Thursday, June 23, 2005

Worst moment in sports

The Great Waldini:

The worst sports moment was the '92 playoff
when my Houston Oilers lost to the Buffalo Bills.
I am still traumatized to this day by the biggest
NFL playoff collapse in history (and ultimately why
I never believe any game is over until the final
whistle. Remember when you (Da Realist)
called me during the Cotton Bowl this yr and
asked why I was still you know why)

It was the perfect setup. The previous week the
Oilers played the Bills, knocked Jim Kelly out
of the game, and whupped dey ass in the regular
season finale. Fate would have it that I would
go to high school with the biggest Bills fan ever
so we were trading smack back and forth all
week. I remember going to Nashville that weekend
to visit family. I watched the first half at my
Aunt's house where Warren Moon, Drew Hill, Curtis
Duncan, Haywood Jeffries and the Infamous House of
Pain went up 28-7 at half. Caught the first score
in the 2nd half to push it to 35-7, then my pops
is like it's time to go to the airport to go home.
We get to the airport, the flight is delayed
(keep in mind TV was not all over the airports like
today) so I am blown. We sittin on the plane, this
cat says the Bills just beat the Oilers and I'm like
NO FRIGGIN WAY. They were up 35-7 when I left....

Low and behold, I get home, immediately rush to the
TV, turn on ESPN, and hear Berman saying "In what
is being called the greatest comeback ever...."
My heart immediately sank. I remember Ernest Givins
just holding a cup of Gatorade with a blank look on
his face, not saying a word. I was near tears
sittin on the floor like a close friend or family
member had died. My dad and mom asked me what was
wrong and I just sat there looking sad....

It got worse as I got to school the next day,
praying that God would take pity on me and not
let this boy come to class. The setup was classic.
The first homeroom alarm rang, no sign of ole
boy...the second one rang, still no sign,
then right as that last one went off, all I
hear is "Where is he, where is he!!!!", he sees
me, shows the front page of USA Today with
the score and victory pic, then says "GREATEST

Sorry it still bothers me to this day. I'm tearing
up now as I write this. (sigh) :-)

Gangsta D:

The '94 game (NFC Championship Dallas Cowboys
vs San Francisco 49ers) was painful because I
still think the 'Boys were the better team.
If Jimmy was coaching instead of Barry, they
would've won four straight. We outscored
them 28-17 after being down 21-0.
If Switzer had've kicked the field
goal at the end of the 1st half instead of
going on 4th, the 49er's wouldn't have
taken over and thrown that TD to Rice.
Bam that's 10 points right there and
the game is tied in the 4th qtr. But really,
I'm over it now...

Da Realist:

i don't think i've ever been as dispirited as when fsu
lost at miami in 2002. i knew miami was the better
team that year. that's what made things so sweet.
upset them at the orange bowl? the ORIGINAL orange
bowl??? too sweet! we led by 13 points with 5 mins
to go. 13! we somehow gave up 2 quick touchdowns in
the next 3 minutes! but somehow, someway we have a
chance to win the thing with a field goal. Xavier
Beitia had bragged the whole offseason that he would
LOVE to have the game riding on his foot. he lived
for these moments, blah, blah, blah...

when he missed, all i could scream was, "he MISSED it!
he MISSED IT! HE MISSED IT!!!!" this loss is when i
started to become disenchanted with the team. i
started to wonder if the team is full of losers run by
an even bigger loser. why can't we beat miami? it
gets worse every year as the team loses it's footing.
i guess you can say that loss helped me to see the
cracks in fsu's armor. all i can think about is that
if we can find a way to beat miami again, we'll start
to get our mojo back.

Gangsta D:

That was one of my all time greatest moments.
I was PISSED for most of the game. We just couldn't
get anything going. When we went down 27-13,
it was looking bad. Then Dorsey hit Magahee for
the big screen pass, and I knew we'd win. When
we went up by one I thought it was a wrap. Then Rix
inexplicably leads FSU down the field. When Beitia
walked onto the field, I was just like "no way they
miss a 4th field goal at the end of the game. no
way." HOLY SH*T! HE MISSED IT! Needless to say
I was smiling for the rest of the weekend. But you
guys should've known you were in trouble. In the
1st qtr Beitia was talking trash to a Miami defender.
An FSU kicker should never, EVER open his mouth on
the field against Miami. Unless he's telling
the holder "good hold." It was a glorious day.
Truly glorious...

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