Thursday, August 02, 2007

College Football Fans With Unrealistic Expectations? Surely You Jest!

Da Realist:

For two years you've been dodging my question. When will Georgia coach Mark Richt start to feel the heat for never making the BCS title game, let alone bringing a national title to Athens? It seems like every year the Bulldogs are overhyped and every year they load the NFL, but it never translates to the BCS Championship Game. What gives?
--Jeff, Atlanta
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Gangsta D:

Yeah, I used to work with a UGA grad that was always talking about Richt. I'm like, "UGA sucked for 20 years!" They weren't even relevant on the national stage until Richt, Grad of The U, got there. If they could've scored in the second half against UF in '02, they would've made the BCS game. Of course, they would've lost to The U, and we would've been spared getting corn holed by that damn ref!


As much as I cant stand Gawga, I have to agree to Mandel. Wake up bulldogs alumni & fans, you were the stepchild of the SEC East for the entire 90s. At least Richt has guided you to a few BCS games instead of the annual Nashville bowl or some other po duck bowl game like Dooley and friends. Sheesh they are almost as bad as 'Bama fans....

Gangsta D:

I'm a GA fan, but sometimes you gotta know your talent level. If Richt doesn't go to a BCS game in the next ten years, then you can start talking. But he's got a very long grace period, in my books. Ray Goff isn't walking through that door people:)

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