Monday, April 28, 2008

Waldini Wonders


Just a few playoff thoughts from the wknd....

- The West was billed as the gauntlet of all gauntlets in terms of playoffs. As of today, 3 of the series are 3-1 and one is 3-0. TNT is pissed b/c their slogan "We know drama" isn't happening in the West

- The East is going as expected. Only one series is competitive and I think Detroit has finally realized they are in the postseason

- I know Miami started it a few years ago but must every home team deploy the one color team shirts for motivation? It hasn't helped the underdogs in this series. Tell the marketing depts to stop the madness

- It's not the 80s but cats are definitely trying to act tough this postseason. West with the face tap to Dirk, Deshawn's takedown on Lebron, Dampier pushing Paul on a layup, etc. Trying to understand where it's coming from

- How are those trades in Dallas and Phoenix working out?

- If Josh Smith develops a consistent jumper it's over.....

- Funny how everyone piled on Billy King for supposedly making the Sixers a horrible team. yet they are tied 2-2 with the supposed heavyweight of the Eastern conference

Anyway, hoping for a Laker sweep 2morrow and Rockets/Mavs season ender on Tues :-)

Da Realist:

"hoping" for a lakers sweep? from what i understand, denver gave up at halftime of the last game.

and shouldn't you be hoping the rockets extend the jazz to 7 games? or even hoping they win? i don't know much about the jazz, but the rockets S-U-C-K. i would be the biggest rocket fan in texas if i were you. lol...


I was trying to sound like the pros when they are PC when they talk about their opponents being down even though everyone knows the end is near. The broom is coming out tonight. Tonight's top story: Lakers eat up the Chicken (Mc)Nuggets

I originally wanted Houston to win so that LA could be the one to end their season in the semifinals :-). But the Rocket fans started up their noise during the 1st round and I said ok, I just want them out, don't care if it's us or the Jazz

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