Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Phil II - Phil Harder

Hey fight fans, remember last year when the Lakers played the Kings in the spring and Kobe had taken only one shot through the middle of the 4th quarter. Remember how he was criticised for trying to prove to the team how much he meant to it, after he was criticised for taking too many shots in earlier games? Well, now that Phil's back, didn't he pretty much do the exact same thing?

Mind you I'm a Laker fan, so I'm not exactly complaining. But it is interesting...

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PegLeg Pimpin said...

Man, before you reference my hometown homies w/ this title, remember, it's Jerry's daugher that is the real one keepin it PI in this scenario. Got Phil to come work for her daddy for the cheap! Shaq "could have got you $12!"