Thursday, March 27, 2008

Baby BeastMode

"Who else wanna fuck with Hollywood Cold?"

I have seen the future. The future wears barrets in her hair, watches Hanna Montana, and hits like a Mack truck. I have no idea what her name is, how old she is, or where she's from. All I know is her pops doesn't have to worry about not nair notha dude putting their hands on his little girl, cause they will get knocked smooth the fuck out. I'll be honest. She kind of scares me, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Ok, maybe a little.


I would tell Tyler to stay away from lil girls like that. You don't want to be afraid to dump her in fear of her knocking you out in the middle of the schoolyard.

Gangsta D:

Yeah but what if SHE wants to date him? You think she's gonna take no for an answer? Nah, kid. Whatever Sheebo wants, Sheebo gets:)

(Hat tip: K-Dawg)

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