Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ya Big Baby

Gangsta D:

How come I don't see Big Baby Davis in any mock drafts? Think he wishes he came out with Tyrus last year? But no, stay in school. It can't hurt you, it can only help you. If you call getting drafted in the second round, if at all, as opposed to the lottery "help," then you got mental deficiencies. Yeah I'm talking to you Wilbon!!!


Yea he's living the Bizarro World episode where he actually hurt himself going back to school. crazy thing, he's still not ready but at least last year he would have had a guaranteed contract as opposed to having to prove himself now....

you actually should write Wilbon about that and ask does he recant his mistake on Glen

Gangsta D:

Probably not. He seems to look at the situation from a personal growth standpoint. I think we've seen Big Baby's personal growth, hence the name Big baby. I look at it from financial terms. It's ALWAYS riskier coming back. You may become a better player or you may get exposed. If you're guaranteed lottery, you should probably come back unless you got a legit chance to win a nat'l title.

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