Friday, June 29, 2007

Old School Friday - Reaganomics Edition

Usually on Fridays we hit you off with some old school rap/r&b videos. Today is gonna be a little different. Were' going back...way back to the days of my youth. That's right, the 80's. Sit back and reminisce like Mary J and CL Smooth.

80's Commercials

I remember about 90% of these commercials, and they're still brilliant damn it!

GI Joe Intro

If you don't get chills watching this then you have no soul and can't be saved. Also, was Deathstro the biggest animated pimp ever?

The Cosby Show - Nighttime Is The Right Time

Are you kidding me? Do I really need to say anything?

MJ - Man In The Mirror '88 Grammys

In my opinion this blew the Motown 25 performance out of the water. Mike ad libbing, telling the staid Grammy audience to stand up, the choir, he was still black; just a perfect performance. Mike was the shit.

Eddie Murphy Raw - Intro

You got "Bud," Tatyana Ali, and a coked up Sam Jackson. Can you say classic sketch? "I love that doo doo line. That boy's got talent." Sam Jackson is God.

Barney Miller

The illest theme music ever.

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