Saturday, November 22, 2008

Who You Got?!?

Miami - G Tech

Waldini: Another week of the wacky ACC stuff. CANES on the road. I picked GT enough and they have continually let me down.

Gangsta D: Miami

Realist: GT

FSU - Maryland

Waldini: Maryland drives you crazy b/c look like doggie poo one week and BCS busters the next. FSU has been more consistent and they have not let me down recently when I choose them. Only b/c they are at home. TERRAPINS

Gangsta D: FSU

Realist: FSU

Vandy - UT

Waldini: Why D why, for the love of God why? Vandy is bowl eligible. Tenn is wrapping up its worst season since I became a fan in the early 90s. (sniff) this hurts....COMMODORES

Gangsta D: Vandy

Realist: UT

Ole Miss - LSU

Waldini: Ole Miss is going to a bowl. HOORAY BEER! LSU is going to beat Ole Miss on Sat. HOORAY BEER!

Gangsta D: LSU

Realist: LSU

Mich St. - Penn St.

Waldini: Blair Thomas isn't walking through that door. Larry Johnson isn't walking through that door. Kijana Carter isn't walking through that door. But Evan Royster damn sure is. And he doesn't care if Ringer is right behind him. PENN ST's going to the Rose Bowl with this win.

Gangsta D: Penn St.

Realist: Penn St


Waldini: I told you this is the week TT's magic runs out. SOONERS

Gangsta D: TT

Realist: OU Read more!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Back In Business

"Never sweatin' ya girl. [Why P?] Cause she's a skeezoid."

In 1988, a group from the "Boondocks" thrusted themselves into rap consciousness with the seminal release "Strictly Business." That group is EPMD. Well twenty years later, the fellas are back with a new album and a new movement. Check it out:

"Los Angeles, CA. (November, 2008) — Los Angeles based A.K.L.A Productions announced today the unveiling of "The EPMD Project", a collection of premiere international artists creating works inspired by EPMD. Works from each artist will be presented on canvases and prints and auctioned off at a record release event and a listening party. In Los Angeles, EPMD will team with Zune at their Zune L.A. space, offering guests the first opportunity to hear the new album and bid on the exclusive artwork."

"Proceeds earned from each event will go to benefit Brooklyn New York-based charity Groundswell Community Mural Project. This is a unique opportunity for renowned urban artists to pay homage to, and collaborate with, one of the most legendary Hip Hop Recording groups of all time. "

""This is a celebration of hard work and an amazing new record. We feel blessed to have the support of all this talent and are happy to be able to use our good fortune to give back to the Groundswell organization and the kids they support," states Parish Smith of EPMD. "The feedback has been incredible, this record reflects how far we have and come. To be able to collaborate with our fans to give back to a charity makes it even more special," says Erick Sermon. EPMD's new album "We Mean Business" will be in stores on December 9th."

If you're of a certain age, you fully understand the power that Erick and Parish wield on the mic. If you're not of a certain age, just watch the video below.

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Fools Gold? Nah, Not This Time Right?


Matt Cassell is putting up huge numbers in the absence of the league's Golden Boy. Doesn't this remind you of a hmm same situation in Miami back in the 90s. His name was Scott Mitchell, he backed up Dan Marino, Marino tore his ACL achilles, Mitchell took over, put up huge numbers, Mitch became a free agent, and BAM the Lions gave him sic contract. And what did he do when got there? Sucked major MEJOR a$$

Owners be warned.

Gangsta D:

In Scott's defense, he did throw for 4,000 yards one year. But yeah, otherwise he sucked like Vanessa del Rio.


One year...The Ford Family wasted Barry Sanders and Herman Moore's career for one year....and they still got beat in the 1st rd!

Gangsta D:

Scott Mitchell got paid so I can't totally hate on him.

But back to Cassell. I think his performance will reverborate back to CFB. You have a guy that backed up two Heisman QBs, never started a game, and now will be getting paid out of every orifice. College coaches will be using him as an example whenever they encounter a QB that demands playing time. "Hey, look at Cassell. The guy only through maybe 6 passes in college, now he signed a $60 million contract. Shut up and get on the bench!" Or something like that.


LOL. that simple eh. Maybe Jevan Snead shoud've taken that advice before he bounced ;-)

As for Cassell, I mean the guy he's replaced was supposed to be the worst of the two headed Michigan attack. Now's he the one with 3 SB rings and Drew Henson's trying to figure out exactly what went wrong. I shouldn't completely hate on Matt cuz he has been gravy for me in fantasy football. Read more!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Who You Got?!?

Miami vs Va Tech

Waldini: Another one of those wacky ACC matchups. CANES

Gangsta D: Miami has the most raw talent in the ACC. Talent doesn't always come through in a pinch. Against the Hokies, it will. I'm hoping for a big win, but I'll take a squeaker.

Realist: Miami

UF vs S. Cack

Waldini: FLORIDA. No explanation besides see games against LSU, Georgia

Gangsta D: The Cocks have a strong defense. I hate Florida. UPSET ALERT!!! I think the Ole Ball coach gets it done. I have no facts to support this, just an overwhelming desire to see Florida fail.

Realist: SCarolina

UT vs KU

Waldini: Reesing has been just ok this yr. McCoy has been off the charts this year. So what if the game's being played in Lawrence. TEXAS

Gangsta D: The Jayhawks can put up points, but the Horns will be too tough.

Realist: Texas


Waldini: I'm going to continue to keep riding the Tallahassee Train. FLORIDA ST

Gangsta D: FSU looks to be legit this year. BC just blanked ND, but that doesn't really mean anything. Noles in a tough one.

Realist: FSU

UNC vs Maryland

Waldini: see Miam-Vtech comments. MARYLAND

Gangsta D: I need Maryland to win in order for the Canes to have a shot at Tampa, so there you go.

Realist: NCarolina


Waldini: Wow, I never thought in my short Commission years, this game would be on here as part of the pick 'em. You sure this isn't for basketball or baseball :-). KENTUCKY

Gangsta D: Yes, UK-Vandy was a curious choice. What did you want? Bama-Miss St?
The Cats gave UGA all they could handle last week, so I'm going with Kentucky.

Realist: Kentucky Read more!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oden Will Be A Never Was....Maybe?


Greg Oden went to college with a lot of hype. And he came into the league with a lot of hype. Unfortunately I've only seen him play like 3 games in 5 years b/c he's always hurt. The experts say he's like Bill Russell b/c he's supposedly going to be a game changer on the defensive end. But I say more like Bill Walton b/c despite the talent, dude can't stay on the court. Thoughts?

Gangsta D:

You can't even say he's Bill Walton, because Walton actually dominated before succumbing to injury. Oden's more like Benoit Benjamin right now. I don't know what he needs to do to stay on the court, but honestly, I don't think the Blazers miss him all that much.


If they want to be considered one of the elite teams, they better get him on the court. Otherwise, they are just another fun team to watch....and get beat by Lakeshow Reloaded

Gangsta D:

Will he REALLY make them an elite team? We haven't seen him 100% healthy since...well we've never seen him 100% healthy. Do we know that he will take them to that next level, or is he just gonna be another 7 foot stiff? I don't know.


Based on my NBA Live 09 game he does. I'm just sayin.

Gangsta D:

Well due to that scientific study, I guess you have a point:) Read more!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Who You Got?!?!

'Bama - LSU

Waldini: Mandel made a good point on cnnsi. Take away the first halves against Clemson and Georgia (their 2 biggest games) and Alabama has played just okay. But look at LSU and they have been whupped by superior teams. And Bama is superior. ALABAMA

Gangsta D:
Take away the 1st half against Clemson and UGA, and the 2nd half against Ole Miss and the Tide have been OK. Of course, LSU is dreaming about being OK. Saban will get death threats. Death Valley will be beyond off the hook. My heart wants to go with LSU, but the Tide will roll.


PSU - Iowa

Waldini: Are you kidding me? Royster is a beast. PENN ST

Gangsta D:
All I know about Iowa is their RB is dope and they can't stay out of jail. None of this will help them against Penn St. Nittany Lions win.

Penn St.

Cinn. - WVU

Waldini: Yea you are desperate if you are putting a Big East game on here :-). WVU is the highest ranking Big East team in the BCS standings...and they're 25th. What does that tell you? Going with WVU only b/c of Pat White. But we're all losers for having to pay attention this game. WEST VIRGINIA

Gangsta D: I know nothing about either team, but I figured we should get at least ONE Big East game before the season is over. I got Cincy in a toss up.



Another toss up game. Both teams look great one week, they mediocre the next. Gimme the Yellow Jackets. GEORGIA TECH

Gangsta D:
I need Tech to beat the Tar Heels so that the Canes have a chance at the Division. So, GOOOOO Wrambling Wreck.


Clem. - FSU

Every time I have picked FSU they have let me down. I'm picking them this week in hopes that Clemson wins LOL. FLORIDA ST.

Gangsta D:
Can the Noles rebound from the gut punch of all gut punches? Is Clemson on a (mini)roll now? FSU is the better team so.....yeah I got the Noles.



Waldini: Texas Tech wins this one b/c they're at home. But they lose next week in Norman. TEXAS TECH

Gangsta D:
Sorry, but the Big 12 is better than the SEC this year. Every week there is the potential for a Game Of The Year. The Cowboys failed their last test against the Horns. The Raiders are flying high. Will the emotional let down get them? Nope. They're riding too high a wave.

OSU Read more!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Insane Weekend In College Football


- Man, I told ya'll I was converted to watch Big 12 games this season after the Red River shootout and last night didn't disappoint. Yep, I spurned my own boys (who embarrassed themselves as usual) to watch the classic in Lubbock. Harrell put 400 plus on dem Horns and that Crabtree 4Q catch, body control, and game winning TD was pure hotness. Do I think Texas Tech will run the table? hell naw, they losing to OU in 2 weeks.

- Speaking of Smokey, hmm, 4 conference losses versus 1 conference win with 3 conference games left to play. They either will finish last or next to last in the SEC East. Still think I should support Phil in his dark days. Me neither....

- The ACC is quietly putting on an interesting battle week in and week out. Miami upsets the suddenly mighty Cavs on the road, Clemson shocks BC on the road, GT holds off the surging 'Noles, and Maryland keeps rolling. They have 4 teams in the top 25 right now and both divisions are far from being decided.

- Georgia oh Georgia. Everytime, I fall for the koolaid (see Quincy Carter in the late 90s), you do your best to make me look stupid. Yesterday was no exception. People said the offensive line was the major weakness. Hell naw, look like that defense may have been overexaggerated.

- Speaking of D, I told you that Longhorns D wasn't that good. Good defenses don't repeatedly give up 30 plus pts to teams. They shut 'em down.

- Don't sleep but Boise St and Utah are both undefeated and making noise. Will we have two party crashers this year?

Gangsta D:

The 'Canes are gonna be a problem next year. I'm glad people have got their shots in the last couple years, cause a storm is brewing in South FL. Read more!

Waldini's 2008-09 NBA Preview

I just realized that we didn't do our annual NBA preview. So without further ado, the short and sweet version

ROY - Somebody not on the Lakers (Sun Jue would go here if he actually played)

SIXTH MAN - Lamar Odom

MOST IMPROVED - Andrew Bynum

COACH OF THE YEAR - Phil Jackson

MVP - Kobe Bryant


NBA CHAMPS - Lakers in a sweep over some East jabroni team

Questions? :-)

[Ed. - Nope that pretty much sums it up for me.] Read more!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

New School Music - The Laid Back Edition

The latest edition of new school music. I've been in a laid back mode as of late, opting less for the Ante Up-Get Crunk music and more of the Man what'chu doing-Nothing just chillin music. Some nice gems I've been pumping lately in the Explorer. That's right kids, the same explorer I've been rocking since '98 :-).

And for the hip hop heads, don't worry, I've been listening to the Charles Hamiltons, Asher Roths, Wales, and Murs' of the world. Those reviews are coming in a separate blog. For now, ENJOY

Q Tip - Getting Up

I'm a HUGE ATCQ fan. Even when they put out subpar albums like Beats, Rhymes, & Life and the Love Movement, I still supported them. Even when 'Tip went solo, released the underrated "Amplified" and the supposedly hideous "Kamaal the Abstract" (Ed's note - record company would not release it), I still supported them. I saw them when they came to Houston 2 yrs ago, and even though they rocked it, I still didn't think Tip was releasing any new material. And then out comes this single. It's beyond infectious. Nov 4, the Renaissance hits the stores. Based on other singles that I've heard (peep, the album should be vintage Q Tip. Oh yea the video :-). It's pretty slick too. But ditch the Pat Boone look pimp....

BONUS: Here's the sample he used

The Foreign Exchange - Sincere

Ok I'm not the first person to pump Foreign Exchange. The Commission's own Gangsta D did that first. But I'm going to put it out there again in case you lazy cats are still sleeping. Did you know that this is Phonte from Little brother? Me neither. Worst do you know this song is off their first album which dropped in 2004?? Me neither. In fact, their 2nd album dropped last month. Don't worry you got time to impress your friends who still are in the dark.

Kanye West - Love Lockdown

Ok, this is a Love/Hate song for me. LOVE - the pushing of boundaries with his creativity. Only a handful of cats in the game today would attempt a whole verse of singing, let alone an entire song. HATE - the damn Autotuner. S*** got's to stop. Either do the song without it or not at all. Roger Zapp definitely is not looking down upon the imitators with a big smile. Anyways, I'm still showing love to Hip Hop's favorite commericial backpacker.

Lupe Fiasco f Pharrell, Q-Tip, and Sarah Green - Paris, Tokyo (Remix)

Pharrell is definitely rising in the ranks of cats who should leave the rapping to the professionals. But even his uneven flow can't screw up this nice laid back track featuring two of my favorite emcees. I talked about Abstract earlier and now it's on Lupe. Kinda ironic that Tip woulda agree to do this after Lupe forgot his lyrics during the ATCQ's tribute on VH1 last year.

Waldini WTF Moment

Slim f Shawty Lo & Young Joc - So Fly

This is so anti-Waldini. I don't wear sunglasses. I don't spend my mornings trying to get so fresh so clean. I'm not into designer watches, I could care less if a chick is checking out what car I'm driving, and I don't hang with cats with stupid nicknames like Shawty and Young whatever. BUT I love this beat and the hook. S*** is infectious. It's one of those songs if I was in a club, I'd probably be sippin on a white russian, then tell K-dawg and Gangsta I'll be back, I'm headed to the floor to get my two step on LOL.

Read more!

Who You Got?!?


Waldini: This is a difficult one. Since the 'Bama loss, Georgia has been laying teams out. Since the Ole Miss loss, Florida has been laying teams out. Who wins? I'm going with GEORGIA in a squeaker

Gangsta D: Matt Stafford's arm is from another planet. He made throws against LSU that maybe 2-3 PRO QBs can make. He's the difference. Knowshon is gonna get his. UGA's defense can't shut down Florida. Staff's gonna have to put it in the air and score points. I think he's ready to make the leap.

Realist: I have no idea at this point. I'm picking Florida because...well, can Georgia show up two weeks in a row?


Waldini: Waldini's upset special. For some reason I just think McCoy's luck runs out on Sat. TEXAS TECH

Gangsta D: OK, THIS is the week that Texas succumbs to a team after consecutive emotional victories. I hope.

Realist: Always Texas in this matchup. I hope I'm wrong, but I'm not picking Tech ever in this matchup and I *may* be wrong 1 time out of 10.

OU - 'Braska

Waldini: OKLAHOMA. No explanation needed lol

Gangsta D: Oklahoma will kill the Cornhuskers.

Realist: Oklahoma

FSU - G Tech

Waldini: I was reading USA Today and they spotlighted the Varsity as great place to eat in Atlanta. What does this have to do with this pick? For the simple reason that I h8 the Varsity (vastly overrated) which means I'm Silky Johnson aka Playa Hata of the Year. FLORIDA ST.

Gangsta D: Unfortunately, the Noles appear to be decent this year. Tech looked like a surprise team before falling to the Cavs. I'll go with Tech. That triple option will fluster Mickey. I think.

Realist: Probably a toss-up, but I'm going with the Noles
Miami - UVA

Waldini: This is the same UVA that got destroyed by the Men of Troy and UConn in back to back weeks. And now they are upsetting ACC teams left and right. I think Shannon's a better coach than Groh but UVA's been playing better of late. VIRGINIA

Gangsta D: On pure talent and potential, the Wahoos shouldn't get within two TDs of the Canes. But our best players are true freshmen and redshirt freshmen, so they are so inconcsistent. But, they will be out for blood after that 48-0 mollywhopping from last year.

Realist: Virginia
ND - Pitt

Waldini: Did you know ND was 5-2? that Pitt was the Big East leader? Neither did I and since I'm still in Silky Johnson mode, you know where this is going. PITT

Gangsta D: I'll never ever pick ND. If it's ND versus The Hell's Angels, I got the Hell's Angels.

Realist: Notre Dame Read more!