Friday, March 02, 2007

Really Mike? You Wanna Rumph With Chuck?


From Sports Illustrated

8. Mike D'Antoni
The affable Suns coach has been a little defensive all season in answering critics who have questioned whether his run-and-gun offense can win a championship. But when Charles Barkley opined recently that the Suns don't utilize their bench enough, D'Antoni turned downright caustic, telling the Arizona Republic that "he wasn't sure he should take basketball advice from someone who 'choked' away championships and had his own playoff conditioning questioned."

Gangsta D:

As soon as D'Antoni gets his team to the Finals he can take shots. Until then, he may want to shut his yapper.


I dont know if he ever choked championships . His teams were just never good enough to get there or when they did get there the better team won. The only series I remember is Chuck on the Suns blowing series' leads to the Rockets in back to back years.

If that's the definition for choking, then Mikey needs to look in the mirror or better yet the NBA vault archives for the 2005 playoff Western Conf Finals when his team had home court advantage and lost in 5 games....

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