Thursday, July 07, 2005


The Miami Herald has reported the Heat are going to
offer Diesel 20-25 mil over 4 years after his current
deal expires. Now Realist, does that make sense considering
Jerry Buss would not extend O'Neal's contract for 30 mil
and asked him to take a pay cut. Waddup with that?
Da Realist:
still can't get over shaq, huh?  look, shaq did not
like kobe. it wasn't a happy work environment for
him. for him to offset his misery, he wanted 30 mil.
now he's in a situation he likes. money is always an
issue, but he's willing to take slightly less money
because he thinks he's in a better situation.
Gangsta D:
You know my feelings on Shaq, so that's that.


Incorrect, he did leave over money (see LA Times 2004).
Kobe's personality added more fuel to the fire but trust
he woulda stayed for money. Him leaving over attitude
is like me leaving here. If someone offers
me 30K to leave and I'm making 40K here, I am staying here.
Mainly b/c the of the moolah discrepancy. Buss was wrong for
not trying to negotiate instead just assuming Shaq was done
and didnt want to leave. Now enough about Diesel. You got
me over here animated, getting my blood pressure up,
lol. And you know black folks dont need no more problems with blood
pressure :-0

Da Realist:
he would have stayed for 30 MIL!  not 20-25 mil
because he did not like being there enough to take

say you are working for (your company), you don't like
it there and have made it known to colleagues that you
are looking at other opportunities. (your company's)
brass hears this and are upset because they think you
are a valuable employee. you're making 40k right now.
your manager terry fuss decided to offer you 45k to keep

but espn calls to offer you a full time position on
PTI to replace michael wilbon in august when his
contract runs out. they are offering you 40k. this
is a great opportunity for you.

you tell (your company) that you've been there slaving for 7
years and you think you deserve more than a 5k
increase in salary and they say, "that's all we're
going to offer you mr. waldini". and you say, "but
you're offering that f**k toby brians 50k and i'm his
team lead! i have TWICE the experience he has!"
(well, maybe you use different wording...hee hee hee)
and (your company) says, "i'm sorry, mr. waldini. but this is
all we can offer you at this time."

do you take the PTI gig even though it's for less
money than you can get at (your company)? OF COURSE YOU DO!

especially considering the fact that diallo and i have
already accepted full time positions on SPORTS
REPORTERS replacing the annoying mike lupica and the
boring bill rhoden. :-)
Gangsta D:
Jesus!  Stop talking about Shaq!  He does not exist in my universe!!!!

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