Wednesday, February 13, 2008

You Kidding, Right?

Gangsta D:

What hath Kupchak wrought? I have no idea if Kidd improves Dallas'chances. All I know is that the Western Conference Playoffs might be the most entertaining postseason in sports history.

Sources told that talks between the Mavericks
and Nets, which had seemingly stalled, grew serious after the teams played
Sunday night in New Jersey and have moved them to the brink of completing the
NBA's third blockbuster deal of the month.
Da Realist:

Everytime I try to get out, the game keeps pulling me back in -- somebody from The Wire

I guess I will start paying attention. Too much is going on. I haven't seen one complete dallas game yet.

Gangsta D:

You haven't missed anything. If Dallas gets Kidd, then you will be forced to:)


Dallas today is like Phoenix was 2 weeks ago. The team they have is not going to win a title so why not go ahead and gamble. The West playoffs this year was already a gauntlet but adding Kidd will make things much more interesting. Homecourt has indeed become important.

Questionable call on giving up Stack. I am not a big fan of his game but during the '06 Finals he was the only one on the Mavs that had any heart.

Gangsta D:

Like I said, I don't know that this really pushes Dallas over the top. They sacrifice depth and inside muscle for more transition buckets, more open perimeter shots, and decent perimeter defense. Is that enough? Who knows? I will be watching, that's for sure.

Da Realist:

Stack is dead weight. Dallas showing in the playoffs says more about the rest of the team than it does about him.

The more i think about it, the more i think jason may make a pretty good difference. Who does dallas have at the point right now? Jason Terry is not a true point guard. Who's that other guy? Devin somebody??? That's an upgrade on one of their big weaknesses.

The only question is this (and the same goes for phoenix) long do you have? jason and shaq are old. They almost HAVE to win in the next couple of years to get any return on their investment. Their time is NOW.

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