Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Oh Ron...Why Did You Do That Thing?

Da Realist:

I remember this guy from somewhere. i think he comes on ESPN during baseball season. Isn't this a death knell for a writer's career?


You would think but this is the Boston Globe you are talking about. Remember when Bob Ryan made his not so kind remarks about Jason Kidd's soon to be ex-wife. He got a slap on the wrist, similar to Ron Borges. Do you realize how fast 2 months go by? Sheesh they even end it by saying they are not angry about it??? WTF, so I guess making up stories is ok....

God Bless America

Da Realist:

Regarding bob ryan's remarks about joumana kidd...

What does chris rock say? i'm not saying i condone it, but i understand why he said it :-)


LMAO...yea in hindsight we say that now. But back then black folks were ready to unite like Voltron and light up Ryan

Gangsta D:

If we can just get Ventre and Celizic to plagiarize, the world will be a better place:)

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