Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Is Wade thte best player in the league right now?

I saved and clipped this file for TJ :-)

sean, print this email, frame it and hang it on your
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Look, I tell you I like Wade's game, thinks he's fundamentally sound and is one of the rising stars in the league. But btw this article and the Sports Reporters saying he's the best player in the game right now is ludicrous. Beating the Wizards and Nets does not qualify one as a great player. He needs to put up the same numbers against the Pistons (assuming they get to the conf finals), and then against the Spurs (assuming they get to the Finals) to show me he's in the upper echelon.

What drives me crazy is that Magic, Bird, Jordan, Isaiah, Dr J, etc made their statements by beating EACH other not b/c they feasted on the weaker teams. The media is blowing this out of proportion. Let the boy play first, get the titles, and then start the anointment process

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