Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Apparently, Old Wounds Take A While To Heal

Gangsta D:

Setting the Bulls/Pistons rivalry straight? Oh boy, I can't wait to hear the reaction from a certain resident of virginia. I can practically see the flames rising from his head right now:)

The masses, for some reason, felt sympathy for the supremely-talented player in Jordan with the charman-tissue teammates instead of the gritty, from-the-dirt squad that relied upon using its brain, like the legendary Chuck D’s flows. And like Carlton Douglas, the Bad Boys were Public Enemy number one.

Da Realist:

this is a rambling mess. he sounds like a schoolgirl that lost her boyfriend to a rival. if he could get over his emotions, he could actually make a few points.

the pistons ARE the most disrespected champion i've ever seen. chicago's 6 rings were directly related to their struggles with the pistons. the pistons taught them to be champions, to fight through anything, to not let anything (physical, emotional, mental) alter your focus on the ring. once we felt like we could beat detroit, we could beat anybody.

the rest of this whining mess doesn't make sense -- with most of it unverified. why didn't he mention that isiah has a gay son living in new york? because it had nothing to do with his argument. the fact that he brings up other player's personal lives belittles his argument.

in fact, what IS his argument? what's the focus? he says it's about the bad boys, but he's talking about the 2004 detroit pistons. is he defending the city of detroit? rationalizing the "walk-off"? is it about isiah and his snub from the olympic team? is it about chicago's success starting in 1991?

let me know his beef, and i can do a better job answering it.

Gangsta D:

I have no horse in this race, but I thought it was an entertaining read. I knew the ire would be raised and you didn't disappoint:)


Wow, I'm actually speechless on this....Hope he doesnt dig any dirt on the 80s Lakers :-)

Gangsta D:

I didn't know that about the Celtics. All you ever see is mcHale giving dap and saying "Go beat LA." But you never see Bird in that shot, apparently because he was already in the locker room sucking on a Miller. Very interesting. The media never brings that up.

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