Monday, June 05, 2006


Da Realist:

i've been enjoying this once-every-other-day game schedule for all these nba series, i don't know what to do with all this downtime at night. the first game isn't until thursday...

but i DO know what to do with the days...the french open is on and it's grabbing my attention all day. look for a rematch of last year's final with nadal and federer. you can't ask for a better matchup. federer has won 3 straight majors and gunning for a fourth but is the UNDERDOG against nadal, who has won 50+ straight matches on clay including 3 straight against federer. nadal is the only person to beat federer this year.


NBA FInals - I was saddened that Sat was the last TNT telecast for the year. Instead of Ernie, Kenny, and Chuck we get Dan, Mark, and Mike. Big

French Open - Well clay is Nadal's speciality but I am pulling for Rog. I like to view legends in the making PLUS he's a class guy. Isnt it crazy that Venus is the only American left. Damn JB you couldnt pull it out. I guess I can forgive him since he had played 4 straight days.

Gangsta D:

So who do you have your money on?

Da Realist:

that's tough. honestly i don't know. i just saw nadal beat hewitt today and mathieu yesterday. that boy has a big game on clay. federer is a once in a lifetime player so i guess i'll go with him even on nadal's favorite surface. should be an excellent match.

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