


Okay, the best part of this video is the little boy in the background shouting, "Michael, be the MVP!" over and over again.

On some level, I think it's incredibly egotistical to have thousands of people sitting and watching as you play little white kids one on one. But then I thought to myself, "Self, would I enjoy watching that." And then I answered, "Self, HELL YEAH!"

What Kanye song is that?

D, you can't possibly be surprised that Jordan knows he's better than Kobe. I think the only person on the planet who doesn't know that might be you.

Gangsta D:

Yes, that totally shocked me. I had no clue. I definitely figured he would subjugate himself to Kobe.


The Kanye song is Homecoming. Matter of fact they're playing both versions. The first one is the one on his album. The second one is the original one he did on a mixtape a few years back

G-Nice, D might not be the only one on the planet ;-)


You guys are being sarcastic, right? I mean, you're joking, correct? You don't actually think Michael Jordan thinks Kobe is better then himself.

What planet are you from?


c'mon dude you know we're..well I am joking. No comparison. His Airness is King

Gangsta D:

No, I'm completely serious. I also believe Obama is a gay Muslim alien...


You prbly also think Jay Z is a horrible rapper. And that Artest puts the Rockets over the Hump. And that Lil Wayne's album is a classic......


Wait, now you're confusing me.

Realist, are you following the off season. Apparently, the Bulls are looking at Brad Miller. I'd be okay with that. And apparently somebody out there is interested in Larry Hughes. If we could make that happen, I might pee my pants. In fact, I'm more excited about losing Larry Hughes than signing Ben Gordon. I like him, but he's asking for a lot. And he's small. I mean, I'm taller than he is. And I can shoot almost good. Just kidding. D, now you know how you sound.

Gangsta D:

"I sound like a sensible fucking man. That's what I sound like."


Don't quote my movies. You haven't earned it.

Gangsta D:

Haven't earned it? So what does that mean? "Coffee's for closers?" Read more!

Monday, July 28, 2008

"What Did I Tell You? What Did I Tell You?"

I'm not married. But if I were married, I'm sure I would appreciate my wife listening to me. Sometimes, however, women just don't listen. Some people can be told, whilst others must be shown. The following video is indicative of the latter. At first glance you may think it's a fake, but I believe this is the genuine article.

Did she go apeshit or what?!? I love dude's "Come on baby," and the reaction is priceless. He probably didn't get any for about six months, but I bet she listened to him henceforth. Chapter read. Lesson learned. Read more!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Old School Wednesday - The Dream Before The Nightmare

As Team USA gears up for another run for WORLD SUPREMACY, it's hard to remember that there was a time when the team didn't have to gear up at all. The were supreme five minutes before the Olympics, during the Olympics, and four years afterwards. Here's a look back at an article Phil Taylor wrote after the US captured the gold in Atlanta. He was not impressed by "Dream Team 2" to say the least.

"Rarely Challenged, A Joyless Dream Team Cruises To The Gold."

Someday true competition for the gold medal will return to Olympic men's basketball, but in the meantime you may want to find a hobby to occupy yourself, because it's going to be awhile.
Apparently, back in 1996 awhile could be defined as six years.

"It took a long time for the rest of the world to catch up to the U.S. college players, but it happened," says Australian forward Andrew Gaze , who played at Seton Hall . "We'll catch the American professionals, too. I just don't know if it will be in my lifetime."
Someone check Andrew Gaze's pulse. Still alive? Cool.

Lenny Wilkens..."Add to that the fact that players are coming into the NBA at younger ages, before they've really got all the fundamental skills, and you're going to have future Dream Teams that probably won't be as accomplished as the ones that have played in 1992 and '96."
Oh Lenny. You really had no idea. Apparently, back in 1996 "won't be as accomplished" was synonymous with "bronze medal."

Adds Barkley in assessing the international talent level, "Ain't no way a college team could beat those guys.... I think they're going to close the gap more and more. Maybe not the next Olympics, but the one after that, we could be in trouble."
Charles may be crazy. OK, Charles is crazy. But no one ever said he was stupid. Well, not out loud. And not if they were standing near a plate glass window. Read more!

Monday, July 21, 2008

"Let's Go To Sleep In Paris"

Gangsta D:

Does the NBA have a potential problem?

But it would be an unprecedented move if Josh Childress, an American born and
raised California kid, spurns the Hawks in favor of a three-year $20 million
deal with the Greek club Olympiakos.

Josh Childress is basically a nobody in the grand scheme, but he's still a viable NBA player. If you can get more money in Europe and your game fits that style, why not make that move?


Wow, talking about the effects of the weak dollar. Agree about Childress' pecking order in the NBA but could you imagine if Josh Smith did the same thing b/c he couldn't get the $$$ he wanted???

Da Realist:

Wow. this could be...*could be*...a groundbreaking move. If the player's association can somehow use Europe as a bargaining chip against the NBA...

Obviously that would take a lot but the potential is there. globalization is rebranding the nba game to one that is more and more similar to euro-ball anyway.

No way this happens in the NFL. I think the nba has a nice following and certainly has a niche in the sports landscape but it will never be as important as it was between 15 and 25 years ago.

Gangsta D:

Expect an NBA team in Europe next season. You know Stern don't like cats trying to bogard him:)


Actually you they have seriously discussed putting 2 teams in europe....

Gangsta D:

As soon as an All-Star goes to play in Europe for more money, either 1.)Someone is getting assassinated or 2.)Stern is putting a team in Italy and Germany two weeks after the deal is signed.
Read more!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

New School Music - OutKast edition

If you're wondering what happened to New Music days, then wonder no more, it's back. I told you, I would post when I felt there was enough decent music. I wasn't completely about to go Ice-T but it doesn't help when I turn away from the Rap Cities and MTV Jams of the world :-).

Anyway, enough rambling and on to business. This edition of new school music is dedicated to OutKast. No explanation is needed, just pure uncut dopeness.

John Legend F Andre 3000 - Green Light

I'm a huge fan of John Legend. His first album was about drinking, smoking, and cheating on his girl. And females LOVED him for it. I was pretty envious b/c that approach didn't work for me. I guess my hair wasn't good enough. Anyways, add in 3 stacks and you got a gold record right che!

Big Boi f Mary J Blige - Something Gotta Give

As much as I love Dre, Sir Lucious Leftfoot is very slept on. His verse on Int'l Players Anthem was on par with Dre's and Bun B's. Hopefully his solo album will show the masses that Big Boi is the truth. And you got my favorite ex-junkie on here. BRILLIANT

Outkast f Raekwon - Royal Flush

Skew it on the Bar B. GREAT. Royal Flush. GREAT. I know the most popular Wu-tang/non Wu-tang pairing is Meth and Red but the best is Rae & Kast. Hands down. Not debatable. Guys, just go ahead and do an album :-)

Fonzworth Bentley f Andre 3000 & Kanye West - Everybody

Quick note, Bentley went to the same college as all of us here at the Commission. He was only a year ahead of us, was a biology major, and ran track. After I graduated, I was watching a show and saw this cat rocking a bow tie and getting smacked by Diddy?!?! I was confused but now I see his hustle has gotten him an album. Guess I need to be Fiddy's servant for a year so I can get my long awaited album out. Anyways, shockingly Bentley doesn't completely embarrass himself.

Guilty Pleasure of the Week - Lloyd f Lil Wayne - All Around the World

Hate all you want but anytime someone uses the old Paid in Full beat, I give you a listen. And then when Weezy drops the thinking of a master plan line, then throws in "naw I'm not, shawty's on my mind", I love it.

Read more!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Beisbol Es Muy Stupido [Not Really]

The MLB All-Star game is tonight and I could care less. I'm not a baseball fan. I don't hate the sport, but I don't follow it. Baseball is kind of boring and rather tedious. That being said, I've often kept a distant eye on it. I'm usually cognizant of who's in 1st place, who has the most HR's, and so and so forth. Nevertheless, this season has been markedly different. I'm totally in the dark about everything, well except for A-Rod. Maybe my baseball apathy has completey caught up with me. At any rate, I thought this might be a good time to re-post a piece I wrote for The Big Lead last year. Please remember that these are reasons that I am not a baseball fan, not black people in general. I can c-walk on the back of an SUV[inside joke] but I can't speak for an entire race.

A-Rod is the shit. That’s about the extent of my baseball knowledge. OK, that’s a lie. I know a little bit more. I’ll save you from my laundry list of known baseball facts, because I don’t care enough about baseball to list them all. I’m about as emotionally attached to baseball, as a meth head is physically attached to his teeth.

There’s been a lot of discussion lately about the dearth of black baseball players and the subsequent lack of interest from the black community. I can’t speak for the entire race, so I figured I’d give some personal experiences on the matter.

It all leads back to childhood. I could never get into the game as a kid, so I never really built a good relationship with it. Here are a few reasons why.

Too many players – You need way too many players to get a good baseball game going. Six people per team is the minimum. You need a pitcher, 1st-3rd basemen, and two outfielders. Where the hell are you going to get 12 kids who are really interested in playing baseball? We usually only had 4-5 total people which led to really short and boring games, once every six or so months.

Now take football or baseball. All you need is six total players to have a good game. Which sport do you think we picked, nine times out of ten?

No fields – Whenever we did happen to play, it was in a backyard. We used trees for bases. We couldn’t use real baseballs for fear of broken windows, so we used tennis balls. Not exactly the requisite tools for an optimum sporting experience.

Shit talking – Don’t underestimate this one. “Hey batta batta! Swing!” Just doesn’t have the same ring as “I got your game in my back pocket. I’m eating you for breakfast. I’m pissing on you.”

Basketball, of course, is the best game for trash talk. You can get served in one moment, then do the serving in the very next. You start mouthing off, he starts mouthing off, that false bravado rears its ugly head, and you start having fun. And fun is what it’s all about.

BOOORING – Baseball just isn’t all that exciting. Playing a baseball game is like shooting a movie. There’s a lot of standing around and waiting for something to happen. When it does, it usually lasts only a few moments.

We would play football for a couple of hours, then head to the basketball court and play for another few hours. I can’t remember spending nearly that amount of time playing baseball. Usually someone would say, “Hey this is boring. Let’s play football.” There was never a disagreement.

So there you have it. Baseball just didn’t resonate with me as a kid. Maybe if I was forced to join little league, I would’ve felt different. But the shitty backyard games we used to play turned me off to any organized aspirations. I played plenty of basketball and football as a kid, and hence became an avid fan of both. Read more!

Monday, July 14, 2008

I'll Drink To That

Gangsta D:

Let the congregation say "AMEN!" lol

College basketball commentator Billy Packer, who has announced 34 consecutive
Final Fours on network television and created a few controversies along the way,
will not be returning to CBS for a 28th season, The Miami Herald has learned.

Why do I think Dick Vitale is smiling more than usual (which is still a lot) today :-)?

Oh yea, they must have new mgmt at CBS b/c this man has managed to keep his job for 10+ plus years than he should have, considering the dumb, public comments he's made btw 90 and now.

Gangsta D:

It's only fitting that his last "accomplishment" is calling the UNC-Kansas game over in the 1st half, only to see the Tar Heels come storming back in the 2nd. Of course, if CBS had any real huevos they's put Gus and Raft together for the Final Four. Those two could make Duquesne-Eastern Washington entertaining.
Read more!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

What's That Ish You Smoking? - NBA Edition


We must be in the land of the stupid.

72.5M, 5yrs for Andrew Bogut
17M, 4 yrs for Ronny Turiaf
31M, 5 yrs for Desiagna Diop
33M, 5 yrs for Beno Udrih

I thought this was the year of common sense. I applauded teams last year for not budging when Okafor, Deng, Gordon, and Igudola all foolishly rejected their extensions, thinking they would hit the jackpot this summer. But then I turn on ESPN news and see these deals. If their agents are smart, they will use the above deals as leverage in getting big paydays. I won't even go into what's wrong with these deals b/c it would take too long (since when did avgs of 14 & 9 get you 72M???).

Brand, Maggette, B Davis, and Arenas all were overpaid as well but compared to the above, they deserved their deals :-). It's scary to think in addition to the players above, Josh Smith, Monta Ellis, are looking to get theirs.

Gangsta D:

Desiagna Diop got $31 million? Dollars? What is the world coming to? How does Bogut get $72 million? I swear if I keep working on my jumper, I can make a team. A sweet shooting, slightly [well maybe not so slightly] overweight 6-4 guard, with great interior passing skills ought to be worth $10M/3 yrs right? Right?!? lol


if you can still do that crip walk like you did in college, I give you 15M over 3 :-)

Gangsta D:

The c-walk hasn't gone nowhere. I can still cut a rug. Now about my signing bonus.... Read more!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Paella For Everyone!

Da Realist: [7/3/08]

These next two matches will tell you all you need to know about Roger Federer's heart. Is he truly a champion for the ages? Or is he just a supremely talented player that doesn't have the fortitude to fight. We are about to find out this weekend for sure. Nadal is coming and Roger's moment of truth is here. If Nadal beats Roger here, on grass at Wimbledon, after destroying him the last 3 seasons at Roland Garros, I will never say he's a better tennis player than Pete Sampras again. I may say he's more talented, but I'll never say he's a better player.

In fact, I will never put him at no 1, even if he wins more titles than Sampras. To me, heart means just as much as skill.

Gangsta D:

I'm not worried about Fed on grass. He's not gonna let Raffa come into his house and take a dump on his kitchen floor. Not gonna happen.

Waldini: [7/6/08]

Ya'll were saying, lol

You still questioning about TMF's fortitude? Yes, he lost but he came back from 2 sets down and took Nadal to the limits in the final set. Great match. Actually both the ladies and men's finals were good or better.

Gangsta D: [7/7/08]

I have to admit, I had this pegged wrong. I didn't think there was a chance that Raffa could beat him on grass. I thought it was a wrap. Is this the end for TMF? He showed heart, coming back from down 2 sets. Can he show the same and rebound at the US Open? Raffa is definitely the best in the world at this moment. It's his world. This dude is banging the best groupies right now. Damn him:)

Da Realist:

nah... somewhere deep inside, i knew. roger is a different player when rafa is on the other side of the court no matter what the surface is. rafa has beaten him on clay, grass and hardcourts. rafa is in his head. roger quit at the french open the last two years. he almost lost to him last year at wimbledon. i was not surprised at all. even when it was extended to the fifth set, i knew roger would find a way to lose.

he doesn't like to fight. no, that's not quite right. maybe i should say, he doesn't like to fight to the death. there is a point where Rafa is willing to go that Roger isn't. Even on a court better suited to roger's game.

Gangsta D:

I didn't see the match live, but from the highlights it looked like Rog was sure nuff fighting to the death. Especially in the 4th set. Maybe he's just lost his fastball.

Da Realist:

He showed heart, but...

Roger is a different player when he plays Nadal. The big points become BIG points. He loses concentration and shanks a lot of balls into the net or hits long or wide. Look at the unforced errors in his matches against Nadal and look at them against everyone else. The dude does not like to fight.

In terms of skill, no one is better. But now a weakness is surfacing that players are starting to realize. "If you can somehow get Roger into a dogfight, he'll fold." The question is, how many are talented enough and hungry enough to push him there? Nadal is the only one that can consistently do it right now, but Roger better start looking out for Djokovic on hardcourts. Read more!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

What's That Ish You Smoking? - Mullin Edition


Ok, I thought teams didn't have any money.

After losing Davis to the Clippers, the Warriors are going after L.A.'s marquee free agent. Golden State has offered Elton Brand a maximum contract — more than the Clippers have proposed, according to the Los Angeles Times.
Now I see the Warriors are offering Elton Brand max money. Is this retaliation for Davis leaving? Is he worth it? Does it really make the Warriors better? I like Brand, despite his Dukie ties but max for him is crazy. And if he does sign, then the Warriors and Clippers management look like fools for dishing out all this money just to finish in the lottery again.

The 3 of us seriously need to come up with a businessplan to takeover an NBA franchise and run it.

Gangsta D:

Is this retaliation? Shit yeah, it is! lol I agree, it's kind of ridiculous to spend this money knowing full well the hand is stacked against you. If Brand leaves, I wonder if Maggette stays. He would be a fool. If Boston and the Spurs are offering, you jump off the Clipper and swim for better shores. Read more!

What's That Ish You Smoking? - Bynum Edition


I'm a Laker fan and I find this disturbing.

Bynum can get a contract extension this summer from the Lakers. When his agent was told that Bynum suggested he would be willing to take less than the maximum of five years, $80 million, David Lee said they would be seeking the maximum.
Gangsta D:

Not gonna happen. Probably should fire his agent before he gets laughed out of Staples. He'll get max money if he avgs 20/10, the Lakers win 70 games, and sweep the Finals. Otherwise, he should be happy with $10 mil/yr. Kobe didn't even get max money after 2000 season.


As of now, he's not a max player. I'm from that old school, I believe you pay for performance, not on potential. AB improved greatly, but max money?? For averaging 13 and 10? And missing half the season? His agent must either be the same one for Ben Gordon, Luol Deng, and Emeka Okafor or he's talking with those guys. Makes no sense.

I can only think of 5 players in the league today that deserve max money.

Gangsta D:

Bynum's not on that list? lol


" Dude stop getting high before you send these emails. " [inside joke]

Sorry I couldn't resist sending that. I read it earlier and just laughed. Read more!