Monday, March 31, 2008

Hall Of Fame Humbug

Da Realist:

Nice article.

Of all the great players who passed through the NBA and never fulfilled their promise, Webber was the only one without a legitimate excuse.
Gangsta D:

Yep, he hit it on the head. People do forget that Jalen was Michigan's top scorer both years. I remember I saw Webber at a party a couple years ago. I was like, "He's not that big." If I was thinking that, what were NBA players thinking? Lol Now the discussion turns to whether he's a HOF'er. I think the Michigan flap keeps him out. It's the BASKETBALL HOF, not the NBA. According to the NCAA, he never played college ball. That will hurt him.


Damn that's true. The scandal alone makes the voting committee think twice about voting him in. His averages say he should be in but when you start looking at how many games he played, then that keeps him out. I mean Bernard King isn't in there either and you're telling me Webber should go in over him.

Da Realist:

That's some bull. The nba needs to find a way to distinguish their hall of fame from the "basketball hall of fame". What the hell is that? The only people that can be grandfathered in are the negro players that didn't get a chance to play in the NBA (but were obviously good enough).

Other than that, it should be the NBA hall of fame. Damn, that's cheesy. You got people being judged by playing on different levels (college vs pro) and different leagues (NBA vs ABA vs CBA vs Euroleagues) and different rules.

I don't think Webber should get in but it shouldn't be because of whatever the hell happened in COLLEGE!. I know some dudes that were good in high school. That's basketball, ain't it? Them dudes should be in there. Maybe y'all can welcome Kwame Brown in since he was da man in high school.

Gangsta D:

OK, here's the thing about Kwame. We have great football players down here, but not great basketball players. I'm pushing 6'4", but I would've played center in high school. That gives you an idea of the talent level down here, so no Kwame wasn't really a beast. I can dominate players six inches shorter than me:)

As far as the HOF goes, I agree. There should probably be different HOF's, but we know that's never gonna change. Read more!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Old School Friday - Newfangled Soul

Class, we're gonna set the dial to "Laid Back Groove" today. I got a little neo-soul in the on deck circle to take you into the weekend. So sit back and relax, light some incense, and chill out with some good music. Holla. Go Lakers!!!!!

D'Angelo - Brown Sugar

I seriously considered putting "Untitled" in this spot, because it's such a dope song. Then I remembered the homoeroticism of the video. So Brown Sugar it is. D'Angelo is one of those classic cases of wasted potential. Dude only released two albums. Two albums! I don't know what happened. I do know that those "Untitled" days are long gone. Oh well. Thanks for the memories.

Jaheim - Could It Be

This was my shit! That beat has the bird flu. I don't smoke, but I imagine this is the kind of track you'd twist one up to with the top down, and a bomb ass shawty in the passenger seat.

Adrianna Evans - Seein' Is Believin'

Adrianna had the misfortune of coming out at the exact same time as Erykah Badu. Now I like Badu's first album, but Adrianna's was massively slept on. I guess the world only had time for one soulful sista on the mic. It's too bad, because this album is a classic. No two ways about it.

Lucy Pearl - Dance Tonight

I don't understand why this group didn't make it. I thought it was a great combination, exemplified by this track. Too bad they couldn't keep it together. They could have made some serious waves. Oh yeah, can we agree that Dawn was the baddest En Vogue chick? Can you say total package? My God.

Carl Thomas - I Wish

Just a great song. It's almost too good to have been released on Bad Boy. Ok, it was too good to be released on Bad Boy. Sorry Puff.

Amel Larrieux - Get Up

Follow me now. Amel is Waldini's Spelman sister's cousin. We're supposed to be best friends, but the dude never even tried to hook me up. Yeah, she's totally out of my league. And even though she'd rather I serve her dinner than take her out to dinner, I would've liked the chance. BTW, great song, great video, cute chick.

Maxwell - Get To Know Ya

Here is the legend. Maxwell, The Fugees, and The Roots perform at Morehouse College in early '96. During Maxwell's set he is booed for being a D'Angelo clone. What people didn't know is that Maxwell's album was done in '94, so he could've come out before D'Angelo. Crazy, huh? Anyway, this dude has the goods. The guitar lick on this track is pretty ridiculous. Maybe Black Summers' Night will come out some time this decade. We can only hope.


The Cardigans[sort of] - Iron Man

OK, this isn't an official video but the song is so dope I had to include it. It's kind of crazy how they took a metal classic and funked it up.

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dead On. Totally Dead On.

"If you can't stand the heat then keep the kitchen out of the fire."

This video of James Adomian impersonating G-Dub is one of the funniest things I've seen all year. He has him down perfectly. True genius.

Bush Blog 3: Wiretap

(Hat tip: Hollywood Elsewhere) Read more!

Baby BeastMode

"Who else wanna fuck with Hollywood Cold?"

I have seen the future. The future wears barrets in her hair, watches Hanna Montana, and hits like a Mack truck. I have no idea what her name is, how old she is, or where she's from. All I know is her pops doesn't have to worry about not nair notha dude putting their hands on his little girl, cause they will get knocked smooth the fuck out. I'll be honest. She kind of scares me, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Ok, maybe a little.


I would tell Tyler to stay away from lil girls like that. You don't want to be afraid to dump her in fear of her knocking you out in the middle of the schoolyard.

Gangsta D:

Yeah but what if SHE wants to date him? You think she's gonna take no for an answer? Nah, kid. Whatever Sheebo wants, Sheebo gets:)

(Hat tip: K-Dawg)

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What The Damn? - Shaq Smoking That Ish Edition


Wonder Boy???

"We have professionals who know what to do," O'Neal said of playing for the Suns. No one is asking me to play with Chris Quinn or Ricky Davis. I'm actually on a team again."

Such remarks extended to the top of the team's talent ladder, with O'Neal privately referring to Dwyane Wade as "Wonder Boy," rekindling memories of the ugly departures O'Neal had from Penny Hardaway with the Magic and Kobe Bryant with the Lakers.
The ironic thing is that Diesel is endorsing Kobe for MVP - "The Kobester. He's an assassin"

Gangsta D:

Wow, what a surprise. Shaq rips his former team. Now where have we seen this before? Oh yeah. Everywhere he's been. When things go well, his coach is the best coach he's ever played for; his team is the best team he's ever played on. But the tune changes when things go badly, which he never has a hand in. Then the coach sucks and his ex-teammates are busters. It will happen once he leaves Pheonix, and if another team is stupid enough to trade for him it'll happen there too. That's Shaq for you.


I think it's good marketing on Shaq's part. Drum up enough interest in a team that's going nowhere and voila you have a Mia-Phx Christmas showdown for at least two years. Then if he starts feuding with one of the Heat players, they can continue talking smack back and forth via the media, and they can patch up their differences on MLK day or some other holiday that's about peace. But in the end, the attention stays on Shaq, he reaps financial rewards, and takes the focus off his deteriorating game.

Gangsta D:

Wait. It's almost like we've seen this movie before. Can't quite put my finger on it...
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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Old School Wednesday - Seeds Of Hate

'84 Finals Retrospective Part I

'84 Finals Retrospective Part II


Man, no matter how times I watch this, I still get irritated listening to ML Carr speak :-0. Talk about a lucky person in the right place at the right time

Gangsta D:

What a punk. That dude never took his warmups off! That series was the foundation of my Celtic hate.

Da Realist:

LOL... that's funny as hell. Mostly cause it's true! He was Jack Haley before Jack Haley.


I didn't mind LA losing to Philly, Detroit, or Chicago. But whenever I watch that '84 series, I just heated like the series is currently happening.

Buck Foston, even if they got two homers[South Carolina] on there.

Da Realist:

2 golden moments...

1) When Cedric Maxwell called James Worthy "Small Game James"

2) After ml carr finished talking all that noise, Magic said..."ML didn't want to fight me....write that down."


Gangsta D:

Of course ML didn't want none. You can't hurt a dude with a towel. Punk. Read more!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Quick On The Trigger

Curious thing happened on the internets today. Both Deadspin and Fanhouse posted a flyer for a "Greygoose Party" to be co-hosted by Pacman Jones and Young Spoaty. The flyer promised that they were going to "make it rain." Oh boy. As you can imagine, the requisite Pac Man jokes and moral indignation were soon to follow. Will came with the jokes:

Far be it from us to tell Pac Man Jones how to live his life, but ... well ... promoting parties in which you promise to "make it rain" seems to be just asking for trouble, doesn't it?

Don't ever change, Pac Man ... don't ... you ... change.

Now, if you'll excuse us, we must clear out our Sunday night and Monday morning.

Michael David Smith hit us off with the moral indignation:

If there's one person on earth who should definitely not allow his name and likeness to be used in association with "making it rain," it's Pacman Jones, the man whose NFL career came to a halt when he was accused of inciting a riot at a strip club by making it rain, i.e., throwing dollar bills in the air to make it look like it's raining money, and then attacking a stripper who dared to actually pick up some of the money.

Many people in and around the NFL think Commissioner Roger Goodell will end Jones' suspension, possibly as soon as within the next month. I'm not so sure. Jones just doesn't seem like he gets it.

When I saw the flyer, I just chuckled. Apparently Mrss. Smith and Leitch were unaware that in the hip hop world, celebrities and athletes are often used for promoting parties without the celebrities' approval. These sort of machinations happen alot. Hell, I did it when I was in college. Anyway, I left a comment on FanHouse describing that, and also suggested that Smith delve deeper to see if Pacman was in fact associated with the promotional company. Well what do you know? Pacman isn't having a party after all.

But when I called the phone number listed on the poster, I was told that Jones is not, in fact, going to be a part of this party. "The party's still going on, but Pacman's party's been canceled," the man who answered the phone told me.

The party is going on, but "Pacman's party" has been canceled? Or? Pacman was never going to be there and we used his name along with "We gon make it rain" in order to drive up interest in the festivities. Well, mission accomplished.

I wonder how easy it would have been to call the number BEFORE writing the initial post? Maybe the naivete of not knowing how celebrities are used to promote parties was a factor in not checking deeper into the story. Or maybe they figured the flyer was an opportunity to make fun of/castigate an easy target, and decided to run with it five seconds after seeing it. I think I'm gonna go with the latter on this one. Read more!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Mega Madness?

Gangsta D:

Lingering questions from the first weekend of the NCAA's:

-I wonder if Stephen Curry has reconciled with the fact that his mom was probably a NBA groupie.

-At this very minute Roy Hibbert is still open in the low post. Why won't anyone pass him the ball?

-Why were so many non-black players talking so much trash? Yeah I'm looking at you Joe Alexander, Lopez Twins, and Western Kentucky three point shooting guy.

-Why did I want to kill someone after watching Bob Wenzel broadcast two Duke games? I don't think Coach K has been deep throated like that since HE was in college.

-Why didn't Gus Johnson get any good games? Did his bosses intentionally screw him to dampen his profile?

-Will UCLA please score some points? Has Ben Howland not noticed that an inability to score enough points is the reason he's lost the last two Final Fours?

-Why is the MegaMadness package the greatest invention ever? At several points I was watching 4 games at once on the same channel.

-What was up with officials handing out Technicals like the Easter Bunny handing out eggs? I swear I thought I saw a ref, at the Stanford-Marquette game, T up Jay Bilas.

-Lopez twins. Douchebags or fiery competitors?


Man, someone definitely took advantage of the Madness package this wknd :-). A few thoughts...

- Feel you on the Gus J comment, along with not enough games featuring Raftery and Lundquist. I don't know who was commentating some of the games I got but they weren't those guys

- Dell's boy is beasting. I don't know if he will make waves at the pro level but for college, he's carving up folks. I think if he does get in the league, he will be okay with knowing his mom's a groupie and that his probable wife will be a groupie too

- They didn't show the G'town debacle here (We got Texas-Miami) so I only caught bits and pieces that CBS showed. They were cruising in the 1st half but don't know what happened in the 2nd half. My family's in mourning today

- Although my brackets were completely busted, it did feel good watching Duke go out again

- Lopez twins - they are bordering on douchebaggery. They were a lil outta control on Sat and talking trash just to be doing it

- UCLA's problem had to do with Shipp and Westbrook have unusually off games plus Mboute playing for hte first time in a week. They looked horrible and still won. Not a good sign for their bracket

- UNC is straight up whuppin folks' asses

- People talk about Bill Self, Billy Gillespie, Mark Few, etc as the great young coaches. Jay Wright at Villanova needs some major love. Cat has taken 3 teams in the past 6 yrs to the Sweet 16. And this team is no where near as talented as that Elite Eight team a few yrs ago....

- Lastly, this has to be the most exciting tourney in a good minute. We had two #12 and #13 seeds advance, a lot of buzzer beaters, major comebacks, and that's just in one weekend.

Gangsta D:

Georgetown didn't miss a shot for TEN MINUTES! They were up by 17, then decided to just dribble the ball on the perimeter for 30 seconds, and throw up a bad shot. Mad frustrating.

Stephen will not beast in the league. He can shoot, so he'll have a roster spot. But unless he gets bigger and proves he can get his own shot, he'll be Eddie House without the headband. Read more!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Old School Friday - Brothers On A Quest

Inspiration can come in many forms. This week, it came from the story of the sample Tribe used for Bonita Applebaum. After reading that post, I was like "Yeah. Tribe. Need to do that." So here we go, yo. I tried to hit every album, so a couple nice joints got left out. Sorry, but thems the breaks. For all you cats that are "sick" today, enjoy the festivities. Go Hoyas!! Holla...

Bonita Applebaum

"36-24-37?" Dayum! Bonita was packing it in like a moving company wasn't she? This was the first Tribe song I really liked. The style was completely different, which made it coo. Plus the groove is unmistakable. But whatever happened to Jarobi?

Check The Rhime

"And before I get the butt, the jim must be erect." Pretty much says it all. I have nothing else to add.

Jazz (We've Got)/Buggin Out

God I get all nostalgic when i think of this song. I remember playing football in the neighborhood on cool fall evenings, then coming inside to watch Rap City, and this video would be on. There was just something about that time. I've been chasing that same feeling for the last 16 years. Haven't quite found it yet.

Award Tour

"Do dat do dat doo doo dat dat dat." So is "Midnight Marauders" better than "Low-End Theory?" Hmm...I'm gonna have to say no. This was a big topic of conversation in 12th grade. While "Midnight" is dope, I think the edge goes to "Low-End," primarily for the nostalgic reasons above. But Tribe did come correct on this track.

Oh My God

"I like my beats hard like two day old shit."
I don't know if I like my beats quite that hard phife, but I feel you. I'm also feeling this bassline. If that doesn't make your head nod, you're either a quadriplegic or you have no soul. Also, if Busta ever drank coffee, the world would be in trouble. Dude is kind of animated, no?

1nce Again

"I'll have this mic up in your mid-section." Some cats weren't feeling this album. I didn't think it was as good as the previous joints, but it was still a cool album. Unfortunately, it was the beginning of the end.

Find My Way

I wanted to marry the chick with the blond curls. She could've taken all my money...easily. Anyhoo, this was the actual end. The last Tribe video. Thanks for the memories fellas.


Led Zeppelin - The Ocean

Greatest. Band. Ever. Yeah I said it.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

What's That ish You Smoking?

Da Realist:

Damn Skip got called out!

"Tracy McGrady is a great player. If I was Rafer Alston I'd probably ride his coattails too."

"I feel like you can make a statement with the way you play. But some guys like Rafer Alston like to run their mouth … that just added fuel to our fire tonight. D-West, that's my guy. For him to say he's not a star, I mean let's see what All-Star Game [Alston]'s played in."

"He had a tough time out there trying to stay in front of me, and that was the plan."

I don't know what has gotten into the And 1 Artist Formerly Known as Skip to my Lou. First, he tries to intimidate the Celtics before the game started by repeatedly pushing his elbow in Rondo's neck (drawing double Ts on both). Now he's mouthing off about the Hornets. He deserved Paul's response.

These are funny quotes from CP3 who continues to make it known he's in the MVP discussion too.

Gangsta D:

Skip just started to believe his own hype. He is who we thought he was.
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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

President Mamba?

Gangsta D:

Realist will have one of two reactions:

1. Why did you send me this? Win a title without Shaq and then you can be President!

2. This bores me.

Am I right? lol


Whoa baby steps Gangsta. He's already going to have a heart attack when the Kobester wins the MVP and Finals MVP awards

Gangsta D:

He'll probably just say, "Talk to me when he's won SIX finals MVPs!"

Am I right?

Da Realist:

You are so right. But i'll spare you the two comments this time.

What a TOOL that guy was. Not kobe. The interviewer. Makes Ric Bucher look like a hardened critic. Yech. I need another shower. Read more!

Old School Wednesday - Swagger Back

Brash. Thuggish. Cocky. Talented. Phenomenal.

All of the above adjectives were applied to the Fab Five during their heyday, some 15-16 years ago. I just thought they were the most exciting college basketball team I'd ever seen.

It was November '91. I hadn't heard of them until my cousin told me I should watch the UM-Duke game that saturday, cause the Wolverines had these incredible freshmen that I needed to see. After the near win, I was hooked like cooked crack. I loved the brashness. I loved how they didn't fear the big stage, but chose to embrace it. Most of all, I loved how they didn't give a fuck if the basketball establishment liked them or not. They never won a Big-10 or national title, but who cares? The hype is well deserved. The game hasn't been the same since.

ESPN Retrospective

Coach K kills me. Michigan taking on the character of the Fab Five is why they didn't win a national title? It sure didn't hurt them as they beat the #1, #2,and #4 seeds on the way to the title game in '92. They just got beat by a better team. What was Coach K's excuse for losing 4 out of 5 Final Fours, before winning it in '91? What a dick.

ESPN U Retrospective

I love Jimmy King's dunk and subsequent stare down on the dude from George Washington. When I saw that, I was like "Yeah!! Get him a body bag!" Good times.

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Perfect Timing

My boy sent me a bunch of pics that were taken at the most opportune, or inopportune depending on your perspective, time possible. I couldn't resist. I had to post them. Here's to having a good laugh on Friday.

"Dad! Put down the fucking camera ya 'tard."

"Dude, seriously. Lay off the eggs."

"10 years and no arrest for Biggie's murder? Someone's gonna pay for killing my master."

"I gotta doody! I gotta doody!

"I'm heartbroke, but I'm still loc'd. Man, fuck a bitch."

"This motherfucker, right here, is crazy. Will someone please get this dude?"

"Smooth. Slightly creamy, with a nice piquaint after taste."

"Asics? Fuck! They taste like shit. Well, if I must. I must."

"I seriously hope my toes are in form."

"Nope. I still got the record for distance. Nice try kid."

"My mama go'n fry your ass."

"Hit me in the face. I double-dog dare you motherfucker!"

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Old School Friday - The Remix

Contrary to popular belief, Bad Boy did NOT invent the remix. Nice try Puff. But I'm not completely dissing Sean, cause I posted a couple of his joints. This week was kind of hard cause I had the damnedest time thinking of remixes. If you got any suggestions, give me a shout in the comments. Holla. Go Hoyas!!!

Ice Cube - You Know How We Do It (Remix)

"You can't fade the r-e-m-i-x." Me and my roommate used to bump the shit out of this, freshman year. Even though I love the original, this beat still gives me the warm and fuzzies. Too bad, Cube is known more making shitty family films than classic tracks. Thank God for memories.

LL - Loungin (Remix)

Forget about the song. I could never get over how "decent" Total was looking...I mean for their standards. Kisha, Kima, and Pam were not looking half bad. It didn't help their singing career, as they were soon dropped from Bad Boy, but at least they looked good...for once. Oh yeah, nice party jam. Definitely a good track to cut a rug to.

Janet Jackson featuring BLACKstreet - I Get Lonely (Remix)

"Remember him from Blackstreet? He was black as this street was." Of course we remember Chauncey, Kanye. I also remember how damn good Janet's cleavage looked. Any way, I'm torn between this version and the original. I think I like the original more. It's a little more melancholy, which really fit my mood at the time. The first semester of my senior year was HORRIBLE. Tough classes, no sleep, the Cowboys sucked. What did I have to smile about, damn it?!?

Craig Mack - Flavor In Your Ear (Remix)

"The ski mask way." Was this the first instance of "The Puffy Dance." Thirteen years later and I still don't know what the Hell he was doing. And why was Rampage on this joint? Never understood that either. Anyhoo, people forget that Craig Mack was way larger than Biggie at this point. That would change in about six months.

Biggie - One More Chance

"I got the good love, girl. You didn't know?" Yep, it was at this point that Biggie became a megastar, and Craig Mack became a has-been rapper with really bad skin. This track may have been the summer jam to end all summer jams. I think they even played it in Wal Mart. By the time fall rolled around, they released another remix. At that point, I was one more chanced out. But I can't blame Puff for milking it, when there's so much more to blame for.

Snoop - Murder Was The Case (Remix)

"Mad dogging niggas like I don't care. Red jump suit with two braids in my hair."
Pretty much my favorite Snoop line. I think I'm feeling this over the original.

Jay-Z - Dead Presidents

"I know who I paid, dog. Searchlight Publishing."
OK, this is technically not a remix, but it does differ from the album version. I think the album version is better, but that's just cause I'm used to it. Jay still has some killer lines. BTW, if you wanna know how Ski Beats made the beat. Seems pretty easy. Why does it take me weeks to do a beat sometimes?


Journey - Don't Stop believing

Steve Perry may have looked like a ferret and wore jeans five sizes too small, but dude could sing. No doubt about it. You know? I could go for some onion rings right about now.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hmm Hmm Good

Gangsta D:

Apparently it's crow, not revenge, that is a dish best served cold. I clowned a certain Volunteer loving Dallas resident, when he said the Rockets would make the playoffs without Yao. I wasn't say the least. Well, seven wins later the Rockets are only 1 1/2 games out of 1st place. Hey, who knew?

But this brings up a bigger question. If the Rockets somehow get the #1 seed in the West, how is McGrady not a serious MVP candidate? Leading his team to the best record in the best conference without [arguably] their best player? You can't discount that can you? Does he move above either Kobe, Paul, or Bron?


I just don't have faith in Denver. They look and play great at home. But on the road, they are horrible. And the way Golden St has looked makes it even harder for them.

If McGrady gets the Rockets past the Lakers, Celtics next week, he has to be considered. That team is 1.5 games out of first right now. Right now, I don't think people have him in their top 10 which is crazy. I'm not the biggest T-Mac fan (skillwise, just as good as Kobe but lacks motivation and passion) but you can't tell me he's not playing better than Dirk, Pierce, Nash, Garnett at this point.

I'm not ready to move him past Kobe and Lebron yet b/c of the quality of opponents they have faced. But if they can post a decent record for this brutal stretch (Lakers, Celtics, Suns, San Antonio, New Orleans, Golden St) then I'll gladly sip on some sizzurp.....

Gangsta D:

Of course, there's twenty games left so McGrady could always get hurt:)


Well he was already hurt once but you know he's due for another 3-4 games out with a bad back stretch lol

Da Realist:

Oh please. Let's see what they do on Sunday. You don't think Phil, Kobe and company aren't looking forward to beating such a "good" team. lol... Houston ain't shit until they beat somebody when it counts. Nobody said Tmac wasn't a great "regular season" player.

By the way...did y'all see this article by David Dupree? This just confirms to me that most of the media covering basketball don't know a pick-and-roll from a tootsie roll. 32 games? If he can keep those averages for another 100 playoff games, get back to me.

Gangsta D:

Leave it to Realist to throw water on Houston's block party:)

True McGrady has nice overall numbers, but what percentage of those numbers were accumulated in blowout losses or in the first three quarters? A-Rod has good postseason numbers, but he usually fails in the "clutch" so he gets dogged. Not necessarily fair, but it is what it is.

Da Realist:

There was a time when someone could compare Tmac and Kobe without someone asking if that person was smoking CRACK. I happened.

Tmac ought to be ashamed. Not only has kobe found a way to niche his way into the discussion of all-time greats, but Lebron and Dwade have moved past him too. where is this dude's pride?


Well look at his family's (Vince Carter) history. That's all the info you need right there. They are both content with being good but not great even though they could have been great. Read more!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

BlackJack Bauer

In honor of Kobe Bryant Blog Day, I decided to post the greatest dunk of Kobe's career. There will be no discrimihating on KB24 today kind sirs.

Climb The Mountain

Short, but damn is it sweet.

Read more!

"Like An Athlete..."

For anyone that believe stud athletes just coast on their athletic ability and don't work hard, take a look at this workout video. It was recorded last year at Potential Players, an organization that prepares high school athletes for college. But watch at your own peril. I pulled three or four muscles just by saying, "Holy shit, I'd never be able to do that."

By the way, that was Arthur and Bryce Brown at the beginning of the video. Arthur is already at the Hurricanes spring practice and Bryce committed a couple weeks ago. If they're still working out like that, Miami has some sunshine in her future. Read more!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Old School Friday - Where'd It Go?

Sorry fight fans, but no Old School Friday this week. I caught a bug, and my body is just generally tired from playing ball for three hours on Wednesday. But in honor of The Wire's finale on Sunday, I thought I'd post what may be the best scene in "Wire" history. Maybe you'd pick a different scene, but to me? This scene trumps them all. Try not to weep too loudly once the clock strikes 10:32 this Sunday. Be easy.

String & Avon

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

What The Damn? - Kobe-Wan-Kenobi Edition

Last night the Lakers traveled to Sacramento to take on the dreaded “Queens.” Obviously, this “rivalry” isn’t what it used to be. Shaq, Vlade, Adelman, Rick Fox, Mrs. Christie, and Peja’s airballs are all gone. The Kings are hovering below .500, while the Lakers appear to be perched on the ledge of another title run. So, things have changed a bit within the last six years. But I had no idea they changed this much. After leading the Lakers to a come from behind win[117-105] in Sacto, Kobe had an interesting post-game interview.

During the game and interview, he got the MVP chant. Kobe Bryant. The bane of the Kings' existence. Kobe got the “MVP” chant in Sacramento. Sacramento? Sacramento?!? I never thought I’d live to see this happen. The impossible has been made possible. Water has been turned to wine. What’s next? Are the Heat gonna win 20 in a row? That can’t be dismissed now. It’s the NBA…where Holy Fucking Shit happens.

Hat tip: Slam Read more!

Old School Wednesday - Cheez

Ahh, the 80's. Some of the greatest commercials of all time were created in the 80's. Huh? What's that? You say they were mad cheesy and beyond corny? Well let's go to the tape shall we?

Transformers Action Masters

Transformers that don't actually transform? Mom can I have three or four? Wait, you say they're also smaller than real Transformers? Mom I'd rather have these than eat. Surprisingly, Action Masters never quite took off.


"He helps you tackle even the toughest challenge." What, Donkey Kong? Nevertheless, I wanted "Rob" when I was a kid. It looked so cool. I thought it would be like the robot in "Revenge Of The Nerds," and serve drinks, clean the house, and whatnot. I hear that it did none of those things. What were the Japanese good for?

Cheez Whiz

This needs no commentary.

My Buddy/Kid Sister

Holy shit these commercials are creepy. Why does she kiss the doll?


My mom got my Coleco Vision from Lionel's Playworld in '82. I hope to God she didn't spend $170 on it. It was a cool system and I had fun, but it wasn't worth $170 circa early 80's. And that answering machine? My God. Well, I guess parents could afford those things back then, when gas was somewhere south of $3.20/gallon.

Pop Tarts

I have never warmed Pop Tarts up in a toaster. I didn't realize you were "supposed" to do that, until I got to high school. I just got a cold glass of milk, opened that pack, and got to munching. Cinnamon-Brown sugar is the all time greatest flavor.

Spaghetti O's

Is that Urkel?

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

"He Is I, And I Am Him"

Gangsta D:

I've been playing ball at the rec 3-4 times a week since January, and I finally figured out which NBA player I am.

I'm not very athletic. I can't outjump anyone unless I'm 6" taller than them. My foot speed leaves a lot to be desired, which means my perimeter defense is sorely lacking. I can play decent position until my man decides to blow past me, then I'm stuck like cement. However, I do play pretty decent post defense. I'm almost 6'4"/240 so I can body up dudes on the block. On the plus side, I have great court vision. I can see plays develop before most dudes on the court. My passing ability is superb, from the perimeter and especially on the interior. I have great "intangibles." I'm a smart and heady player that sets picks, gets the occasional tough rebound and putback, along with a steal here and there. I would be a 9/5/3/1 guy in the NBA. So who am I?

That's right. I'm the Black Luke Walton. Think Bill would like to adpot me? The major difference between us is my outside shot is much better. I'm streaky, but when I get wet from deep, it can get ugly.

I think I'm the first black person to voluntarily compare himself to a white NBA player. I think I'm breaking new ground here. Wonder if this is how Jackie Robinson feels.

Who do you guys resemble?

Da Realist:

I can run a team but I'm more shooting guard than point guard. I had an excellent jump shot and I played pretty good defense. I was quick, but had trouble when being defended by much taller guards. I was a heady player and could add intangibles and clutch shooting to justify my presence on the court.

I'm B.J. armstrong.


I am better at defense than on offense. I can drive to the basket and finish with either hand. My passing abilities are decent. I'm a streak shooter so if I'm cold, I'm really cold and if I'm hot, then I'm en fuego. I won't do anything on the court that will make you go 'wow' but I'm fundamentally sound. Some days I look I like belong out there and other days I basically make the game 4 on 5.

I'm Rajan Rondo

Gangsta D:

So right now, we have BJ and Rondo in the backcourt with Walton at the 3. We need a PF that can hit the 17 ft jumper and play defense and a Center that can command a double team. If I were a little more athletic, we could be dangerous:)

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Monday, March 03, 2008

WTF Monday

"You ain't slick. 'bama go'n kick yo ass."

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