Saturday, December 29, 2007

King Shit Talker - The Redux

I still think this is some funny shit. Any day I can take a shot at Whitlock is a good day.

So, I was listening to my group's last album the other day and got a brilliant idea. We have a track on there where we just let Waldini talk shit for like 8-9 minutes over a beat. I thought, "Hey this track is great. If I cut it to three minutes and put images on top of the vocals, that would make it spectacular!" So yeah, I put this little thingamajig together. Damn thing nearly drove me nuts, though. At any rate, check it out. I take some good natured jabs at Mariotti and Whitlock. OK, maybe they're not so good natured.

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Laughing At Bush-Cultists - The Redux

This post was a little foray into the world of politics. I try to keep it light, but sometimes my co-workers drive me crazy and I need to vent. Also, i didn't think I could continue using the Matt Millen comparisons when the Lions were 6-2. But in true Daytrois form, they started sucking again. So I think this still holds up, no?

I live in southeast Georgia, which is pretty much a Conservative’s wet dream. Everyday at work, I’m subjected to the aural assaults from the members of a dark fraternity. I work with some seriously hardline Bush cultists. According to them, George Bush has never done anything wrong, never will do anything wrong, and to question him is the equivalent of beating your own mother with a tire iron. Truly, I’ve never seen such devotion. It’s quite fascinating, as I don’t think half these guys are this faithful to their wives.

This unconditional love causes them to say some really strange things. The guy sitting next to me actually said that there’s no need for the US to find Bin Laden. Huh?!? 9/11 changed everything…but let’s not find the mastermind behind it? Riiiight. When they start their yapping, I usually put on my headphones and bump Rage Against The Machine. Sometimes it gets to the point that I want to scream. Why don't I speak up you ask?

Hey, I love arguing and divergent points of view. So theoretically, I really don’t have a problem with Conservatives/Republicans. I'm always up for a good argument with a sane rational person that happens to disagree with me. Bush cultists, however, cannot be labeled as sane rational people.

Now, I'm not ranting against believing in a conservative ideology. I may even agree with one or two ideals myself. And I can also understand sticking up for your boy. But you have to be honest with yourself, and those around you, when the train is off the tracks. A Bush cultist will sit on the front porch of a burning house and deny that the house is on fire. Seriously.

Let's look at it in sports terms. How would you rationally deal with a Lions fan who thinks Matt Millen is the best GM in the NFL? That’s the sports equivalent of a Bush cultist. And I’m not talking about a Lions fan that doesn’t outright hate Millen, is indifferent, or thinks he should be given another year to turn things around. I’m talking about a Lion fan that LOVES Matt Millen, LOVES every draft pick, LOVES every free agent signing, and LOVES where the team is headed under his stewardship. I'm talking about a fan that is ecstatic about Matt Millen running the Lions, and can't be persuaded otherwise. Also, let me just say that if such a fan exists, that is one crazy motherfucker. But that's what I deal with on a daily basis. A bunch of crazy motherfuckers.

Now to be fair, Bush is catching some flack from some of his conservative brethren as of late. Astounding the medical community, it appears that brain cells can in fact be regenerated. But that’s mostly pundits and politicians trying to save their hides. When it comes to the populace at large, that mindset has yet to trickle down. Well it hasn’t trickled down to southeast Georgia, in any case. For instance, one of my best friends has THREE pictures of G-Dub in his cubicle. Three pictures! Bush is his boy come Hell, high water, or a plague of mosquitos. It’s enough to make a grown man cry.

Listen, I understand wanting to support your political party. I can understand loyalty. Really, I get it. But when the ship is obviously sinking? Come on, it’s a wrap. Game over. So if I could say something to all the Bush cultists out there, it would be this: Don’t be THAT guy. Don’t be the Lions fan wearing the “I Heart Matt” t-shirt. Don’t be the Lions fan that calls into talk radio and defends Millen until he has an aneurism. Don’t be the Lions fan that tries to violently break up a “Millen Man March” because he thinks they're unfair. I implore you to NOT be that guy. That guy is off-his-rocker, batshit, plastic knife only crazy. That’s a special kind of crazy. You don’t wanna be that kind of crazy. Do you?

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Pro Wrestling Is Full Of Stereotypes? Nah...

Gangsta D:

Pretty dead on:)

Ah, professional wrestling. I ask you: is there a better way for an impressionable young man to develop deep-seeded prejudices that will irreversibly shape the way he sees the world for the rest of his life? I think not.

Where did you find this, LOL? Very dead on......

Da Realist:

Are you serious??? Iron Sheik is CRAZY :-D

Gangsta D:

You didn't know? Sheik is on that Syrian weed:)

Da Realist:

This is the funniest thing i've read/seen in a long ass time. LOL... Did y'all click all the links?

Did you SEE the promo with Kamala??? LMAO!!!

Gangsta D:

I remember seeing them live. It's hilarious when you're a kid watching this stuff, and your mom gives disapproving looks and comments, and you're like "what's her problem?" Then 20 years later you realize how effed up things really were. I remember watching Great American Bash '87 and some black wrestler got his hair shaved, and Tony Shiavone said "Break out the Brillo Pads." My mom went off, but I had no idea what the big deal was. Of course, now I know:)


Damn, I may need to stop pumpin Schiavone after that comment.

Gangsta D:

Nah, he just had one "Imus moment." He's a God of broadcasting. You can't kill the guy for one slip of the tongue:)


Fair point....I can watch my Four Horseman DVD without malice again.

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Old School Friday - The Randomness

I'm too busy contemplating the myriad of ways I plan on getting drunk in the next week to come up with a theme for this week. So you get the randomness, and you'll like it! Hope everyone enjoys the Holiday season. This is probably the last Old School post of the year. Next week, I'll probably be spending most of my time sleeping and drinking. And yes, I will act responsibly....for the most part. HOLLA!

En Vogue - Don't Let Go

"And offed it out the window like the girl in Set It Off did." I can still remember all the groans in the audience during La's lesbian scenes. That shit was funny. Nevertheless, the movie was just OK. I hoped F. Gary Gray would do a bang up job, but apparently, after Friday he ran out of talent pretty quickly. No matter, this joint was the shit.

The D.O.C. - Funky Enough

The D.O.C. is rap's version of Penny Hardaway. So much talent but injuries(car wreck) derailed their careers. "No One Can Do It Better" is such a classic album. I can listen to it, all the way through, 18 years later. Life is unfair sometimes.

Redman - Whateva Man

"I smoked with a lot of college students. Most of 'em wasn't graduating and they knew it." Why he gotta wear a Morehouse sweatshirt? What's up with that shit? But on the real, I can't lie, he was pretty much on the money. However, I did know some Phi Beta Kappas that smoked out on the regular too. But I'm not naming any names. They know who they are.

Ready For The World - Love You Down
"Yo! Jheri Curl's poppin shit! Ready For The World's poppin' shit!" Ahh jeah, I'm all over the place today. This is just a little sneak peak. I plan on hitting up the 80's a lot more in the new year. At any rate, if you get past the curls, this song is mucho dope. These dudes could play back in the day.

Jay-Z - Hard Knock Life

"I flow for chicks wishing they ain't have to strip to pay tuition."
Homecoming party at Club 112 in '98, the DJ plays this song and the crowd goes wild. I hadn't heard the album yet, and I was like "Is that Annie? What the fuck?" I have to admit, I wasn't feeling it at first, but the song definitely grew on me. Jigga knows a hit when he hears it.

Snoop Dogg - Lodi Dodi (Live)

No words are necessary.

Ras Kass feat Dre & Mack 10 - Ghetto Fabulous

"Some of us hustle in the streets, 20 deep at Club Nikki." The funniest shit I ever heard was said by a DJ at Nikki's. "If you ain't tipping the pussy I suggest you find the nearest exit and throw your broke ass out of it." Ahhh...ATL strip clubs in the mid 90's. You couldn't beat it. Anyway, it's too bad Ras never blew up. Dude had skills.

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Quote Of The Week

Realist just text'd me and I had to post it.

Stephen A sounds like a fucking idiot on his own show. He's giving me a headache. Sports radio sucks because I don't have any other alternatives.
So true, pimpin'. So true. But can I say that that Screamin A wasn't always annoying. There was a SportsCentury episode where he's being interviewed, and he comes off calm and rational. He spoke in "regular people" tones and didn't make my ears bleed. I just wish I remembered the athlete being chronicled. It's too bad he got "Vitaled." If he left the shtick at home, people might actually care about what he has to say. Read more!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Old School Wednesday - Have A Merry Freaking Christmas

Since Christmas is next week, I figured hit you guys with a few Holiday-related clips from the past. Yeah, I'm a giver. It's the reason for the season. Enjoy.

Raging Rudolph

"I'm Yukon Corleone. Who the fuck are you?" I remember watching this for the first time, in Waldini's dorm room, sophomore year. It was one of the few times I damn near choked on my own spit, from laughing too hard. Whoever pitched this skit is a genius and should be treated as such. You really can't beat a bunch stop motion puppets cursing a blue streak, all the while giving childhood memories the finger.

Adam Sandler - The Chanuka (Hanukkah) Song

Come on, I couldn't forsake my Jewish brethren. This performance took place during Sandler's reign as "Walking Deity of Comedy." It's just so ridiculous, so absurd, so silly, so Sandler.

Emmett Otter's Jug Band Christmas

You don't know how happy I was to find Emmett Otter clips on youtube. This was my favorite special as a kid. For some reason, I could relate to Emmett. Yeah, I know. Fake otter muppet. Seven year old black kid. What can I say? I felt that dude.


This is pretty cool. It gets kind of slow in the middle, but muppet bloopers crack me up.

"Bar-B-Que" Performance

Classic material. These dudes got cheated out of soooo many Grammys.

Star Wars Holiday Special

Here is the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special edited down to 5 mins. The original was two hours, but no human on earth could withstand that much suck. If you don't know the background, read up here. It will be readily clear why this "special" only aired once. If you hated the prequels*, you'll be committing seppuku in about 30 seconds.

Run DMC - Christmas In Hollis

And to wrap things up in a nice bow, here's a classic joint from the Kings from Queens.

*I didn't, by the way. Read more!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Where Is Your Mama At?

Seriously. What the fuck is up with the Spears women? In case you haven't heard, Britney's little sister, Jamie Lynn is 16. I think everyone thought that Jamie Lynn would take the road less traveled, and refrain from making herself into a punchline. As Charlie Murphy would say, "Wrong! Wrong!" What ever happened to wearing rubbers? Did that go out of style at some point. At any rate, since Britney and their mother have done such a bang up job as parents, we can only imagine how tremendous Jamie Lynn will be as a role model. I do know this, though. Somewhere Mike Patrick is going apeshit, trying to figure out how to shoehorn Jamie Lynn's pregnancy into the last 30 seconds of Duke-UNC. Read more!

Beats By The Pound

Mix 1

Mix 2

Mix 3

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NBA Trade Value, Andrew Bynum, And Residual Bitterness



One more thing: In my humble opinion, 2007 LeBron and 2007 Howard are more untradeable than anyone in the seven-year history of this "Trade Value" column, even surpassing (gulp) 2001 Shaq and 2003 Duncan. Yup, I think we're in pretty good shape with the National Basketball Association right now.

Gangsta D:

The thing with the NBA is, you just can't get equal value for stars and superstars. Who can you get back for Kobe or LeBron? One or two decent players and roster filler. You can only trade superstar for superstar.


Problem is that rarely happens. I am struggling to remember a true superstar for superstar trade in the past 20 yrs.

On a side note, you catch his commentary on Flash's probably state of mind :-)

Does anyone have a better cause for demanding a trade than Wade? He's playing hurt on a lottery team with an abrasive coach, a washed-up superstar, multiple head cases and exactly two teammates who care about defense; the potential savior of the season is a white point guard who looks like he just fell out of an Abercrombie catalog; they have no cap space until 2010; and he's playing every home game in a half-filled arena. Which star should be more depressed than Wade right now?

Gangsta D:

Yeah. It's funny how the Lakers appear to have pieces in place to be good, if not this year, then next year and beyond. While the Heat got old and bad real quick. Maybe Kupchak isn't the disastrous fuckhead we all thought he was. I'm more than willing to eat crow on that one, if it comes to fruition.

Da Realist:

That title still bugs you, huh? It doesn't matter how good the Lakers are or how bad the Heat are. Your boys will have to win one just to offset the damage of seeing Shaq win another after he left. You need one just to tie.

How long is Tim Duncan's brand new extension? Good luck.

Gangsta D:

Actually, seeing the Heat in the lottery will even it up for me. The Florida Marlins bought two titles in six years. It happens. Bynum will be a 20-10 guy next year. If he can dominate in the next 4-5 years, coinciding with the end of Kobe's prime, the Lakers will definitely challenge. If he can't, then they won't.


2 yrs ago, the majority were on the Shaq was done wrong train. Now they've hopped on the Shaq is lazy and done train. Flash will be out of Miami when his contract is up Ditto on those Bynum comments.

Da Realist:

"Andrew effin' Bynum? are you kidding me???" -- Kobe Bryant.

Gangsta D:

Who said Kobe was a good GM? Lol

The kid's averaging a double-double this year and is starting to play with a mean streak. Laugh all you want, but as long as he keeps working hard, he's gonna be a beast.


You are going to keep reminding us every time forever eh :-)? It's all good, we deserve it for constantly bringing up Pouty Pippen's migraine meltdown and refusing to enter a game.....

Da Realist:

Who knows how good (or not) Bynum will be. jordan was wrong about bill cartwright when he was traded for charles oakley.

I just like giving y'all shit.

Gangsta D:

Uh oh! You done done it now! Don't EVER bring up the migraine! lol
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Friday, December 14, 2007

Oh Snap!!

Gangsta D:

The Lakers roll into Chicago next week. Hmmm....what kind of reception will KB24 receive? Cheers? Boos? Will we get a "Kobe" chant? Will the Bulls catch another beatdown? Will Scott Skiles' head finally spin off his body and headbutt Kirk Hinrich to death? What will happen?


Annoucement #1: [Gangsta D] is an asshole!

Annoucement #2: Kobe is a bitch.

The priorities have shifted in the world of the Bulls. Kobe doesn't matter anymore. What matter is that the Bulls get their shit on track again. They've been playing better, but they are still not where they should be. You evil mind trick and silly Kobe queries will not work on us? We are a focused crew and haters are just part of the background.

Gangsta D:

"We are a focused crew and haters are just part of the background."

Wow, I can feel the desperation hitting me in the face from 3,000 miles away. You keep on telling yourself whatever you believe will help you sleep at night.

Da Realist:

It looks like that kid Bynum may be something to hold onto. How old is Kidd now anyway, 40? oh yeah...anything to keep kid Kobe happy.

Gangsta D:

What?!? So now the Lakers are holding onto Bynum to keep Kobe happy? You guys KILL me! But please, keep the hate coming. It may leave you guys with bitter cold hearts, but it keeps me warm at night:)

Da Realist:

I was being sarcastic. You can calm down now. I don't plan on saying anything else about kid Kobe for at least a couple of hours. As Les Miles said, "I'm BUSY".

Gangsta D:

Maybe you won't say anything, but you'll be quietly seething with anger, animosity, spite, hate, and enmity.

Da Realist:

Nah... Kobe is quietly becoming irrelevant to me. Do i want him to lose? Yes. Do i like his 7-22 games ? Yes. Do I need to see him though? NO. He just doesn't win enough.

Right now, we peacefully live in our seperate worlds. He goes about his business shooting 40-45%, winning just enough regular season games to get a low seed AND avoid a high draft pick, then having a couple of good games in the playoffs before the inevitable meltdown in the deciding game that knocks the lakers out of the first or second round.

And i ignore him until playoff time.

And guess what? We're both happy.

Gangsta D:

Wait, I thought you weren't gonna say anything about Kobe for a few hours, cause YOU WERE BUSY. Yes, he's very irrelevant to you:) HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

I just really love tormenting SuperFans #24 and #45. I haven't been able to do it in a few years. It just feels....right.

Da Realist:

Did you just say #24??? you MUST be talking about [G-Nice]...

Gangsta D:

My bad. In my haste, I typed "24" instead of "23." I apologize. If I'm going to clown, I should proofread:) Read more!

Who Do You Work For?!?!

Da Realist:

Do you believe this dog-and-pony show baseball is putting on? It's hilarious, but what's not funny is that most people (journalists) do not get it.

First of all, the Mitchell report itself is all HEAR-SAY, since the author couldn't/didn't get subpoena rights. How is this report any different than something "hollywood access" would put out? I believe most of it is probably true, but still...isn't this america??? He even admits he couldn't finger everyone that did steroids. Bullshit report.

Secondly, if you can't see this next point then you need to be institutionalized. The media is in bed with the biggest cheat of them all, baseball itself. Baseball turned its head for years and profited from the "steroid era", dodged accounts to test for it until congress demanded it and then commissioned somebody that sits on the board of
directors for the BOSTON RED SOX to investigate (of which he had no real power so the only way he could get information would be to talk to "locker room people").

Somehow the media is outraged at Roger Clemons, Barry Bonds et al. What about BASEBALL??? And the media will keep the people they read about in this gossip report out of the HOF? On what grounds??? Steroids wasn't even BANNED during this time! So these players are gonna get banned for something that baseball didn't think warranted to be on the banned

But all you're going to hear about is roger clemons and barry bonds.

Gangsta D:

The thing that gets me is, no one can tell me why steroids are bad in the first place. Athletes take supplements to get bigger, stronger, and to heal. How much more does steroids help as opposed to legal supplements? Is it 5%? 10%? 50%? We don't know. We're not even a hundred percent sure on the health problems caused by steroids. There was a lot of "steroids may cause this or may cause that." But we don't know with any certainty. If steroids are prescribed and the user follows a a strict regiment, overseen by a DOCTOR, would that be a bad thing?

Da Realist:

Good points also. I just want to know why people can't see how the players are being used as scapegoats. It's different than track-and-field or biking. Baseball turned it's head and allowed it to happen. Now it wants to punish the ones that did it.

Gangsta D:

But you knew this was coming. Selig ordered it. He wouldn't do it unless he was assured that the fingers would be pointing away from him. He was a car salesman, before owning the Brewers, for crying out loud! lol Read more!

Old School Friday - 9th Grade...The REDUX!

Yeah, that's right. We're going back to the 9th grade. Last time out, Waldini gave me some good natured ribbing about my video selection. So, I decided to go back to the well and see what else I could dig up. Hope you enjoy. And if any of you guys are hitting the office Christmas Party this weekend, just try to make sure you still have a job on Monday. Capisce?

K-Solo - Moms In My Business

"Ya moms. Ya moms. Why is she so nosy?" This is the song that made me swear off marriage. OK, not really. It did kind of scare me though. I thought all moms were meddlesome and intrusive. And of course, most of them are. I kid. I've met some very cool moms. But old chicks love me, in general. They think I'm an upstanding young man. If they only knew what devious things I had in store for their daughters. Cue sinister cackle.

Yo-Yo - You Can't Play With My Yo Yo

"I kill suckas and even hit the blunt so whatcha wanna do..." Damn, if that ain't a down ass chick. You need a chick in your crew that packs a small gat in her purse. You never know when shit's gonna get to poppin. Digressing, I wonder if Cube ever hit it. He had to have thought about it. The booty did look pretty soft.

ABC - Playground

"Take Jojo he's the youngest. Girls jock him cause he's best dressed." I ain't even gonna lie, this was my shit in 9th grade. Remember when you'd stand in front of the tv and try to emulate the dance routines? Stop lying, you know you did that shit! I here that the fellas may be gearing up for a comeback. I can only suggest that they don't. It will end badly. Let our memories stay pristine.

LL Cool J - Jingling' Baby

When I bought this album, my mom wanted to listen to it because she was interested in hearing why "Mama Said Knock You Out." There really is nothing more uncomfortable than playing a rap record with your mom in the room, as she reads the lyrics. I was like "Can't you go listen to some Al Green or Ashford & Simpson?" At least she never tried to do the Kid 'N Play kickstep with me.

Mariah Carey - Vision Of Love

Beleive it or not, there once was a time when Mariah was all about the music and not about wilin' out on TRL, showing MJ her tits, or starring in execrable movies. Speaking of said tetas, they look just a TAD smaller back then. Maybe she was just a late developer. OK yeah, probably not.

Ice Cube - Jackin' For Beats

"That's the name of the suckas I done gangked." I've never gangked anyone. I may have gangked myself, but that was in Australia and that shit don't count right? Right?

De La Soul - A Roller Skating Jam Named "Saturdays"

Ahh jeah, just a little something to get the weekend kicked off right. I was never into roller skating, but we bumped the Hell out of this that summer. How can you not fall in love with this groove?

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hot Nickles!

Gangsta D:

People have no idea how dope Penny used to be.

Da Realist:

I remember. The biggest "what if" in basketball.

Gangsta D:

He should've been one of the greatest. Too bad creaky knees killed his career. Remember when he signed with Phoenix, and everybody thought he and Kidd was gonna comprise an all-time great backcourt? That really didn't work out according to plan. Too bad.

Da Realist:

Yeah I remember, but really by the time he went to Phoenix he was seen as damaged goods. He was at his best in 95 and 96. When he went to Phoenix he was still good, but he was no longer Penny.

He was done in by injuries but can't we also blame the Magic? It was obvious to everyone that Brian Hill couldn't get them to the next level. Didn't know how to utilize both Shaq and Penny. They were swept by houston in 95 and swept by chicago in 96. Then came the in-fighting and before you know it, the only one left holding the bag was Penny Hardaway.

Remember that draft day trade? Orlando picked Webber and traded him to Golden State for Penny. Who had the better career, Webber or Penny? Both were stars at some point, but neither one reached the level their potential suggested.

Gangsta D:

I'd say Webber had the better career. He was better for a longer period of time. At their peaks, Penny was a better player, but his peak was only 2-3 years. I don't think either one gets to the HOF, though.

Da Realist:

I say no to both.

"Yeah Penny was good, but to say that he was Kobe before Kobe is stretching it. Kobe has been the consensus best player in the world for the past few years now. Even though Penny was nasty, he was never considered as being the single best player in the L. The thing about Penny is that, while he was a very good all-around player, he wasn't dominant at any particular aspect of the game. He was not an explosive scorer that teams had to make adjustments to their defensive schemes. Nor was he a lock-down defender that checked the opposition's best perimeter player. Now don't get me wrong, cause Penny used to be one of my favortie players and I hope that he can come back to the L. But to compare him to Kobe is going a little overboard.."


The above was from one of the posts in Dime. That guy is delusional. He needs to watch the '96 ECF. The Magic got swept but it wasn't due to Penny not showing up. They threw Jordan and Pippen (two All NBA 1st Team Defenders) at him and he torched them both. Besides the injuries, Penny's fall also started when he lead a revolt against Chuck Daly, had him fired, and earned a leaguewide bad reputation.

Da Realist:

Penny was good. It's hard for me to compare players but by anybody's account Penny was good. He and Kobe are two completely different players. Penny had all the tools...he could handle, he could pass, he could shoot. He played the game like a smaller Magic Johnson. Kobe, obviously, patterned his game after Jordan.

They were/are both great in their own way (i'm talking penny in his prime). If Penny wanted to (just like magic) he could have averaged 30 ppg. He was just a different player.

You put 95 or 96 Penny on those early 2000 laker teams with a prime Shaq, the best coaching staff in the league and a very underrated bench and I think they win too.

You put Kobe on the Orlando team with a young-and-not-quite-ready Shaq, brian hill and some nice pieces that don't quite match up, I don't think they win either.

The rocket is CLASSIC. Read more!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Man Of The People?

Gangsta D:

The Jamaal Tinsely situation kind of illustrates how silly the general public can be. He went to a club, after midnight, with his boys. He heard of a fight breaking out at that club earlier, then dicided to leave. In the parking lot, he and his crew are accosted by another crew. They want to hang with Tinsley, but he's not having it. Words are exchanged and then so are bullets.

Now, you have some members of the media and general public saying that he shouldn't be out at that time of night. He should've been at home. Others say that there are more upscale clubs closer to his residence that he could've gone to. Now, what is one of the main things that causes friction between the fans and athletes? The ability to relate. Athletes make so much money and consider themselves so above the general public, that fans can't identify with them. If athletes totally secluded themselves from the general public and only mingled with the financially elite, how would you relate to them then?

I know that's extreme, and you can mingle with the general public outside of nightclubs, but it's funny to me. Fans want athletes to seclude themselves in some instances, but be gregarious in others.


People are so full of shit. The man was minding his OWN business and an overzealous "fan" got upset b/c Tinsley did not want to hang out with him. The same people who are throwing stones at Jamaal have done their own dirt when they were Jamaal's age. Maybe he should just be like Bird and impregnate some groupie :-)

Gangsta D:

Larry Bird is perfect. He would never have extra-marital sex. You liar! Read more!

Tom F. Brady...Please Say The Brady

Gangsta D:

Randy Moss is from West Virginia, played in the Metrodome, and played for the Raiders.

Donte Stallworth is from Cali, played at UT, and played in the Super Dome before joining the Eagles last year.

Wes Welker is from Oklahoma, played at Texas Tech, and played for the Dolphins.

The Pats have shown an unwillingness to run the ball.

Could this spell trouble for them if they have to play in a snow game? Think back to what the Pats did to the Colts in '03 in the snow. Could Brady be praying for global warming? Lol


hehe, possibly. I know one thing, don't run your mouth until AFTER the game :-)

Da Realist:

The hate is strong, but this ain't a bad point to make. If it had been the nba, I would have made it weeks ago. ;-)

The Pats aren't unbeatable. The only question is, who is gonna take it to them. Colts? In New England? Well, it's hard to beat a team twice in one season, the Colts can run the ball, the monkey is off their back, they ARE the defending champs and the pressure will be squarely on the pats to cap off an undefeated season.

That, more than the Superbowl (sorry cowboys), is worth ordering some chicago deep dish and kicking your feet up.

Gangsta D:

I don't know. Maybe Pats-Colts II will be the better game. But Pats-Cowboys II would be the most hyped sporting event of the last 20 years, especially if the Pats are 18-0 coming in and the 'Boys are 17-1. Goodell will do everything in his power to make that happen.

Da Realist:

Warm weather Superbowl. Once the Pats get to that point, it's over.

Photo Credit: Al Bello/Getty Images Read more!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Big Trouble In Big D?

Gangsta D:

Are the Mavs done? Is Dirk no longer the best player on that team? Should Cubes have traded Dirk for Kobe?

It just seems odd that the Mavs are wallowing in the bottom 4 with the Lakers, Warriors, Nuggets, and Rockets. Did the Warriors crush their spirit? Is Dirk doing a John Starks impersonation, without the lisp?


The championship window has closed on Dallas. They followed up their 2006 meltdown with an embarrassing first round exit in 2007. They are still a playoff team and one of the top 4 teams in the West. But they are mentally done. That loss to the Nuggets was a good illustration. Denver just blew an all world performance against the Lakers the night before AND the Mavs had not played in 2 days. Dallas should have crushed them.

I don't care if it's 2006, 2007, or now, no one in their right mind would rather have Dirk Diggler over Bean Bryant. Kobe is selfish but at least he has heart. Put him on this Dallas team and they become a true title contender.

Cuban is a genius when it comes to making money and putting people in his seats. But basketball knowledge wise, he's a novice.

Gangsta D:

They still have 60 or so games to right the ship, but losing to the Hawks on opening night did not get the year off to a rousing start. Josh Howard no longer think Dirk is the team's MVP:)

Da Realist:

I hadn't seen one Mavericks game this year. But I've said all along that Dirk and the Mavs were soft. I'm not surprised. In fact the only thing I was surprised about was Dallas beating San Antonio a couple years ago. Even with Duncan hurt, that surprised me.


Before that series, I thought the mavs were soft and then they showed me something. Prblm was they believed the hype that they had already won the title and didn't close out. And after Crazy Action Jackson went bonkers on Dirk, I sold my stock. Read more!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Old School Friday - RIP

"I'm still Pimp C bitch. So what the fuck is up?" I've been toying with the idea of doing an RIP edition of Old School Friday. Unfortunately, Pimp C's death this week was the final impetus. So we're gonna take it back and reminisce on a couple of fallen stars. On to the videos. As always, drink like fish but stay out of the pokey this weekend.

Total Feat Biggie - Can't You See

"Give me all the chickenheads from Pasadena to Medina." This was always one of my favorite Big verses. He. Just. Kills. It. It would've been a classic if he had spit another 24 bars. Unfortunately, Puff decided to give the song to Total. It's unfortunate, because they had no discernable talent and weren't even redeemed by good looks. And yes, I can say that because I'll dust you off in a game of hearts and old women think I'm mad cute.

Big Pun - It's So Hard

"Next year we bringing home three for the family." Unfortunately, he never got that chance. It's really a shame, because he was on the verge of blowing up in the mainstream.

Pac - California Love

"So you know the Row won't bow down to no man." When the original version came out, I was like "Ehhh." It was cool, but not incredible. I was expecting more from Dre. But then the remix came out, and I was like "Ahhhh." Classic west coast. I really can't believe it's been almost 12 years since this "All Eyes On Me" came out. EVERYBODY had a copy. If you sat in the middle of the dorm hallway, you could hear the entire album repeat over and over. Good times.

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony feat Eazy-E - For The Love Of Money

"Eazy motherfucking E or Eric Wright. It's all the same." This song always used to crack me and Waldini up. Bone goes through each verse at 100 mph, then E comes in like my grandma in her '77 LTD. He didn't really fit in the song, but it didn't matter. You couldn't hate on E. He was the Gordon Gekko of Compton, for goodness sake.

Three 6 Mafia feat UGK - Sippin On Some Syrup

"Get the umbrella out the Bentley Fanrsworth and smoke somethin' bitch like a Pimp C concert." If you're not from the south, you probably don't understand the greatness of UGK. These dudes were incomparable. How many classics are in their ouevre? Way too many to name. I still say "Break 'Em Off Something" is the greatest club song ever. In college, no song got shit popping quite like it. "Took the keys. Took the g'z. And fucked his main honey honey." RIP Chad.

Big L - Put It On

I had no idea that Mase and Cam were on Big L's first album. I wonder what THAT sounded like. Anyway, this cat is pretty underrated. I'm not the biggest aficianado, but dude could definitely spit. He was going to sign with Roc-A-Fella but was shot before he could complete the deal. Damn shame. Just imagine Beanie, Jay, and L spitting over a Kanye track.

ODB - Brooklyn Zoo

I do miss the criminal insanity of ODB. He was on that shit, for real. At first I thought he was a clown, but then I warmed up to him. I'm not sure when the light finally came on, but when it did I just couldn't get enough. Every time this song comes on, when I'm in the car, I damn near wreck cause it gets me so amped up. RIP Russell Jones. RIP.

Read more!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A Li'l Bit Of Everything

Gangsta D:

Boy, somebody on the Pats must be in league with the Dark Lord cause that game should've been over twice. Even though I'm no Rave die-hard, that loss was gut wrenching. They get stopped on 4th down, but Rex Ryan calls a timeout. Then they get stopped again, but the right guard false starts? That benefited the Pats, cause now they can go back into their spread offense. Then Bart Scott goes absolutely APESH*T after the TD. If he keeps his cool, the Raven probably get the ball back at the 35, at the minimum. Either Yamon Figures is gonna have a good return, or the Pats are gonna kick it away from him. Crazy game. Crazy game. God, I hope SOMEBODY beats the Pats. I don't care if they win the Super Bowl, I just don't want them to go undefeated:)


The zebras must have not gotten enough moolah from Shula and the remaining '72 Dolphins cuz they definitely blew this game. Besides the B'more meltdown, they also screwed up the Gaffney catch (that 'bama was juggling the ball like a circus performer). 4 games left and I only think one of those teams (Pitt) has a legit shot at beating NE. And they get that game at home, lol.

I can't hate completely too much since I got Brady as my Fantasy QB :-).

Gangsta D:

You know Ed, Ray, and Willis were hurting in the locker room. You know Ray cussed Billick out and probably Rex Ryan too:)

If the Pats don't lose in the regular season, hopefully we'll get a shot at them in the Super Bowl. Imagine an undefeated Patriot team going against a one loss Cowboys team. If we win, you know Romo's gonna bust out the threesome with Carrie Underwood and Jessica Simpson:)

Da Realist:

I hope your hatred doesn't extend to all things Boston because if they get Johan Santana you can wrap it up for the next five years. Beckett and Santana is LETHAL

Gangsta D:

I will spit on a Boston cream pie. SPIT!!! lol

Da Realist:

i don't see how baseball stays in business. only a small percentage of teams have a shot to win every year. nobody wants nfl parity (this year notwithstanding, lol...) but damn.

how do fans of minnesota or kansas city continue to support their teams knowing that

a) They have no real shot at the title and

b) Your best player will eventually play for the yankees or red sox.

People can talk about college football all they want, but there's nothing about baseball that's fair. nothing.

Gangsta D:

I don't think anyone in Kansas City does support the Royals:)

It's amazing how Boston has turned into New York. They used to be the ultimate underdogs. The lovable losers. Now people hop on the bandwagon and conversely hate them just like the Yankees. They no longer have the moral high ground to call New York the Evil Empire:)

Da Realist:

I'm not hating but I do find it interesting how baseball operates. Each team can negotiate their own television deals and keep the money. So big market teams like the Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers or Cubs can generate many times the revenue that the royals or padres can. Many many times. There is no revenue sharing so the rich get richer.

Small market teams rely on their farm system. Players gradually matriculate under their system until they are ready for the big-time. once some of these players become stars, these same clubs can't afford to keep them. Then the Yankees (or red sox) come in. So in effect, the Yankees treat the whole league as a farm system!

Lost in all of this are the owners. Most of them care little about actually winning. The culture in MLB is different than in the nba. Most NBA owners want to win...and besides, it's more profitable for them to win. This isn't the case in mlb. It's actually more profitable to stay average or lose than it is to win. The only way it is more profitable to win is if you are the yankees or the Braves, you have your own cable channel, you can afford to overpay for the top stars and still stay in the black.

The Chicago Cubs have been raking in money for years off losing teams. The reasons? sell outs, WGN and greedy owners that don't care about winning as much as they care about turning a profit.

1) So you have a league that doesn't reward competitive balance.

2) The owners notice this and concern themselves with the money by keeping teams average long enough to give fans hope (and rake in more money from paraphanelia, game tickets and concessions).

3) Players notice THIS and play for the money. That's why once-in-a-lifetime players like ARod, Greg Maddux and Pedro martinez have all played for multiple teams.

And yet people want to talk about the BCS every year

Gangsta D:

The BCS is flawed, but it is better than the previous system. But it IS flawed. Some years, there will be no-doubt-about it matchups. Some years, there will be what we have this year. No one can tell me that tOSU and LSU are head and shoulders above UGA, 'SC, VT, and OU. You just can't tell me that is the case. But there really is no use in begging for a playoff. It will never happen unless schools threaten to secede from the NCAA and start another "league," if you will. That ain't EVER gonna happen. So we'll just have to live with it, and gripe when necessary. Death, taxes, and the BCS.


According to the guy sitting next to me (an Buckeye alum), if it wasn't for the preseason ranking, that OSU's QB and RB would have been considered in the Heisman race. I literally choked on my M&M peanut when he said that. Read more!

Is That Yo Chick?

Damn. Claudia Jordan was eye-fucking the shit out of Tony Romo at TO's Birthday Party last night. Jamie, you might need to have a word with Ms. Jordan. And Claudia, I don't think you want to feel the wrath of Simpson. Do we know for sure that Joe and OJ are not related?

Photo credit:Rex C. Curry (Dallas Morning News Contributor) Read more!

Monday, December 03, 2007


K.D. Aubert. The things I would do to her. I'm not even really comfortable with the thoughts passing through my mind. I think I need to scrub myself with a Comet-Listerine cocktail. At any rate,this chick is pretty dope. You may remember her from "Friday After Next" and "Soul Plane." Yeah right, nobody saw that shit. But I'm sure she was looking mad delectable, no matter how shitty the movie was. And, since she's from the Bayou, you know she can hook up a batch of jambalaya. I definitely wanna make hush puppies with her. Take that how you want.

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