Friday, May 25, 2007

Do I Care About Bron Bron? Meh...

Da Realist:

lebron doesn't really excite me.

in fact, i don't necessarily have a "need" to see any of today's superstars. i know that rubs y'all the wrong way, but if i miss a quarter or even a game i don't feel like the world is gonna end.

maybe a little of that is the fact that i'm a grown man with more resposibilities -- maybe i WOULD be more interested if i was in the 8th grade -- but i think most of it is just the nba isn't that exciting anymore.

t-mac, vince carter, ray allen, chris bosh...even tim duncan, kobe bryant, dwayne wade... they're all good players. i just don't "need" to see them every minute every quarter every game.

i don't know what happened. it can't be youth, magic was 20 when he announced himself. larry won rookie of the year and never looked back. we knew mike was special even before the 63. david robinson turned the spurs from perpetual losers to contenders in one year. shaq and penny were in the finals in 2 years.

it can't be the emphasis on stars over team. the nba did a better job of emphasizing teams back in the day, but they still marketed stars. the 80's lakers and celtics were shoved down our throats because they consisted of STARS.

je ne sais pas...


Actually i agree with everything you said below....I said it in prior posts, I can never recall where I have been this disinterested in the NBA playoffs. Usually it;s the regular season but now even the playoffs have bored me

Da Realist:

i just don't know what happened. what went wrong? i was looking at lebron last night. you can't deny his talent. he's phenomenal. i just wasn't that interested. can't say it's his fault. maybe it's me.

but i don't feel that way about college football or tennis for instance. i'm just as interested, if not more interested, than i was when i was younger. i can't put my finger on it.

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Anonymous said...

LOL Dah.. Ya'll don't get it do you? Every sense your Michael Jordan's, Magic's and Birds left. There have only been clones. Espeically if Michael Jordan. IE "Kobe Bryant" regaurdless of his 81. He wanna be wanna be like Mike! And that's Da Real. You felt that void the minute Mike retired. He was the last of that great era. And it's gone. And we are looking for "The Answer" but it never came. Close.. but no cigar. And this is what you still feel. You we're just fortunate enough to witness it when we we're younger. And now that we are older... nothing comes close to that time. And it's a shame. All we can do is watch a shell of what once was or an imatation of a reminder of that day. If you want to watch Michael Jordan now you'd have to watch that watered down version of him in Kobe. Man.. he even got the swagger down. His interviews all screem Mike. But he's a poser. And it's even more evident now that Shaq is gone. He's going to go through the same mess Penny went through when he didn't appreciate Shaq. Trying to be the man. And it's all comming to light. I can't wait for him to retire. I don't like his kind myself. No honor in him or many of the NBA members it's not about the love. It's about the fame and the money. And that is the route to all evil.