Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Brand Jordan For The Greater Good?


I am always at a crossroads with this one. LZ's words actually best describe my thoughts on this...

Da Realist:

please. it's a little heavy-handed to "expect" anybody to do anything. michael jordan played basketball. you can't expect him to be w.e.b. dubois. efforts should be genuine, not given because somebody expects it. if it's not in jordan's character to do some of these things, he shouldn't do it.
and who knows how much he has done? the only thing we know is he's not very public about it. so what? this guy doesn't know him at all, doesn't know what or if jordan has done anything that "might"satisfy him. what might satisfy LZ, may not satisfy Sharon or Robert. For all we know, he bought 10 houses for Katrina victims. If he said anything, the media would say his efforts were meant to lionize his character. If LZ found out about it, he may say that's not enough because KG bought 15 houses.

my point is, it's dangerous to live your life based on other people's expectations. I have personal experience with this within my own family. Nothing is good enough for everybody until you tire of trying and just do your own thang.

we should celebrate and uplift the ones who work to bring about change instead of throwing dirt on the ones that "seemingly" don't. if jordan's lack of public service is a turnoff to anybody, that's their perogative. but don't expect anyone to be anything other than themselves.

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