Friday, September 09, 2005

Young Vincent...Worthy Of Hype?


Tomorrow, there are 2 big games so I am wondering who you guys are rollingwith....

NOTRE DAME vs MICHIGAN - Personally, I dont like either for different reasons. But if I have to choose the lesser of two evils, I take Michigan. If Weis gets ND to go 5-0 then I will start to give them some respect.

TEXAS vs OHIO STATE - Again two teams I dont particularly care for. But living in Texas has made my dislike for UT strong soI'm going with Ohio St. I find it bizarre that I am picking two Big 10 teams to win, especially since I think the conference is overrated.

It's a celebration b******es, grab yo drink, grabyoglass, after that, Igrab yo a%%

Da Realist:

are you asking who we are rooting for or who we think is gonna win? then again, it doesn't matter. they are one and the same for me this week anyway... notre dame over michigan. lloyd carr's wolverines is the north's version of bobby bowden seminoles and mack brown's longhorns. loads of talent, but they can be outcoached. michigan should be in title contention every year, but they always lose a game or two they shouldn't. this will be one of those games.

ohio state over texas. i can't believe how overrated texas is this year. when have they won a big game? ok, ok. so they won the rose bowl over michigan last year, but michigan is on their level (read previouspoint). vince young is no michael vick. i think he's the most overhyped player in college football.


Realist, I would love to take to you to my barbershop this wknd so you can back me up on the Vince Young point....These cats around here swear he is the truth based on one game. I'm like, where was he during the regular season??

Gangsta D:

Well, tomorrow I hope he's the man cause I'm sick of hearing about theBuckeyes. After tomorrow, he can go back to being overhyped.

Da Realist:

still holding grudges, huh? sorry, d. i'm with Waldini on this one. i just can't see vince young leading the longhorns past ohio state. i can't see a scenario where mack brown doesn't get outclassed tomorrow. it may happen, but i would be as shocked as anyone.

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