Friday, November 09, 2007

Who Ya Got?!?

Winner 36-23
Loser #1 28-31
Loser #2 28-31

Auburn vs UGA

Gangsta D: Knowshown Moreno is pretty much the truth. Give the ball 25 times and he'll get you 150 yds. Auburn's defense is tough, they've had success in Athens, and they'll be looking to avenge the pistol whipping they got last year. But, I'm going with the home team. Moreno looks like a future Heisman candidate.

Waldini: Tuberville is now rumored to take the Aggies' head job once they relieve Franchione. What does that mean for this game? Absolutely nothing, I just wanted to point it out. Back the analysis....Moreno's gotten better, Stafford's cut down on his turnovers, and Richt has found his offensive mojo. On Auburn's side, Cox is more experienced and that defense is very very good. Tough choice but I'm going with AUBURN

Da Realist: This game could be a classic between two good, solid, but not great teams. i'm going with Road Warrior Tuberville. AUBURN


Gangsta D: Hmmm. Tennessee plays better at home, but they have no defense, and Humanity Advanced is coming to town. For some reason I'm going with the Vols. McFadden will rush for 200 yds but Casey Dick will only throw for 50. I don't necessarily feel good about this pick.

Waldini: Another tough one b/c both teams either look real good one week or pollywolly crappy the next. Their defenses are both jokes and it will come down to McFadden vs Ainge. Those are the two leading offensive stars for both sides. Forget about Dick, Foster, Fulmer, Nutt. These two will decide the game. Another tough one but Vols are at home so VOLS.

Da Realist: All Tennessee has to do is just win out and they'll punch their ticket to Atlanta. But this is the SEC in the year of the upset. Nothing is as expected. Tenn can't stop the run and find a way to lose at home to ARKANSAS

UF vs S Cack

Gangsta D: Good ole Steve Superior is looking to get back at the Gators. If it weren't for a couple blocked kicks, the Cocks would've derailed UF's nat'l title season. Unfortunately for Steve, Danny Wuerfel isn't walking through that door. The Gator defense is a sieve, but the Cocks don't have enough weapons to make a dent.

Waldini: Can Meyer motivate the troops (Tebow, Harvin, Caldwell) to rebound from a bad loss to GAWGA? Can Spurrier REALLY motivate the troops (Mitchell, Smelley [if he plays]) to bounce bad from giving up a conference record rushing performance? Florida definitely isnt going to run the ball efficiently. Some reason I think SC is motivated by the Bo Berry Biscuit special (2 for a 1) waiting on them after the game ends. SOUTH CAROLINA

Da Realist: SC has a chance, but Florida has too many weapons and I doubt they lose two in a row twice in one season.

FSU vs V Tech

Gangsta D: I'm going with the home team. Drew had a good game at BC, but he's still Drew. Sean Glennon actually looked like a college QB against Tech, and Tech's defense will be tough as usual. It'll be a dogfight, but the Hokies pull it out in the end.

Waldini: I picked against FSU last week b/c I thought BC was better. I'm picking against them this week b/c I have to get back in the weekly pick championship chase, lol. Although the Hokies offense leaves MUCH to be desired and FSU is quietly putting up decent offensive number along with their defense making BIG plays. Damn I really think FSU is the better team but oh well. HOKIES

Da Realist: Somehow FSU gets up for the big road games. VT may just be a little overrated. This is like a big brother-little brother matchup. Frank Beamer created VT in the likeness of FSU. FSU is better at that type of game (throw your athletes on the field and create havok) than VT is. FLORIDA STATE

USC vs Cal

Gangsta D: It's the "Blown Season Bowl." This looked to be an epic battle back in September. Now, it's just another Pac-10 game. It's actually a coin flip this year. I'll go with the Bears. Maybe this week, DeSean Jackson will play like he wants to be a top 10 pick.

Waldini: When Cal spanked Tenn in the season opener, I really thought this would be the PAC 10 game that would decide the conf champ. Now these guys are playing for who goes to the Holiday bowl and Sun or Insight Bowl. Is Booty healthy? Will the real DeSean Jackson please stand up, please stand up? Gimme the TROJANS

Da Realist: USC has steadily improved and is looking for their "break-out" game. I'm sure Pete Carroll is using DeSean Jackson's comments as bulletin board material. USC comes out with the W. USC

UVA vs The U

Gangsta D: The final game at the Orange Bowl. So many memories. So many Nat'l Championships. Wide Rights. Wide Lefts. Fights. Beatdowns. Classic Endings. You name it, the Old Lady saw it. Miami is planning on having a BUNCH of alumni at the game. It's gonna be crazy. If we don't come out like "300" and destroy everything in our path, something is wrong. Kyle is starting, so we should have more than one completion. UVA is good, but I just can't see Randy allowing this team to lose this game. Just can't see it.

Waldini: Why is this game on here :-)? Just kidding D I know you'll have the box of tissues by your side for this game. UVA has won 5 games by a total of 7 points. Groh's boys are definitely skating on the edge. Miami had a bad loss to NC State last week. But then 2 weeks ago they looked good against the 'Noles. I dont know, going with UVA on the road.....

Da Realist: I don't believe Miami loses the last game at the Orange Bowl. MIAMI

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