Friday, April 25, 2008

Old School Friday - It Came From The 80's

What came from the 80's? Really corny commercials, that's what. These joints were sometimes godawful and sometimes cheesy, but are always entertaining in retrospect.

Daily News

My God, even in 1986, Lupica looked like a Total Fucking Douchebag. He definitely reached 100% douche efficiency before joining Sports Reporters. How Howard could contain himself from busting Lupica in the face, is a secret he took to the grave.

Breakin & Poppin

My. God. The level of suck in this "commercial" is so spectacular, I can't believe it wasn't sponsored by Hoover. I think I'm gonna cop that "Rap Attack Vol 2." Alphonso said it was radical, so it's a must have ya dig?

Plumpers Hot Dogs

I know some dudes that love eating plumpers.


Remember when you went on field trips and your mom would pack your lunch. The night before she'd freeze your Hi-C and wrap them in foil, so by the time you were ready to drink them the next day they'd be all slushy. That shit was great, huh?


Huggabunch? Yeah, I have no fucking clue. These things are kind of freaky. I can't imagine any sane parent buying this for their daughter. Of course, everyone was doing blow in the 80's so it's possible.

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