Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Old School Wednesday - Rim Murderer

Nobody. And I do mean nobody, dunked like Dominique Wilkins. Maybe some jumped higher. Maybe some had more creativity in the air. But no one tried to commit 1st degree murder on the rim quite like 'Nique. Let's review the evidence.

'88 Slam Dunk Finals

"They Gave him a 50! They gave him a 50!" You damn skippy. Jordan was definitely given a 50, cause he didn't earn it. Need I point out that his left foot was INSIDE the free throw line. He did the same dunk better, earlier in the comp, but got a lower score. I loved Jordan up until that point. I LOVED Jordan. But being a kid from south GA, there was no way I could let 'Nique's loss go unpunished. So from that point until he retired in '98, I was like "Fuck you Jordan." I've eased me stance in the waning years, but I still believe that 'Nique was robbed. Let's go to the tape shall we?

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S.O said...

How about Shawn Kemp? he also broke the rim in every dunk.