Thursday, May 03, 2007

Musings From The Great Waldini


- Do you realize the Southeast division (Heat, Wiz, Magic) went 0-12 in the playoffs? It's the first time in playoff history that's happened from one division

- Do you realize Shaq & Kobe led teams went a combined 1-8 in the playoffs? Are we sure they don't miss and/or need each other? And does anyone not think both teams will be blown up over the summer?

- Did you know that Riley's last two championship teams ('88 Lakers, '06 Heat) both were swept out the playoffs?

- Should Carmelo be worried that his team continue to get put out in the first round? And what's scarier is that each year his teams get better but yet the same result (out in 4 or 5 games)?

- Does the Pistons/Bulls have the same aura as the old Pistons/Bulls series from the 80s/90s?

Just a few thoughts....

Gangsta D:

Bulls/Pistons won't have the same verve unless there's a fight or two. Nocioni predicted a Bulls win in 7 games, so that gets things started.

Carmelo is starting to look like McGrady. It's not gonna get any easier in the west unless Duncan and/or Nash retire/get injured. I wonder what they'll do to that team this summer.

The Lakers and Heat will definitely both be blown up. I just hope Kupchak makes smart decisions. He really hasn't made horrible decisions, they just haven't been great. I think there will be a firesale in Miami. Riles is gonna COMPLETELY overhaul that roster. Don't think for a moment that Shaq is safe. I'm not saying he will get traded, but Riles would be stupid not to listen to offers.

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