Friday, January 25, 2008

Trouble Ahead For TMF?

Da Realist:

TMF goes down in the semis to straight sets no less.

Gangsta D:

Can't win them all. I guess now everyone will question whether he still has it or if he's ready to fall from his perch. I would not put money on that any time soon.

Da Realist:

Djokavic just outplayed him. It happens. Well, it doesn't happen that often to roger but still...

I think Roger is getting close to the point where he needs to tweak his game juuuuuust a little. he's always been so good that he can just play his game without taking any risks. now some of the younger guys are pushing him, meaning he has a slightly smaller margin of error than before.
Why not channel Pistol Pete and use that serve as a weapon more often and get a few cheap points? djokavic beat him from the BASELINE. And Federer's best shot (forehand) couldn't keep up today. Yet Djokavic was wheezing the last 2 sets. Why not get a few cheap points and push to the 4th set. Who knows what would've happened there. But federer kept
trying to outslug him.

As he gets older he's gonna have to take a few more risks. He has the tools. maybe one day we'll see Federer 2.0

Gangsta D:

Does he have the trust in himself to tweak his game, a la Tiger? That's the question. Is he willing to do it?

Da Realist:

We'll see. So far he has been reluctant to change his core strategy, but when you're winning 3 majors a year, who's gonna argue? It may take a few more high-profile losses before he changes his mind.


Well the next major coming up is the one he's never one and he didn't tweak his game after each loss from that. So does that mean it will take a loss at Wimbledon for the change to happen?

Of course, I could be overreacting

Da Realist:

Well, no one expects him to win the French so that wouldn't cause much change. But if he loses Wimbledon, there will be a little doubt seeping in. Going into New York without 1 major all year may get him to change a few tactics. But it's still early. He can still win a few majors playing the way he's been playing.

But my belief is, when this phase is over, he could win even a few more just imitating Pete (huge first and second serves, serve and volley).

He's so talented, it's ridiculous. The question is, does HE really know what he's capable of? If he stays the way he is he'll break pete's record. If he changes his game like tiger or Mike, he'll reach 20.

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