Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Better Than Cody? Nah Pimpin'

Awful Announcing has unearthed a gem of a video from 1991. It stars a flag football player named Carly ripping defenses to shreds. Yeah, that's right Carly is a girl. She has some nice moves and decent speed, although it's hard to tell cause everything is in slow motion. Anyway, AA wonders if Carly outshines Cody Paul, AKA The Truth. Let's take a look.

Not too shabby. She's got a nice arm and breaks on the ball like a champ. But she's no Cody Paul. She doesn't have the vision, quickness, explosiveness, or swagger. She also doesn't have a banging soundtrack. Every good hero should have one. At any rate, Carly gets mad respect no doubt. But Cody Paul is still the motherfucking Truth.

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