Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Old School Wednesday - Seeds Of Hate

'84 Finals Retrospective Part I

'84 Finals Retrospective Part II


Man, no matter how times I watch this, I still get irritated listening to ML Carr speak :-0. Talk about a lucky person in the right place at the right time

Gangsta D:

What a punk. That dude never took his warmups off! That series was the foundation of my Celtic hate.

Da Realist:

LOL... that's funny as hell. Mostly cause it's true! He was Jack Haley before Jack Haley.


I didn't mind LA losing to Philly, Detroit, or Chicago. But whenever I watch that '84 series, I just heated like the series is currently happening.

Buck Foston, even if they got two homers[South Carolina] on there.

Da Realist:

2 golden moments...

1) When Cedric Maxwell called James Worthy "Small Game James"

2) After ml carr finished talking all that noise, Magic said..."ML didn't want to fight me....write that down."


Gangsta D:

Of course ML didn't want none. You can't hurt a dude with a towel. Punk.


stopmikelupica said...

ML Carr's towel must be the most dissed object in NBA history. For over 20 years everyone I've ever played ball with at one time or another busted an ML Carr joke...

That sh*t is his legacy. Might have well own it. He should market "ML Carr fan towels" like ala the terrible towels in Pittsburgh...

Gangsta D said...

I'd buy a box of five just so I could light that shit on fire.

Anonymous said...

Sweet memories! That really WAS Celtic PRIDE!