Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Weekend Reflections Suck

Da Realist:

Wasn't a good weekend for us, huh, (Waldini)? How does a team like fsu fall so far behind? Forget the country, forget the ACC, we didn't even have the best athletes on the field against CLEMSON. We're at least a few years away. years.

Now i can just be in hater mode until then.


yea it absolutely stunk. My sat was going great (Mich lost, ND lost) until the Cal game. I was screaming Dont punt to DeSean Jackson, these jabronis did, and he does a video game punt return for a TD. The run defense killed my boys last year and it doesnt appear that is fixed. Plus they have no faith in the receivers as deep threats b/c they didnt try the long ball ONCE during the game

Annoying to say the least. But at least I got to watch Holtz eat some crow on Gameday review

Gangsta D:

What do you mean "now?" lol

FSU's O-line was just brutal in the first half. They couldn't protect or run block. The defense just wasn't playing up to expectations. I can't believe that FSU couldn't handle Clemson's speed. That doesn't even seem right, typing it. At least they showed some life near the end. But they better tighten it up quick. The schedule is brutal.


actually all 3 of our teams have brutal schedules this year

Da Realist:

when i walked into my aunt's house and saw the score my jaw dropped to the floor. CLEMSON??? that nullified the michigan game, the notre dame game, the tennessee game...everything. all those upsets don't mean nothing if my boys lose.

and i know my picks were brutal over weekend. fitting.

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