Friday, May 11, 2007

MVP Of What?

Gangsta D:

Why is that you can only be an MVP if your team gets to the playoffs, but playoffs don't factor into the award? lol

Da Realist:

if the playoffs factored into the mvp voting, the regular season would cease to matter at all. i'm sure the nba wants to keep some level of interest in the regular season

Gangsta D:

If that's the case, the criteria for voting needs to be recalibrated. Not making the playoffs shouldn't immediately disqualify a player from getting the award. It just seems like the NBA wants to play on both sides of the fence. We always say great players play great in the playoffs and win titles. If making the playoffs is part of the criteria, but you can't go deep into the playoffs, how are you the most valuable? I think it's gotta be an either or situation. Either the playoffs don't factor in at all, or they factor in all the way.

Da Realist:

you are preaching to the choir. i think the mvp award is too subjective and besides, it is awarded by JOURNALISTS. think about the journalism majors at morehouse. just because you can write a paper doesn't mean you know squat about sports. there are a few, but most of them really don't.

Gangsta D:

Should players, coaches, and GM's vote for the MVP?

Da Realist:

i think it would add a bit more credibility to the award. but i still say awarding one award to a player in such a fluid game as basketball is asking for trouble. there are 5 different positions and the variance for how teams utilize those five positions vary greatly. look at 1989 when magic wins the mvp. look at the numbers for magic and michael. how can you reasonably pick who was more valuable? 2 completely different players dominating the game in completely different ways.

since the nba will never do away with the award, they can at least make it more credible.

magic's stats

michael's stats


Damn, their numbers are scary :-)

It's subjective, just like the other sports. They could change the voting format but it always be subjective. At least the suggestion gives it more credibility b/c your peers would vote for you not a writer who has pent up anger against you (I see you Lupica)

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