Friday, March 23, 2007

Grandpa Oden


- I'm shooting myself in the foot for going to sleep on the Tenn-Ohio St game. It was a 17pt lead at half, Oden had 3 fouls and I thought it was over. I wake up, turn on ESPNNews and see these fools one. That was good for me cuz my bracket would have been straight busted...

- Speaking of which, thx Texas A&M for blowing up my bracket and choking when it counted most. Is it too much to ask for a simple box out and rebound a missed shot. Naw, you let Memphis reel off 5 shots b4 they call a foul. And then you show you have no ability to execute in pressure situations

- 175 points in 3 games? 58.3 ppg over 3 games? That's straight vintage MJ, Wilt the Stilt numbers right there. But alas, too much, too late. The record isnt good enough so Kobe, you are not the next America's MVP. But I am happy the 'Show is winning, albeit close games over crappy teams

- Did Doc really tank that game two nights ago for a shot at the possibility of Durant and Oden going pro? Say it aint so, just say it aint so...

- Raise your hand if your happy Tubby is leaving UK. The boosters are ungrateful and unrealistic. He's gotten that team into the NCAA's every year he's been there and brought you a title. Yea I hear that bs about him winning with Pitino's players but compare the '96 squad to the '98 squad. The latter had no business cutting down the nets

- Josh McRoberts - the next Laettner/Ferry/Adelnaby or the next Hill/Brand/Maggette? That's not a trick question

- Glen Davis - the next Round Mound of Rebound or the next Tractor Traylor? Again not a trick question

That's all I got for now

Gangsta D:

You know, I'm starting to wonder about Greg Oden. it seems like OSU does better against quick teams when he's off the floor. They were getting KILLED in the first half. It was a pistol whipping. Oden only plays 18 minutes the entire game and the Bucks come back to win. What does that mean, if anything? Is he really the real deal? On another note, maybe Bruce should've stripped down when OSU started coming back. it worked for the Lady Vols.

Damn it Acie. You were Mr. Clutch. How could you miss a layup? Where were you in the second half? Where were you screaming "That's what I do!" to anyone in earshot. I'm slightly disappointed in you IV.

Of course Doc tanked. And i guarantee it came from up high. Yes I'm talking to you Mr. Ainge.

I see McRoberts as a combination of Eric Montross, "Our"Vidas Sabonis, Dino Radja, and Jim McIlvane. The future looks bright for J-Mack.

If Big Baby could transform himself into Reasonably Sized Baby, maybe he has a chance. Otherwise, it's Oliver Miller Time.

UK is officially on my list now. I guarantee Minn will be in the tournament next year and do damage in the Big 10.

Da Realist:

you just know kobe is loving this license to kill that phil gave him. and i don't see anyone left on their schedule that actually plays any defense. kobe can go as far as he wants to go with this.

i agree with diallo about greg oden. he's like a modern-day bill russell right now. he should go pro, but he should develop some skills too. bill russell wouldn't have the skill set to be a dominant big man in today's league.

Gangsta D:

You better not let anyone over 50 hear you say that about Bill Russell:)


especially Tommy Heinshon or Bob Cousy

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