Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Old School Wednesday - Next Question

People hate Drew Rosenhaus. Tony Kornheiser wonders if he has a soul. NFL General Managers have colluded to never name their sons Drew or let their daughters marry anyone named Rosenhaus. But I like him. Maybe it's because he reps so many former 'Canes. Maybe it's because he's so full of shit, it's endearing. Maybe because he always gets it poppin. Or maybe because his clients always get paid. At any rate, I came across this article from '96 on Dr. Drew and had to post it. I had no idea he was getting hated on all the way back then. Dude just rubs people the wrong way. But I'd hire his ass in a minute.

Other agents despise Rosenhaus, and some team executives are loath to do business with him. He has been described as slithering and blindly ambitious. Rosenhaus knows what people say, and he LIKES it. But he urges you to see the good, too. "I'M A LIKABLE GUY!" he bellows.
He's likable until it's time to negotiate. Then, he's ready to cut your heart out with an emery board.

"I am not 100 percent honest with teams," says Rosenhaus
I'm shocked at this information.

"They DESPISE me," he shouts. "They hate me because I'm young and I've broken into this business and KICKED everybody's ASS. I LOVE the fact that my competitors hate my guts."
I fucking love this guy. How can you not?

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