Saturday, June 18, 2005

Tom Joyner Skyshow recap

I had the pleasure of attending my first Tom Joyner SkyShow courtesy of my company. Keep in mind, I was up at 3amish on a Friday morning just so I could get decent seating at 4:3oam in the morning (and you wouldn't believe how long that line was when I first passed near the arena). The night before I learned who would be performing...Faith Evans, Tommy Davidson, and Gerald Levert. Going in, I wasn't too thrilled with any of the acts but as long as I didnt have to go to work, friggin Bert and Ernie coulda been on stage and I woulda been aight

The show started at on-time at 5am (I only mention this b/c on-time and black people usually dont go in the same sentence). Faith opened and I mentioned to my co-worker that if she didn't sing the hook from One More Chance (the remix), then it was a waste of a concert. Low and behold after two tracks, she did indeed do a 2 min mix and sing the hook. So I immediately upgraded her from a C to a A++ just on GP :-). She ended with some song I didnt know but eff it she sang what she was known 4 in '95 so I'm good

Tommy Davidson was the next act and I thought he was living in Europe or something. I mean I had not seen ANYTHING from this cat since In Living Color (For you youngstas that's old school for me). He opened up with the traditional diff between black folks, white folks stuff. Usually this signals a dry, same ole, same ole routine but he actually wasnt' that bad. However, he ended with how he missed old school songs (actually sang those joints, sigh) and how he cant relate to the songs today. Funny but not Chris Rock, Eddie Murhpy, Martin Lawrence funny. More like BET Comicview in the 2000s funny. And that my friends gets you no higher than a B.

The main attraction was Gerald Levert and let me just say after seeing him live....dude tore the house down. I did not know how much females loved this cat as they were fallin' all over themselves with every song he sang (You got that love, Funny, Casanova --- yea playa he broke that out). He started throwing teddy bears to the crowd during one song and these two chicks were about to throw blows over it. Anotha chick bumrushed security, got on to stage to touch Gerald, then promptly met the forearm of Houston's finest b4 being escorted off stage. What I dont understand is how females can hate on the big bone brothas but then fiend ova Gerald Levert. Guess if you got some pipes then all is forgotten, lol. Regardless, I thought Eddie was in concert the way Gerald was singin...A+++++++

Keep in mind the show had takes in between each artists so we were there for a minute. During the takes, Tom Joyner and crew were playin with the crowd. A few random thoughts from yours truly

- Sistas act like you aint starstruck. Just b/c J Anthony Brown asks a ladies with tatoos on they chest to come up to him and get a T-shirt, dont mean you need to take OFF your shirt to get a t-shirt. The sadder part was ole girl was built like the Kool Aid Man but I definitely wasnt sayin Oh Yeah when she showed her goodies

- Folks I can understand getting early to a spot so you can get the best spot. But btw the bruh who was in line at 6pm the PREVIOUS night and ole girl who brought her two kids with her at 1am that morning, I was through. 6pm...sheeyat I'm sending you home cuz you know you smell like a combo of feet, ass, and outside at 4amish in the morning.

- Dont get on stage if you are not talented. I'm talking about the man who said he could ride upside down on a bike, ole boy who said he could dance like the King of Pop, and the Ike turner lookalike who said he could sing. Man on a bike did flip upside down on the bike but he just turned the wheel. Ole boy didnt do ONE single MJ move, he kept popblockin like Omarion in the Touch video. And my favorite, Ike Turner, got up there tryin to sing and sounded like Jackson Heights' own MIIISSSSSTTAAA RANDY....WATSON (See Coming to America). And then got mad when Tom forced him off stage.

- I know its a free event but dayum cant ya'll provide some snacks for a bruh during this show. We already up early but they aint no coffee, no juice, no pastries, no cookies, nada...I know they made enough loot from the cruise...hook it up man!

That's it man, my overall experience was a good one...Had a good time watchin the acts and laughin at folks that morning. This is your reporter givin you the facts....

Great Waldini

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